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آرشیف 2008-2009 زبانهای اروپائی

 2008-09- Eur.Lan. Archive




**(12.31) Al Jazeera

Afghan soldier kills US serviceman


**(12.31) Stephen kinzer

The moment that changed Afghanistan


**(12.31) Saleh Al-Naami

Total racism , total war



We're on a fool's errand in Afghanistan


**(12.30) Global Research

U.S., Russia Vying for Bigger . . .


**(12.30) Aram Roston

Afghan Lobby Scan


**(12.29) Al Jazeera

Iran seizes opposition figures


**(12.29) Tehran Times

Israel can't play military card ...


**(12.29) A F P

War on Al-Qaeda inflames Afghanistan , Pakistan


**(12.28) Peter Beaumont

Al-Qaeda has changed its face . . .


**(12.28) Pravda

USA To Take All of Niger's Uranium ...


**(12.28) Press TV

US family pleads to Taliban . . .


**(12.27) Marjorie Cohn

Obama's Afg-Pak War is Illegal


**(12.27) Jason Ditz

Taliban Video Shows Captured GI Denouncing War


**(12.27) William Pfaff

Tension Simmers in Iran


**(12.26) Syed Saleem Shahzad

Al-Qaeda's sights on Pakistan and beyond


**(12.26) Ron Jacobs

From Panama to Afghanistan Selling a " just" War


**(12.26) Jason Didz

No Christmas for US Troops in Afghanistan


**(12.25) Richard M Bennett

Iran has defense headache


**(12.25) Olaf Ihlau

The Beginning of The End Of Afghanistan


**(12.25) Robert M Gutler

A delicate dance of power


**(12.24) Al Jazeera

Fighters "sent to Afghan Taliban"


**(12.24) Tom Lasseter

In Russia , foreboding about America's war in Afghanistan


**(12.24) Andy Worthington

Who Are the Four Afghans Released From Gitmo?


**(12.23) Laurie L. Calhoun

Barack Obama's Doublespeak "Peace" Speech


**(12.23) Maureen Daud

Blunder on Tora Bora


**(12.23) Declan Walsh

Strategic Balochistan becomes ...


**(12.22) www.telegraph.co.uk

Asif Zardari vows to fight Pakistan " witch hunt"


**(12.22) Peter Beaumont

Former UN envoy blasts new Hamid Karzai cabinet as " corrupt"


**(12.22) Press TV

Germany backs dialogue with " moderate Taliban"


**(12.21) James Rison

Afghan Killing Bares a Karzai Family Feud


**(12.21) Zaki Laidi

Why Obama does not want a multipolar world order


**(12.20) www.cnn.com

Corruption a way of life in Afghanistan


**(12.20) Douglas Valentine

Obama's Dirty War


**(12.20) Jason Ditz

US attacking Yemen After All


**(12.19) The guardian

CIA working with Palestinian security agents


**(12.19) Kathleen Wells

Bush Intentionally Let Osama bin Laden Escape


**(12.19) Institute for War & Peace

Warlords  Re- emerging in North


**(12.18) Agency France Press

France to expel Afghan migrants in day's


**(12.18) Farideh Farhi

Iran's Domestic Conflict Shifts Into Higher Gear


**(12.18) Huma Yusuf

Was Mumbai suspect a double agent for US?


**(12.18) F. William Engdahl

The geopolitics behind the phoney US war in Afghanistan


**(12.17) Susanne Koelbl

How much is a Human Life Worth?


**(12.17) Ken Macdonald

Intoxicated by power , Blair tricked us into war


**(12.17) Gareth Porter

US silent on Taliban's al-Qaeda offer


**(12.16) Mona Alami

Hezbollah Fortifies Frontier Against Israel


**(12.16) Jane Perlez

Pakistan Rebuffs U.S. on Taliban Crackdown


**(12.16) Thaddeus Russell

The Nobel War Prize


**(12.15) Bill van Auken

Afghanistan Massacre on Eve of Obama's Surge


**(12.15) Eva Golinger

CIA Agent Captured in Cuba


**(12.15) P T I

Taliban create artificial


**(12.14) Kevin Gosztola

Anti - War Movement Wakes up ...


**(12.14) Willy Lam

China unveils its new worldview


**(12.14) Times online

Insurgent infiltrators terrorise ...


**(12.13) Com Hallinan

An Af-Pak Train Wreck


**(12.13) Chuck Baldwin

The Bush - Obama War


**(12.13) Rep. Ron Paul

It's Time to Leave Afghanistan


**(12.12) Nasser Karimi

Iran intel chief warns of extent of opposition


**(12.12) Tom Engelhardt

The Nine Surges of Obama's War


**(12.12) Gabor Steingart

The Wrong Prize at the Wrong Time


**(12.11) Dr. R. R. Zirakyar

Pushton - Bashing in Kite Runner


**(12.11) Kathy Kelly

An Open Letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee


**(12.11) Tony Perry

Hundreds of women lead protest in Afghanistan


**(12.11) Reuters

Iran to hit Israeli nuke sites if attacked


**(12.10) Depl.Ing. Khalilullah Maroofi

Vortrag zum " Afghanistan"


**(12.10) Scott Taylor

Afghanistan : Quagmire scenario get closer to reality


**(12.10) english.Pravda.ru

Capturing Osama Bin Laden Is the Last Thing That Americans Want.


**(12.10) Christian Parenti

The Road to Re-Election Runs Through Kabul?


**(12.09) Maimuna Ashraf

Indian involvement in Balochistan


**(12.09) Nasser Karimi

Iran threatens tougher action against prottesters


**(12.09) Rick Rozoff

The Great Game: U.S., Nato War in Afghanistan ... 


**(12.08) Sean Collins

A bizarre declaration of war-and withdrawal


**(12.08) Eric Margolis

Preaching peace, flexing muscle


**(12.07) Phyllis Bennis

President Obama's Afghanistan Escalation Speech


**(12.07) Jay Solomon

U.S. Sees Weakening for Zardari


**(12.07) Syed Saleem Shahzad

US takes hunt for al-Qaeda to Pakistan


**(12.06) Laura Flanders

All Too Familiar on Afghanistan


**(12.06) Eli Clifton

Neocons Get Warm and Fuzzy ...


**(12.06) Nicolas J S Davies

Obama with Blood on His Hand


**(12.05) english.peopledaily.com

China, Brazil seek to boost ...


**(12.05) The Frontier Post

French bribing Taliban to stop attacks


**(12.05) Paul Armstrong

Soviet commander : U . S . faces similar Afghan fate.


**(12.04) Garry Wills

Afghanistan : The Betrayal


**(12.04) Cynthia McKinncy

Is President Obama's Surge A Trap?


**(12.04) Pamela  Constable & ..

Pakistan voice concerns about ...


**(12.04) Yassin Musharbash

Al-Qaida Kills Eight Time More Muslims Than Non-Muslims


**(12.03) A F P

Bagram Readying for More Casualties


**(12.03) Keith Olberman

Get out of Afghanistan now


**(12.03) Mike Whitney

In the Wake of the Dubai . . .


**(12.02) walt.foreignpolicy.com

How many Muslims has the U.S. killed ...


**(12.02) Jacob G. Hornberger

The U.S. Government Is Taking Us Down


**(12.02) Julian Borger

US bid to bypass Karzai's Afghan ...


**(12.01) Press TV

Alarming rate of addiction among Afghan women


**(12.01) William R. Levesque

CentCom's logistics facing a do-or-die test


**(12.01) Zaheerul Hassan

India preparing for Nuke War ?


**(11.30) Press TV

Afghan teenagers claim abuse at a US prison


**(11.30) Soyoung Kim

CIA goes hiring in heart of Arab America


**(11.30) Asif Shahzad

Pakistani president turns over nuclear authority


**(11.29) The Frontier Post

Hekmatyar offers US, NATO safe exit


**(11.29) Ron Smith

In Afghanistan and at home , ...


**(11.29) Carlotta Gall

Taliban Open Northern Front in Afghanistan


**(11.28)Calorine Lucas

Afghanistan : time to go


**(11.28) Jason Ditz

German Army Chief Resigns Over Afghan Civilian killings


**(11.28) Saeed Shah

Pakistan's president facing military ...


**(11.27) Robert Baer

" War of National Resistance "


**(11.27) Nazila Fathi

Iranian - American Faces New Spying Charge


**(11.27) Patrick Krey

Obama Sells Out to Newcons


**(11.27) CNN

U.S. faces " absolute defeat " ...


**(11.26) Jonathan Cook

Have Israel spies infiltrated ...


**(11.26) Jeremy Scahill

Blackwater's Secret War in Pakistan


**(11.26) David Corn

Whatever Happened to the CIA ...


**(11.25) Lal Aqa Sherin

Afghan forces fight an enemy within


**(11.25) Jason Ditz

US Confirms Secret Talks With Taliban


**(11.25) Seumas Milne

We can't buy peace in Afghanistan


**(11.24) Oliver Miles

Oliver Miles : The key question - is Blair a war criminal ?


**(11.24) Hugh O'Shaughnessy

US builds up its bases in oil - rich ...


**(11.24) Abdul Hadi Mayar

Pakistan says new U.S. Afghan policy ...


**(11.23) Cathrin Schaer

Afghanistan " Cannot Advance on Words Alone"


**(11.23) Dexter Filkins

As Afghan Resist Taliban , U.S. ...


**(11.23) axisglobe.com

Internal struggle between KGB ...


**(11.22) Damien McElroy

Afghan Governor turned 3000 men over to Taliban


**(11.22) Nat Hentoff

Obama's extra - judicial killers


**(11.22) Muhammad Sahimi

The Israel Lobby, the Neocons and ...


**(11.21) John R. MacArthur

History promises disaster in Afghanistan ...


**(11.21) english.peopledaily.com

India bristles at closer Sino-US ties


**(11.21) Syed Saleem Shahzad

Militants change tack in Pakistan


**(11.20) Matthias Gebauer

Afghan Attorney General to ...


**(11.20) Rick Rozoff

Global Warfare USA : The World ...


**(11.20) Robert Zaller

One Option : Get out of Afghanistan


**(11.19) Tom Engelhardt

Afghanistan as a Patronage Machine


**(11.19) Pratap Chatterjee

How to Pay Off Afghan Warlord


**(11.19) Robert Dreyfuss

The View from China


**(11.18) Norman Solomon

Biggest State Party To Obama : Get Out of Afghanistan


**(11.18) William R . Polk

Letter to Obama : Leave Afghanistan Avoid Vietnam


**(11.18) Susanne Koelbl

Why America Is Stuck With Karzai ?


**(11.17) APP

Afghan graft battle stands ...


**(11.17) Jason Ditz

CIA Funneling Hundreds of Million...


**(11.17) Jacob G . Hornberger

Motive vs. Justification


**(11.16) Khaleej Times

Increasing" Indian Presence " in Kabul ...


**(11.16) Walter Rodgers

Pacifying Afghanistan : a dangerous dream


**(11.16) Al Jazeera

US unveils extended Bagram prison


**(11.15) Sherine Nasr

A Strategic alliance


**(11.15) Greg Gordon and ...

Taliban gain foothold in ...


**(11.15) Tom Hayden

Why die for Karzai ?


**(11.14) www.usmlo.org

ALBA Demonstrates an Alternative ...


**(11.14) AP News

Pakistanis worry about US nuclear Intentions


**(11.14) Jeff Huber

Say Nyet to Afghanistan


**(11.13) Issam Shukri

Execution of a Citizen


**(11.13) Zia Ahmad and ...

Afghan fear infiltration from Iran


**(11.13) Times online

Tension grows between China and India ...


**(11.13) Peter Eyre

War Criminals : Is Tony Blair fit to ...


**(11.12) Olivier Guitta

Iran and Saudi Arabia drown to Yemen


**(11.12) www.commondreams.org

National Antiwar Groups Issue


**(11.12) Alamgir Bitani

Pakistan Taliban Vow Tough Guerilla War


**(11.11) Chris Hedges

Afghanistan's Sham Army


**(11.11) Glenn Greenwald

Can attacks on a military base . . .


**(11.11) Chris Zambelis

Is Iran Supporting the Insurgency . . .


**(11.10) Charles V. Pena

Get Out of Afghanistan


**(11.10) Gareth Porter

It's payback time in Kabul


**(11.10) The Moscow Times

The Day the Berlin Wall came ...


**(11.09) Sender: MM

Sie ist beliebt


**(11.09) The Guardian

Afghanistan : Groundhog day


**(11.09) George Hishmeh

Israel is unlikely to yield


**(11.09) Paul McGeough

US fed up with troops dying ...


**(11.08) McClatchy

Afghan insurgents learns to destroy . . .


**(11.08) Antiwar .com

The Evil Empire


**(11.08) Muhammad Arif Shafi

Uncertain partner


**(11.07) Nick Turse

2014 or Bust


**(11.07) Reuters

Fact Box - The Worsening Security Picture in Afghanistan


**(11.07) www.guardian.co.uk

Iran tested advanced nuclear ...


**(11.06) Robert H. Reid & ..

Afghanistan : culture of corruption


**(11.06) Simon Tisdall

America's new crusader castles


**(11.06) Robert Scheer

Keeping Afghanistan Safe From Democracy


**(11.05) Rote Fahne

Afghanistan : Freibrief  fuer  Mord  und Totschlag?


**(11.05) Al-Jazeera

" Afghan policeman " kill UK troops


**(11.05) Jeremy Sapienza

German DM Mentions the War ... in Afghanistan


**(11.05) Afshain Afzal

Yudh Abhyas - Indo US joint exercise


**(11.04) Global Challenge research

Israel has become training ...


**(11.04) Sherwood Ross

Tortured in far-off Countries : ...


**(11.04) Muhammad Idress Ahmad

Why Pakistanis see US as the bigger threat?


**(11.03) Syed Saleem Shahzad

Al-Qaeda has plans for its new recruit


**(11.03) Matthaw Day in Warsaw

Russia " simulates " nuclear attack on Poland


**(11.03) Ian Munroe

Will the war in Afghanistan bring down NATO?


**(11.02) David Swanson

" The Most Dangerous Man in America "


**(11.02) Times online

Sacked UN official Peter Galbraith ...


**(11.02) Sujan Dutta

Trained in India ,to fight in Iraq


**(11.01) Ted Rall

Drop the Drones


**(11.01) Kathy Gannon

Iran's Sunni militants carve secretive ...


**(11.01) Abdul Hadi Mayar

U.S. contemplating new programm...


**(10.31) Adrienne Mong

Afghan girls burn themselves to escape marriage


**(10.31) Jeff Huber

AfPak : Illegal , Immoral , Fattening


**(10.31) Khalil El -Anami

Al - Qaeda reconsidered


**(10.30) Mir Adnan Aziz

Afghanistan's doomed occupation


**(10.30) Michael Wallach

Hamid Karzai : Afghanistan's Diem


**(10.30) Glenn Greenwald

The University of War Propaganda


**(10.29) Dexter Filkins & ...

Brother of Afghan Leader Is Said to Be on CIA Payroll


**(10.29) Ahmad Kawoosh

Helicopter rumors refuse to die


**(10.29) Zubair Babakar Khail

Protesters want water accords with Iran , Pakistan


**(10.28) Sami Ramadani

Carnage and corruption in Iraq


**(10.28) Abdullah Obaidi

Afghan fury at Koran burning claims


**(10.28) Tom Engelhardt

The Great Superpower Meltdown


**(10.28) Nicholas Kulish

German Limits on War Face Afghan Reality


**(10.27) James Petras

" Global Imbalances " versus Internal ...


**(10.27) Stephen M. Walt

High Cost , Low Odds


**(10.27) Hamden Azher

Perpetuel War and the Noble Peace Prize


**(10.26) Mohammad Asif



**(10.26) Hans Vogel

Europe's Impending Social Meltdown


**(10.26) Ahmad Eric Margolis

Americans pull strings in Afghan election


**(10.26) Yossi Alpher

Obama's Middle East Mistakes


**(10.25) Global Research

George W. Bush in Montreal : Persona Non Gratal


**(10.25) Julian E. Barnes & ...

U.S. aiding Pakistani Military offensive


**(10.25) Christoph Schult

Palestinians Behind Bars ...


**(10.24) M K Bhadrakumar

America , condoms and Taliban


**(10.24) Jason Ditz

Heated Exchange Marks First Iran ...


**(10.24) Laura king

Militants deepen their foothold in Afghanistan north


**(10.23) Mahan Abedin

Iran trapped in a ring of unrest


**(10.23) Johann Hari

The three fallacies that have ...


**(10.23) Simon Jenkins

Western export of the ballot ...


**(10.22) www.exisglobe.com

CIA prisoners at Lithuania


**(10.22) Muhammad Sahimi

Jundallah and the Geopolitics of Energy


**(10.22) Peter Dale Scott

The JFK Assassination : New York Times Acknowledges CIA Deceptions


**(10.21) Mohammad N Asif

Afghan Election goes RUN-OFF


**(10.21) CNN

CNN Poll : Will Afghanistan turn into Another Vietnam ?


**(10.21) Al Jazeera

New battleground in N Afghanistan ?


**(10.21) Joshua Holland



**(10.20) Mohammad N Asif

Afghanistan - The Land of Illegal ...


**(10.20) Pravda

Karl Marx Predicted Collapse of US Dollar in 1857


**(10.20) Eric Margolis

War next door creates havoc in Pakistan


**(10.20) Syed Saleem Shahzad

A new battle begins in Pakistan


**(10.19) Al Jazeera

Iran commanders killed


**(10.19) Marc W. Herold

Media Distortion : Killing Innocent Afghan ..


**(10.19) Warren Richey

Obama's Guantanamo, counter ...


**(10.18) Prof. James Petars and ...

Imperial Globalization and ...


**(10.18) www.prweb.com

October 17 Peace Demonstration ...


**(10.18) www.uexpress.com



**(10.17) Ihsanullah Tipu

Afghanistan : Obama's nightmare


**(10.17) Nicola Nasser

Security, Reconciliation in Iraq Are Irreconcilable


**(10.17) Jeff Huber

Stars and Garters and Afghanistan


**(10.16) A P  News

Iraqi shoe thrower say's he would do it again


**(10.16) Al Jazeera

Raid reveals Taliban's Punjab links


**(10.16) Thalif Deen

US Berated for Shielding Israel on Gaza Killings


**(10.15) Gareth Porter

Pro - War Officials Play Up Taliban - al-Qaeda Ties


**(10.15) Ron Paul

Saving Face and Losing Lives


**(10.15) Jerrold Kessel

Turkey won't play with Israel


**(10.14) James Bovard

Eight Years of Lies on Afghanistan


**(10.14) Jeff Hubber

Long Wars and Peace Prizes


**(10.14) M K Bhadrakumar

Pakistan warns India to " back off "


**(10.13) Andrew J. Becevich

Afghanistan the proxy war


**(10.13) Middle East Online

Obama Awarded the Nobel Prize for Making War Against Muslims


**(10.13) Pravda. Rue

The Global Migration of Flying Shoes


**(10.12) Scott Shane

A Dogged Taliban Chief Rebounds, Vexing U.S.


**(10.12) Justin Raimondo

Bizarro Peace Prize Awarded to Obama


**(10.12) Alexander Cockburn

War and Peace


**(10.11) AP News

Iran to " blow up the heart of Israel" of attacked


**(10.11) Al Jazeera

Mystery over missing Iran scientist


**(10.11) Paul Craig Roberts

The Nobel War Prize


**(10.11) Reuters

Top Indian diplomat in Afghanistan after blast


**(10.10) Jeff Huber

Just Say No to McChrystal


**(10.10) Larry Chin

McChrystal demands bloodshed


**(10.10) AFP

Taliban condemns Obama's Nobel Peace Prize


**(10.09) Robert Scheer

A War of Absurdity


**(10.09) Institute for War

Could  I M U Chief's Death Curb Rebel Force in Afghanistan?


**(10.09) The Associate press

Taliban suicide attack kills 17 in Afghan Capital


**(10.08) Jonathan Cook

How Israel killed UN's War Crimes Probe


**(10.08) Pepe Escobar

Stuck in Kabul , with Saigon blues again


**(10.08) Robert Fisk

The Demise of the Dollar


**(10.07) Garance Franke-Ruta

Antiwar Protesters Turn Their Sights on Obama


**(10.07) Donald Kirk

Give and take on North Korea


**(10.07) Philip Giraldi

Looking Beyond Terrorism


**(10.06) William R. Polk

An Open Letter to President Obama


**(10.06) Sheldon Richman

Exit Afghanistan and Leave Iran Alone


**(10.06) AP  News

Palestinians angry as Abbas drops war crimes case


**(10.05) CNN

8 U.S. troops killed in battle with militants in Afghanistan


**(10.05) english.pravda.ru

Hitler Died Peacefully in His Bed in Argentina?


**(10.05) Al Jazeera

Report : Iran has A-bomb know - how


**(10.04) Frank Creel

Obama and the Graveyard of Empires


**(10.04) Hussein Dakroub

Syria seen regaining its influence in Lebanon


**(10.04) Aryn Baker

The U.S. Backs Afghanistan's Karzai, for Better or Worse


**(10.03) Antiwar.com

Starting Another Year of War in Afghanistan


**(10.03) M K Bhadrakumar

China maps an end to the Afghan war.


**(10.03) Sreeram Chaulia

India and China profess brotherhood


**(10.02) Syed Saleem Shahzad

US orchestrates Pakistan - India talks


**(10.02) Conn Hallinan

Germany's " deep Regret " in Afghanistan


**(10.02) Hal Bernton

U.S. troops call Afghan region " Vietnam without napalm "


**(10.01) Thomas R. Eddlem

Afghanistan : Recycling and Old Strategy


**(10.01) Lori Hinnant

Taliban roadway attacks ...


**(10.01) Kelley Beaucar Vlahos

The Taliban's Toll


**(09.30) Pravda

China's Growing Nuclear Arsenal ...


**(09.30) Arundhati Roy

A new cold war in Kashmir


**(09.30) The Economist

Iran's nuclear programme Accusing Iran


**(09.29) AFP

Defiant Iran test-fires long - range missiles


**(09.29) Adele M . Michael

Mixed Signals From Administration ; ..


**(09.29) Terry Michael

Obama and the Afghan Abyss


**(09.28) Nazila Fathi

Iranian Protester Flees After Telling of Torture


**(09.28) Saeed Shah

Pakistan attacks suggest Taliban ...


**(09.28) Alexander Cockburn

The Ruin of His Presidency


**(09.28) Rick Rozoff

U.S. , Nato Poised For Most Massive War in Afghanistan's History


**(09.27) Rasool Dawar

Militant says Pakistani Taliban stronger than ever


**(09.27) Jason Ditz

Obama : Iran Is on Notice , Won't Rule Out Military Action


**(09.27) Francesco Sisci

Russia plays pipeline politics


**(09.26) www.spiegel.de

Human Rights Lawyer on Bagram Prison


**(09.26) Jyoti Malhorta

India , US now Disagree on Afghanistan crisis


**(09.26) Melvin A . Goodman

Seven Former CIA Directors Want to Bury the Truth


**(09.25) Kay Johnson

Assassinations on rise in Afghanistan


**(09.25) Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr

The Afghan Disaster


**(09.25) Eric Margolis

America has been here before


**(09.24) Anuj Chopra

Fighting Fire with Fire


**(09.24) Syed Saleem Shahzad

The US on a new mission in Pakistan


**(09.24) Zahid U Kramet

US perches in an Afghan eagle's nest


**(09.23) Mohammad Asif

Refugee urges British forces out


**(09.23) Patrick J. Buchanan

Black Sea Wars


**(09.23) Hans Vogel

Obama is Just a Slave


**(09.23) Matthias Gebauer & ...

The Forgotten Guantanamo


**(09.22) Greg Miller

CIA expanding presence in Afghanistan


**(09.22) Robert Fisk

Robert Fisk's World : Everyone seems...


**(09.22) Tom Engelhrdt

Us or Them in Afghanistan


**(09.21) Jan Puhl

Poles React


**(09.21)  I P S

Battle for Balkh


**(09.21) Rick Rozoff

U.S. Redeploys Missile Shield : ...


**(09.20) David Rittgers

Bagram , Habeas , and the Rule of Law


**(09.20) AFP

CIA chief says Karzai likely victor


**(09.20) The Staff of American Free Press

Italy Ex-President - CIA and Mossad Ran 9/11


**(09.19) Douglas Valentine

A Bad Vietnam Lesson for Afghanistan


**(09.19) Tom Engelhardt

Is America Hooked on War ?


**(09.19) Syed Saleem Shahzad

Taliban put Their heads together


**(09.18) Socialist Worker

How Afghanistan became the graveyard of the Russian Empire


**(09.18) Muntadhar al - Zaidi

The Story of My Shoe


**(09.18) Philip Giraldi

War Without End


**(09.17) Glenn Greenwald

In Iraq , freedom is marching backward


**(09.17) Jacob G. Hornberger

Interventionism , Empire , and the Taliban


**(09.17) Andy Worthington

Is Bagram Obama's New Secret Prison ?


**(09.16) Andy Worthington

Obama Brings Guantanamo to Bagram


**(09.16) Robert Parry

Ronald Reagan's Torture


**(09.16) Rick Rozoff

War without Borders : ...


**(09.15) John Nichols

Afghanistan Election Fraud and the High Price of Empire


**(09.15) Conn Hallinan

Afghanistan : What Are these People Thinking?


**(09.15) Syed Mohammad Tariq Pirzada

US interest in an unstable Pakistan


**(09.14) Steve Chapman

Prolonging Futility in Afghanistan


**(09.14) William Pfaff

The United States of Plutocracy


**(09.14) Bernd Dobusmann

Undercounting deaths of US Soldiers...


**(09.13) Robert Scheer

A 9/11 Reality Check


**(09.13) Mary Dejevsky

Nato's dissolution is long overdue


**(09.13) Anthony Gregory

The Causes Aftermath and Lessons of 9/11


**(09.12) Jeff Huber

Bananas in Bananastan


**(09.12) William Pfaff

 Hamid Karzai and Memories of Indochina


**(09.12) James Bovard

The Past - 9/11 Roundup of Innocents


**(09.11) Richard Neville

Trigger- Happy in Afghanistan


**(09.11) Pepe Escobar

US's " are of instability" just gets bigger


**(09.11) People Daily

Why India is pursuing military strength?


**(09.10) Tom Engelhardt

Afghanistan by the numbers


**(09.10) Rick Rozoff

In the wake of the Afghan Election : ...


**(09.10) Jeff Huber

The General Who Would be King


**(09.09)Peter Orvetti

Get Out of Afghanistan


**(09.09) Ali Akbar Dareini

Ahmadinijad : Iran won't halt nuclear work


**(09.09) Fred Reed

Killing America's Kids


**(09.08) Malou Innocent

Myth V . Fact : Afghanistan


**(09.08) Nicholas D . Kristof

The Afghanistan Abyss


**(09.08) Paul Craig Roberts

US Hypocrisy Astonishes the World


**(09.07) Die Linke

Schluss mit dem Bomben ? Raus Aus Afghanistan!


**(09.07) The Nation

Pakistan More Important than Afghanistan:


**(09.07) Jason Motlagh

Target Germany : A Second Front in Aghanistan?


**(09.07) John Swain

Vietnam has ominous . . .


**(09.06) Rodiger Goebel

Massaker  bei  Kudus


**(09.06) Ahmad Quraishi

How ODA 574 Installed Karzai ...


**(09.06) Jason Ditz

Massive US Air Strike Damages Claim of " New " Strategy


**(09.06) Afshin Afzal

US long-term interests in ...


**(09.05) Bobby Ghosh

Afghanistan : Will the U.S. Settle for Karzai?


**(09.05) Eva Bartlett

Israel Destroy Boats , and lives


**(09.05) Imran Jamali

Raw's hand's in Bolochistan


**(09.04) Ray Mc Govern

Afghanistan for Dummies


**(09.04) Jeff Huber

Next New Plan for Bananastan


**(09.04) Jan Peters

CIA Secret prisons organized from Germany


**(09.03) Kim Sengupta

600$ for a Kalashnikov


**(09.03) Edward Lozansky

Moscow's new Afghanistan


**(09.03) Amr Elchoubaki

The Iranian lesson


**(09.02) Jonathan Steele

 The afghan 8os are back


**(09.02) Philip Giraldi

 The Corruption of Empire


**(09.02) Andrew J. Bacevich

 These Colors Run Red


**(09.01) Murray Dobbin

 Afghan Election's Outcome Doesn't Matter


 **(09.01) M K Bhadrakumer

 Wiyards and wives drive Afghan election


**(08.31) Jemes Dao

American Antiwar Movement Plan an


**(08.31) Sami Moubayed

Shi'ites unite in a new power grab


**(08.31) Lara Jakes

US faces smaller, smarter enemy in afghanistan


**(08.30) Francesco Sisci

Chinese troops offer an Afghan solution


**(08.30) Shahir Shahidsaless

As US fades , Iran ups the ante in Iraq


**(08.30) Shahab Jafry 

The Zardari Equation


**(08.29) William Pfaff

 Alternative to " Victory " in Afghanistan


 **(08.29) Andrew M. Mwenda

 Colonialism reclaiming Africa?


 **(08.29) Jacob G. Hornberger

 Get Out of Afghanistan and Everywhere Else


**(08.27) Mohammad N. Asif

Afghan Democracy Died


**(08.24) Shahir Shahidsalesss

Cracks appear in Mousavi ' s "Green Path"


**(08.24) Peter Baker

Could Afghanistan Become Obama's Vietnam?


**(08.21) Mohammad N. Asef

Fake Political Theatre , not Election


**(08.19) M K Bhadrakumar

A fog swirls in the Hindu Kush


**(08.19) Andy Worthington

Bagram : Gitmo All Over Again


**(08.19) William Bowles

Barak Obama , Front man for the " Man "


**(08.17) Jonathan S. Landay

How did a suicide bomber get to Kabul ...


**(08.17) Jerome Starkey

Karzai's secret U - turn of Afghan rape law


**(08.17) Philip Knightley

The passion to kill and then remorse


**(08.16) Anne Gearan

Afghan election an early test of Obama's war plan


**(08.16) Ayaz Ahmad Khan

Baitullah Mehsud


**(08.16) Muhammad Sahimi

Role of US Militarism in Ahmadinejad's Rise


**(08.15) Patrick J. Buchanan

Afghanistan , the Unwinnable War


**(08.15) Andy Worthington

Arrogance and Torture : ...


**(08.15) Stephen Lendman

Global Depression and Regional Wars


**(08.14) Martin M

USA & Cuba


**(08.14) Chris Floyd

Addicted to War : America's Brutal Pipe Dream


**(08.14) Jeremy R. Hammond

Ex CIA Chief Says ...


**(08.14) Susannah Sirkin & ...

What's happening in the Afghan massacre probe ?


**(08.13) Ramzy Baroud

Fatah : a New Beginning ?


**(08.13) Syed Saleem Shahzad

Pakistan, US look across the border


**(08.13) William Pfaff

Political Solution in Afghanistan Possible, but ...


**(08.12) Zaheerul Hassan

Indian hegemonic designs and China


**(08.12) Syed Saleem Shahzad

More of the same for Baituhhah's fighters


**(08.12) Kelley B. Vlahos

No Color - Coded Revolution for Afghanistan


**(08.11) Owen Fay

Pakistanis see US as the Biggest Threat


**(08.11) Yochi J. Dreazen & ...

Taliban Now Winning


**(08.11) David Bromwich

The Persistence of Empire


**(08.10) Rick Rozoff

Afghan War : NATO Builds History's First Global Army


**(08.10) Mark Le Vine

Bush's torture legacy haunts the US


**(08.10) Al Jazeera

Pakistan Talibs ' in leadership row '


**(08.09) Ben Arnoldy & ...

Drone probably killed Taliban leader.


**(08.09) John Feller

The west has its own suicide bombers


**(08.09) Sheerwood Ross

Panetta's CIA Coverup


**(08.08) www.Politicsdaily.com

Barracks and Burger King


**(08.08) Rukmini Callimachi

Opium ravages Afghan villages


**(08.08) Andrew J. Bacevich

The War We Can't Win


**(08.07) Grace Nasri

Iran caught in a 10 - year cycle


**(08.07) Raja Karthikeya

Jundullah a wedge between Iran , Pakistan


**(08.07) Izabeth Rubin

Karzai in His Labyrinth


**(08.06) Kaveh L Afrasiabi

Ahmadinejad faces his toughest test


**(08.06) Barbara Ehrenreich & ...

The Destruction of the Black Middle Class


**(08.06) Gareth Porter

US Officials Protect Pak. Military on Aid to Taliban


**(08.05) Ghali Hassan

America's War with Muslim Nations


**(08.05) Steve Breyman

Beginning to Smell in Afghanistan


**(08.05) Ali Akbar Dareini & ...

Iran president confiemed but sealed without a kiss


**(08.04) Shahir Shahidsalees

Iran's Guards turn on Ahmadinejad


**(08.04) Lewis Perdue

The Drug Thugs Of Afghanistan


**(08.04) Syed Saleem Shahzad

US's $ 1 bn Islamabad home is its castle


**(08.03) Ray Mc Covern

Christians Largely Mum on Torture


**(08.03) Bernd Kaussler

Iran : The end of the Republic ?


**(08.03) Kathy Gannon

Pashtun ethnic agenda at heart of Afghan war.


**(08.02) Sharon  Otterman

Civilian Death Toll Rises in Afghanistan


**(08.02) Alexander Cockburn

Obama faces mutiny , led by Clinton and Biden


**(08.02) Ishaan Tharoor

Russia Moves to Boost its Role in Central Asia


**(08.01) Laura MacInnis

Afghan war spreads to residential areas : U.N. reports


**(08.01) Catherine Lutz

Obama's empire


**(08.01) Tom Engelhardt

Three Good Reasons to Liquidate our Empire


**(07.31) Gareth Porter

Police and thieves pillage Helmand


**(07.31) Raja Muhammad Khan

Regional responses th US global agenda


**(07.30) Juan Cole

A lesson in imperial paranoia


**(07.30) Chris Marsden

Britain's propaganda offensive on behalf of Afghan war


**(07.30) Daniel Schulman

The Cowboys of Kabul


**(07.29) Mustafa Saber

Heratis Sceptical About Election


**(07.29) Kaveh L Afrasiabi

Russia and Iran join hands


**(07.29) Rick Rozoff

US Escalates War Plan In Latin America


**(07.28) Rick Rozoff

Afghanistan : Training Ground for War on Russia


**(07.28) Michael Evans

Analysis : forcing Taliban into negotiations


**(07.28) Nikolas Kozloff

The Coup and the U.S. Airbase in Honduras


**(07.27) Al Jazeera

Afghan VP candidate escapes ambush


**(07.27) A F P

Iran will strike Israel nuclear sites if attacked


**(07.27) Pepe Escobar

New Great Game Revisited , Part 2


**(07.26) The Economist

Iran's holiest City : Qom all ye faithful


**(97.26) Pepe Escobar

New Great Game Revisited , Part 1


**(07.26) David Wise

The CIA , licensed to Kill


**(07.25) James Joyner

Bush's Third Term


**(07.25) Justin Raimondo

Eastern Europe and the Habit of Servitude


**(07.25) Jason Ditz

Poll : Majority in US Oppose Both Wars


**(07.24) Homa Arjomand

The International Compaign to close dawn Iranian Embassies


**(07.24) Patrick Krey

Obama Escalates Afghanistan Quaqmire


**(07.24) Ramzy Baroud

The assassination plot


**(07.24) Andrew Lee Butters

Why Kurds vs. Arabs Could Be Iraq's Next Civil War


**(07.23) Syed Saleem Shahzad

Pakistan - US plan falls into place


**(07.23) Malou Innocent

Afghanistan : The Deadliest Month and It's Time to Get Out


**(07.22) Ali Akbar Dareini & ...

Iran election dispute escalates to new phase


**(07.22) Chris Hedges

War Without Purpose


**(07.22) Vector Sebestyen

West ignores lessons of Soviet humiliation in Afghanistan


**(07.21) Kaveh L Afrasiabi

Ahmadinejad rings the changes


**(07.21) Dr.Raja Muhammad Khan

Defeating the Taliban's ideology


**(07.21) Seumas Milne

How many more will die in vain before we withdraw ?


**(07.20) Rafiullah

Pakhtuns : The misunderstood nation


**(07.20) Jean MacKenzie

Hero on horseback , or mass murderer?


**(07.20) Sonali Kolhatkar

Afghanistan : Marines ' Mission Doomed to Failure


**(07.19) Joe Galloway

A Lesson From Vietnam for Obama's


**(07.19) George Jahn

Diplomats : Iran has means ...


**(07.19)William Fisher

Group Seeks Probe of Mass Graves


**(07.18) Conn Hallinan

Blood and Oil in Central Asia


**(07.18) John Barry & ...

Echoes of Vietnam


**(07.18) Ann Jones

Everything That Happens in ...


**(07.17) Richard M. Bennett

Behind the mind games in the Gulf


**(07.17) Pepe Escobar

Kashmir : Ground zero of global jihad


**(07.16) Prof. Dr. Albert A. Stahel

Strategie und Kriegfuehrung der USA in Afghanistan


**(07.16) Stephan M. Walt

10 lessons on empire


**(07.16) Dahr Jamail

Afghanistan War Resister to "Put the War on Trial"


**(07.16) Jeremy Scahill

Is Obama Continuing the Bush-Cheney Assassination Program?


**(07.15) Rick Rozoff

Military Escalation : From Afghanistan ...


**(07.15) The New York Times

The Truth About Dasht-e-Leile


**(07.14) Rupert Corwell

Cheney set up illegal secret spy project


**(07.14) Malou Innocent

"Stying the Course " Prolongs Afghan War


**(07.14) Syed Saleem Shahzad

Taliban will let guns do their talking


**(07.13) Carlotta Gall

Another Insurgency Gains in Pakistan


**(07.13) James F. Smith

NY Times probe cites PHR's Afghan work


**(07.13) Al Jazeera

Obama warns of long Afghan battle


**(07.12) Alastair Grant & David Stringer

Climbing toll raises British doubts . . .


**(07.12) Prof. James Peters

Obama's Rollback Strategy . . .


**(07.12) James Risen

U.S. said to Have Averted Inquiry


**(07.11) Michael Schwartz

Colonizing Iraq , The Obama Doctrine ?


**(07.11) Mohammad N Asif

History is repeated but lessons not learnt


**(07.11) OHCHR

Violence against Afghan women , ...


**(07.10) Derrick Z. Jackson

A quagmire for Obama


**(07.10) Hossein Askari

Iran Update : Khamenei on the Way Out ?


**(07.10) Sayed Salahuddin

Karzai pardons five Afghan heroin traffiekers


**(07.09) axisglobe.com

Eurasian Secret Services Daily Report


**(07.09) tonykaron.com

Obama Slouching Towards on Iran War ?


**(07.09) Environment News Service

Water Management Key . . .


**(07.08) Dahr Jamail

US Occupation of Iraq Continues Unabated


**(07.08) Gareth Porter

US revives talk of Iran - Taliban ties


**(07.08) Pepe Escobar

Go ahead , Bibi - drop the bomb


**(07.07) Haroon Siddiqui

Iraq a failed imperialist venture


**(07.07) Adam B . Ellick

Running Out df Options , Afghan Pay for an Exit


**(07.06) Times online

Saudis give nod to Israeli raid on Iran


**(07.06) Jacob G. Hornberger

The Banality of Evil Applies to Everyone


**(07.05) Catrina Stewart

Analysis : Russia Plays checkbook diplomacy


**(07.05) Matthew Parris

In the fog , remember : ...


**(07.05) The economist

Iran disputed president . . .


**(07.04) James Cogan

Corrupt election campaign unfolds ...


**(07.04) Stephan Lendman

" Super Imperialism : ...


**(07.04) Carlotta Gall

U.S.Faces Resentment in Afghan Region


**(07.03) Tara Bahrampour

Iran Unrest Shifts Power Dynamics


**(07.03) Robert Parry

Iraq : A Bitter Strategic Failure


**(07.03) Der Spiegel

Two Views on Afghanistan Mission


**(07.02) Sara Farhang

Iran awash with mistrust , despair


**(07.02) Shibil Siddiqi

Pakistan's Ideological Blowback


**(07.02) Reza Akhlaghi

Turkay balances on shaky ground


**(07.01) Zaheerul Hassan

RAW Sponsored Taliban Suicidal Blasts


**(07.01) Pepe Escobar

Requiem for a revolution


**(07.01) Rami G. Khouri

Why Do Arabs Not Revolt ?





























**(06.30) Dilip Hiro

A classic revolutionary dilema


**(06.30) Nicole Johnston

The Scramble for Iraq's " Sweet Oil "


**(06.29) Robert Parry

Iran Divided & the " October Surprise "


**(06.29) Gareth Porter

Pentagon " rewrites " airstrike atrocity


**(06.29) Ghulam Asghar Khan

The al-Qaeda demon


**(06.28) William Fisher

Bagram is Now Obama's Guantanamo


**(06.28) William J . Kole

Iranian cleric urges executing some protesters


**(06.28) Simon Jenkins

Obama must call off foly before Afghanistan becomes his Vietnam



**(06.27) Brian Murphy

Analysis : Iran's 2 -sided rule - turban & helmet


**(06.27) Spiegel Online

Not Calling Afghanistan a War Is a " Semantic Farce "


**(06.27) The Frontier Post

The Balochistan complexities


**(06.25) Pepe Escobar

Iran's streets are lost , but hope returns


**(06.26) John Dugard

Israel's Crimes , America's Silence


**(06.26) Liam Stack & Dan Murphy

Will Iran's turmoil change the Middle East?


**(06.25) Muhammad Sahimi

Iran's Election Drama ...


**(06.25) Rick Rozoff

NATO's War Plans . . .


**(06.24) Prof . Michael Hudson

De - Dollarization : ...


**(06.24) Syed Saleem Shahzad

Pakistan targets its most wanted man


**(06.24) Robert Birnbaum

Drei deutsche Soldaten gefallen


**(06.24) Martin Gehlen

Iran Regime verbieted Trauerfeiern fuer Neda


**(06.24) Fernando Peinado

"Neda , no has muerto en vono"


**(06.23) Pepe Escobar

Meet Shah Ali Khamenei


**(06.23) Joshua Mitnick

Why Iran's Ahmadinejad is Preferred in Israel


**(06.23) Martin Gehlen

" Ich bin Neda "


**(06.22) Jan Oberlaender

Made in Germany fuer Diktatoren


**(06.22) Al Jazeera

Deaths confirmed in Iran unrest


**(06.22) Patrick Cockburn

Oil rush : Scramble for Iraq's wealth


**(06.22) The Global Research

Taliban defectors : US, Israel funding militants


**(06.22) Sajjad Ahmad Khan

Taliban : a " Frankenstein " created in US-USSR tussle


**(06.21) Robert Birnbaum

Es fehlt auch an Luftunterstuetzung


**(06.21) Ali Akbar Dareini & ...

Iran;s Leader : End protests or risk " bloodshed"


**(06.21) Rami G . Khouri

Is a new Iranian revolution brewing ?


**(06.21) MK Bhadrakumar

Beijing cautions US over Iran


**(06.20) Office of Premier

Ontario Premier's Statment on Iranian Elections


**(06.20) Matthias Lehmphul & ...

Das Geschaeft blueht


**(06.20) Hassan Haidar

Iranian Vulnerability


**(06.20) Shahir Shahidsaless

The IRGC shakes its iron fist


**(06.20) Stephen Zunes

Why U.S.Neocons Want Ahmadinejad to Win


**(06.19) Ali Akbar Dareini

Iran's Revolutionary Guard warns online media


**(06.19) Laurence Vance

Mr.Obama , Tear Dawn This Empire


**(06.19) Joshua Frank

These Are Obama's Wars Now


**(06.19) Robert Birnbaum

Bundeswehr auch mit Panzern gegen die Taliban


**(06.18) Griff Witte

A Karzai Victory Is Just ...


**(06.18) Neil Mac Farquhar

In Iran an Iron...


**(06.18) William Pfaff

Iran's Pre Political Revolt


**(06.17) M .K .Bhadrakumar

Rafsanjani's gambit backfires


**(06.17) Pepe Escobar

The meaning of the Tehran spring


**(06.16) Chris Sands

Massacre a presage of war's failures


**(06.16) Lyubov Pronina

Russia Seeks Bigger Role in Afghanistan...


**(06.15) Jon Swain

Afghan villagers slain as they took cover


**(06.15) M .K .Bhadrakumar

Sino-Russian baby comes of age


**(06.15) Fida Mohammad Shinwari

Swat insurgency and inept leadership


**(06.14) Jeremy Scahill

Washington's Afghan Shadow Army


**(06.14) Sheldon Filger

What Napoleon Can Teach Obama About Guerrilla Warfare


**(06.13) Rohan Sullivan

Militants show sophisticated tactics in Pak.


**(06.13) Eric Black

Obama, Michael Medved and the CIA...


**(06.12) Andrew Hughes

America's Nightmare:...


**(06.12) Ulrike Putz in Tehran

Iran's Michelle Obama ?


**(06.12) William Pfaff

World events Challenge us Assumptions


**(06.11) Secret Services Daily Review

Intelligence Reports about Eurasia


**(06.11) Kaveh L Afrasiabi

Iran's elections a soft-power boon


**(06.10) Eric Toussaint

Eradicate Capitalism and All form of Oppression


**(06.10) Sayed Jaqub Ibrahimi

Regional Summit Dismissed as


**(06.10) Michael Scheuer

What is Osama Call Obama's Bluff?


**(06.09) Eric Margolis

"The USS Liberty": ...


**(06.09) Ben Arnoldy

Why the Taliban . . .


**(06.08) Shapoor Saber in Heart

Divorce Rate Spirals in Heart


**(06.08) Christopher Dowd

The ever changing story:...


**(06.08) Stephen Zunes

The U .S .and the afghan Tragedy


**(06.07) Reza Hossein Borr

Iran extands its . . .


**(06.07) Shane Bauer

Iraq's New Death Squad


**(06.07) Jacob G . Hornberger

Obama , Like Bush ; Jast Doesn't Get it.


**(06.06) Walid Phares

Jihad goes intercontinental


**(06.06) Paul Craig Roberts

Obama to Muslims : ..


**(06.06) The Daily Star

The situation in some of Iran's ...


**(06.06) Kelly B.Vlahos

The Unsinkable Hamid Karzai


**(06.05) Tom Curry

Bagram : Is it Obama's new Guantanamo?


**(06.05) Gareth Porter

Report Ties Dubious Iran Nuclear Docs to Israel


**(06.05) David Ignatius

To make peace Obama will have to make Serious enemies


**(06.04) Robert Fisk

Most Arab Know this speech will...


**(06.04) Pepe Escobar

The shadow war in Balochistan


**(06.04) Muhammad Nasir Khan Khattak

Bombs for Pashtoons andDollars for Punjab


**(06.03) Kaveh Afrasiabi

Hezbollah spices up Israel - Iran mix


**(06.03) Anand Gopal

The most deadly US foe in Afghanistan


**(06.02) Philip Smucker

Al-Qaeda Spreads Its Tentacles


**(06.02) Dahr Jamial

The Return of the Resistance


**(06.01) Stephan Zunes

Defending Israel War Crimes


**(06.01) Matthias Gebauer

" If we kill schoolgirls ...."


**(06.01) Andrew Buncombe

In Pakistan , an exodus that is beyond biblical


**(05.31) Willy Lam

Beijing Learns to be a Superpower


**(05.31) Roger Cohen

Obama in Netanyahu's Web


**(05.31) Michael Stürmer

Afghanistan und Pakistan


**(05.30) Aus " Spiegel online "

Taliban kämpfen mit ...


**(05.30) Mahan Abedin

Mousavi makes a comeback


**(05.30) Associate Press

Amnesty : Recession leading to repression


**(05.30) Syed Saleem Shahzad

Al - Qaedastrikes back in Lahor


**(05.29) www.telegraph.co.uk

Abu Ghraib abuse photos ' show rape '


**(05.29) Paul Craig Roberts

Who Will Stand Up to America and Israel?


**(05.29) Brian M Downing

Taliban stuck between anvil and hammer


**(05.29) Aus der " Süddeutsche Yeitung

Krieg gegen Taliban - Bundeswehr unter Beschuss


**(05.28) www.csmonitor.com

' Red Dawn ' redux: Russia begins . . .


**(05.28) Kaveh L Afrasiabi

Iran courts the US's allies


**(05.2800 Dr. Rahmat Rabi Zirakyar


" Jesus killed Mohammad "!


**(05.28) Matthias Gebauer

Bundeswehr in nord Afghanistan


**(05.28) Matthias Gebauer

Wundert euch nicht , wenn...


**(05.27) Jason Motlagh

How Afghanistan's Little Tragedies Are Adding Up


**(05.27) Abu Saleh

Pakistan's distressed Pakhtuns . . .?


**(05.26) Tom Engelhardt

The pressure of an expanding war


**(05.26) Michael Slackman

With Summit , Iran Demonstrates . . .


**(05.26) Donald Kirk

Yes . North Korea is a nuclear Power


**(05.25) Andrew Hughes

America's Nightmari : . . .


**(05.25) David North

The economic crisis and the . . .


**(05.25) Dr.K.Gharwal

What ran wrong there ?


**(05.24) Sheldon Richman

Obama's Betrayals


**(05.24) Time

Iran's Missile Test : A Message to Obama and Netanyahu


**(05.23) Charles Krauthammer

Obama in Bush Clothing


**(05.23) Philippe Leymarie

Blundering on in Afghanistan


**(05.22) Syed Saleem Shahzad

Al-Qaeda seeks a new alliance


**(05.22) Pepe Escobar

Slouching towards balkanization


**(05.21) Michael Scheuer

Obama Steers Toward Endless War with Islam


**(05.21) Muhammad Sahimi

What's Netanyahu Really Afraid of ?


**(05.20) The Economist

Fleeing the battlefield


**(05.20) Killid Correspondents

Karzai gains from opposition's disarray


**(05.19) Prof. James Peters

Obama's Animal Farm : . . .


**(05.19) Kamran Bokhari

 Limits to the Saudis jihadi crackdown


**(05.18) Dmitry Shlapentokh

China , Russia face up to Taliban threat


**(05.18) Ashraf Khan & Nahal Toosi

Fear of Taliban . . .


**(05.17) Pepe Escobar

Pipelineistan goes Af-Pak


**(05.17) Saeed Shah &...

Taliban seem to abandon ...


**(05.17) Muhammad Nasir Khan Khatak

Trade On Dead Bodies Pashtoons


**(05.16) Rick Rozoff

Pentagon Preparing For War


**(05.16) Joe Conason

WE tortured to justify war


**(05.15) Jim Lobe

Hawks Divided: AfPak or Iran?


**(05.15) Robert Dreyfuss

New US General Vs. Taliban Pashtuns


**(05.14) Sheldon Richman

Obama's Empire


**(05.14) Selig S. Harrison

Pakistan's Ethnic Fault Line


**(05.14) David Ignatius

Petraeus's Tougher Fight


**(05.13) Shamus Cooke

Obama's Middle East Imperialism


**(05.13) Syed Saleem Shahzad

Taliban on the run in Swat


**(05.12) Reuter

U.S. Rebuffs Afghan leader's . . .


**(05.12) Syed Saleem Shahzad

Holbrooke reaches out to Hekmatyar


**(05.11) Jeremy Scahill

Obama Readies Troops as Afghans Pile Up Body Parts


**(05.11) Tony Karon

Making Do : Obama and His Troublesome Allies


**(05.10) The Economist

One big problem. . .


**(05.10) Jacob G . Hornberger

U . S . Foreign Policy . . .


**(05.09) Pepe Escobar

Balochistan is the ultimate Prize


**(05.09) Gareth Porter

Officials Admit Pakistanis Reject US priorities


**(05.08) Pepe Escobar

Obama does his Bush impression


**(05.08) Jameel Theyabi

The Iranian " Thorn "


**(05.07) Jian Junbo

China - India equation still uncracked


**(05.07) Michael Scheuer

Obama's Afghan - Ignorant Policy Guide


**(05.06) A . J . Langguth

U .S . has a 45- year history of torture


**(05.06) www.guardian.co.uk

The Iraq war has been a monstrous crime


**(05.05) Eric Margolis

America's Shame


**(05.05) Jason Motlagh

Why the Taliban is Winning the Propaganda War


**(05.04) Patrick Cockburn

Kabul's new elite live high on West's largesse


**(05.04) Jacob G. Hornberger

The Dark Core of the Empire


**(05.03) M K Bahdrakumar

Russia , China on comradely terms


**(05.02) Shahir Shahidsaless

Obama may need Ahmadinejad after all


**(05.02) Mark Landler &

Now , U.S. Sees Pakistan as a Cause Distinct From Afghanistan


**(05.01) Pepe Escobar

The myth of Talibanistan


**(04.30) Sami Moubayed

A new order emerges in Lebanan


**(04.30) Elias Harfoush

Pakistan between Washington and the Taliban


**(04.29) Andy Worthington

Ten Terrible Truths About The CIA Torture Memos


**(04.28) Rick Rozoff

Eurasian Crossroads : ...


**(04.27) Pepe Escobar

Torture whitewash from the Dark Side


**(04.26) M.k.Bhadrakumar

West traps Russia in its own backyard


**(04.25) William Pfaff

Europe Needs No Part in Doomed Afghan War


**(04.25) Philip Weiss

Why did the Harman case break now ?


**(04.24) Kourosh Ziabari

Iran is too independent and disobedient : Chomsky


**(04.23) Neeta Lal

India's eye in the sky takes aim


**(04.22) M.K.Bhadrakumar

Cash-rich China courts the Caspian


**(04.22) Daan Bauwens

Silence on the Israeli Left


**(04.21) Michael Scherer

Bush Torture Memo Approved Use of Insects.


**(04.21) Justin Raimondo

Bush's  Torturers


**(04.20) Repe Escobar

The mother of all cockfights


**(04.19) Timesonline

Israel stands ready to bomb Iran's nuclear sites


**(04.19) Gordon Prather

Scenario for 2009 Israeli Strike on Iran


**(04.18) William Astore & Tom Engelhardt

Deja Vu All Over Again in Afghanistan


**(04.17) Syed Saleem Shahzad

Militants open a new front in Pakistan


**(04.16) Ray McGovern

The Anatomy of Bush's Torture "Paradigm"


**(04.15) Ivan Eland

China's Threat to the U.S. Is Exaggerated


**(04.14) Alan Bock

Empire Nearing Its End?


**(04.13) Rick Rozoff

End of Scandinavian Neutrality


**(04.12) Philip Smucker

On the case in Tora Bora


**(04.12) Jacob G.Hornberger

Fujimori's Lesson for Bush


**(04.11) Justin Raimondo

The Suicide of the West


**(04.10) Syed Saleem Shahzad

Holbrooke reaches out to Hekmatyar


**(04.10) Shahir Shahidsaless

Sands Shift in Iranian elections


**(04.09) The Economist

The rich under attack


**(04.08) Ed Corcoran

Pakistan : Switching Enemies


**(04.07) The Economist

The war on Pakistan's Taliban stalking Baitullah Mehsud


**(04.06) The Economist

How China sees the world...?


**(04.05) Conn Hallinan

The Afghan Rubik's Cube


**(04.05) Joseph Fitsanakis

Is Israel Aiding Islamist Groups ?


**(04.04) William Pfaff

The "Long war " Will Be as Pointlees and Bloody as Europe's


**(04.04) Pepe Escobar

The srcrets of Obama's surge


**(04.03) Syed Saleem Shahzad

US strikes at Taliban's never center


**(04.03) Jeffrey Goldberg

Netanyahu to Obama : Stop Iran Or I Will


**(04.02) Syed Saleem Shahzad

Pakistan braces for more attacks


**(04.02) Sayed Salahuddin

U.S.reconciliation offer " lunatic " : Taliban spokesman


**(04.01) Supporter of Portal

"Worse then the Taliban"- new law rolls back rights for Afghan women


**(04.01) Syed Saleem Shahzad

Militants give bloody show of strenght


**(03.31) Jim Hightower

U.S.sinking deeper into Afghan mess


**(03.30) Reuters

Who are the insurgents?


**(03.29) Dr.Ruth to Kanter

Where are the women in the Afghanistantop in the Hague?


**(03.29) Jon Boone in Kabul

Hamid Karzai : Too nice , too weak . . .


 **(03.29) یک هوادار پورتال

 رقص جبار ثابت در حالت مستی



The Federal Security Service FSB History


**(03.28) FAROE

Faroe press conference


**(03.27) Ron Jacobs

Pulling Karzai's Strings : Obama as Puppeteer


**(03.27) Jacob G . Hornberger

A Lawless Regime


**(03.26) Michel Chossudovsky

Preparing for Civil Unrest in America . . .


**(03.25) Eric Margolis

Russia : Big Threat or Paper Bear ?


**(03.24) Alan bock

Afghanistan : All About Oil ?


**(03.23) Graeme Smith

Afghan officials in drug trade cut deals across enemy lines


**(03.22) Helen Thomas

What are U.S. goals in Afghanistan?


**(03.21) Dr.Karim Gharwal

It should not used the martyr bodies for business


**(03.21) Mehdi Khalaji

Forget Iran's President, ...


**(03.20) Robert Dreyfuss

The Zardari - Sharif Battle in Pakistan


**(03.19) Arthur Kent



**(03.18) Gareth Porter

Chinks exposed in Obama's Taliban plan


**(03.17) Ramzy Baroud

Intifada : A third chipter ..


**(03.16) F.William Engdahl

The Geopolitical Great Game:


**(03.15) Dr.Karim Gharwal

Mr.Khalilzad in on way to his Taliban friends


**(03.15) Anthony Fenton

A surge towards disaster


**(03.14) Syed Saleem Shahzad

Pakistan adds to US's Afghan woes


**(03.13) Christopher Ketcham

Breaking the Taboo on Israel's Spying Efforts on the United States


**(03.12) Dimitry Shlapentokh

Russia has " Chechnye "ploy for Afghanistan


**(03.11) Anahit Shirinyan

Post - Soviet NATO, or the Rebirth of Warsaw Pact ?


**(03.10) Rick Rozoff

Black Sea


**(03.09) Celestise Bohlen

Obama Repeats Soviet Missteps in Afghanistan


**(03.09) Peter Lee

Taliban force a China Switch


**(03.08) Robert Parry

War Crimes and Double Standards


**(03.08) Tanveer Jafri

Taliban Propagating Religion or Irreligion


**(03.07) Karen J . Greenberg & Tom Eng.

Obama's Guantanamo?


**(03.06) John Pilger

War Comes Home to Britain


**(03.05) Jim Hightower

Why Are We " Surging " in to Afghanistan.


**(03.04) David Swanson

Appoint a Special Prosecutor : The Crimes of Bush , Cheney , and other Top Officials Must Be Prosecuted.


**(03.03) WCPI

Let's turn International Women's Day . . .


**(03.03) Tom Engelhardt

The Imperial Unconscious


**(03.02) Dr.Rahmat Rabi Zirakyar



**(03.02) Richard C. Cook

The U.S.Economy : Designed to Fail


**(03.01) Michael Skinner

Multi - billion Dollar Mining Boom : The economics of war and empire in Afghanistan


**(02.28) Patrick Cockburn

Warning to the US: beware treating Afghanistan like Iraq


**(02.27) William Fisher

What About Bagram ?


**(02.26) Syed Saleem Shahzad

A new face for militants emerges


**(02.25) MK Bhadrakumar

China breaks its silence on Afghanistan


**(02.24) Dr.Karim Gharwal

Kasperle Karzai ist irretiert!


**(02.24) Roger McDermott

Russia,s "virtual cold war " in Central Asia


**(02.22) Economist.com

Changing the guard in Kabul?


**(02.22) Syed Saleem Shahzad

The Taliban get their first wish


**(02.21) Jose Miguel Alonso Trabanco

The Great Dragon Awakenes : China challenges American Hegemony


**(02.20) Muqtedar Khan

America,s New Foreign Policy


**(02.19) Philip Sherwell

Israel launches covert war against Iran


**(02.18) Patrick Cockburn

Iraq Reconstruction : the Greatest Fraud in US History?


**(02.17) Dr.Subhash Kapila



**(02.16) Ann Jones

The Afghan Scam


**(02.15) Amnesty.org

Document - Iran : Human Right,s in the spotlight on the 30th Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution


**(02.14) Amy Goodman

Obama,s Afghan Trap


**(02.13) Chris Sands

Afghanistan : chaos central


**(02.12) Tom Burghardt

America,s New Asian Quagmire Graveyard of Empires


**(02.11) Owen Fletcher

A peek into China,s military mind


**(02.10) Dexter Filkins

Afghan leader finds himself hero no more


**(02.09) Warren Mass

Russia,s Puzzling Role in Afghanistan Theater


**(02.08) Norm Dixon

How the CIA created Osama bin Laden?


**(02.07) Juon Cole

Obama,s Vietnam ?


** (02.06)International Socialist Review

Bush and Blair,s hidden agenda


** (02.05) Eric Ellis

The Afghani War of Banking


**(02.04) John Tirman

Iraq,s Shocking Human Toll :


**(02.03) ***

Bringing the K.G.B,s Top Afghani "Islamist" Back to Power


**(02.03) Joseph Fitchett

As K.G.B. Dissolves , Spies May Work for Republics.


**(02.02) MATEIN  KHALID

The Great Game : The K.G.B and Pakistan


**(02.01) Michel Chossudovsky

Unusually Large U.S Weapons Shipment to Lsrael :


**(01.31) Andy Worthington

Refuting Cheney,s Lies :


**(01.30) Richard Seymour

Obama The Imperialist


**(01.29) Daniel Dombey

Kabul braced for Obama,s tougher stance.


**(01.28) Patrick Cockburn

Bush,s " puppet in Kabul " will not go quietly.


**(01.23) Richard Weitz



**(01.22) ****

Directorate for Interservices Intelligence [ISI]


**(01.21) John J.Mearsheimer

Another War , Another Defeat


**(01.19) Nicklas Norling



**(01.18) Thierry Meyssan

Operation Sarkozy: how the CIA Placed one of its agents at the presidency of the French Re.


**(01.17) Dr.Rahmat Rabi Zirakyar



**(01.06) Mohammad Daud Miraki

Death Made In America


**(01.02) Gary Leupp

The coming Surge Into Afghanistan

Obama and the Graveyard of Empires


**(01.01) A F P

Afghanistan : 5 morts, pres de 40 blesses . .






**(12.28) Mike Sunnucks

Ariz.Police say they are prepared...


**(12.22) Andrew G. Marshall

Creating an ( Arc of Crisis ) :


**(12.08) Dr.Karim Gharwal

Liebes AA-AA Team Salam


**(11.30) DrShanthie Mariet D'Souca

Afghanistan : Another frontier of Indo-Pak rivalry ?


**(11.27) Jayshree Bajoria

Pakistan,s New Generation of Terrorists


**(11.26) Skip Kaltenheuser

The perils of doing business in Afghanistan


**(11.23) Dr.G.Rauf Roashan

Is a new Dawn Breaking?


**(11.21) Dr.Karim Gharwal

 تبصره ای بر نوشته خانم لینــــا روزبه


**(11.20) Holger Stark



**(11.19) Jonathan Cook

The Real Goal of Israel's  Blockade


**(11.16) Alia Rawi Akbar Miakhail

Imposed Democracy on Third World


**(11.10) Council on Foreign Relations

RAW : India's External Intelligence Agency


**(11.09) Alia Akbar Rawi Miyaakhel



**(11.08) Dr.Rahmat Rabi Zirakyar

Obama on Afghanistan : "Tears of Joy " ?


**(11.03) Alia Rawi Akbar Miyaakhel



**(10.25) Tanya Cariina Hsu

Death of the American Empire


**(10.24)Alia Rawi Akbar Miyaakhel




 **(10.23) Dr. Gharwal

 Are all Afghans terrorist and wild nation, that a dictator will be needed?


**(10.19) Le Monde diplomatique of Oct.

What Nato faild to understand



**(10.18) ASIE

 Afghanistan,2500 jours apres les Taliban et maintenant?


**(10.15) Dr. Rauf Roashan

 Democracy: One Scary Voter Registration at a Time


**(10.12) Alia Rawi Akbar



**(10.08) Dr.Gharwal

Das afghanische Volk hat die Nase Voll.


**(10.07) Tazaahoraat

 The Afghans'Protest Rally Resolution.


**(10.06) Ali Alfeneh

The Revolutionary Guards, Role in Iran Politics


**(10.01) Pavel Simonov

KGB,s Afghan Foundling wants to Die in Prison


**(09.28) Dr.Gharwaal

Mr.President G.W.Bush


**(09.24) Alia Rawi Akbar



**(09.23) Tanveer Jafri

Reorganisation of the Taliban :

A danger for world peace.


**(09.23) Michel Chossudovsky

Global Financial Meltdown


**(09.18) By: Bahlol Lohdi

Khlilzad and the Gangs of Afghanistan


**(09.10) AA-AA

Brief an die Friedensbewegung


**(09.05) Dr.Rahmat Zairakyar

Urgent Appeal For Peace


** (08.25) Dr. Karim Gharwal

"Comment on interview of Mr. Sarajudeen Rasoli