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2017 European Languages Archive














 زبان های اروپائی:

پورتال "افغانستان آزاد ــ آزاد افغانستان" غرض نشو و نمای فكری و ذهنی جوانان افغان  و سهم گیری فعال شان در حیات سیاسی و اجتماعی كشور، گزارش های مختلفی را به ارتباط افغانستان كه در مطبوعات انعكاس می یابد، رؤیت میدهد.  این روش باعث خواهد شد كه از جانبی جوانان و سایر هموطنان ما كه نظر به جبر زمان از لسان مادری خود دور نگهداشته شده اند، قادر گردند كه جریانات كشور را به همان زبانی كه مسلط اند، تجزیه و تحلیل نموده و بر   دانش و معلومات خود در مورد كشور مادری شان بیافزایند و از جانب دیگر آن عـده از افغان هائی که روی همان جبر زمان به زبان مادری شان نمی توانند مطالب سود مند شان را به هم وطنان تقدیم دارند، این فرصت را به دست آرند تا به همان زبانی که می توانند مقاصد شان را بیان داشته زمینه های ارتباط بین خود و نسل های اولی را مستحکم تر سازند.  پورتال "افغانستان آزاد ــ آزاد افغانستان" از  جوانان آزاد اندیش و با درد دعوت میكند كه پورتال را در همه   سطوح یاری رسانند.



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 **(08.23) A. Lungu

 A New G2: China and the EU?


 **(08.23) S. Kermani

 How Jinnah's ideology shapes Pakistan's identity


 **(08.23) K. Surin

 Narratives of Decline Among the US and UK Elites


 **(08.23) M. Hoh

 Trump's Turn To Lie About Afghanistan


 **(08.23) T. Seibert

 US-Engagement am Hindukusch


 **(08.23) J. Heiser 

 Zehntausende gegen rechts


**(08.22) www.khaama

 23 Taliban killed, wounded in air and ground operations


 **(08.22) R. Werning

 Die Arroganz der Macht


 **(08.22) K. Mellenthin

 Geruenes Licht erwuenscht


 **(08.22) D. Rosen

 Permanent War, Permanent Failure


 **(08.22) M. Mandl

 The Red Line and the Rat Line


 **(08.22) B. Grey

 Trump's living of Bannon: The military asserts control


**(08.21) www.reuters

 Afghan governor accused of assault, adding woes ..


 **(08.21) A. Vltchek

 Hezbollah and Syrian Army Units Finishing Off..


 **(08.21) L. Steigerwald

 Moral Superiority Among Neocons and Nazis


 **(08.21) W. Pomrehn

 Noch keine Atombombe


 **(08.21) G. Feldbauer

 Vorschein der Revolution


 **(08.21) P. Street 

 Why Trump Could Be Gone Before 2020


**(08.20) www.pajhwok

 Captured ISIS agent reveals Taliban get direct support


 **(08.20) C. A. Preble

 Is America Standing On the Precipice of Another War?


 **(08.20) M. Theurer

 Schatten des Krieges


 **(08.20) N. Brauns

 Streit um Zukunft Nordsyriens


 **(08.20) P. Martin

 Trump deepens appeal to fascist right


 **(08.20) T. Engelhardt 

 Welcome to the Post-American World


**(08.19) M. Theurer

 Is bekennt sich zu Attentat 


 **(08.19) M. Rubio

 Keine Lehrstunde aus Berlin


 **(08.19) www.news

 Shi'ite Villagers Rebury Victims After Afghan Police


 **(08.19) D. Larison

 The Horrifying War on Yemen Continues


 **(08.19) J. L. Schulman

 The State of Trump's Brain


 **(08.19) A. Barake

 The Story of Charlottesville Was Written in Blood


**(08.18) B. Grey

 America's pro-Nazi president defends Charlotesville..


 **(08.18) S. Kolhatker

 Don't Privatize the Afghan War- Just End It


 **(08.18) K. Mellenthin

 Iran Droht, Trump handelt


 **(08.18) J. Ditz

 Taliban Open Letter Urges Trump to Withdraw US ...


 **(08.18) W. Ruf 

 Westliche Politik der Zerstoerung


**(08.18) M. G. Weinbaum &

 Will Pakistan Find Stability Fallowing Its...


**(08.17) A. DiMaggio

 Fascism Here We Come:


 **(08.17) E. Feroz

 Fearful Villagers See the U. S. Using Afghanistan..


 **(08.17) V. Hermsdorf

 Kontrollgang im Hinterhof


 **(08.17) N. Trickett

 Sino-Russian Shadow Competition Plays Out in Egypt


 **(08.17) L. Haenchen

 USA Kampf um Symbole


 **(08.17) J. Ditz

 US, China, Koreas Revisit Diplomacy After Soaring


**(08.16) W. Engdahl

 Has Narenda Modi Switched Sides?


 **(08.16) www.khaama

 Key Taliban leader assassinated by his own guards in


 **(08.16) G. Hoekman

 Milizen drohen Helfern


 **(08.16) S. Cooke

 Trump Versus the Venezuelan Revolution


 **(08.16) A. Scheer

 Venezuelas Regierung antwoetet D. Trump


 **(08.16) R. Moser 

 White Skin Privilege


**(08.15) P. Constable

 Afghan president under siege as violence, joblessness..


 **(08.15) T. Berger

 Machtpoker in Pakistan


 **(08.15) V. Hermsdorf

 Rechter Terror in Virginia


 **(08.15) R. Urie

 The Clintons, Trump and White Backlash


 **(08.15) V. Medick &..

 The War of Words that Could Go Nuclear


 **(08.15) www.pravda 

 USA realises it has lost Syria and all of the M. East


**(08.14) M. Theurer

 Der Countdown laeuft


 **(08.14) www.wsws

 The world on the brink


**(08.14) M. Rubio

 Trump droht Caracas


 **(08.14) S. Richman

 Trump's "Fire and Fury" Wouldn't Be the First for..


 **(08.14) J. Ditz

 US Airstrikes Kill at Least 16 Civilians in Eastern Afg.


 **(08.14) E. Talmadge & 

 Xi calls for calm after Trump says US is ..


**(08.13) W. Hawes

 Capitalism and Its Discontents:


 **(08.13) S. Carlens

 Das Ziel ist China


 **(08.13) P. Steiniger

 Im Ausnahmezustand


 **(08.13) www.middl..

 Syrian army gains ground along Jordon border


 **(08.13) J. Natoli

 Trump's End


 **(08.13) A. J. Bacevich   

 Yes Congress, Afghanistan is Your Vietnam


**(08.12) V. Terehov

 China-India Confrontation on the Doklam Plateau...


 **(08.12) www.outlook

 Disparities Among Classes Have Widened


 **(08.12) P. Martin

 FBI raid on home of former Trump campaign..


 **(08.12) J. Schwab

 Frauenrevolte in Kolumbien


 **(08.12) D. Swanson

 Purposeless Death in Syria


 **(08.12) J. Welt

  Solidaritaet mit dem Koreanischen Volk


**(08.11) www.khaama

 235 civilians rescued from Taliban and ISIS captivity


 **(08.11) T. Burgers &..

 China's Drone-Missile Hybrid: The Next Step..


 **(08.11) P. Symonds

 Trump threatens " fire and fury" against N. Korea


 **(08.11) J. Welt 

 Trump Zuendelt in Korea


 **(08.11) A. Gorka

 US Military Presence Overseas Mushrooming


 **(08.11) R. Werning

 Vor einem Weltkrieg


**(08.10) J. Perier

 A Bitter Defeat in Afghanistan Fails to Satisfy Washington


 **(08.10) K. Mellenthin

 Afghanistan Schwierige Wahrheitsfindung.


 **(08.10) www.khaama

 Detained Punjabi insurgent unveil role of Pakistani...


 **(08.10) T. Rall

 Our Obsession with Trump Shows Authoritarianism


 **(08.10) J. Welt

 Venezuela und die Parteilichkeit der EU


**(08.10) M. L. Vine

 What is behind Israel's attempt to ban Al Jazeera?


 **(08.09) J. Kronauer

 Aufmarsch in neuen Kalten Krieg


 **(08.09) www.khaama

 Dostum warns of human catastrophe as dozens...


 **(08.09) L. Haenchen

 Feindbild Fluechtling


 **(08.09) B. McAdams

 Russia Sanctions and the Coming Crackdown on...


 **(08.09) K. Randall

 Suicide rate among US teenage girls hit all-time


 **(08.09) R. Harrison

 Why Killing the Iran Deal Could Start the next War


**(08.08) K. Leukefeld

 Abzug aus dem Libanon


 **(08.08) R. Urie

 Dawn of the Dead: Why American Politics Can't be


 **(08.08) R. Pary

 Neocons Leverage Trump-Hate for More Wars


 **(08.08) www.aopnew

 Over 12.400 families displaced in restive Afghan ...


 **(08.08) www.jw

 Sanktionen gegen Pjoengjang


 **(08.08) E. Morgolis

 Time to End the Lost Afghan War


 **(08.07) K. Mellenthin

 Italien als Vorreiter


 **(08.07) G. Hoppe

 Rekolonisierung eines Subkontinents


**(08.06) A. Vltchek

 Afghanistan's Lies, Myths and Legends


 **(08.06) R. Forthofer

 An Insane Policy Towards N. Korea


 **(08.06) V. Terehov

 Political Aspects of the Joint Russian- Chinese Naval


 **(08.06) V. Hermsdorf

  Rebellion gegen Moreno


 **(08.06) G. Hoppe

 Rekolonisierung eines Subkontinents


 **(08.06) www.outlook 

 US Accuses Iran of Destabilizing Afghanistan


**(08.05) www.dpa/Rueters..

 Handelakrieg gegen Moskau


 **(08.05) S. Lalwani &

 How Long Can China and India Avoid War in the


 **(08.05) J. Marshall

 How US Policy Helps Al Qaeda in Yemen


 **(08.05) K. Gannon

 Pentagon: 2 US service members killed in Afghanistan


 **(08.05) R. Baroud

 Power to the People: Why Palestinian Victory in ..


 **(08.05) K. Stemmler

 Rechtswidriger Einsatz


**(08.04) R. Zochaechner

 Hegemonie in der Adrie


**(08.04) N. Shansab

 Is America's Significance Sliding in Global Affairs?


 **(08.04) L. Haenchen

 Menschenjagd vor Libyen


 **(08.04) www.khaama

 Taliban and Haqqani network militants suffer heavy...


 **(08.04) J. Raimondo

 The End of Globalism


 **(08.04) T. B.-Hinchey 

 Venezuela: Is the West that ignorant or just plain..?


**(08.03) W. T. Whitney

 How U. S. Capitalism Opened the Door to Racial


 **(08.03) R. Paul

 N. Korea or Iran ... Where Will President Trump Attack..


 **(08.03) A. Scheer

 Millionen fuer den Frieden


 **(08.03) A. Scheer

 Sanktionen gegen Maduro


 **(08.03) A. Lantier

 The US sanctions drive and the danger of War


 **(08.03) J. Ditz 

 White House Looks at Afghanistan Pullout as an Option


**(08.02) M. Martina &

 China's Xi calls for building elite forces during massive


 **(08.02) K. Zeese &..

 Close All US Military Bases On Foreign Soil 


 **(08.02) J. Guilliard

 Das Massaker von Mossul


 **(08.02) www.khaama

 ISIS claims attack on Iraqi embassy in Kabul


 **(08.02) Joerg Kronauer

 Strategische Wahl


 **(08.02) P. Martin

 White House shakeup: A further step toward..


**(08.01) A. Schoelzel

 Gefaehrder in Weissen Haus


 **(08.01) P. Bennis

 Is This What "Liberation" Looks Like?


 **(08.01) A. Schoelzel

 Kreig Ueber alles


 **(08.01) A. Lantier

 Russia expels US diplomats in retaliation for sanctions


 **(08.01) www.khaama

 Tribal elder killed in an explosion in Nangarhar


 **(08.01) www.strategic 

 Will D. Trump Privatize the Afghanistan War?


**(07.31) E. London

 Embattled Trump plays homophobia card to strengthen


 **(07.31) J. Ditz

 Pakistan PM Ousted, Younger Brother Will Take ..


 **(07.31) Mike

 President Trump: The only America First Afghan Policy...


 **(07.31) N. Solomon 

 Russia sanctions fuel new Cold War


**(07.30) C. Hallinan

 Middle East Chaos


 **(07.30) M. Mandl

 Palestinian Assailant Posts on Facebook Before Killing


 **(07.30) S. Lipp

 Praeventivhaft in Bayern unbegrenzt


 **(07.30) A. Scheer

 Schffbruch des Tages: Adentitaere


 **(07.30) A. J. Bacevich

 The Real Scandal: American Don't Care About Afg.


 **(07.30) J. Cogan

 US military declares "time is running out" before war..


 **(07.29) T. Moore &

 Afghan diplomat suspected of beating wife faces recall


 **(07.29) Xue Li &

 China's Window of Opportunity in the S. China Sea


 **(07.29) Reuters/...JW

 EuGH stoppt Fluggastdatenspeicherung


 **(07.29) E. Hunt

 Killing Civilians in Iraq and Syria


 **(07.29) M. Goodman

 The Myth of American Exceptionalism


 **(07.29) R. Werning 

 Verflogene Euphrie


**(07.28) P. Giraldi

 America's Militarized Police Made in Israel?


 **(07.28) P. Schwarz

 Germany Social Democrats embrace policies of ...


 **(07.28) G. Hockman

 Keine Ruhe in Ostjerusalem


 **(07.28) www.khaama

 Nearly 40 Afghan soldiers lost lives, 30 wounded in ..


 **(07.28) J. W. Carden

 Pitching the "Forever War" in Afghanistan


 **(07.28) A. Scheer

 Verfassngsfragen sind Machtfragen


**(07.27) M. Benjamin

 A Global Movement to Confront Drone Warfare


**(07.27) A. Scheer

 Die CIA mischt mit


 **(07.27) F. Sieber

 Drohnen gegen Gefluechtete


 **(07.27) www.khaama

 Ghani appoints new ministers-designate, governor,...


 **(07.27) www.pravda

 Saudi Arabia: The Tragedy of the "Ships of the Desert"


 **(07.27) P. Oehmke 

 The Alt-Right Movement Behind Trump's Presidency


**(07.26) E. London

 American nightmare: Nine immigrants suffocate to death


 **(07.26) K. Hoffmann

 Journalismus angeklagt


 **(07.26) C. Bunke

 Manchester hat seit Sonntag eine F.-Engels Statue


 **(07.26) P. Cockburn

 Shameful Silence: Where is the Outrage Over the..


 **(07.26) www.khaama

 Taliban claims Kabul bombing that left 24 civilians dead


 **(07.26) J. Stanton 

 United States drowning in a ocean of subjectivism


**(07.25) K. Mellinthin

 "Dritte Intifada"


 **(07.25) J. Welt

 Erdogans "Rechsstaat"


 **(07.25) G. Moulson

 Germany sends Turkey carefully calibrated warning


 **(07.25) J. Ditz

 Six Killed, Hundreds Wounded as Violence Rages Across..


 **(07.25) J. Perier

 When Will America's Crime Spree in Afghanistan End?


 **(07.25) N. Johnson 

 Yemen's Cholera Outbreak Expected to Double By..


**(07.24) www.news

 Botched US Drone Strike Kills 15 Afghan Police


 **(07.24) J. Welt

 Jemen: Millionen ohne Zugang zu sauberem Trinkwasser


 **(07.24) P. Steiniger

 Lula steht nicht allein


**(07.24) P. Korzun

 Moscow, Baghdad Sign Huge Arms Deal


 **(07.24) B. Grey

 White House in turmoil as special counsel expands..


 **(07.24) www.pravda  

 Will the era of USA's impunity end?


**(07.23) K. Mellenthin

 Die Widerstand waechst


 **(07.23) J. Welt

 Die Staatsmacht schlaegt zu


**(07.23) S. L. Cohen

 Palestinians have a legal right to armed struggle


 **(07.23) S. Roblin

 Russia's Secret Weapon: Armored Vehicles That Can..


 **(07.23) www.news

 Trump: More US Troops Might Not Be Needed in Afg..


 **(07.23) D. W. Pear 

 Venezuela Under Siege by U. S. Empire


**(07.22) K. Leukefeld

 CIA - Waffenlieferungen nach Syrian gestoppt


 **(07.22) J. Kronauer

 Ein neuer Jet muss her


 **(07.22) P. Cockburn

 Massacre of Mosul Revealed


 **(07.22) P. Moupin

 Oil, Qatar, China and The Global Conflict


 **(07.22) P. Jacob

 The "Victory Problem" in Afghanistan


 **(07.22) www.original 

 Yemen Policy Is Creating More Terrorists


**(07.21) J. Ditz

 East Ukraine Rebels Announce Referendum for a ...


 **(07.21) M. Perry

 Exclusive: Bannon and Kushner Want to Outsource Afg..


 **(07.21) K. Leukefeld

 Hilferuf aus Gaza


 **(07.21) J. Ditz

 Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Americans Fear a...


 **(07.21) A. Fangmann

 Trump threatens redoubled economic sanctions..


 **(07.21) V. Hermsdorf 

 "Vertrauen in die Zukunft"


**(07.20) www.aopnews

 Afghan Taliban launches fresh offensive to reduce ...


 **(07.20) G. Smith

 AIPAC Still Our Biggest Foreign Agent


 **(07.20) S. Bonath

 Auf Menschenjagd


 **(07.20) M. J. Zarif

 Exclusive: Iran's Foreign Minister Warns D. Trump...


 **(07.20) M. Bernhardt

 "Stetiger Anstieg der Todesfalle"


 **(07.20) A. Vltcheck 

 Why I Reject Western Courts and Justice


**(07.19) www.khaama

 Bride Killed, 4 others wounded in Kabul firing ..


 **(07.19) F-S. Gady

 China Flies 6 Heavy Long-Range Bomber Near Japan


 **(07.19) M. Abu-Jamal

 Die stille und toedliche Gewalt


 **(07.19) J. Welt 

 Keine Einschraenkung des Versammlungsrechts


**(07.19) J. Ditz

 Syrian Observatory: Over 330.000 Killed in Syria War


 **(07.19) G. Leupp 

 Trump's Embrace of the Saudi Crown Prince, and a Qatar


**(07.18) J. Perier

 Britain is Determined to Drag Yet Another War Crimes..


 **(07.18) C. Haydt

 Kampf um die Demokratie


 **(07.18) N. Brauns

 Musik als Aufruf zum Terror?


 **(07.18) H. Zia

 Panama Papers Challenging Pakistani Prime Minister


 **(07.18) www.pravda

 Russia's African comeback: Better late than never


 **(07.18) www.aopnews 

 Where Is My Name? Afghan Women Campaign to.


**(07.17) www.khaama

 Afghan MPs react at US envoy's remarks regarding..


 **(07.17) J. Frielinghaus

 Scholz luegt!


 **(07.17) K. Randall

 Study shows US has poorest health, widest health care


 **(07.17) www.thenattional

 The enduring tragedy of Gaza


 **(07.17) P. Escobar

 The New Silk Road Will Go Through Syria


 **(07.17) J. Welt 

 Verselbststaendigung der Exekutive


**(07.16) P. Martin

 Climate change and the struggle against  capitalism


 **(07.16) J. Ditz

 Gulf States Now Want "Restructured" Al-Jazeera


 **(07.16) www.khaama

 Key Pak. politician warns Islamabad regarding ...


 **(07.16) R. Fisk

 Torture, Brutality and Police Crimes in Erdogan's ...


 **(07.16) D. Koschmieder

 Verletzte Grundrecht


 **(07.16) G. Hockman

 Vive le Rif! Marokko


**(07.15) J. Ditz

 Australian Special Forces Killed Afghan Children,..


 **(07.15) K. Mellenthin

 Bestochene ohne Bestecher


 **(07.15) R. Baroud

 Fighting the Wrong Enemy:


 **(07.15) S. Carlens

 Nicht mehr allein in Afrika


 **(07.15) P. Certo

 Trump's Worst Collusions Isn't With Russia-Its With


 **(07.15) www.dw.com 

 US set to approve $ 4billion defense sale to Romania


**(07.14) www.khaama

 Afghan vice president's controversial abuse case referred


 **(07.14) M. Bhadrakumar

 India-China Standoff Sets Precedents in Regional


 **(07.14) K. Mellenthin

 Katar macht Punkte


 **(07.14) P. Cockburn

 The Devastation of Mosul


 **(07.14) Y. Cetin

 Ukraine blutet aus


 **(07.14) D. Bandow

 War with N. Korea Would Be Sheer Madness


 **(07.13) M. Gharagozloo

 Syria in Putin's mouth!


 **(07.13) J. Welt

 Atomwaffenverbot beschlossen


 **(07.13) S. Ramachandran

 Hindutva Terrorism in India


**(07.13) www.sbs

 Investigation into alleged killing by special forces in Afg.


 **(07.13) F. Arbuthnot

 Iraq: Will Tony Blair Finally Stand Trial for His Part..


 **(07.13) A. Crooke

  Trump and the New Mideast Paradox


**(07.12) K. Leukefeld

 Blutiger Sieg in Mossul


 **(07.12) J. Welt

 Die Perversion des Kapitalismus


 **(07.12) J. Lauria

 Hiding US Lies About Libyan Invasion


 **(07.12) M. A. Notezai

 Iran-Pakistan at the Crossroads?


 **(07.12) M. Mashal &

 No Justice, "No Value" for Women in a Lawless Afghan.


 **(07.12) P. Symonds

 US strategic bombers conduct provocative drill near


**(07.11) www.khaama

 Hundreds rally against  Iranian President in Helmand


 **(07.11) C. Wangerin

 Machtvoll gegen Maechtige


 **(07.11) A. Sheer &

 Provozierte Eskalation


**(07.11) S. L. Cohen

 The Attack on Al Jazeera


 **(07.11) N. Davies

 The US State of War- July 2017


 **(07.11) R. Urie

 This is What Plutocracy Looks Like


**(07.10) J. Welt

 Fluechtingsretter diffamiert


 **(07.10) www.khaama

 Pakistani officer arrested for sexually harassing ...


 **(07.10) A. Scheer

 Polizei terroridert das Schanzenviertel


 **(07.10) D. Sharkov

 Russia's Military Just Carried Out a Massive 


 **(07.10) A. Lantier

 The oligarchs assemble in Hamburg


 **(07.10) J. Ditz

 Trump Says "Very, Very Good Talks" in First Putin


**(07.09) www.khaama

 Afghans  likely to be jailed for life in US for conspiring


 **(07.09) R. Fantina

 Iran, the US and the World


 **(07.09) F. Cunningham

 Multipolar World Arrives: Russia, China Face..


 **(07.09) J. Cogan

 Police rampage against G 20 protesters in Hamburg


 **(07.09) M. Tholl

 Trump beim G-20 Gipfel


 **(07.09) M. Streitberg 

 "Wir muessen viel groesser werden"


**(07.08) J. Luetten

 Antimilitarintisch gegen G 20


 **(07.08) T. Cartalucci

 How the Western Media Revises Reality


 **(07.08) G. Hoppe

 Naechtliche Hetzjaged in Schanzenviertel


 **(07.08) D. Sharkov

 Russia and the West: Russians Happy With Putin and


 **(07.08) J. Ditz

 US Tells N. Korea It Is Prepared to Go to War


 **(07.08) www.khaama  

 Women and children among 14 wounded in Taliban


**(07.07) J. Kronauer

 Bombe wieder en vogue


 **(07.07) K. Millenthin

 Palaestinenserpraesident Abbas laest Stron fuer Gaza


 **(07.07) R. McGovern

 The Great Power Shift: a Russia-China Alliance


 **(07.07) P. Martin &..

 Trump's attack on the press


 **(07.07) A. E. Shamoo

 Trump: Toward War in the M. East


 **(07.07) www.khaama 

 Two rockets land in Kabul city, ...


**(07.06) C. Black

 American Aggression Against Syria:


 **(07.06) (AFP/JW)

 Effizientere Mordwerkzeuge


 **(07.06) (AFP/JW)

 EU setzt auf Libyen


 **(07.06) J. Ditz

 Qatar Delivers Response to Saudi Demands


  **(07.06) www.aopnews

 UK opposition leader calls for probe into "SAS killings"


 **(07.06) K. Huang

 With a 30 m wingspan and 2.450 Km range, China's


**(07.05) J. Welt

 Die Linke: Fuenf Schwerpunkte in Wahlkampf


 **(07.05) www.strategic..

 Pentago To Help India Provide Improved Defence


 **(07.05) J. Ditz

 Saudi Arabia Demands Capitulation as Qatar Deadline


 **(07.05) A. Etzioni

 Time to Say Goodbye to Afghanistan


 **(07.05) S. A. Hersh

 Trump's Red Line


 **(07.05) S. Carlens 

 Zerstoerer provoziert China


**(07.04) G. Hoekman

 Israel mauert


 **(07.04) M. Hughen

 Mini-Surge in Search of a Strategy


 **(07.04) A. Scheer

 Start in the Protestwoche


 **(07.04) V. Terehov

 The EU-China Summit in the  Context of the Global..


 **(07.04) K. Komireddi

 Three years on, the mood in Modi's India is less


 **(07.04) Dr. F. Jahanpour 

 Washington's new threat against Syria, Russia and Iran


**(07.03) P. R. Pillar

 Echoes in Syria of Afghanistan in the 1990s


 **(07.03) A. Scheer

 Experte des Tages: Heinz Dieterich


 **(07.03) R. Lauterbach

 Sigmar Gabriel in Russland


 **(07.03) www.khaama

 Hekmatyar reacts at Noor, Dostum, and Mohaqiq's...


 **(07.03) J. Ditz

 More Turkish Troops Arrive in Qatar in Show of..


 **(07.03) D. Bandow 

 With New Crown Prince, Saudi Arabia Doubles..


**(07.02) J. Welt

 Geheimdienste waren frueh gewarnt


 **(07.02) P. Giraldi

 Make No Mistake, We Are Already at War in Syria


 **(07.02) J. Ditz

 NATO Agrees on Afghan Troop Boost, Wrangles..


 **(07.02) B. Cloughley

 NATO's Expanding Military Frontier


 **(07.02) R. Baroud

 Pushing Gaza to Suicide: the Politics of Humiliation


 **(07.02) J. Welt

 Wessen Welt ist die Welt?


**(07.01) H. Choi

 Die Linke in den G-20-Staaten, Heute: Suedkorea


 **(07.01) J. Ditz

 ISIS Looks to Expand Presence in Northern Afg...


 **(07.01) A. J. Bacevich

 Trump is setting up his generals as fall guys for Afg.


 **(07.01) J. Mackler

 Trump "No Fly Zone" Escalates U. S. War Against Syria


 **(07.01) W. Alberts

 When the Bible is the Root of Evil


 **(07.01) J. Kronauer 

 Woelfe auf der Lauer


**(06.30) www.khaama

 Ata M. Noor, Mohaqiq, and Gen. Dostum meet in Turkey


 **(06.30) P. Steiniger

 Die Linke in den G-20-Staaten, Huete: Brasilien


 **(06.30) K. Mellenthin

 Mit Fake News in den Krieg 


 **(06.30) J. Ditz

 Saudi Arabia Insists Qatar Demands Are "Non-Negotiable"


 **(06.30) M. Joffe

 Sending More Trumps to Afghanistan Would Be a ...


 **(06.30) D. Jayasekera

 Trump and Modi trumpted Indo-US "strategic..."


**(06.29) W. S. Lind

 Addressing Trump's Errant Foreign Policy


 **(06.29) P. Steiniger

 Breiter Strom


 **(06.29) A. Scheer

 Historischer Augenblick


 **(06.29) www.khaama

 Kabul security plan final and will be implemented ..


 **(06.29) R. Fisk

 Saudi Arabia wants to Reduce Qatar to a Vassal State


 **(06.29) www.antiwar 

 White House Appears to Be Planning Attack on Assad


**(06.28) N. Turse &

 A Wide World of Winless War


 **(06.28) www.pajhwok

 China brokers Afg-Pak crises management deal


 **(06.28) V. Hermsdorf

 Der kleine Bruder Che Guevaras  hat eine...


 **(06.28) I. Solly

  Die Linke in den G-20 Staaten. Heute: Kanada 


 **(06.28) www.yahoo

 Iran seeks stronger ties with Qatar!


 **(06.28) W. Hawes &

 Lies That Capitalists Tell Us


**(06.27) M. Gharagozloo

 Iran on the thresholds of collapse!


 **(06.27) B. Hoffman

 Abbottabad Revisited 


 **(06.27) Junge Welt

 BueSGM-Preis fuer Sevim Dagdelen


 **(06.27) F.-S. Gady

 India, Russia Sign "Military Cooperation Roadmap"


 **(06.27) www.khaama

 Noor warns of crisis if reforms not implemented in..


 **(06.27) P. Symonds

 Saudi Arabia issues provocative ultimatum to Qatar


**(06.26) Majid  Naficy

 Death of the Lake


 **(06.26) M. Baumgaertner

 German Intelligence Also Snooped on White House


 **(06.26) www.aopnews

 Special Envoy to Afghanistan, Pakistan Steps Down


 **(06.26) P. Bennin

 Trump's Policy Is Clear: Civilian Casualties Don't..


 **(06.26) D. Lindorff 

 We Need a Mass Movement to Demand Radical


**(06.25) G. Porter

 How America armed terrorists in Syria


 **(06.25) M. Michael

 In Yemen's secret prisons, UAE tortures and US..


 **(06.25) R. Lauterbach

 "Sind Sie ein Zar?"


 **(06.25) K. Mellenthin

 So fangen Kriege an


 **(06.25) www.khaama

 Taliban chief says US should adopt diplomatic means..


 **(06.25) J. Wight 

 Trump's Attack on Cuba


**(06.24) www.khaama

 Dozens killed, wounded in car bombing near a bank...


 **(06.24) S. Wagenknecht

 Geheuchelte Empoerung


 **(06.24) A. Pasricha

 India and Afghanistan Open Air Freight Corridor..


 **(06.24) G. Hoekman

 Jugendliche Aktionseinheit


 **(06.24) P. Symonds

 US demands "much greater" Chinese pressure on N. K.


 **(06.24) www.news 

 US, Russia Continue to Inch Toward Confrontation...


**(06.23)H. Hermann

 Der Pennaeler- Praesident


 **(06.23) K. Stemmler

 Eben kein Buergerkrieg


 **(06.23) www.khaama

 Ex-Senior Afghan officials jailed, fined on ..


 **(06.23) P. Korzun

 Russia-US Relation: Faint Light at the End of Tunnel


 **(06.23) J. Johnston

 The Militarization of US Policy on Latin America


 **(06.23) J. Kavanagh  

 The US is at War With Syria


**(06.22) P. Bucanan

 After the ISIS War, a US-Russia Collision?


 **(06.22) www.khaama

 Kabul protesters claim nearly 30 killed, wounded..


 **(06.22) A. Schoelzel

 Kapital hat gewaehlt


 **(06.22) A. Baraka

 The Body Count Rises in the U. S. War Against Black


 **(06.22) G. Feldbauer

 Unbeugsam, aber zersplittert


 **(06.22) www.news..

 US, Russia, And Iran Edging Closer to All-Out


**(06.21)N. Majidi

 Afghan experiment shows how to prevent refugee..


 **(06.21) www.pajhwok

 Chakhansur district chief gunned down in Zaranj


 **(06.21) K. Leukefeld

 Gegen "IS" oder Damaskus?


 **(06.21) www.presstv

 Russia blasts US shooting down of Syrian jet as violation


 **(06.21) C. Wangerin &

 Staatsgewalt in Aktion


 **(06.21) E. Margolis

 Trump's Qatar Crisis


 **(06.20) www.N. Brauns

 Die Linke in den G-20 Staaten Huete


 **(06.20) www.wsws

 Germany issues stinging rebuke of US sanctions ...


 **(06.20) www.khaama

 Islamabad says two Pakistani diplomats have gone


**(06.20) D. Bokarov

 Kazakhstan's Uraninum Export and Its Prospects


 **(06.20) M. of Alabama

 The War in Afghanistan Is a Racket


 **(06.20) V. Hermsdorf

 Trump macht Rolle rueckwaerts


**(06.19) J. Heiser

 Die Sioux Kaempfen weiter


**(06.19) J. Ditz

 General Urges Up to 20.000 More US Troops in Afg.


 **(06.19) J. Steppling

 Global Datention


 **(06.19) V. K. Plumba

 Im nordirakischen Sengal wird eine jesidische


**(06.19) F. Lemerzier

 The Venerable W. : The Buddhist face of Terror


 **(06.19) A. Vltchek  

 Trump's Claws Penetrating Bali


**(06.18) K. Stemmler

 Bankrott der Demokratie


 **(06.18) Streitberg

 Die Linke in den G-2--Staaten


 **(06.18) A. J. Bacevich

 The "Global Order" Myth


 **(06.18) E. London

 The Political significance of the shooting attack on US..


 **(06.18) A. Levine

 Trump, What is He Good For?


 **(06.18) www.news 

 US to Send 4.000 More Ground Troops to Afghanistan


**(06.17) www.khaama

 Afghanistan unveils Kandahar bombing probe that killed


 **(06.17) J. G. Hornberger

 Assassination Is Murder, Even When the CIA Does It.


 **(06.17) S. Hill

 Der "Plattform-Kapitalisum" ruiniert Sozialstaat


 **(06.17) S. Boddenberg

 Kampf um Gerechtigkeit


 **(06.17) R. Nader

 Trump: Dumping More Prosecutors?


 **(06.17) B. V. Auken 

 Washington's War crimes in Syria


**(06.16) V. Hermsdorf

 Rumpeln oder zerstoeren


 **(06.16) W. Madsen

 The Anti-Capitalist Left Is Back


 **(06.16) J. Raimondo

 The Saudi War Against Qatar


 **(06.16) M. Merz

 Waffen fuer die Welt


 **(06.16) G. Porter

 Why Afghanistan? Fighting a War for the War System...


 **(06.16) www.aopnews

 World Bank Gives Afghanistan $ 520 M. To Help ...


**(06.15) www.pajhwok

 China to mediate between Afghanistan, Pakistan


 **(06.15) A. Scheer

 Terror gegen Kinder


 **(06.15) T. Wilch

 The Drone War: Understanding Who Must Die From..


 **(06.15) A. Vltchek

 Washington's "Jihadi Express": Indonesia-Afghanistan...


 **(06.15) R. Paul &

 Why Are We Attacking the Syrians Who Are Fighting...


 **(06.15) J. Welt 

 Zeit fuer Abruestung


**(06.14) www.khaama

 Afghan civilian killed with his 2 Children in foreign


 **(06.14) J. Shilton

 Gulf crisis could to war, says German forces fire...


 **(06.14) P. Cockburn

 ISIS Will Continue Even if They Are Defeated in Raqqa


 **(06.14) V. Hermsdorf

 Saebelrasseln in der Karibik


 **(06.14) B. Kirstian

 The US can't fix Afghanistan and it should stop trying


 **(06.14) K. Leukefeld: 

 "Unter dem Augen der Welt"


**(06.13) K.Mellenthin

 Krach in der US-Allianze


 **(06.13) F. S. Gady

 Pakistan Raises Defense Spending



 President Ghani and Nawaz Sharif hold talks on Key..


 **(06.13) F. S. Gady

 Russia to Receive 2 Fifth -Generation Stealth Fighter


 **(06.13) P. Korzun

 Syria's Cauldron : One Step Away from Major ...


 **(06.13) Spiegel Online

   Trump droht Anklage wegen Korruption


**(06.12) C. Marsden &

 Britain's general election:


 **(06.12) www.aopnews

 Businesses in Kabul suffer as sit-in continues


 **(06.12) A. Lenz

 Ein Heer ausheben


 **(06.12) K. Mellenthin

 Stillscheigende Anerkennung


 **(06.12) T. Rall

 The D. Trump Lies You Forget


 **(06.12) G. Davies 

 Want to Stop Terrorism? Get Out of the M. East


**(06.11) www.khaama

 Afghanistan and China sign agreements on railway...


 **(06.11)S. Guesten

 Erdogan steht Kater bei


 **(06.11) MacMillan

 How Britain Helped Create ISIS


 **(06.11) T. S. Harrington

 The Relentness Pulse of Pro-Israel Propaganda.


 **(06.11) V. Parshad

 Trump's World Order


 **(06.11) Tagesspiegel 

 US-Praesident Kritisiert Golfstaat  Trump brandmarkt


**(06.10) K. Mellenthin

 Ashse Doha-Ankara


 **(06.10) www.khaama

 Hekmatyar's stance and warnings regarding the recent


 **(06.10) M. Yetkin

 Iran' Qatar and the M. East Powder Keg


 **(06.10) J. Welt

 Linke-Pateitag: Solidaritaet mit Venezuela


 **(06.10) D. Larison

 The Atrocious U. S. - Backed War on Yemen 


 **(06.10) B. V. Auken

 Understanding the geopolitics of terrorism


**(06.09) www.khaama

 30 school girls poisoned in Ghazni..


 **(06.09) www.middle...

 Iranian Revolutionary Guard blames Saudi Arabia for..


 **(06.09) J. W. Carden

 McMaster Urges Another Afghan "Surge"


 **(06.09) K. Mellenthin

 Stillschweigende Anerkennung


 **(06.09) J. Kronauer

 Weltmacht EU


 **(06.09) P. Cockburn 

 Why Saudi Arabia and Its Allies Suddenly Cut Ties..


**(06.08) K. Leukefeld

 Alltag unter Besatzung


 **(06.08) A. Goodman &

 Kabul Bomb Blast Has Killed at Least 90 People


 **(06.08) M. Mandl

 Philippines: Statement on the imposition of martial


 **(06.08) www.pajhwok

 Ricket streikes Indian ambassador's residence in Kabul


 **(06.08) B. Kampmark

 The Saudi Hand in British Foreign Policy


 **(06.08) Dr. M. Gharagozloo

 The Unholy War!


 **(06.08) P. Schaber &..

 Vor der gross Schlacht


**(06.07) R. Morrison

 China's Ascent to World Leadership


 **(06.07) www.khaama

 NSC reacts at Jamiat-e-Islami's demand for removal..


 **(06.07) K. Mellenthin

 Saebelrasseln fuer Trump


 **(06.07) G. Black

 Study: The Ultra-rich hide 25 percent of their wealth


 **(06.07) M. Goodman

 The Six Day War and Israeli Lies:..


 **(06.07) Tagesspiegel

 Warum Jordanien eine Alternative fuer die Tornados..


**(06.06) www.bing.com

 Five decades of occupation


 **(06.06) C. Boehme

 Israelis und Palaestinenser muessen allein Friden


**(06.06) www.pravda..

  Mosul's "Liberation": Another Fallujh, Dresden or ...


 **(06.06) Tagesspiegel

 Nachbarstaaten kapen Beziehungen Zu Kater


**(06.06) www.khaama

 Taliban's shadow deputy governor and 10 militants ...


**(06.06) A. Akulov

 The Foundation of the West is Shaken, Its...


 **(06.05) www.khaama

 Ghani says country under attack as Kabul explosions


 **(06.05) J. Raimando

 Haven't We Had Enough of Afghanistan


 **(06.05) www.spiegel

 Paris Disagreement


 **(06.05) S. Carlens



 **(06.05) T. G. Carpenter

 Will Donald Trump Embark on an Endless Crusade


 **(06.05) J. Schneider 

 «Wir machen die rote Zone bunt»


**(06.04) R. Werning

 Duterte droht der Linken


 **(06.04) P. Escobar

 Jihad 2.0: the Making of the Next Nightmare


 **(06.04) Patockburrick

 Kabul's Horrific Bomb Attack Reminds the World


 **(06.04) S. R. Sheikh

 NATOizing Arab: Selling Weapons and Buying War


 **(06.04) www.khaama

 Protest turns violent in Kabul as thousands rally


 **(06.04) W. Pomrehn  

 Seit "an Seit" mit China


**(06.03) J. Welt

 Abschiebungen nach Afghanistan Stoppen!


 **(06.03) www.news.antiwar

 Kabul Bombing Adds to Hawks; Push for US Buildup


 **(06.03) www.khaama

 Senior police officials suspended after deadly Kabul...


 **(06.03) B. N. Aziz

 Shameless in America


 **(06.03) J. Pilger

 Terror in Britain: What Did the Prime Minister Know?


 **(06.03) J. Welt 

 Unterstuetzung fuer Venezuela


**(06.02) Junge Welt

 Abschiebungesn in den Terror


**(06.02) D. R. Hoffman

 Freedom for me, but not for you


 **(06.02) www.khaama

 Huge fire sweeps through 75 houses in Nangarhar


 **(06.02) T. Rall

 Military Spending in the Biggest Scam in American..


 **(06.02) TAZ

 Macron und Putin sprechen Ueber Syrien


**(06.02) P. Cockburn 

 The Government Has Known Since 2003 That the..


 **(06.02) Der Tagesspiegel

 US-Praesident Twittert: "Sehe schlecht fuer UAS"


**(06.01) D. Baker

 A Tax on Wall Street Trading is the Best Solution to..


 **(06.01) P. Symonds

 Behind the US war drive against N. Korea


 **(06.01) www.tolonews

 Petition Calls For War Crime Trials In The Hague


 **(06.01) A. Vltchek 

 The West Spreading New Wave Of Feel-Good Movies


**(05.31) Sender: AKK

 Das Spiel mit Menschleban muss aufhoeren!


 **(05.31) www.khaama

 Clash over ice blocks leaves 4 dead in Nangarhar


 **(05.31) A. Scheer:

 Lynchmord in Lara


 **(05.31) A. Schoelzel

 Prost, du Sack


 **(05.31) V. Prashad

 The Afghan Toll


 **(05.31) E. Margolis

 The Great White Father Comes to Saudi Arabia


 **(05.31) A. Stewart

 Xi, Trump and Geopolitics


 **(05.30) www.khaama

 Afghan forces rescue 11 from Taliban prison ...


 **(05.30) P. Steiniger

 Empoerung in Madrid


 **(05.30) F. W. Engdahl

 Eurasian Economic Transformation Goes Forward


 **(05.30) F. John

 I Kone der Emanipation


 **(05.30) V. Ozer

 Summit of the unwilling


 **(05.30) K. Jones 

 War Clouds over South Asia


**(05.29) K.Fischer

 Gipfel der Paten


 **(05.29) www.pajhwok

 India could send troops to Afghanistan under UN...


 **(05.29) V. Felci

 Rouhani's Second Mandate: What to Expect?


 **(05.29) P. Steiniger

 Politik im Ausnahmezustand


 **(05.29) J. Ditz

 US Is Killing More Civilians in Syria Air War Than Assad


 **(05.29) P. Dolack 

 Why Pence Might be Even Worse Than Trump


**(05.28) R. Stevens

 Manchester's dead: Victims of British regime-change


 **(05.28) www.khaama

 NATO to sustain Afghan missions several allies pledge


 **(05.28) R. Jacobs

 The Deep State is the State


 **(05.28) T. Powell 

 The Dirty Secret of the Korean War


**(05.27) www.pravda

Fascism in Ukraine: The West too blind to see it


 **(05.27) V. Hermsdorf

 Lenin vereidigt


 **(05.27) K. Leukefeld

 Kontrollierte Destabilisierung


 **(05.27) The ONeil

 The Ongoing Disaster of Australia's Policy in Afghanistan


 **(05.27) www.khaama

 UNAMA receives petition for the trial of crimes ...Hekmatyar


 **(05.27) R. Fisk

  When Peace is a Commodity: Trump in M. East


**(05.26) www.khaama

 Afghan and Indian officials meet in Moscow, hold..


 **(05.26) www.yahoo..

 China's Xi says navy should become world class


 **(05.26) M. Theurer

 Demokratie steht auf dem spiel


 **(05.26) B. Kampmark

 Return to Realpolitik: Trump in Saudi Arabia


 **(05.26) P. Cockburn

 The Only Way to Stop Atrocities Like Manchester Is


 **(05.26) Der Tagesspiegel 

 Vor Gipfel mit US Praesident Trump NATO teilt..


**(05.25) www.khaama

 Afghan army suffer heavy casualties in Taliban attack


 **(05.25) J. W. Whitenhead

 America's Reign of Terror


 **(05.25) T. Selbert

 Der Clown aus Whashington


 **(05.25) K. Mellenthin

 Hoffnung ohne Inhalt


 **(05.25) D. Stockman

 The Donald's Risible Rendeznous in Riyadh


 **(05.25) D. K.

 The European Left and the Greek Tragedy


**(05.24) www.khaama

 Conflicting reports regarding Afghan police casualties


 **(05.24) J. Welt

Den Rueken gekehrt


 **(05.24) J. Raimondo

 Donald of Arabia: A Disgusting Spectacle


 **(05.24) www.counterpunch

 Hypocrisy and Condescension: Trump's Speech to the ...


 **(05.24) R. Osborn 

 Russia vs. China vs. America: the Hypersonic Weapons..


**(05.24) J. Welt

 Trump Kuerzt bei Sozialprogrammen


**(05.23) J. Heiser

 Bejubelte Heimkehr


 **(05.23) www.khaama

 Hekmatyar acting as if the Afghan government has..


 **(05.23) M. Martinez

 Rouhani's victory won't change anything in Iran


 **(05.23) J. Welt



 **(05.23) A. Gorka

  Slovakia: NATO Exit Idea Gains Momentum


 **(05.23) V. Terchov

 The CPEC Factor in the Chinese-Indian Relation



 As Trump Pushes Massive Saudi Weapons Deal,..


 **(05.22) J. Kronaur

 Braune Kaderschmiede


 **(05.22) www.khaama

 Militants launch coordinated attack on Kabul Bank..


 **(05.22) A. Gorka

 Russia Makes Big Strides to Expand Arms Sales ..


 **(05.22) C. Pierson

 Trump's First Hundred Days of War Crimes


 **(05.22) P. Schober &

  Zensur und Bomben 


**(05.21) www.khaama

 5 policemen killed by a comrade in East of Afghanistan


 **(05.21) K. Mellenthin

 Betreute Demokratie


 **(05.21) A. Vltchek

 Love vs Pornography, Revolution vs Passivity


 **(05.21) T. Engelhardt

 The Human Price of Trump's Wars


 **(05.21) D. Larison

 The War on Yemen and Trump's Foreign Trip


 **(05.21) K. Leukefeld 

 Washington spielt mit Kurden


**(05.20) Von A. Scheer

 Constituyente oder Krieg


 **(05.20) N. Brauns

 "Jubelturken" in Washington


 **(05.20) F. S. Gady

 Russia's New Stealth Frigate to Be Commissioned


 **(05.20) D. Macaray

 The Emperor's New Weirdness


 **(05.20) K. v. Heuvel

 The US Will Never Win the War in Afghanistan


 **(05.20) J. Ditz 

 Trump Advisers Wanted at Least 50.000 US Troops in Afghanistan


**(05.19) P. Escobar

 China Widens its Silk Road to the World


 **(05.19) www.khaama

 Conflicting reports regarding brutal killings of Afghan..


 **(05.19) P. Mueller &

  Markel Views Macron with Skepticism and Hope


 **(05.19) A. Johnson

 The Anatomy of a Bogus N. Korea Story


 **(05.19) J. V. Walsh

 The Fog of Cold War


 **(05.19) www.dw..

 Turkey's  Erdogan calls arming of Kurdish YPG ...


**(05.18) F. S. Gady

 2nd US Navy Supercarrier Deploys in the Pacific


 **(05.18) www.khaama

 Coordinated attack on television station in Nangarhar


 **(05.18) J. White

 Ford to cut as many as 20.000 jobs worldwide


 **(05.18) P. Cockburn

 The Two Most Dangerous Men in the World


 **(05.18) T. Engelhardt

 Trumping Democracy in America's Empire of Bases


 **(05.18) www.aljazeera  

 Was Israel behind US laptop ban on Mideast airlines?


**(05.17) www.aopnews

 Five Children killed in mortar shelling attack...


 **(05.17) D. Macaray

 Isn't Donald Trump Exactly What We Deserve?


 **(05.17) P. Anastasov

 Saudi Arabia and the future of Yemen


 **(05.17) T. Engelhardt

 The Globalization of Misery


 **(05.17) K. Mizokami

 The Russian Stealth Submarine No Nation Wants..


 **(05.17) G. Porter 

 Will Trump Agree to the Pentagon's Permanent War


**(05.16) G. Carpenter

 How U. S. Meddling in the Bosnia Conflict Changed 


 **(05.16) www.khaama

 Taliban vehicle hit roadside mine in Kandahar..


 **(05.16) D. Johnstone

 The Financial Elite Created France's New President..


 **(05.16) C. Black

 The War on Syria: Justice Dangles From A Tree


 **(05.16) www.eurasia..

 US Close to Sealing $ 100 Billion Arms Deal..


 **(05.16) P. M. Chossudovsky

 Who Was Behind the Firing Of FBI Director


**(05.15) N. Niemuth

 Hundreds of US citizens arrested in joint immigration


 **(05.15) S. B. Pertiwi

 Is China Winning in the S. China Sea?


 **(05.15) Y. Kanli

 Turkey, US at crossroads


 **(05.15) S. Ramchandran

 Unquiet flows the Helmand


 **(05.15) www.aopnews

 US Intelligence Official Says Afghan Security Likely..


 **(05.15) www.economist

  Why Trumponomics won't make America great..


**(05.14) Dr. M. Gharagozloo

 Selectocracy or Democracy?


**(05.14) J. Perier

 Afghanistan-Washington's Drug Heaven?


 **(05.14) N. K. Gvodov

 Lavrov in Washington: Can America and Russia Work..


 **(05.14) M. Anwar

 Pakistan's Emerging Threat: Highly Educated Youth..


 **(05.14) A. Vltchek

 Pope Francis in Egypt: "Famine of Love"....


 **(05.14) T. Engelhardt

 The Hazards of Military Worship


 **(05.14) P. Martin

  Trump's firing of Comey: A new stage in the crisis of...


**(05.13) B. Riedel

 A Pakistani General Steps Into the Middle of the..


 **(05.13) F. -S. Gady

 India, Japan to Deepen Defense Cooperation


 **(05.13) www.khaama

 Taliban's shadow district chief killed during gun battle..


 **(05.13) N. J. S. Davies

 The Silent Slaughter of the US Air War


 **(05.13) P. Martin

 Trump firing of FBI director touches off political..


 **(05.13) G. Payne 

 Why Trump Really Won


**(05.12) T. Knapp

 Congress Should Just Say No to Trump's Afghanistan..


 **(05.12) M. Ferchen

 How China Is Using Its Economic Goals..


 **(05.12) F. S. Gady

 Russia to Arm 5th Generation Stealth Fighter Jet...


 **(05.12) S. Halimi

  The Deep State


 **(05.12) www.pravda

 To The International Community: Brazil asking for ...


 **(05.12) www.foxnews

 Trump fires FBI Director Comey


**(05.11) R. Fisk

 Donald of Arabia: Trump in the M. East


 **(05.11) W. T. Whitney

 Mothers and Children are Dying: We Need Health Care


 **(05.11) www.presstv

 US fueling Two Koreas' ideological battle' 


 **(05.11) J. Ditz

 US Plans Further Escalation of Afghan War


 **(05.11) M. Berger

 Washington's Criminal Activities are only Getting


 **(05.11) A. Lantier

 What way forward in the struggle against Macron?


**(05.10) J. Ditz

 At Least 50 Afghan Soldiers Killed as Pakistan...


 **(05.10) A. Lantier

 Macron wins French presidency


 **(05.10) K. Mizokami &

 Russia Sends Its Most Advanced Fighters to US


**(05.10) www.theguardian..

 The CIA has a long history of  helping to Kill


 **(05.10) K. S. L. Collin

 Trump and Southeast Asia:


 **(05.10) P. Giraldi

  Who Is Destroying Syria?


**(05.09) E. Zuesse

 America's Top Scientists Confirm: U. S. Goal Now Is to


 **(05.09) www.aopnews

 Daesh is a US product: Afghanistan's ex-president


 **(05.09) C. Vandreier

 How the German Army covers up for neo-Nazi..


 **(05.09) R. Cassidy

 Islamabad, Pakistan: Factory and Sanctuary of Jihad


 **(05.09) M. Rai

 Turkey must find peaceful solution to Kurdish ...


 **(05.09) S. R. Sheikh 

 Who's Benefitting From Trump's Jerky Foreign..


**(05.08) K. Kelly

 In Yemen, Shocked to His Bones


 **(05.08) www.aopnews

 Pakistan-Afghanistan Border Clashes Leave Many Dead


 **(05.08) J. Ditz

 Saudi Arabia, US in Talks on  Billions in Arms Sales


 **(05.08) www.rare

 Trump's first 100 days: Capitulating to the ...


 **(05.08) www.presstv

 US leadership in world, EU filling the gap:


 **(05.08) M. Berger

 Washington's Chaoskeeping in Syria


**(05.07) E. Alhussein

 A new social, economic and Political climate..


 **(05.07) www.presstv

 CIA "hatches plot" to assassinate Kim Jong-un!


 **(05.07) www.khaama

 Clash Afghan and Pakistani forces in Spin Boldak


 **(05.07) K. Randall

 House Republicans pass draconian health care


 **(05.07) www.pravda

 Russia develops new system to hunt for US Raptors


 **(05.07) P. Atwood

 War and Empire: the American Way of Life


**(05.06) W. J. Astore

 America's Endless Afghan War


 **(05.06) J. Jatras

 A Splendid Little War Could End Trump's President


 **(05.06) P. Cockburn

 Fall of Raqqa and Mosul Will Not Spell the End for


 **(05.06) www.khaama

 Hekmatyar warmly welcomed in ARG Palace


 **(05.06) C. Boggs

 Imperialism and the Logic Of Mass Destruction


 **(05.06) P. Schwarz 

 Neo-Nazi network in German army exposed


**(05.05) S. Rangel

The U. S. Political Scene: Whiteness and the...


 **(05.05) www.strategic

 Explained: Why the Government And Military...


 **(05.05) www.khaama

 ISIS claim responsibility for Kabul suicide attack...


 **(05.05) M. Whitney

 Is N. Korea a Diversion for a US-Jordan Invasion


 **(05.05) P. Symonds

 US sends B-1 strategic bomber over S. Korea


 **(05.05) J. Ditz

 Yemeni-Al Qaeda Leader: We're Fighting Alongside ..


**(05.04) K. Ira

 French right splits as sections back neo-fascist Le Pen


 **(05.04) H. Zia

 Hekmatyar in the Spotlight


 **(05.04) E. Zuesse

 How Obama and Erdogan Moved ISIS from Iraq To Syria


 **(05.04) S. Richman

 Talk to Don't provoke, N. Korea


 **(05.04) S. Roblin

 The Real Reason the World Needs to Pay Attention to..


 **(05.04) J. Heyman 

 Vietnam Revisited During Trump's Bonkers


**(05.03) P. Cockburn

 100 Days of Trump: Why We Should Fear Him...


 **(05.03) www.khaama

 807 Afghan soldiers killed in first 6 week of 2017


 **(05.03) F. Al Yafi

 France's politicians are holding voter to ransom..


 **(05.03) D. Larison

 Graham's Deranged Idea for Attacking N. Korea


 **(05.03) D. Rosen

 Inequality: Trump's Challenge, Trump's Failure?


 **(05.03) V. Mikhis

  What Awaits The M. East in the Near Future?


**(05.02) C. Hallinan

 America's New Nuclear Missile Endangers the World


 **(05.02) T. Heilbrum

 Is Trump Losing Faith in the White House?


 **(05.02) www.khaama

 Pakistani and Kazakh ISIS loyalists arrest in Ghor


 **(05.02) K. Kelly

 The Shame of Killing Innocent People


 **(05.02) S. Nasi

 Turkish-Israeli pipeline deal on the way?


 **(05.02) C. Shakdam 

 Yemen-the New Graveyard Where Empires Come


**(05.01) www.khaama

 Hekmatyar slams Taliban in first public appearing..


 **(05.01) A. Vltchek

 M. Eastern Surgeon Speaks About "Ecology of War"


 **(05.01) D. Bandow

 Strategic Impatience Won't Defeat N. Korea


 **(05.01) T. B.-Hinchey

 The New Political scenario:


 **(05.01) J. Ditz

 Trump: Absolutely a Chance for Major, Major War...


 **(05.01) A. Levine

 Why I Fear and Loathe Trump Evone More..



  **(04.30) S. AKK

 Einladung zur gemeinsamen internatiolen 1. May-Feir


**(04.30) www.yahoo

 Egypt's Sisi to accept courts decision


 **(04.30) H. V. Pant

 India, Japan, Australia , and the US:


 **(04.30) J. Raimondo

 Phony Hysteria Over N. Korea


 **(04.30) B. Grey

 The Trump tax plan: More Money for the oligarchs


 **(04.30) R. Nader

 Trump's 100 Days of Rage and Rapacity


 **(04.30) J. Ditz

 Two US Soldiers Killed in Fighting Against ISIS


**(04.29) www.yahoo

 Chinese Navy Launches First Aircraft Carrier Made..


 **(04.29) P. Giraldi

 Did Assad Order the Syrian Gas Attack?


 **(04.29) www.pajhwok

 How the deadly attack on Afghan army base unfolds


 **(04.29) V. Kawara

 India faces a new challenge


 **(04.29) J. W. Whitchead

 Trump's America is a Constitution-Free Zone


 **(04.29) R. Hunziker 

 Venezuela Ablaze


**(04.28) R. Moser

 Empire Abroad, Empire At Home


 **(04.28) www.khaama

 Geopolitical games being played around Afghanistan


 **(04.28) S. Lazarowitz

 Trump's Aggressions in Syria Will Have Long-Term


 **(04.28) S. Chapman

 Trump's Empty Bluster and Bombing


 **(04.28) J. Ditz

 Turkey Kills Dozens of US Allies in Iraq, Syria 


 **(04.28) J. Stern

 What lies behind the German elite's celebration of..


**(04.27) www.pravda

 Russia's new White Swan Tu-160 bomber plane raises..


 **(04.27) J. Ditz

 Taliban Car Bomb Attacks US Base in Afghanistan


 **(04.27) Unal Cevikoz

 The New Configuration in European politics


 **(04.27) J. Ditz

 Tillerson: Sanctions on Russia Will Remain "Until Crimea..


 **(04.27) P. Symonds

 US naval "armada" menaces N. Korea


 **(04.27) E. Ross

 What Next For Pakistan's Nawaz Sharif After Supreme


**(04.26) www.khaama

 Afghan defense minister and army chief of staff resigns


 **(04.26) G. Smith

 CIA Fights Disclosure of Secret Aid to Israel


 **(04.26) M. Whitney

 Is Mad Dog Planning to Invade East Syria?


 **(04.26) A. Latnier

 Macron and neo-fascist Le Pen advance to run-off ...


 **(04.26) M. Kari

 No Sunset for Pakistan's Secret Military Courts


 **(04.26) T. Engelhardt

 The Honeymoon of the Generals


**(04.25) X. Loc Doun

 Berzit earthquake could spur another aftershock


 **(04.25) www.spiegel

 Brussels and Berlin Shaken By Turkish Referendum


 **(04.25) P. Symonds

 Tense standoff continues on Korean peninsula


 **(04.25) C. J. Hopkins

 The President Formerly Known as Hitler


 **(04.25) Berger

 Trump's Endgame in Syria and its Implications


 **(04.25) www.outlook 

 Wolesi Jirga Sends another Five MPs Home


**(04.24) A. Lantier

 France's election at gunpoint


 **(04.24) C. Freeman

 America's Misadventures in Middle East


 **(04.24) J. Lobe

 Bannon Down, Pentagon Up, Neocons In?


 **(04.24) S. Nashashibi

 Palestinian prisoners' protest in Israel is a rallying


 **(04.24) J. Ditz

 Taliban Infiltrates Afghan Base, Killing Over 50 Soldiers


 **(04.24) J. L. &..  

 Why America Can't Win in Syria?


**(04.23) www.pajhwok

 Commander among 4 Taliban Killed in Laghman blast


 **(04.23) P. Street

 D. Trump: Ruling Class President 


 **(04.23) H. Hamouchene

 Jemna in Tunisia: An inspiring land struggle


 **(04.23) J. Raimondo

 The Spy State Unleashed


 **(04.23) A. Vltchek

 Why Trump is Wrong About N. Korea


 **(04.23) D. Linker

 Why Trump succumbed to the hawks


**(04.22) N. Ali Khan

 Militarism and Militancy in Kashmir Have Nipped..


 **(04.22) A. Vltchek

 Now Only Rational Thinking Can Save the World:


 **(04.22) www.foxnews..

 Russia claims it can wipe out US Navy with single..


 **(04.22) C. Woody

 The "Mother of All Bomb" blast site is still off-limits,..


 **(04.22) M. Mandl

 Trump's Indonesian Allies In Bed With ISIS-Backed..


 **(04.22) www.khaama 

 You committed an immense atrocity against Afghans...


**(04.21) www.reuters..

 Observer says 2.5 million Turkish referendum votes..


 **(04.21) B. Roggio

 Pakistani Taliban Emir Calls for Unity, Jihad , ...


 **(04.21) F.-S.Gady

 Russia to Develop Nuclear Round for T-14 Main..


 **(04.21) M. Whitney

 The U. S. Pushed N. Korea to Build Nukes:


 **(04.21) J. Ditz

 US Marines Headed to S. Afghanistan to Slow Taliban


 **(04.21) J. Raimondo  

 Who Really Started the Korean War?


**(04.20) www.aopn..

 Afghans protest US dropping of massive bomb..


 **(04.20) H. Celik

 Mounting political tensions in aftermath of Turkish


 **(04.20) J. Ditz

 N. Korea Warns Nuclear War Could "Break Out At...


 **(04.20) B. Kampmark

 Nuclear Brinkmanship : Trump's Belligerent Policy


 **(04.20) A. Vltchek

 Opposition to US Strikes in Syria Grows


 **(04.20) C. Ernesto 

 Trump Has Killed Beautiful Babies in Four Countries


**(04.19) P. Cockburn

 America Should Start Exploring How to End All the Wars


 **(04.19) S. Husseini

 How Trump and Obama are Exactly Alike


 **(04.19) M. Vadum

 More Anti-Trump Rioting at Berkeley


 **(04.19) J. Shilton

 Syrian rebels massacre at least 126 civilians...


 **(04.19) www.khaama

 Taliban Killed child and 3 women over alleged cooperation..


 **(04.19) M. Whitney 

 The Problem is Washington, Not N. Korea


**(04.18) A. Levine

 No More Silver Lining: Trump Turns Clintonian


 **(04.18) www.atimes

 N. Koreas missile "blows up" on launch


 **(04.18) J. Ditz

 Over 100 Killed as Car Bomb Targets Buses Full of Syrian


 **(04.18) S. Demirtas

 Turkey will be in tough talks with Russia, US on Syria..


 **(04.18) A. Gorka

 UN Response to US Attack on Syria:


 **(04.18) www.presstv  

 US national security advisor visits Afghanistan


**(04.17) J. Ditz

 China Warns N. Korea Conflict Could Happen ...


 **(04.17) www.khaama

 Karzai vows to oust US forces from Afghanistan..


 **(04.17) V. Isachenkov

 Russia, Iran and Syria issue warning to US


 **(04.17) S. Roblin

 Syria and the S-400: The Most Dangerous Game


 **(04.17) T. B.-Hinchey

 The myopic foreign policy of the USA


 **(04.17) U. Avnery 

 The Syria "Chemical Attack": Cui Bono?


**(04.16) G. Chengu

 History: How African Muslims "Civilized Spain" 


 **(04.16) by. Reuters

 Japanese, US navies plan joint show of force towards N. K.


 **(04.16) J. Raimondo

 Trump Walks Into Syria Trap Via Fake "Intelligence"


 **(04.16) J. Ditz

 US Drops Largest Non-Nuke Bomb in Afghanistan


 **(04.16) J. Cogan

 US media reports Trump preparing "Preemptive Strike"


 **(04.16) M. Mandl

 Yemen's worsening humanitarian crisis


**(04.15) M. Guillaume &

 Afghans need to stand up for the rights of street..


 **(04.15) A. Rafiq

 Can Pakistan Remain Neutral in the Saudi-Iran Rivalry?


 **(04.15) www.khaama

 Panic among Taliban in Kunduz after the death of  Mullah


 **(04.15) R. Moser

 Trump Empire and Our Long Retreat to Tyranny


 **(04.15) M. Mandl

 Turkey is sliding into dictatorship


 **(04.15) L. Steigerwald 

 Yemen, Syria, the Press, and Trump the War President


**(04.14) J. Raimondo

 Behind Trump's Syria Turnabout


 **(04.14) C. Chelala

 Deadly Sins of Imperialism


 **(04.14) www.khaama

 Heavy explosion heard in Kabul city


 **(04.14) M. Weisbrot

 Julian Assange is A Political Prisoner...


 **(04.14) A. Vltchek

 Love and Western Nihilism


 **(04.14) G. Plopsky 

 Russia's Big Plans for Air Defense in Eurasia


**(04.13) www.khaama

 200 US troops deployed in Helmand province of Afghanistan


 **(04.13) D. Formentini &

 Assad Had The Upper Hand So Why Would He Gas..


 **(04.13) P. J. Buchanan

 Is Trump Enlisting in the War Party


 **(04.13) J. Ditz

 Putin to Snub Tillerson as Tensions Spike


 **(04.13) J. Random

 Trump Diaries: Commander in a Box


 **(04.13) M. Day 

 Video showing police dragging passenger from United Airlines


**(04.12) E. Margolis

 Another Jolly Little War


 **(04.12) www.khaama

 Afghan Ulemas angrily reacts at Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman


 **(04.12) J. Raimondo

 Trump's Base Revolts Against Syria Strike


 **(04.12) B. Kampmark

 Trump Strikes Syria


 **(04.12) P. Symonds

 US aircraft carrier deployed in direct threat to N. Korea


 **(04.12) R. Fisk 

 US Airstrikes: What Did the Russians Know and.


**(04.11) S. Gowans

 Cruise Missile Attacks: A New Step in Washington's...


 **(04.11) S. Husseini

 Is US Policy to  Prolong the Syrian War?


 **(04.11) M. Smith

 Train-Wreck Trump Goes to War


 **(04.11) C. Hallinan

 Turkey's Dangerous Referendum


 **(04.11) P. Symonds

 US strikes on  Syria dominate Trump -XI talks


 **(04.11) J. Perier

 Who has Committed the Recent Gas Attack in Syria?


**(04.10) www.khaama

 Afghanistan reacts at Pakistani allegations over India..


 **(04.10) www.pravda

 How will Russia respond to the US missile attack on Syria?


 **(04.10) J. Ditz

 Russia PM: US Attacks in Syria "One Step Away" From.


 **(04.10) M. Whitney

 The Impending Clash Between the U. S. and Russia


 **(04.10) A. Damon

 The US attack on Syria: A prelude to wider war


 **(04.10) A. Levine 

 Trump the Loser


**(04.09) www.khaama

 25 militants killed, vehicle packed with explosives ...


 **(04.09) www.elijahjm..

 Did Assad use chemical weapons on Khan Shaikhoun


 **(04.09) E. Chang

 N. Korea Has Nuclear Weapons So It Won't End Up..


 **(04.09) S. Nashashibi

 The Arab Summit failed to disprove those who...


 **(04.09) J. Raimondo

 Trump Betrays Trumpism: Syria in the Crosshairs


 **(04.09) J. Cogan 

 US launches cruise missile attack against Syrian


**(04.08) R. Parry

 Another Dangerous Rush to Judgment in Syria


 **(04.08) M. Mandl

 Portugal cuts its fiscal deficit while raising pensions


 **(04.08) www.khaama

 Residents near Kabul's main airport highway protest..


 **(04.08) www.pravda..

 Russian navy reigns in the Caspian Sea


 **(04.08) P. Cockburn

 The Destruction of Mosul:


 **(04.08) M. Whitney 

 Trump's War Whap: a Gulf of Tonkin Moment?


**(04.07) www.khaama

 Afghanistan strongly reacts at Pakistani violations ...


 **(04.07) J. Ditz

 "Gas Attack" Reported in NW Syria: 100 Killed


 **(04.07) M. Rafizadeh

 Iran's agitation in the Gulf hides defeat at home


 **(04.07) A. Baraka

 The Black Alliance for Peace:


 **(04.07) M. Benger

 US and NATO Forces Are Butchering Civilians on Masse..


 **(04.07) J. Labell 

 US Army Investigator Accuses National Security


**(04.06) J. Schilling

 How Advanced Are North Korea's Missiles?


 **(04.06) A. Goodman &

 In Trump's America, Your Privacy Is for Sale


 **(04.06) www.reuters

 Pakistan resumes repatriation of Afghan Refugees


 **(04.06) B. Kampmark

 Trump in Outer Space: the NASA Bill


 **(04.06) www.pravda

 World reacts to St. Petersburg metro bombings


 **(04.06) R. Paul 

 Yes, Let's Allow the Syrian People To Decide for Themselves


**(04.05) B. Norton

 Al Qaeda Is Attacking Major Syrian Cities with US Weapons


 **(04.05) A. Gorka

 China - Pakistan Relations Enter New Phase


 **(04.05) www.khaama

 Civilians suffer casualties in Afghan Special Forces..


 **(04.05) A. Vltchek

 The West is Becoming Irrelevant, The World is Laughing


 **(04.05) J. Ditz

 Trump Expands Pentagon's War Authority


 **(04.05) G. Koo

 What should Xi and Trump talk about?


**(04.04) D. Bandow

 7 Chinese Statecraft Tips for the Trump Administration


 **(04.04) www.khaama

 Afghanistan reacts at Russia's stance on Taliban demands


 **(04.04) A. Vltchek

 Afghanistan "Small" Western Propaganda Lies, Huge Impact


 **(04.04) P. Iddon

 A forceful Assad regime could soon face western troops..


 **(04.04) D. J. Bernstein

   Aiding Saudi Arabia's Slaughter in Yemen


 **(04.04) P. Mahadevan

 Sectarianism in Pakistan


**(04.03) M. Griffis

 3.330 Killed in Iraq During March


 **(04.03) M. Rai

 Hezbollah remains a potent military threat for Israel


 **(04.03) S. Roblin

 Russia's Super-Sized Tu-128 Fighter


 **(04.03) www.khaama

 Russia supports Taliban's call for withdrawal of all...


 **(04.03) N. Beams

 Trump steps up trade war agenda


 **(04.03) M. Framework 

 Wikileaks: CIA Program That Hide Dirty work


**(04.02) T. Cartalucci

 Al Qaeda Rebranding Serves US Agenda


 **(04.02) D. Rosen

 Countdown to Disaster: Trump's Looming Afghan Crisis


 **(04.02) E. Zuesse

 Does the Washington Establishment Seek War with Russia?


 **(04.02) J. Ditz

 In Major US Shift, Tillerson Says Assad's Future Up to...


 **(04.02)A. Levine

 Oligarchy in America


 **(04.02) www.bing.. 

 The Muslim Brotherhood and ISIL share the same swamp


**(04.01) K. Osborn

 A Recent Report Warned China Could Have 351 Naval


 **(04.01) www.pravda

 New Russian weapons shocked USA three times


 **(04.01) www.khaama

 Over 70 rockets fired on Kunar from Pakistan in past 24h.


 **(04.01) G. Leigh

 Trump administration steps up anti-immigrant...


 **(04.01) J. Ditz

 US Generals Warn of More Civilian Casualties to..


 **(04.01) M. Benjamin 

 Will D. Trump Escalate the Devastating War and...


**(03.31) J. W. Dower

 An American Century of Carnage


 **(03.31) P. Cockburn

 Bloodbath in West Mosul:


 **(03.31) D. Kowalski

 Does Washington Want to Start a New War in the..


 **(03.31) www.khaama

 Taliban commanders among 22 killed in Lashgargah


 **(03.31) V. Volkov

 Thousands protest throughout Russia


 **(03.31) H. M. N. Borroz 

 Trump Must Change Policy in Asia to Avoid a War...


**(03.30) www.khaama

Afghan Forces received 1370 new Humvec vehicles last..


 **(03.30) B. V. Auken

 As Yemen war enters third year, Pentagon moves to ..


 **(03.30) J. McMurtry

 Fake News: the Unravelling of US of US Empire From


 **(03.30) F. Donner

 The Unwinnable Vietnam War


 **(03.30) C. Sorensen

 We've Let Capitalism Kill the Planet


 **(03.30) C. Kasapoglu 

 Why Turkey might buy Russia's S-400 defence System


**(03.29) D. Lindorff

 Bodget Goes Military


 **(03.29) A. Lantier

 Growing division, war threats loom over UE summit


 **(03.29) F. S.  Gady

 India Considers Stepping up Military Assistance to Afg.


 **(03.29) E. Ashford

 Trump's Wars


 **(03.29 J. Ditz

 US General : 5000 More Troops Needed  for Afghanistan


 **(03.29) J. Ditz

 US Airstrkes Killed Nearly 300 Civilians in Mosul


**(03.28) www.khaama

 4 Afghan officials jailed for 20, 7 Years each and total..


 **(03.28) P. Symonds

 China warns US strategic bomber in East China Sea


 **(03.28) K. Mizokami

 How Pakistan Is Planning to Fight a Nuclear War


 **(03.28) J. Heilbrunn

 The GOP's Self-Inflicted Wound on Health Care


 **(03.28) V. Ozer

 The Muslim laptop ban


 **(03.28) N. Chugh 

 Will Central Asia Water Wars Derail China's Silk Road?


**(03.27) www.khaama

 Afghanistan has optional routes if enemies think to block


 **(03.27) www.bing

 Can the EU survive after Brexit?


 **(03.27) M. Mandl

 In Japan, Russia and China Find Common Ground


 **(03.27) V. Prashad

 Inventing Enemies


 **(03.27) J. Ditz

 US General Wants to Hike Intervention in Somalia


 **(03.27) P. Dolack 

 World Bank Declares Itself Above the Law


**(03.26) E. Draitser

 D. Trump the and the Triumph White Identity Politics


 **(03.26) D. Majumdar

 Get Ready, NATO: Russia's New Air Defense Tec


 **(03.26) L. Steigerwald

 Is Trump Another Obama on Foreign Policy?


 **(03.26) P. Symonds

 Japanese imperialism rearms


 **(03.26) J. Ditz

 Report: US Airstrikes Killed 230 Civilians in Mosul


 **(03.26) J. Ditz

 US General: Russia "Perhaps" Supplying Taliban


**(03.25) G. Mautner

 How Come Famine has become a Weapon the Rich...


 **(03.25) www.khaama

 India mulls to repair grounded Afghan Air Force planes


 **(03.25) www.bing

 Iran's meddling exposed again


 **(03.25) CJ Hopkins

 The U. S. of Cognitive Dissonance


 **(03.25) J. Shilton

 Tillerson pledges long-term US military role in Iraq ..


 **(03.25) C. Collins

 Underwater Nation: As the Rich Thrive, the Rest of US..


**(03.24) J. Ditz

 Afghan Govt Seeks More US Military Support to ...


 **(03.24) K. Kelly

 Reality and the U. S. - Made Famine in Yemen


 **(03.24) S. Ferris

 Scotland Wants Another Referendum...


 **(03.24) S. Demirtas

 Turkey's foreign policy displays amessy picture


 **(03.24) Sh. Jones

Wealth of world's billionaires soars amid ...


 **(03.24) R. Farley

  Why History Proves a War Between China and America


**(03.23) S. Smith

 First Two Months in Power: Hitler VS. Trump


 **(03.23) S. Byrnes

 It's Asia's century and the West better adapt


 **(03.23) www.reuters

 Pakistan PM orders border re-opening amid tense Afg.


 **(03.23) M. Bahdrakumar

 US 'Main Target in Syria is Iran, ISIS Comes..


 **(03.23) C. Ahn

 War Is Not an Option for Korea


 **(03.23) J. Wight

 The War on Iraq 2003 Was and will Always Crime


**(03.22) T. Cartalucci

 Israel: America's Mad Dog in Syria


 **(03.22) J. Raimondo

 McCain and Montenegro: The Anatomy of a Conspiracy..


 **(03.22) E. Margolis

 No One Needs Another Korean War


 **(03.22) www.strategic

 Terrorism and Violence in Pakistan: Understanding their..


 **(03.22) M. Brenner

 The Great Game: Power Politics or Free Play?


 **(03.22) J. Ditz 

 Three US Troops Wounded After Afghan Soldier Open


**(03.21) J. Reynolds

 Israel and the A-Word


 **(03.21) S. M. Nazki

 Kashmir's Reckoning With the Implications of the


 **(03.21) www.khaama

 Taliban suffer casualties as airstrike likely destroyed..


 **(03.21) M. Goodman

 Trump's New Era of Militarism and Mendacity


 **(03.21) J. Ditz

 US Airstrike Hit N. Syria Mosque, Killing Scores


 **(03.21) A. Damon 

 US threats against N. Korea and the danger of war..


**(03.20) R. Farley

 5 Ways Russia and China Could Sink America's ..


 **(03.20) M. Hughes

 Phenomenology of Self-Deception: Understanding US


 **(03.N. Layne &

 Special Report: Russian elite invested nearly $ 100 m.


 **(03.20) J. Ditz

 Tillerson: Attacking N. Korea Remains on Option


 **(03.20) W. J. Astore

 Trump: Yet Another War President?


 **(03.20) www.spiegel

 Turkish Referendum Casts Dark Shadow over Germany


**(03.19) www.khaama

 Afghan army suffer casualties in Khost car bombing


 **(03.19) P. J. Buchanan

 Is McCain Hijacking Trump's Foreign Policy?


 **(03.19) P. Phillips

 Propaganda, Fake News, and Media Lies?


 **(03.19) M. Eskaf

 Raqqa battle: What consequences follow sending..


 **(03.19) C. Floyed

 Useless Eaters and Ethnic Purity:


 **(03.19) N. Hayase 

 WikiLeaks Vault 7 Reveals CIA Cyberwar and the


**(03.18) Aryian Farhat

 A Woman's Worth


 **(03.18) D. Cook

 China's Most Important S. China Sea Military Base


 **(03.18) T. L. Ebert

 Class, Media and the U. S. Election


 **(03.18) www.khaama

 Jundullah's explosives export and Taliban's key commander


 **(03.18) www.pravda

 Russia's eighth- generation aircraft to put NATO ..


 **(03.18) J. Ditz

 Syrian War Enters 7th Year, Country as Divided as Ever


 **(03.18) M. Benjamin 

 Why Is D. Trump Lunching Whit a Saudi War


**(03.17) www.khaama

 17 foreign militants killed in US airstrikes in East of Afgh.


 **(03.17) D. Nersesov

 Germany's "economic Reich" in Europe falling...


 **(03.17) J. M. Dorsey

 Pakistani Military Engagement: Walking Fire Line


 **(03.17) J. Wight

 Scottish Independence, Round Two: Let It Come!


 **(03.17) M. Whitney

 Trump's Infrastructure Boondoggle


 **(03.17) www.journal 

 US Expands Defacto Syrian Invasion


**(03.16) E. Margolis

 More M. East Madness as Trump Prepares to March


 **(03.16) D. Hearst

 Pakistan sends combat troops to southern Saudi ..


 **(03.16) A. Panda

 THAAD and China's Nuclear Second -Strike Capability


 **(03.16) A. J. Bacevich

 The Never-Ending War in Afghanistan


 **(03.16) R. Beckhusen

 The Window for Argentina to Invade the Falkland


 **(03.16) R. Paul 

 Why Trump's Syria "Surge" Will Fail


**(03.15) A. DiMaggio

 Capitalism in Crisis: Getting Ready for Change in the.


 **(03.15) J. Marshall

 Dreams of "Winning" Nuclear War on Russia


 **(03.15) www.khaama

 Ex-Kabul Bank shareholder A. G. Dawi arrested in Kabul


 **(03.15) P. Martin

 UN officials warns of worst famine crisis since world..


 **(03.15) P. Cockburn 

 Why Trump Should Stay Out of Yemen


**(03.14) www.khaama

 5 Taliban insurgents killed by own bomb in S. Afghanistan


 **(03.14) I. Oppelaar

 Central Asia and Islamic State:


 **(03.14) G. Rockhill

 The CIA Reads French Theory:


 **(03.14) W. Blum

 The United States and the Russian devil:1917-2017


 **(03.14) B. Grey

 Trump administration invokes "state secrets" in CIA torture


 **(03.14) A. Vlychek 

 Turkey and Syria: Blood, Tears and Walls


**(03.13) A. Vltchek

 "Afghanistan - As Only Love Could Hurt"


 **(03.13) www.patriot..

 Chinese Stealth J-20 Jet Enters Service With PLA


 **(03.13) B. McGrath

 Constitutional Court removes S. Korean president Park..


 **(03.13) J. Hirthler

 The Deep State and the Dark Arts


 **(03.13) V. Prashad

 The Rehabilitation of G. W. Bush, War Criminal


 **(03.13) J. Ditz 

 US Deploying Thousands More Ground Troops to Kuwait


**(03.12) C. Hallinan

 A Foreign Policy of Delusion


 **(03.12) www.thenational..

 Amid a populist wave, where is Europe heading?


 **(03.12) B. Chellencey

 Backsliding on Pakistan


 **(03.12) J. Ditz

 Centcom Commander Expects More US Troops


 **(03.12) R. A. Bitzinger

 China's defense spending: settling in for slow..


 **(03.12) J. Raimondo

 Do We Live in a Police State?


**(03.11) A. P. Napolitano

 Congress Created a Monster


 **(03.11) D. Nersesov

 Japan on the way to revive its army


 **(03.11) P. M. Cronin

 The Ultimate Missile Shield:


 **(03.11) A. Damon

 The WikiLeaks revelations and the crimes of US..


 **(03.11) www.eastbay

 U. S. drug war in Afghanistan has been miserable..


 **(03.11) S. Moubayed

 US military enters Syria in what looks like..


**(03.10) J. Ditz

 ISIS Gunmen Afghan Military Hospital Dressed as.


 **(03.10) T. Durden

 Retired Russian Colonel Warns Trump:


 **(03.10) D. Larison

 Shameless Coalition Propaganda and the War on Yemen


 **(03.10) G. Duff

 Syria, Fake News, Fake War, Fake Everything


 **(03.10) M. A. Goodman

 Trump's Reliance on the Military


 **(03.10) G. G. Chang

 Why China's Military Budget is Larger Than it..


**(03.09) R. Pickrell

 Chinese troops are reportedly operating in Afghanistan


 **(03.09) www.khaama

 Over 70 artillery rockets landed in Kumar from Pakistan


 **(03.09) J. J. Carafano

 The Culture War Surrounding Trump's Travel Restrictions


 **(03.09) R. D. Wolff

 Trump and Saving Capitalism


 **(03.09) T. Durden

 Wikileaks Unveils "Vault 7": ..


 **(03.09) P. Symonds 

 As US deploys anti-missile system, China warns..


**(03.08) www.pajhwok

 Afghan family of 5 held in Los Angeles released


 **(03.08) G. Grrenwald

 Democrats Now Demonize the Same Russia Politics


 **(03.08) M. Peck

 The Ultimate Naval Battle: What Happens when


 **(03.08) A. J. Bacevich

 Trump and the Six-Trillion- Dollar Question


 **(03.08) P. Martin

 Trump issues new version of Muslim travel ...


 **(03.08) U. Gunnar

 US Never Respected the One China Policy and Never..


**(03.07) www.khaama

 3 Key Taliban commanders killed in Kunduz


 **(03.07) K. Mizokami

 China's Greatest Nightmare: Taiwan Armed with..


 **(03.07) M. Ayoob

 Pakistan Is Literally Sitting on a (Nuclear) Powder Keg


 **(03.07) M. F. Guillen

 The End of the Global Liberal Order?


 **(03.07) H. A. Hellyer

 The West had different relations with Muslims


 **(03.07) K. Brinkbaeumer

 Trump, Erdogan and the Assault on the Free


**(03.06) J. Feffer

 A Global Counter-Trump Movement Is Taking Shape


 **(03.06) J. St. Clair

 Fools on the Hill: Trump and Congress


 **(03.06) www.khaama

 ISIS loyalists behead 2 men in East of Afghanistan


 **(03.06) J. Ditz

 Pentagon Deploying More Special Forces Around Yemen.


 **(03.06) www.pravda

 The plight of Moslems in the USA


 **(03.06) P. M. Wang 

 Why America Can't Afford to Get Into a Trade War


**(03.05) W. Madsen

 A New Global Construct and Realigned Relationship


 **(03.05) J. Raimondo

 Can Anti- Interventionism Survive the Trump Era?


 **(03.05) A. B.-Meir

 Erdogan Exploits Islam for Personal and Political Gain


 **(03.05) www.khaama

 Key Taliban leader among 6 Killed in US drone strike..


 **(03.05) Sh. Peries

 The Myth of Tax Rates: How the Rich Get Richer


 **(03.05) J. M. Dorsey 

 The Post-2011 Arab World: Change Is The Name Of ..


**(03.04) D. Majumdar

 Can China and Russia Make U. S. Aircraft Carriers..


 **(03.04) M. J. Carley

 One Hundred Years Ago: the Triumph of the February..


 **(03.04) K. Sawant

 Socialist Response to Trump's Address to Joint..


 **(03.04) J. Ditz

 Taliban Attacks Security Forces in Kabul, At Least ...


 **(03.04) B. Kampmark

 Trump's Military Industrial Complex


 **(03.04) P. Symonds

 US, S. Korea mount massive joint military exercises


**(03.03) www.khaama

 Coordinated suicide attacks rock capital Kabul


 **(03.03) J. Lears

 How the US Began Its Empire


 **(03.03) J. Marshall

 NATO's Strange Addition of Montenegro


 **(03.03) www.presstv

 Russia, China to intensify opp0sition to US missile


 **(03.03) N. Pollack

 Trump's Neo-Fascist Discourse: CPAC Revisited


 **(03.03) J. Ditz

 Trump Sends Mixed Messages on War in First Speech


**(03.02) A. Selvi

 Ankara testing the US stance in Syria


 **(03.02) www.strategic...

 Pakistan: Stoking the Fire in Karachi


 **(03.02) www.khaama

 Policemen and prisoners suffer casualties in Helmand..


 **(03.02) V. Emmanuele

 The Madness of U. S. Empire


 **(03.02) www.pravda

 The Trump show: Next act - impeachment?


 **(03.02) A. Emmons 

 Trump's Proposed Increase in U. S. Defense Spending...


**(03.01) G. Porter

 How "New Cold Warriors" Cornered Trump


 **(03.01) J. Ditz

 Officials: Trump Will Ask for Sharp Increase in Military.


 **(03.01) B. V. Auken

 The assault on immigrants and the specter of a US..


 **(03.01) T. Rall

 The Republicans May Impeach Trump


 **(03.01) K. Mizokami

 Why War Between Japan and China Could Be the


 **(03.01) www.aopnews 

 Officials: Pakistani Religious Schools Increasingly ..


**(02.28) D. Auron

 D. Trump has declared war on planet Earth


 **(02.28) C. Hallinan

 Is Trump Moderating on Foreign Policy?


 **(02.28) D. Majumdar

 One of Russia's Most Powerful Tanks Is Coming to..


 **(02.28) www.khaama

 Taliban shadow governor among 21 Killed in..


 **(02.28) A. Atli

 Turkey seeking its place in the Maritime Silk Road


 **(02.28) C. Neef 

 "Ukraine Has Become a Wild Country"


**(02.27) A. Damon

 Capitalism and America's addiction epidemic


 **(02.27) A. Vltchek

 Lock up England in Jail or on Insane Asylum! 


 **(02.27) M. Brady

 Mitigating risk of US-Beijing conflict in S. China Sea


 **(02.27) www.pajhwok

 Pakistan deports 234 Afghan nationals despite having..


 **(02.27) M. Mandl

 The Global paradox


 **(02.27) E. Hunt

 The United States of Permanent War


**(02.26) J. Laforge

 Did Obama Pave the Way for More Torture


 **(02.26) J. Chuckman

 Israel's Terrible Problem: Two State or One?


 **(02.26) D. J. Bernstein

 Palestinians See More of the Same


 **(02.26) J. Ditz

 Turkey Climes Victory in Offensive Against N. Syria...


 **(02.26) J. Perrier

 Who's Behind the Mounting Number of Anti-Muslim


 **(02.26) aopnews 

 Young Afghan Photographer's Work Highlights Plight


**(02.25) www.khaama

 Afghanistan finalizes law to criminalize Bacha Baazi


 **(02.25) D. Majumdar

 China's Second Aircraft Carrier Is Almost Complete


 **(02.25) J. Ditz

 Poll: Most Americans Worried About War


 **(02.25) A. P. Napolitano

 The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost


 **(02.25) W. Dalrymple

 The Sufi Must sing


 **(02.25) D. Brotherton 

 Trump, Moral Panics and Resistance


**(02.24) T. Cartalucci

 Continuity of Agenda: Destroying Syria Since 1983


 **(02.24) www.khaama

 Dostum's 7 guards appear for probe into Ishchi's..


 **(02.24) J. G. Hornberger

 Fallacies of the Anti-Islam Crowd


 **(02.24) K. Scipes

 Strategic Thinking and Organizing Resistance


 **(02.24) A. Akulov

 US Lawmakers Introduce Legislation to Unleash


 **(02.24) F.-S. Gady  

 Will Pakistan Buy Russia's S-400 Missile Air Defense


**(02.23) P. Cockburn

 Iraqi Forces Begin Bitter Battle for Mosul


 **(02.23) www.thenews

 Kabul demands action against Taliban


 **(02.23) F.-S. Gady

 Pakistan to Receive US Attack Helicopter in 2017


 **(02.23) www.pravda

 Russia will never give away either Crimea or ...


 **(02.23) B. Kagarlitsky

 Trump and the Contradictions of Capitalism


 **(02.23) R. Paul

 Trump's ISIS Plan: Another US Invasion?


 **(02.22) P. R. Pillar

 Foreign Policy and Trump's Conflicts Of Interest


 **(02.22) www.khaama

 Kabul's List to Pakistan include 32 sanctuaries, 82 Haqqani


 **(02.22) E. Margolis

 Red Hysteria Engulfs Washington


 **(02.22) www.nextbig..

 Russian Company working on a lightweight stealth


 **(02.22) J. Ditz

 Sen. Graham: 2017 Is the "Year of Kicking Russia in ...


 **(02.22) K. Subramanian 

 Trump must look at regional Security in S. Asia


**(02.21) S. Shafqat

 CIA-Iran relations: An enduring journey of epic..


 **(02.21) T. B.-Hinchey

 Crimea: Time for the US Administration to Read the..


 **(02.21) www.khaama

 Military ready respond to artillery shelling from Pakistan


 **(02.21) H. Ibish

 Trump's White House: a  "fine-tuned machine" or a wretched


 **(02.21) C. Black

 Ukraine's NATO Referendum A Vote For War


 **(02.21) T. Durden

 US Aircraft Carrier Group Begins "Routine" Patrols..


**(02.20) D. R. DePetris

 America Has Nothing to Lose in Talking to N. Korea


 **(02.20) H. Kashani

 Deconstructing Pakistan's strategic culture


 **(02.20) J. Ditz

 ISIS Overruns Afghan Security Posts, Killing 17 Troops


 **(02.20) M. Stevenson

 Is Trump the Worst President Ever?


 **(02.20) E. London

 US Homeland Security memo: Deploy 100.000 National..


 **(02.20) D. C. Logan 

 Who Will Command China's New SSBN Fleet!


**(02.19) www.khaama

 2 Afghan civilians killed in Pakistan artillery shelling


 **(02.19) K. Mizokami

 China's Military Power, Nears "Parity" With the West,..


 **(02.19) R. Harris

 Emperor Trump Has No Clothes: Time the Organize!


 **(02.19) M. B. Dougherty

 How Iran hawks are already scuttling the realism


 **(02.19) J. Ditz

 ISIS Suicide Attack Kills 75 at Pakistan Sufi Shrine


 **(02.19) B. V. Auken  

 Pentagon prepares plan to deploy ground troops in Syria


**(02.18) L. Dividson

 Dysfunction in the White House


 **(02.18) T. Eley

 Intelligence agencies clash with Trump over Russia


 **(02.18) O. V. Timofti

 The terrorists attacks on Sept. 11 . 2001 in the U. S.


 **(02.18) www.khaama

 Top Haqqani network leader killed in Afghan forces..


 **(02.18) J. Ditz

 Trump Fine With One-State Solution in Israel


 **(02.18) M. Yetkin  

 Russia plays Kurdish card as US, Turkey watch


**(02.17) J. Raimondo

 A Win For the Deep State


 **(02.17) www.khaama

 Pakistan summoned Afghan DHM after deadly Lahore


 **(02.17) R. Farley

 Russia's MiG. 25 Fighter: Designed to Wipe Out ...


 **(02.17) J. Ditz

 Russian Officials See Flynn's Resignation as a Major


 **(02.17) M. Eskaf

 Turkey seeks "Safe Zones" in Syria despite Russia..


 **(02.17) G. Porter 

 Why Trump's Iran Policy Will Be Much Like Obama's


**(02.16) www.khaama

 Ghani calls on Taliban to return to Afghanistan..


 **(02.16) J. Ditz

 National Security Adviser M. Flynn Resigns


 **(02.16) D. Majumdar

 Russia is Working on a New Stealth Fighter


 **(02.16) S. Lendman

 Trump Wars


 **(02.16) J. Ditz

 Weekend Protests Signal New Shi'ite Power Struggle..


 **(02.16) L. Bohne 

 Welcome to Trumpland: Obama's Legacy


**(02.15) www.dw

 Germans demonstrate against return of failed asylum


 **(02.15) A. Vltchek

 Governor of Jakarta: Get Re-elected or Die!


 **(02.15) P. Martin

 Nazis in Trump White House


 **(02.15) D. Bandow

 The Imperative of Sino-American Accommodation


 **(02.15) D. Nersesov

 Trump's perestroika: The making of a super president


 **(02.15) P. Cockburn 

 Trump Will Ignite a War With Iran, Which Will be..


**(02.14) M. Whitney

 Trump Plays Cat and Mouse with Iran


 **(02.14) www.pajhwok

 700 Laghman teachers go on strike over land plots


 **(02.14) S. Shafaqt

 CPEC and the Baloch Insurgency


 **(02.14) R. Stevens

 EU and IMF demand more austerity measures from...


 **(02.14) A. Banisadr

 Is Trump on the Path to Dictatorship?


 **(02.14) N. Solomon 

 The Long Road to Impeach Trump Just Got Shorten


**(02.13) K. Sawant

 A Socialist Strategy to Defeat Trump


 **(02.13) M. Peak

  Get Ready, Russia: Britain Is Sending Warship to the ..


 **(02.170 www.khaama

 NATO confirm US Helmand airstrikes, vows to review


 **(02.13) R. Kochler

 The Mass Grave We Call Collateral Damage..


 **(02.13) P. Escobar

 The Pivot to China


 **(02.13) J. Zogby

 Trump is risking long-term friendship in Arab world


**(02.12) D. Altheida

 America's Crisis and the Politics of Fear


 **(02.12) www.scmp

 China "beefing up military" on disputed islands in the ..


 **(02.12) A. Levine

 Extirpating Trumpism From the Body Politica


 **(02.12) www.pajhwok

 Russia offers to cooperate with US, NATO over Afg.


 **(02.12) J. Raimondo

 The Warlords of Kiev


 **(02.12) A. Vltchek 

 The West Is Finished, But Why?


**(02.11) C. A. Preble

 America Has Too Many Military Bases


 **(02.11) N. Yalman

 Erdogan, Trump hold phone call for first time


 **(02.11) www.khaama

 Ghani, Trump speaks over phone, discuss issues of ..


 **(02.11) J. W. Whitehead

 The FBI: Silent Terror of the Fourth Reich


 **(02.11) M. Pemberton

 Trump's Fake Populism on Military Spending


 **(02.11) www.pravda

 Ukrainian Armed Forces work on Major offensive..


**(02.10) Aryian Farhat

 A Ray Of Sunlight


**(02.10) A. Lockie

 China May be preparing for a crippling preemptive..


 **(02.10) www.khaama

 ISIS claims Kabul Supreme Court attack the left 21 dead,..


 **(02.10) J. Cook

 Israel's New Land law: Clearing the Path to Annexation


 **(02.10) W. Blum

 The Anti-Empire Report # 148


 **(02.10) J. Raimondo

 Trump at the Crossroads


 **(02.10) F.-S. Gady 

 Will Russia's Air Force Receive a 5th Generation Fighter


**(02.09) www.pajhwok

 20 dead, 45 injured in suicide blast outside SC


 **(02.09) F. Nagel

 Class War Yet?


 **(02.09) Dr. P. C. Roberts

 Is The Trump Administration Already Over?


 **(02.09) U. Ali

 Pakistan's Censorship Takes a Dangerous Turn


 **(02.09) D. Larison

 The Trump Administration May Increase the U. S.


 **(02.09) R. Harris 

 Trump in the White House: What You See is What ...


**(02.08) K. Brinkbaeumer

 Europe Must Defend Itself Against A Dangerous ..


 **(02.08) R. Moser

 No Ban! No Wall! No War?


 **(02.08) J. Ditz

 Republicans Denounce Trump Over Failure to Condemn..


 **(02.08) T. Knapp

 Trump's Foreign Policy: Obama's Third Term,..


 **(02.08) www.presstv

 Trump is right: Bushes, Clinton, Obama "all Killer"


 **(02.08) J. Ditz 

 Un Lifts Sanctions on Afghan Warlord G. Hekmatyar


**(02.07) J. W. Carden

 A Reprise of the Iraq- WMD Fiasca


 **(02.07) www.khaama

 Around 50 dead as avalanche hit Nuristan in East...


 **(02.07) S. R. Sheikh

 As Russia Builds Up, NATO Readies its Arms Out..


 **(02.07) www.yahoo

 Iran vows to use "roaring missiles" if threatened and..


 **(02.07) M. Goodman

 Return of the Tortures: Back to the Crime Scene


 **(02.07) www.bing 

 Trump's ban on Muslims is a way to consolidate


**(02.06) J. Ditz

 Iranian Fear Trump's Threats Portend War, or New..


 **(02.06) www.spiegel

 Militants kill religious cleric and his wife in Paktika


 **(02.06) A. Vltchek

 "Outside World", According to Western Liberals


 **(02.06) K. Brinkbaeumer

 The Pain of a D. Trump Presidency


 **(02.06) D. Larison

 The Trump Administration's Lies About Iran


 **(02.06) P. Symonds 

 US defence secretary threaten N. Korea with..


**(02.05) M. Rafizadeh

 America's ban on Iranian citizens has handed hardliners


 **(02.05) R. Farley

 A War Between the U. S. and China Would Be W. W. 3


 **(02.05) www.khaama

 India to issue visa for Afghan a and up to 5 years


 **(02.05) R. Fantina

 Palestine, Israel and Trump


 **(02.05) J. Ditz

 Trump: "Nothing Is Off the Table" in Acting Against Iran


 **(02.05) P. Street 

 Unspeakable: the Black Book of Imperial Terrorism


**(02.04) www.khaama

 300 US Marines to train Afghan Forces at battalion..


 **(02.04) G. Ford

 If Americans Truly Cared About Muslims, They Would..


 **(02.04) J. Richardson

 Ruling by Chaos


 **(02.04) J. Ditz

 Trump Aims to Focus Counter-Extremism Program


 **(02.04) J. Deutsch

 Unspoken Words: Nuclear War Provocations and..


 **(02.04) J. Ditz 

 White House: Iran "On Notice," US Won't Rule Out..


**(02.03) C. Currier

 Despite Anti-Profiling Rules, the FBI Uses Race and


 **(02.03) C. Hallinan

 How Trump Could Blunder Into War With China


 **(02.03) Z. Keck

 Russia's Cold War Master Plan to Massacre NATO


 **(02.03) www.nytimes

 U. S. Airstrikes Hit Taliban After Attack on an Afghan..


 **(02.03) M. J. Sainato

 Was Trump's Muslim Ban his "Shock Event" Diversion?


 **(02.03) J. Raimondo

 Yemen: America's Shame


**(02.02) J. Wight

 Muslim Bans, White Supremacy and Fascism in Our time


 **(02.02) A. B. Khalil

 Pakistan and China: Don't Fear Chabahar Port


 **(02.02) www.khaama

 Pakistan claims soldier killed from Afghanistan


 **(02.02) V. Mikhin

 Saudi Arabia on the Cusp of Fundamental Change


 **(02.02) H. Nafaa

 The Arabs, the US and Trump


 **(02.02) P. Cockburn  

 Trump's "Muslim Ban" Will Only Lead to More Terrorist..


**(02.01) Colin P.

 Hezbollah Is Winning the War in Syria


 **(02.01) H. Hassan

 ISIL has evolved into something more dangerous


 **(02.01) www.voanews

 Lure of Sex Trade Highlights Plight of Young Refugees


 **(02.01) D. Larison

 Reviewing Obama's Flawed Foreign Policy Record


 **(02.01) M. J. Sinato

 Trump's Muslim Ban: Another Symptom of the War on Terror


 **(02.01) S. R. Sheikh

 Trump's Nationalism Facilitating China's Rise to Global..


**(01.31) R. Hsiao & 

 "America First" Versus "One China"


 **(01.31) K. Gannon

 Former warlord's return could shake up Afghan politics


 **(01.31) www.pravda

 Russia fully prepared for possible nuclear attack


 **(01.31) E. London

 Thousands demonstrate across US against Trump's


 **(01.31) www.dw

 Trump and May reaffirm commitment to NATO in ...


 **(01.31) J. Ditz

 Trump Order for "great Rebuilding" of US Military


**(01.30) www.outlook

 From the Diary of an Afghan Woman


 **(01.30) A. Rosas

 How the Fight Trump's Racist Immigration Policies


 **(01.30) B, D. Ersoz

 Interpreting the new US President: Trumpslation


 **(01.30) J. St. Clair

 Roaming Charges: Populism With in Inhuman Face


 **(01.30) M. Mandl

 The Duma's war on women


 **(01.30) J. Ditz 

 Trump Sign Order Limiting Immigration From Muslim ...


**(01.29) E. London

 Breakdown in Mexico-US relations as Trump...


 **(01.29) www.voanews

 Official: Afghan Border Guard Killed in Clashes with..


 **(01.29) A. Akulov

 Russia Launches a New Borei-A Class Submarine


 **(01.29) P. Street

 The Empire Has No Clothes


 **(01.29) V. Prashad

 Trump and the Decline of American Unipolarity


 **(01.29) J. Raimondo 

 Trump's First Big Mistake


**(01.28) www.voanews

Afghan Authorities Accuse Iran of Using Taliban..


 **(01.28) J. Kavanagh

 Game Change: Syria, Interrupted


 **(01.28) J. W. Whitehead

 Has the American Dream Become The American Nightmare?


 **(01.28) J. Kitfield

 The Hidden Forces That Will Shape Trump's Presidency


 **(01.28) J. Ditz

 Trump to Impose Syria Refugee Ban, Block Visitors From


 **(01.28) A. Vltchek

  With President Trump at helm, Japan feeling adrift..


**(01.27) Sender: Dip. Ing. Nasrin Maroofi

 Qaium Rahbar zu ehrenden Angedenken


**(01.27) M. Harris

 Dawn of the Resistance


 **(01.27) A. Panda

 Pakistan Pledges a Hot Finish for "Cold Start"


 **(01.27) www.khaama

 Taliban earn $4.8 million annually from Kajaki Dam


 **(01.27) A. Vltchek

 The Asian Realignment


 **(01.27) P. Symondo

 Trump threats on S. China Sea Heighten "risk of nuclear war


 **(01.27) J. Ditz 

  Report: Trump to Ban Citizens of Seven Countries Visiting


**(01.26) www.business..

 Afghan official: Pakistan and Iran are providing aid ...


 **(01.26) G. Benmayor

 Toward a  multipolar world


 **(01.26) R. Paul

 Trump's Foreign Policy: An Unwise Inconsistency?


 **(01.26) F. Siniora

 What the New US president must do in the Arab world


 **(01.26) J. Ditz

 White House Vows to Keep China From Claiming..


 **(01.26)D. Swanson 

 Why Impeach D. Trump?


**(01.25) F. Shahbazov

 Azerbaijan's Growing Military Cooperation With Pak.


 **(01.25) B. Kampmark

 Ignored Ironies: Women , Protest and D. Trump


 **(01.25) www.khaama

 Pakistan preparing for "tough talk" with Afghanistan


 **(01.25) A. Gorka

 Saudi-led Coalition Ready To Join Fighting in Syrian..


 **(01.25) J. Raimondo

 Trump Against the World


 **(01.25) D. Harrison  

 Western media Whips up war hysteria


**(01.24) S. R. Sheikh

 China is Changing the M. East's Geo-political Dynamics


 **(01.24) D. Burke

 Imam delivers message to Trump at inaugural service


 **(01.24) www.khaama

 ISIS actively recruiting in Kunar Province..


 **(01.24) www.wsws

 Massive worldwide protests against Trump ...


 **(01.24) J. Ditz

 Trump Hypes Messile Defense Systems Targeting...


 **(01.24) J. Pace & 

 Trump praises the CIA, bristles over inaugural ...


**(01.23) P. Street

 Divide and Rule: Class, Hate, and the 2016 Election


 **(01.23) P. Dolack

 Eight People Own as Much as Half the World


 **(01.23) www.aopnews

 EU Urges Afghan Govt. to Tackle Violence Against..


 **(01.23) D. Majumdar

 Get Ready, NATO: The Secret Reason Why Russia's..


 **(01.23) P. Martin

 Trump's fascistic diatribe: On the road to W.W. 3


 **(01.23) S. Frasser &.

 Turkish Assembly Passes Polemic Bill to Boost Erdogan


**(01.22) F.-S. Gady

 Cold Start: India to Deploy Massive Tank Army Along..


 **(01.22) P. D. Miller

 How World War 3 could begin in Latvia


 **(01.22) P. R. Pillar

 Ideological Warfare Against Nonviolent Political Islam


 **(01.22) www.aopnews

 Taliban Attack Kills 16 Afghan Police Personnel


 **(01.22) T. Meyssan

 The Confession of the criminal John Kerry


 **(01.22) www.wsws 

 The inauguration of D. Trump:


**(01.21) M. Goodman

 America's Russian Problem


 **(01.21) C. Hallinan

 Is Europe Heading for a "Lexit"?


 **(01.21) N. J. s. Davies

 Obama's Bombing Legacy


 **(01.21) www.yahoo

 Putin: Obama administration trying to undermine Trump.


 **(01.21) www.khaama

 Taliban can carry on insurgency for a very long time:


 **(01.21) C. Marsden 

 The Trump presidency and the coming conflict


**(01.20) A. Farhat

 You!! Who Call Yourself A Believer


 **(01.20) www.pajhwok

 400 acres of Behsud land retaken from grabbers


 **(01.20) S. M. Walt

 Barak Obama Was a Foreign-Policy Failure


 **(01.20) A. Lantier

 Chinese President Xi Jinping warns of trade war in speech


 **(01.20) K. Ulc

 Russia's Secret Weapon to Invade the Baltics and crush..


 **(01.20) L. M. Vance

 The US, China, and Taiwan


 **(01.20) G. Doctorow 

 Trump's Remaking of US Foreign Policy


**(01.19) D. Macaray

 Four Reasons Trump Will Quit


 **(01.19) J. McBeth

 Inside the cauldron of Indonesian -ISIS terror


 **(01.19) www.khaama

 Istanbul nightclub attack suspect trained in Afghanistan


 **(01.19) M. Gessen

 Russia, Trump and Flawed Intelligence


 **(01.19) J. ONeill

 Syria and the US: More Truths Emerge


 **(01.19) A. Sahgal  

 Why India's ICBM Tests Rile China


**(01.18) J. St. Clair

 Did the Elites Have Martin Luther King Jr. Killed?


 **(01.18) www.pravda

 Nuclear weapons deterrence status is changing


 **(01.18) www.khaama

 Senior government official shot dead in Baghlan


 **(01.18) C. A. preble

 The Real Culprit in Defense Spending 


 **(01.18) J. Ditz

 Trump Suggests Lifting Russia Sanctions for Nuclear


 **(01.18) A. Tsukanova

 Ukraine and the US: the Devious Plans of Two...


**(01.17) A. Levine

 Are Democrats Still the Lesser Evil?


 **(01.17) www.khaama

 Explosion kills 7 civilians in East of Afghanistan


 **(01.17) A. Eleiba

 Looking south


 **(01.17) www.huffington

 Rep. John Lewis: Trump Is Not A "Legitimate President"


 **(01.17) D. Majumda

 Russia's Scary S-400 Air Defense System is Now..


 **(01.17) www.spiegel

 War and Peace


**(01.16) V. Prashad

After Aleppo: the State of Syria


 **(01.16) M. Nichols

 Iran nuclear deal working, wise for Trump to uphold?


 **(01.16) www.economist

 Obituary: Akber Hashemi Rafsanjani died on ...


 **(01.16) www.khaama

 Russia calls on Taliban to renounce violence launch 


 **(01.16) M. Mandl

 The Bed Losers (And What They Fear Losing)


 **(01.16) E. Sommer

 U. S.-China War: a Danger Hidden from the American


**(01.15) S. Stewart

 Al Qaeda In 2017: Slow And Steady Wins the Race


 **(01.15) www.pravda

 D. Trump's inauguration trigger civil war in USA?


 **(01.15) I. Ramonet

 F. Castro and the repression against intellectuals


 **(01.15) D. Lazare

 How Obama Spread the Mideast Fires


 **(01.15) www.pajhwok

 ISI accused of orchestrating recent terrorist attacks


 **(01.15) J. Ditz

 US Intel Officials Warn Israel Not to Share..


**(01.14) V. Mikhin

 What A wails the Middle East in 2017


 **(01.14) J. Ditz

 Afghan Ghost Soldiers Cost US Taxpayers Hunderds


 **(01.14) M. Gustov

 D. Trump's Fake News Conference


 **(01.14) K. D. Bhattarai

 India and China's Tug of War Over Nepal


**(01.14) M. Averko

 Misreading Trump, Putin and US-Russian Relations


 **(01.14) K. Osborn 

 The U. S. Navy's Master Plan to "Sink" Russia ...


**(01.13) A. Gorka

 Algeria: Potential Security Challenge in 2017


 **(01.13) N. Beams

 Economic nationalism and the breakdown of the..


 **(01.13) www.khaama

 Heavy explosions rocks Jalalabad city in East of Afghanistan


 **(01.13) B. Gertz

 How China Wins the S. China War (Without Firing a Shot)


 **(01.13) J. Wight

 Israel is a Rogue State


 **(01.13) M. Y. Yilmaz  

 Toward a regime charge in Turkey


**(01.12) www.aopnews

 30 Dead is Taliban Suicide Bombers Hit Kabul


  **(01.12) K. Kishor

 Obama's legacy of war, repression and inequality


 **(01.12) www.thenational

 Rafsanjany's long career was divisive


 **(01.12) P. Cockburn:

 Saudi Arabia's Dream of Domination Goes Up in Flames


 **(01.12) G. Leupp

 The Utter Stupidity of the New Cold War


 **(01.12) J. Ditz 

 US Imposes New Sanctions on Russia


**(01.11) J. G. Hornberger

 Ditch the CIA, the Pentagon and the NSA


 **(01.11) www.khaama

 Japan pledges investement to increase Afghanistan's.. 


 **(01.11) H. Kamens

 John McCain Caught Red Handed Planting


 **(01.11) J. White

 New Year opens with wave of layoffs in the US


 **(01.11) A. Heggins

 Russians Ridicule U. S. Charge That Kremlin..


 **(01.11) A. Vltcheck

 The World Is "Fake News"


**(01.10) M. Mandl

 2017 Annual Forecast


 **(01.10) S. Shahidsaless

 Aleppo and the new world order


 **(01.10) www.thenational

 Iran's justifications for its Syrian intervention


 **(01.10) www.pajhwok

 People to help improve Ghazni Security


 **(01.10) R. Fisk

 The tragedies of Syria signal the end of the Arab..


 **(01.10) L. M. Vance 

 The United States, China, and Taiwan


**(01.09) Sh. Aahangar

 Is Talibans  fighting a National Resistance War?


**(01.09) www.pajhwok

 4 People suffer casualties over land dispute


 **(01.09) D. Harrison

 America's shameful double standard


 **(01.09) J. B. Utley

 Avoiding Accidental Nuclear War


 **(01.09) M. Eskaf

 Can Turkey push back Iran's ambitions in Syria?


 **(01.09) www.english..

 Iraqi forces close in on Tigris river in Mosul


 **(01.09) P. Symondo 

 Trump's coming confrontation with China


**(01.08) www.pajhwok

 2 Afghans hold in Indian over stealing money form


 **(01.08) P. Street

 H. Clinton and the Installation of Authoritarian


 **(01.08) J. Raimondo

 Purge the CIA


 **(01.08) www.hurriyet

 Turkey "can end US use of base if  interests hurt"


 **(01.08) F.-S. Gady

 US Navy Pushes Ahead With Plan to Build 12 New...


 **(01.08) J. Ditz 

 US Officials Say Russia Approval of Trump Win Is


**(01.07) www.middle..

 A recent survey says Al-Sisi's popularity..


 **(01.07) A. Galstyen &..

 Inside Russia's New Foreign Policy Master Plan


 **(01.07) www.khaama

 Taliban militants kill policewoman in Helmand


 **(01.07) M. Goodman

 The Dark Side of Obama's Legacy


 **(01.07) G. Doctorow

 Trump and Revenge of the "Realists"


 **(01.07) J. Ditz

 Trump Sides With Assanage Over US Intelligence


**(01.06) K. Osborn

 Report: China Could Have 351 Navy Ships...


 **(01.06) J. Raimondo

 The Abolition of Foreign Policy


 **(01.06) P. Iskenderov

 Turkey an Bulgaria: NATO Members on Opposite


 **(01.06) www.khaama

 Turkey extends its NATO mission in Afghanistan


 **(01.06) G. Black

 US police killed more than 1.150 in 2016


 **(01.06) P. Cockburn 

 Why Turkey Can't Stop ISIS


**(01.05) www.khaama

 Afghan refugee sets self on fire in Germany


 **(01.05) P. J. Buchanan

 Can Trump and Putin Avert Cold War 2?


 **(01.05) Z. Grossman

 In 2017, Fusing Identity and Class Politics in ..


 **(01.05) M. Yetken

 ISIL attacks trigger secular reactions in Turkey


 **(01.05) N. Turse

 U. S. Special Operations Numbers Surge in Africa's..


 **(01.05) P. Symonds 

 US think tank urges Trump to confront China


**(01.04) www.khaama

 Afghan Minister of Communications and IT suspended


 **(01.04) M. Eskaf

 Analysis: Kurdish exclusion from Peace talks and Syria's


 **(01.04) B. Kampmark

 False Unities: Brexit in the New Year


 **(01.04) S. Iha

 The Bay of Bengal Naval Arms Race


 **(01.04) P. Cockburn

 The Syrian Ceasefire Has Shifted the Balance of Power..


 **(01.04) D. Axe 

 Will China Fill the Skies With Stealth Jets?


**(01.03) www.pajhwok

 Helmand's Sangin, Marha towns under Taliban Attack


 **(01.03) D. Bandow

 Newsflash: Russia Is Not the Soviet Union


 **(01.03) J. Dunn &..

 Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan claims to have..


 **(01.03) J. Ditz

 US Expulsions Cost Russia's San Francisco Consulate


 **(01.03) www.pravda

 Putin congratulates Trump, ignores Obama in New Year..


 **(01.03) S. Zhiqin &.. 

 The Benefits and Risks of the China- Pakistan..


**(01.02) www.pravda

 China mulls measures against Taiwan:


 **(01.02) www.pajhwok

 China promises support for Afghanistan's...


 **(01.02) S. L Cohen

 Israel's never-ending crimes: It's not just..


 **(01.02) M. Kreickenbaun

 More than 5.000 refugees drowned..


 **(01.02) A. Akulov

 Prospects for Russia - US US Relations:


 **(01.02) J. Richardson 

 Welcome to the Trumpocracy


**(01.01) Sender: AKK 

 Zum Jahresende


**(01.01) www.khaama

 13 civilians wounded in mortar attack in East


 **(01.01) www.pravda

 Argentina and Brazil: Degradation Continues


 **(01.01) Bei Hu

 China Would Outlast U. S. in Trade War, $ Billion


 **(01.01) P. J. Buchanan

 Israel First or America First


 **(01.01) R. Fantina

 Palestine, the World and Resolution 2334


 **(01.01) J. Ditz

 US Airstrike on Mosul Hospital May Have Killed


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