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آرشیف زبانهای اروپائی 2016

مرام نشراتی پورتال

2016 European Languages Archive



 **(12.31) P. Goraldi

 Did Russia Elect Trump?


 **(12.31) V. Terehov

 Mongolia Capitulates to China 


 **(12.31) www.khaama

 Sikh community leader shot dead in Kunduz


 **(12.31) M. Pemberton

The Pentagon's $ 125 Billion Cover-up


 **(12.31) M. Yetken

 The Turkish-Russian road map for Syria


 **(12.31) J. Ditz

 US, Russia Poised to Announce "Retaliation"


**(12.30) G. Porter

 Behind the Real US Strategic Blunder in


 **(12.30) www.yahoo

 Erdogan accuses West of backing IS, ...


 **(12.30) J. Ditz

 Kissinger Urging Trump to Accept Crimes


 **(12.30) R. Baroud

 Palestine 2017: Time to Bid Farewell to


 **(12.30) C. Coe

 Portraits From Kabul


 **(12.30) J. Perier 

 US Army is the Strangest, or Is IT?


**(12.29) P. J. Buchanan

 Barack Backhands Bibi


 **(12.29) J. Boull

 Fake News and the New McCarthyism


**(12.29) D. Axe

 Get Ready, Russia and China:


 **(12.29) www.pajhwok

 Security situation in Baghlan "Precarious"


 **(12.29) A. Nasser

 The New (cold?) War With China


 **(12.29) N. Hayase

 Trump and Phantom of Democracy


**(12.28) www.thnation

 Declassify the Evidence of Russian Hacking


 **(12.28) R. Fisk

 Do the Tragedies of Syria Signal the End..


 **(12.28) J. Ditz

 Israel Cuts Civilian Ties With Palestinians


 **(12.28) A. Damon

 No "Peace on Earth" in 2016


 **(12.28) www.khaama

 Taliban militants behead young woman ..


 **(12.28) E. Schlosser 

 World War Three, by Mistake


**(12.27) D. McClain

 How to Fight for Women and Girls of ...


 **(12.27) www.outlook

 People Losing Confidence in the Govt.


 **(12.27) U. Gunnar

 Retaliation Promised : Russian Ambassa...


 **(12.27) www.pravda

 Tu-154 aircraft with 92 on board crashes


 **(12.27) S. Demirtas

 Turkey's two-front war has hard times ...


 **(12.27) J. Dana  

 UN vote will Strengthen the boycott


**(12.26) J. Ditz

 Afghan Kills Five Fellow Militiamen at....


 **(12.26) J. Zogby

 Despite UN vote, Palestine remains far..


 **(12.26) www.spiegel

 Did Failures By German Authorities Lead


 **(12.26) A. Vltchek

 President Duterte  of the Philippines for


 **(12.26) P. Cockburn

 The War on Terrorism Just Keeps Making


 **(12.26) J. Cogan 

 Trump's tweet and the danger of nuclear


**(12.25) www.dw

 German defense minister makes Christmas


 **(12.25) J. Wight

 In the Wake of Berlin: What Now for ...


 **(12.25) R. Fisk

 ISIS and the Far Right: a Joint Assault on


 **(12.25) J. Ditz

 Russia  Seen Supporting Libya General, ...


 **(12.25) M. Dinucci

 The Pentagon makes a tour around the ..


 **(12.25) J. Ditz 

 Trump, Putin Both Seek More Nukes


**(12.24) J. Ditz

 14 Turkish Soldiers, 138 ISIS Killed in Sy..


 **(12.24) P. Cockburn

 Assassination in Ankara: the M. East Crisis


 **(12.24) J. Cogan

 Mosul, Iraq and Obama's legacy of  war


 **(12.24) www.khaama

 Pakistan resumes shelling in Kandahar...


 **(12.24) www.provda..

 Russia to experience another economic ..


 **(12.24) M. Whitney

 Trump's Economic Plan is a Betrayal of..


**(12.23) S. Chaudhry

 CPEC: Pakistan's newest holy cow could


 **(12.23) J. Raimondo

 Death in Istanbul


 **(12.23) A. Akulov

 Moscow Declaration: Russia, Turkey and


 **(12.23) S. Ferris

 Now Poland in the EU Doghouse: The EU


 **(12.23) www.presstv

 Sanctions Obama's last attempt to start..


 **(12.23) www.khaama 

 US support Ghani in probing allegations


**(12.22) R. Parry

 A Spy Coup in America?


 **(12.22) P. Parameswaran

 China, Thailand Mull Joint Military ...


 **(12.22) www.pajhwok

 MOI orders arrest of Zari district police..


 **(12.22) A. Unver

 The implications of A. Karlov assassination


 **(12.22) R. Fisk

 There is more than one truth to tell in the..


 **(12.22) D. Rosen 

 What Happens When the Trump Bubble..


**(12.21) J. Dana

 Are Palestinian frustrations ready to boil


 **(12.21) J. Cook

 Clinton's Defeat and the Fake News Cons..


 **(12.21) www.khaama

 Pakistan jailed some Taliban leaders...


 **(12.21) www.business..

 Russia's ambassador to Turkey assassinated


 **(12.21) N. Parry

 Trump to Inherit Vast Surveillance Powers


 **(12.21) T. Engelhardt 

 Washington's Commandos Without Borders


**(12.20) R. Urie

 America Goes Insane


 **(12.20) www.pajhwok

 Casualty toll hits nearly 1400 in November


 **(12.20) C. Vandreier

 EU and IMF demand new austerity meas..


 **(12.20) www.antiwar..

 Russia: US Must Prove Hacking Allegations


 **(12.20) D. Bokarev

 The New silk Road will Make Iran ...


 **(12.20) P. Escobar

 Trump Does Taiwan


**(12.19) D. Cheng

 China's Dangerous Game in the S. China...


 **(12.19) www.atimes

 China seizes US underwater drone in S. Ch.


 **(12.19) M. B. Dougherty

 How Obama made Syria's civil war much,


 **(12.19) www.pajhwok

 Imam detained over marrying 2 sisters off


 **(12.19) G. Leupp

 The Cold War, Continued: Post-Election..


 **(12.19) Y. Litvin 

 Trump and Netanyahu: Prodigal Sons of


**(12.18) www.pajhwok

 Germany condemned for deporting A. Hindu


 **(12.18) G. Mautner

 How Brutally Ineffective the US Military


 **(12.18) B. Savic

 Is the US Losing East Asia to China?


 **(12.18) J. Ditz

 Obama Vowe Revenge Against Russia ..


 **(12.18) R. Zakaria

 The West's desire for antiques has turned


 **(12.18) V. Luiselli

 Difficult Fargiveness


**(12.17) www.pajhwok

 Deported From Germany: 34 Afghans ...


 **(12.17) R. W. Behan

 George W. Bush Criminal Wars of Agg...


 **(12.17) A. Cockburn

 Questions fir the Elections on Russian Ha..


 **(12.17) A. Azikiwe

 U. S.-China Relations and Trump's ..


 **(12.17) B. V. Auken

 Washington's hypocrisy over the fall of ...


 **(12.17) T. T. Bob 

 Why Abe Is Seeking a Settlement with..


**(12.16) www.daily.

 Afghan Vice president accused of sexually


 **(12.16) T. Engelhardt

 American Military Power in Asia and the


 **(12.16) F. S. Gady

 Confirmed: Pakistan Air Force Now Op..


 **(12.16) P. Cockburn

 If Assad Takes Eastern Aleppo the Thinks


 **(12.16) www.pravda

 Russia determined to eliminate dependence


 **(12.16) C. Weiss 

 UK-Poland summit reveals growing ...


**(12.15) A. H-Blanco

 America risks losing the war on terror..


 **(12.15) A. Vltchek

 Fidel's departure shook Asia to the core


 **(12.15) M. Weisbrot

 The Deep Economic Roots of Italy's ..


 **(12.15) R. Nader

 Trump Trumpets His Real Plans


 **(12.15) J. White

 US coal mines face cutoff of health, ...


 **(12.15) M. Mandl

 World's worst corporate tax havens..


**(12.14) www.khaama

 Afghanistan formally requests UN to ....


 **(12.14) M. Eskaf

 Analysis: Assad- Iranian grip on Lebanon


 **(12.14) www.spiegel

 Europeans Debate Nuclear Self-Defense


 **(12.14) J. Raimondo

 Stop the CIA Coup


 **(12.14) P. Cockburn

 The Istanbul Bombings Are a Sign of the


 **(12.14) P. Symonds 

 Trump threatens to overturn One China..


**(12.13) V. Terehov

 China Expands its Presence in Europe


 **(12.13) www.pajhwok

 Eshchi released after 16 days in NDS ...


 **(12.13) S. Ferris

 Italy and UK Deliver Russia Unique....


 **(12.13) B. Herzinger

 Pay Attention to Australia and Singapore


 **(12.13) www.national

 There are the 10 Killer Weapon Russia


 **(12.13) M. Y. Yilmaz 

 Who's been ruling Turkey for 14 years?


**(12.12) C. Hillinan

 A Global Nuclear Winter: Avoiding the..


 **(12.12) J. Ditz

 CIA Claims Russia Intervened to Get ..


 **(12.12) www.khaama

 Taliban's new demands for ending...


 **(12.12) J. G. Hornberger

 The Horrific consequences of U. S....


 **(12.12) J. Sperber

 Trump in the Age of Identity Politics


 **(12.12) P. R. Pilla

 Will the Trump Administration Start a ..


**(12.11) www.atimes..

 S. Korean parliament impeaches Pre. Park 


 **(12.11) V. Prashad

 The Cuban Revolution: Defying Imperialism


 **(12.11) M. A. Goodman

 Trump's Reliance on the Military


 **(12.11) M. Yetkin

 Trump will find Russia back in the Mideast


 **(12.11) www.khaama

 US Defense Secretary makes unannouced


 **(12.11) J. Ditz

 US Hawks Lay Out Plan for Getting into


**(12.10) Sender: A. K. K. 

 Demonstration: Solidaritaet mit allen afghanischen..


**(12.10) M. Whitney

 Rolling Back the Empire: Washington's..


 **(12.10) www.khaama

 Bagram suicide attack toll rises to 5 as ...


 **(12.10) J. Keating

 Obama Is Leaving Trump the Power to...


 **(12.10) www.stratigic

 Russia-Europe Relationship: On the ...


 **(12.10) R. Alkousaa

 The Death Strip at the Turkish-Syrian..


 **(12.10) www.yahoo..

 Ties between Russia and the Taliban...


**(12.09) www.khaama

 Afghanistan to profit $ 1 billion annually


 **(12.09) M. Eskef

 Analysis: Russian- Iranian alliance in Syria


 **(12.09) A. Sanchez

 Pop Culture and Latin America's Conflicts


 **(12.09) J. Ditz

 Syria Poised for Aleppo Victory as Rebels


 **(12.09) T. Clifford

 Trump and China: a Note From Beijing


 **(12.09) S. Halim 

 Trump, the Know-Nothing Victor


**(12.08) H. Ch. Sarma

 India and NATO: Partners in Arms!


 **(12.08) F. Shor

 The End of the Indispensable Nation


 **(12.08) J. Ditz

 Trump's Taiwan Phone Call Planned All.


 **(12.08) F. Cekirge

 Turkey is in the middle of a big clash of


 **(12.08) J. Ditz

 US Furious at UN Over Differing Afghan


 **(12.08) A. Vltchek 

 Will Vietnam Embrace China After Trump


**(12.07) www.pravda

 Brexit wave breaks on the shores of Italy


 **(12.07) B. Fletcher J.

  Fighting Back Against the White Revolt..


 **(12.07) www.pajhwok

 MPs commend presidential rejection of Pak


 **(12.07) P. Escobar

 The Rules of the (Trump) Game


 **(12.07) J. Ditz

 US Officials: Al-Qaeda's Lose in Aleppo Is


 **(12.07) J. Thomas

 US Policymakers Seek "New Thailand"


**(12.06) www.pajhwok

 Heart of Asia conference begins amid ..


 **(12.06) G. Clark

 Japan, Russia and 71 years dispute over..


 **(12.06) J. Ditz

 Trump Calls Taiwan President, Upsetting


 **(12.06) www.pravda

 UN Adopts "Paper Tiger" Resolution on ..


 **(12.06) W. Blum

 What can go wrong?


 **(12.06) W. M. Leog

 What Trump Misses About Cuba


**(12.05) C. Krauthammar

 After Just 25 Years, The Triumph of the...


 **(12.05) J. Perier

 Egypt's Shifting Position May Tip the....


 **(12.05) www.pajhwok

 Ghani-Modi meeting: Defence, trade links


 **(12.05) F. Temir

 Louder Than Bombs


 **(12.05) www.voanews

 Report: Taliban Hang Afghan Student


 **(12.05) M. Yetken 

 Turkey at the threshold of regime change


**(12.04) P. Iskenderov

 Austria and the Balkans Facing a New...


 **(12.04) L. X. Jun

 China and Its Neighbors: A Delicate Balance


 **(12.04) P. J. Buchanan

 Fake News and War Party Lies


 **(12.04) www.khaama

 Magnetic bomb explosion leaves 3 wounded


 **(12.04) W. McElray

 Plunge From Republic to Empire


 **(12.04) R. Urie 

 Race and Class in Trump's America


**(12.03) M. Griffis

 3976 killed in Iraq during November


 **(12.03) www.khaama

 Afghans Cannot tolerate imposed war ..


 **(12.03) RP Burnham

 Egoism and Empathy in the Era of Neocons


 **(12.03) G. Duff

 The Blackmail Octopus


 **(12.03) P. J. Buchanan

 The Populist-Nationalist Tide


 **(12.03) www.pravda 

 Turkey starts subtle game to overthrow ..


**(12.02) B. McCarthy

 A brief history of war and drugs:


 **(12.02) www.khaama

 Explosions heard in Kabul amid reports


 **(12.02) S. A. Gomez

 Fidel Castro: A Global Revolutionary ...


 **(12.02) P. Concern

 Fidel Castro, A Leader of the Anti-Global..


 **(12.02) J. Ademovic

 Geopolitics of the Balkans after Trump


 **(12.02) J. Raimondo

 The Uselessness of NATO


**(12.01) A. Vltchek

 After the US Elections - World Exit! 


 **(12.01) J. W. Pullman

 From Cuba to Gaza: Fidel, Presente !


 **(12.01) R. Gould

Regime Change Abroad, Fascism at Home:


 **(12.01) www.khaama

 Taliban militants execute 2 including...


 **(12.01) M. Berger

 Washington's Secret War on Syria


 **(12.01) M. Eskaf

 What is next for Syria after Aleppo battle?



 A declassified CIA paper shows how close


 **(11.30) www.pajhwok

 Ashgabat varsity confers honorary doctorate


 **(11.30) P. Mayo

 F. Castro: Charismatic Revolutionary Leader


 **(11.30) www.thenews

 Modi threatens to turn Pakistan into desert


 **(11.30) M. Hudson &..

 Trump and the One Percent:


 **(11.30) U. Gunnar 

 US Still Seeks Regime Change Across Asia


**(11.29) V. A. Hoskote

 Change of Guard In Pakistan: Change..


 **(11.29) F. Cunningham

 Fidel Castro Defies US Imperialism Even


 **(11.29) N. Beams

 Growing concerns in Europe over Trump


 **(11.29) www.khaama

 India hands over another Mi-24 gunship


 **(11.29) www.english

 Iraqi Sunnis reject parliament legalizing


 **(11.29) A. Gorka 

 Syria: Egypt Joins the Fray to Support


**(11,28) R. Goujo

 A Simple Tool for Understanding the ...


 **(11.28) T. B. Hinchey

 Gracias, Fidel Castro! Tour legacy remains


 **(11.28) T. Ali

 History Will be the Judge: F. Castro, 1926-


 **(11.28) D. Rosen

 Perversions of Power: Trump's Hedonism


 **(11.28) www.khaama

 President Ghani meets Nawaz Sharif..


 **(11.28) www.presstv

World reacts to death F. Castro


**(11.27) G. Mautner

 CIA's Brainwashing Mayhem is in the Full


 **(11.27) www.middle..

 How Egypt has became a powerless ..


 **(11.27) www.khaama

 Taliban celebrate graduation of the latest


 **(11.27) M. Whitney

 Trump's Economic Plan; This Isn't Going


 **(11.27) G. Porter

 Trump's National Security Adviser ...


 **(11.27) G. Rockhill 

 What is to Be Done When Empire is ...


**(11.26) www.aopnew..

 Appointed Afghan Electoral Commissioners


 **(11.26) www.huffington..

 D. Trump Backs Away From His Threat.


 **(11.26) M. B. Dougherty

 End the War in Yemen, Mr. Trump


 **(11.26) www.news

 Fighting Intensifies Between Indian and..


 **(11.26) www.huffington..

 More Than 1.000 Iranian Soldiers Have.


 **(11.26) P. Edwards

 National Genocide Day


**(11.25) www.pajhwok

 10 women may find their way to Ulema..


 **(11.25) M. Goodman

 Trump's Campaign of Militarization


 **(11.25) K. Waddell

 Trump's CIA Director Wants to Return ..


 **(11.25) B. Fein

 U. S. Foreign policy: Global dominance


 **(11.25) J. Raimondo

 What would an "America First" Foreign


 **(11.25) M. Mandl 

 Who made the Arab Spring into an Arab


**(11.24) C.Hallinan

 America's Spiral Into Permanent War...


 **(11.24) www.nondoweiss

 D. Trump picks anti-Muslim Intel officer..


 **(11.24) P. Korzun

 Major Foreign Policy Shift: Turkey Ab...


 **(11.24) J. Harding

 The End of Sarkozy


 **(11.24) www.khaama

 Top security officials suspended PD # ...


 **(11.24) B. Maszalek

 Trump: a Vote to be Decried or a Revolt


**(11.23) S. Al-Arian

 How Trump won: The rise of America's..


 **(11.23) R. McGovern

 Installing a Torture Fan at CIA


 **(11.23) www.guardian..

 ISIS claims responsibility for Kabul ...blast


 **(11.23) D. Lindorff

 Obama's Last Big Con


 **(11.23) E. Margolis

 The Russian Navy is Back


 **(11.23) P. Cockburn 

 Trump's Team Will Start New Wars in...


**(11.22) M. Tennant

 After $ 85 Millions in U. S. Loans, Afg...


 **(11.22) www.next

 India is the worlds fourth largest military


 **(11.22) M. Kimberly

 Obama's Hollow Legacy


 **(11.22) Prof. J. McMurty

 President Trump: Big Liar Going to ..


 **(11.22) N. Litovkin

 Russia to build heavy duty radar station


 **(11.22) A. Lantier 

 Trump's election as seen from Europe


**(11.21) K. Larres

 China and Germany: The Honeymoon Is..


 **(11.21) www.dail..

 Pakistan helping in secret talks with ..


 **(11.21) D. Larison

 The U. S. Remains Deeply Complicit in...


 **(11.21) A. Lantier

 Trump's election as seen from Europe


 **(11.21) J. Ditz

 Trump Names Bellicose Figures to Top.


 **(11.21) K. Sawant 

 We Cannot "Give Trump a Chance"


**(11.20) www.khaama

 Germany to keep 980 soldiers in Afg.


 **(11.20) M. Arens

Right wing in Italy greets Trump's election


 **(11.20) F. W. Engdahl

 The Euro Is Murdering Europe


 **(11.20) A. Levine

 Trouble Ahead: With Trump and For Him


 **(11.20) T. Rall

 Trump's Fascism Picks Up Where Obama...


 **(11.20) M. Yetken  

 What does a partisan president mean...


**(11.19) B. Grey

 As anti-Trump protests spread, Democrats


 **(11.19) P. Korzun

 Brexit, Trump's Victory: All Not Quiet..


 **(11.19) J. Holland

 D. Trump Won Only by Undermining an..


 **(11.19) www.khaama

 Draft Agreement Finalized to Link Afg.


 **(11.19) D. McAdams

 McCain to Trump: Don't You Dare Make.


 **(11.19) K. Asmolov 

 USA-China: Who Is Responsible for N. K.


**(11.18) www.khaama

 3 women shot dead by gunman in Herat..


 **(11.18) C. V. Pena

 China Can Have the Philippines


 **(11.18) M. Yetkin

 Europe losing leverage on Turkey


 **(11.18) S. L. Cohen

 Not Our President


 **(11.18) P. La Vonia

 The Revenge of Class and the Death ...


 **(11.18) B. V. Auken 

 Trump transition points to escalation ...


**(11.17) www.khaama

 Afghan MPs dismiss Communication and..


 **(11.17) P. J. Buchanan

 A Trump Doctrine - "America First"


 **(11.17) B. Alabsi

 The Houthis mislead Yemen's youth and..


 **(11.17) R. Fisk

 The M. East is Now All About Putin


 **(11.17) J. G. Hornberger

 Trump's Foreign Policy: Four More...


 **(11.17) J. Ditz 

 Trump, Putin Agree to Normalize US-..


**(11.16) A. Nane

 America doesn't represent the world's ..


 **(11.16) www.pravda

 Lame duck Obama will not stop the Ru.


 **(11.16) L. Bohne

 Panic in America: People in Revolt


 **(11.16) S. Q. Sheikh

 Raqqa Operation is Aimed at Denying...


 **(11.16) www.pajhwok

 Russia to hast talks on Afghanistan next


 **(11.16) T. Eley 

 Trump names fascist Bannon as top..


**(11.15) www.khaama

 3 Pakistani terrorists arrested before...


 **(11.15) A. N. Digest

 America's Election doesn't alter the ...


 **(11.15) G. Yousafzai

 Blast at Pakistan shrine kills 52, ...


 **(11.15) J. Ditz

 Putin Aide: Trump's Election May Avert ..


 **(11.15) P. Cockburn

 The M. East Crisis Trump Inherits Could


 **(11.15) F. Mazelis 

 Trump packs his transition team with..


**(11.14) V. Tomar

 Modi in Japan: Why China Should Be ...


 **(11.14) J. Ditz

 Neocons Trying to Sneak Into Trump Ad..


 **(11.14) R. Baroud

 The Infamy of the Palestinian Elites:


 **(11.14) B. Turbeville

 The US/Turkey Plan for "Seizing, Holding,.


 **(11.14) www.khaama

 Top Afghan judicial official to be tried in


 **(11.14) C. Welzenbach 

 Trump Country


**(11.13) www.khaama

 4 killed, over 100 in attack on German..


 **(11.13) A. Damon

 From monster to Mr. President - Elect:


 **(11.13) D. Harrison

 Hillary Clinton fell on her own sword


 **(11.13) A. DiMaggio

 How Did We Get Here? What Lies Ahead?


 **(11.13) Y. Litvin

 The Ultimate Trial of American Liberals


 **(11.13) D. McCarthy 

 Why the Elite Wanted Trump To Lose


**(11.12) J. Cook

 Americal Liberals Unleashed the Trump..


 **(11.12) B. Distler

 Finally "Winning" the Viet Nam -in Afgh..


 **(11.12) www.khaama

 Karzai hopes Trump administration focus..


 **(11.12) J. Ditz

 NATO to Trump: Here's Your Marching ..


 **(11.12) T. B.-Hinchey

 Trump victory: A new political awakening


 **(11.12) D. Bandow 

 Why America Should Not Be Asia's Globo..


**(11.11) Sender M. Mandl

 A collection of thoughts about American ..


 **(11.11) www.khaama

 Afghan Taliban react on D. Trump's ele..


 **(11.11) J. Frank

 Don't Mourn Hillary's Loss


 **(11.11) F.-S. Gady

 Russia's T-14 Armata: "The Most Rev...


 **(11.11) M. T. Klare

 The US May Be Guilty of War Crimes..


 **(11.11) J. Kishore 

 Trump's victory and the debacle of ...


**(11.10) S. R. Sheikh

 Israel is Becoming Pivotal to China's M. E.


 **(11.10) A. Gorka

 Malaysia: US Loses Another Key Ally in..


 **(11.10) A. Lantier

 NATO announces largest troop deployments


 **(11.10) J. Ditz

 Saudis Announce Indefinite Halt to All Oil.


 **(11.10) W. D. Harting

 The Urge to Splurge


 **(11.10) J. Raimondo 

 Trump's Revolution


**(11.09) A. Cockburn

 Agencies of Fear


 **(11.09) J. Raimondo

 Bringing Down the Globalist Monster


 **(11.09) J. Marshall

 How World War 3 Could Start


 **(11.09) S. Azodi

 Iran, the US , and the Persian Gulf


 **(11.09) M. Yetkin 

 Where is Turkey going at full speed?


**(11.08) www.khaama

 18 Killed in Kabul, Laghman and Herat


 **(11.08) www.middless..

 Analysis: Are Iraq and Turkey heading to..


 **(11.08) D. J. Hatlem

 At Least 40 Women Have Accused B. Clinton  and D. Trump


 **(11.08) www.journal..

 Europe Beware: Russian Slavers On the ..


 **(11.08) B. Seguin &..

 Spain's Socialists May Have Destroyed for..


 **(11.08) S. Blagov 

 Turkmenistan is eyeing revived ties Russia


**(11.07) J. Ditz

 Angry Mourners Bury Civilian Victims of US


 **(11.07) I. Shomeyko

 How Hitler Became Hitler and Why..


 **(11.07) M. Shumilov

 Mosul Offensive Reveals Larger Geopoliti..


 **(11.07) F. Ching

 Preparing For Difficult Reforms


 **(11.07) A. Vltchek

 Top Secret: There are Still Socialist Countries


 **(11.07) A. Lantier

 Turkish Govt. Moves to crush Kurdish


**(11.06) E. Perez...

 Afghan Lives Matter, stop the death penalty


 **(11.06) N. Ali

 Al-Sisi's Egypt Is More Involved with Ru..


 **(11.06) N. Bowie

 Election 2016: A Political System In Crisis


 **(11.06) J. Hyland

 High Court verdict on EU Brexit Plunges UK


 **(11.06) J. Feffer

 H. Clinton and the Neocons


 **(11.06) A. Vltchek 

 Western "Culture" is Wrecking Entire..


**(11.05) www.khaama

 2 US soldiers die of wounds sustained in Kunduz


 **(11.05) P. Martin

 As elections tightens, Clinton steps up


 **(11.05) www.hurriyet

 Germany harboring terrorists: Turkish Pre.


 **(11.05) J. D. Sachs

 The fatal expense of American Imperialism


 **(11.05) E. Zuesse

 This Is No "New Cold War"; It's Far Worse


 **(11.05) R. Baroud

 Why Palestinians Want To Sue Britain:


**(11.04) www.pajhwok

 4.000 war-displaced families taking refuge


 **(11.04) J. Ditz

 UN: All Sides in Aleppo May Be Commi..


 **(11.04) J. Raimondo

 How H. Clinton Poisoned American ...


 **(11.04) B. V. Auken

 New York Times promotes war hysteria


 **(11.04) A. O'Brien

 The Destruction of Reason in West


 **(11.04) S. Kinzer  

 The looming age of US aggression


**(11.03) P. Escobar

 American Dream, Revisited


 **(11.03) www.ibtimes

 China's Chengdu J-2- Stealth Fighter Jet


 **(11.03) M. Whitney

 How Putin Derailed the West


 **(11.03) A. Panda

 Indian Army "Fire Assault" Hits Pakistan


 **(11.03) J. Pilger

 Inside the Invisible Government


 **(11.03) J. Ditz 

 ISIS Kills Afghan Tribal Elders in Jalalabad


**(11.02) www.middle..

 Analysis: Turkey's complex reasons for ...


 **(11.02) R. McGovern

 Putin-Obama Trust Evaporates


 **(11.02) www.consort..

 The De Facto US/Al Qaeda Alliance


**(11.02) C. Felsenthal

 The Strange Tale of the First Woman to ...


 **(11.02) J. Ditz

 US Inspector General: Afghan Govt....


 **(11.02) www.pravda

 Why did Satan-2 shock the West?


**(11.01) U. Gunner

 Avoiding Conflict in Asia Pacific's Waters


 **(11.01) P. Koenig

 Donald Trump And The Power Of Money


 **(11.01) www.khaama

 Taliban incurred AFN 2.1 billion loss to ..


 **(11.01) P. Martin

 The FBI intervenes in the 2016 election


 **(11.01) www.hurriyet

 Turkey: Recalling secularism after 93 years


 **(11.01) T. Daiss 

 Why U. S. Oil Production Thwarts Any Ru..


**(10.31) N. Pollack

 America at the Crossroads: Abrogation..


 **(10.31( J. Ditz

 Shi'ite Militias Join Iraq's Mosul Attack


 **(10.31) J. Buchanan

 The Darker Side of Thai Royalism


 **(10.31) A. Levine

 The Hillary Era is Coming: Worry!


 **(10.31) B. V. Auken

 UN warns US-Saudi war threatens mass..


 **(10.31) J. Ditz 

 US Drone Strike in Afghanistan Kills, ...


**(10.30) www.daily..

 Afghan spy agency confirms militant leader


 **(10.30) B. V. Auken

 Aleppo, Mosul and "war crimes"


 **(10.30) www.abc15..

 Army general killed himself at home on ..


 **(10.30) J. Cook

 How Israel seeks to erase the region's His..


 **(10.30) J. Pelger

 Inside the Invisible Government:..


 **(10.30) W. Engdahl 

 Russia, Turkey, Israel and New Balance.


**(10.29) Z. Noori

 Afghan women seek to rebuild palace ...


 **(10.29) N. Pollack

 The Election: Does It Matter Who Wins?


 **(10.29) D. McAdams

 The End of Interventionism?


 **(10.29) M. M.-Lotze

 The Inherent Violence of Israel's Gaza...


 **(10.29) www.pravda

 Venezuela Will the Army save the nation ..


 **(10.29) P. Parameswaran

 Will Duterte End the US-Philippines Military


**(10.28) www.khaama

 Afghan intelligence foil attack on Indian..


 **(10.28) C. Biggers

 Has India Finally Addressed Its Su-30 MKI


 **(10.28) J. Raimondo

 "McCarthyism," Then and Now


 **(10.28) K. B. Vlahos

 Rise of the American Mercenary


 **(10.28) T. Engelhardt

 The Doctrine of Armed Exeptionalism


 **(10.28) P. Symonds 

 US "pivot to Asia" in disarray


**(10.27) R. Goodman

 Appetite for Destruction: America's War ..


 **(10.27) www.khaama

 Dostum's serious accusations need judicial


 **(10.27) www.spiegel

 Germany Struggles to Find United Stance


 **(10.27) J. Ditz

 ISIS Launches Growing Counterattacks


 **(10.27) J. Manson

 "The Darkness Comes": CIA Torture ..


 **(10.27) J. Aron

 Unravelling capitalism's hidden networks


**(10.26) B. Grey

 AT&T-Time Warner merger to Expand ...


 **(10.26) www.khaama

 China to deliver 2 transport planes to ..


 **(10.26) J. Ditz

 EU Braces for Influx of ISIS Fighters ...


 **(10.26) A. Vltchek

 Sudan, Africa and the Mosaic of Horrors


 **(10.26) J. Raimondo

 Why Progressives Love the New Cold ..


 **(10.26) A. Vltchek 

 Will "They" Really Try to Kill President..


**(10.25) SZ8M

 Stop the Execution of Zainab


**(10.25) P. Cockburn

 13 Years of War: Mosul's Frightening and


 **(10.25) www.outlook

 Bleeding Amidst War and Violence


 **(10.25) Y. Kanli

 Cyprus talks doomed to fail


 **(10.25) P. Korzum

 NATO Continues To Prepare For War..


 **(10.25) www.cgsmonitor

 The Limits of China's Influence in Pakistan


 **(10.25) J. Ditz 

 US Airstrike Kills 15-25 Civilians at Iraqi..


**(10.24) G. Vyse

 D. Trump's Ultimate Humiliation


 **(10.24) D. Johnstone

 H. Clinton's Strategic Ambition on a Nutshell


 **(10.24) www.pravda

 How operation in Syria helps Russian army


 **(10.24) J. Ditz

 ISIS Forces Attack Kirkuk


 **(10.24) www.pajhwok

 Taliban storm Chora district centre in Uruzgan


 **(10.24) B. V. Auken 

 Turkish bombing in Syria threatens wider war


**(10.23) M. Dinucci

 Afghanistan: Enduring Occupation


 **(10.23) J. Wight

 H. Clinton and the Brutal Murder of Gaddafi


 **(10.23) P. Michael

 Realpolitik and the M. East power play


 **(10.23) P. Escobar

 The Aleppo / Mosul Riddle


 **(10.23) I. Leslie

 The scientists who make apps addictive


 **(10.23) J. Ditz 

 Turkey Air Raid Kills 200 Kurdish Fighters


**(10.22) D. McCarthy

 D. Trump vs. H. Clinton: How Trump..


 **(10.22) S. Davidson

 Five thousand faculty strike of Penn...


 **(10.22) www.journal

 On Putin-Erdogan Meeting in Syria - What


 **(10.22) www.presstv

 Russian nuclear warships entering UK ..


 **(10.22) J. Ditz

 Two Americans Killed in Afghan Insider..


 **(10.22) www.provda

 USA wants to turn the world into controlled


**(10.21) P. Baker

 The Seduction of G. W. Bush


 **(10.21) J. Raimondo

 Assange's Fate


 **(10.21) J. Ditz

 Fears Mosul Invasion Will Spark ISIS..


 **(10.21) U. Ali

 Pakistan's Crackdown on Terror Financing


 **(10.21) www.khaama

 Taliban demanded prisoners release, ..


 **(10.21) M. Whitney 

 Trump Unchained


**(10.20) Z. Grossman

 Stop the Next President From Waging..


 **(10.20) J. G. Hornberger

 The Horror of Endless interventionism


 **(10.20) P. Butler

 The US Fight for Unending Hegemony:


 **(10.20) www.khaama

 UNAMA Human Rights Special Report on .


 **(10.20) J. Ditz

 US Troops on the Front Lines in Iraq's Mo.


 **(10.20) www.thenational

 War-Weary Libyans miss life under Qad.  


**(10.19) www.khaama

 Airstrike kill Haqqani and A--Qaeda Terrorist network


 **(010.19) www.atimes

 Iraq launches Mosul offensive to drive out IS


 **(10.19) J. Carr

 Putin's Response Options To US Cyber..


 **(10.19) F.-S. Gady

 Russia to Set up Heavy Bomber Division..


 **(10.19) G. Doctorow

 The Warnings of a New World War


 **(10.19) P. Cockburn 

 US Allies are Funding ISIS (and Hillary...)


**(10.18) Sender: A. K. K.

 "Fluchtursachen ueberwinden- Stop die Kriege!"


**(10.18) www.khaama

 Airstrike target top Taliban leader's con..


 **(10.18) www.atimes..

 BRICS vows to fight terrorism and its ...


 **(10.18) www.daily...

 Pakistan to acquire eight submarines ...


 **(10.18) S. Rafi

 The House of Saud is preparing for a...


 **(10.18) H. Katen

 US Plan B to "Transform Syria Into ..."


 **(10.18) J. Perier 

 Who Is Boris Johnson?


**(10.17) J. Ditz

 CIA Prepping for Possible Cyber Strike.


 **(10.17) www.thenation..

 Jerusalem is still occupied


 **(10.17) M. S. Rozoff

 Kerry's Anger as Assad Poised to Win; ..


 **(10.17) www.khaama

 Modi says having similar views with Putin


 **(10.17) L. Bohne

 The Democratic Swindles: Hillary or Trump?


 **(10.17) A. Kuznetsov

  U. S. Must Answer for War Crimes in the..


**(10.16) www.pajhwok

 64 militants, 12 soldiers killed in new wave


 **(10.16) D. Larison

 A Clinton Win Means and Expanded War


 **(10.16) R. Fantina

 Ireland: Resisting the Empire


 **(10.16) A. J. Tellis

 Pakistan's terror problem and the demise


 **(10.16) P. Street

 Ruling Class's Hatred of Trump is Different


 **(10.16) B. V. Auken 

 US launches missile strikes against Yemen


**(10.15) E. Abrahamyan

 Armenia's New Ballistic Missiles Will Shake


 **(10.15) www.yahoo..

 Here's What would happen if US tried to ..


 **(10.15) P. Escobar

 Hillary Clinton's Axis of Evil


 **(10.15) V. Terehov

 Is the Situation in Taiwan Strait Des...?


 **(10.15) J. Ditz

 Taliban Kills Over 100 Afghan Police in ..


 **(10.15) R. Parsons 

 The Senate Armed Services Committee...


**(10.14) www.khaama

 Afghan forces clear Kunduz city after 9...


 **(10.14) T. Engelhardt

 American Power at the Crossroads


 **(10.14) J. Wight

 Clinton vs. Trump: A Zero-Sum Game


 **(10.14) www.huffington..

 Putin Says U. S. Hacking Scandal Not In..


 **(10.14) P. Giraldi

 The Legacy of U. S. Interventionism


 **(10.14) P. Martin 

 Trump escalates conflict with congress..


**(10.13) www.khaama

 14 Killed, 36 wounded in Kabul shrine..


 **(10.13) F. S.-Gady

 India Kicks Off New Search for Mig-21...


 **(10.13) J. Ditz

 Russia to Expand Syria Naval Base, Make


 **(10.13) D. Stockman

 The Truth About the War in Aleppo


  **(10.13) G. Greenwald

 U. S. and U. K. Continue to Actively Part..


 **(10.13) A. Gorka

 US Loses Major Allies in Asia Pacific


**(10.12) J. Steppling

 As it Was Always Scripted: Trump's Oct.


 **(10.12) www.khaama

 NDS chief Masoom Stanikzai apologizes..


 **(10.12) Yo-Jung Chen

 Nuke or No Nuke? Japan's Long Dilemma


 **(10.12) F. Stefan Gady

 Russia Lays Down 3 New Nuclear Sub...


 **(10.12) J. Raimondo

 The Saudis, Hillary and the Destruction..


 **(10.12) P. Martin

 The Trump scandal and the US gutter elec.


**(10.11) S. L. Cohen

 American Nightmare: the Criminal, Justice


 **(10.11) www.outlook

 Political Crisis Lingers


 **(10.11) J. Ditz

 Saudi Airstrikes Target Yemen Funeral ..


 **(10.11) J. Bricmont

 The Trump Phenomenon, as Seen From..


 **(10.11) A. Alti

 Turkey, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan aim to..


 **(10.11) J. Glaser

 Why We Should Close American's Overseas


**(10.10) G. Maytner

 British War Crime Shouldn't Go Unpunished


 **(10.10) J. Ditz

 Kerry Demands War Crimes Investigation


 **(10.10) A. Levine

 Needed Now: a Peace Movement Against


 **(10.10) www.pravda

 Russia to return to Cuba and Vietnam


 **(10.10) www.khaama

 Suicide attack leaves 4 civilians wounded


 **(10.10) D. Lazare 

 The Joint US-Saudi Guilt for 9/11


**(10.09) www.khaama

 44 Afghan soldiers missing in U. S. since 2015: Pentagon


 **(10.09) B. Yinanc

 Comparing civilian Islamist regimes with..


 **(10.09) D. Kovalik

 The U. S. as Destroyer of Nations


 **(10.09) G. Grenwald

 U. S. Admits Israel Is Building Permanent


 **(10.09) N. Khoo

 Why Asean is a Disarray in the S. China..


 **(10.09) R. W. Merry 

 Will Obama's Aimless Drifting Lead to War


**(10.08) M. K. Bhadrakumar

 Battle of Aleppo in end of history in M. E.


 **(10.08) B, V. Auken

 Beating the drums for war with Russia


 **(10.08) R. Nordland &..

 Europe Makes Deal to Send Afghan's Home


 **(10.08) P. Giraldi

 Is Nuclear War Becoming Thinkable?


 **(10.08) S. Keltner

 Truth, Lies and Conspiracy in the 2016 ..


 **(10.08) U. Bacchi

 "Unfair" refugee distribution stokes ..


 **(10.08) O. Haiste 

 Why East Europe will be the future of ...


**(10.07) N. Ersanel

 Doomsday matter's: Tehran-Riyadh alliance


 **(10.07) D. Lindorff

 President B. Obama's Crappy Legacy


 **(10.07) www.reuters

 Question over Afghan defenses as troops..


 **(10.07) C. Welzenbach

 The Dreadful Chronology of Gaddafi's...


 **(10.07) K. Aronoff

The U. States Isn't an " Idiocracy" 


 **(10.07) J. Perier

 Why America Doesn't Believe its Corporate


**(10.06) F. Notash

 Imperialism and Children


 **(10.06) W. Blum

 Cold War, today, tomorrow, every day..


 **(10.06) www.khaama

 EU to pledge $1.1 billion in aid to Afgh.


 **(10.06) I. Eland

 First Debate showed That Both Major..


 **(10.06) A. Crooke

 How the US Armed-up Syrian Jihadists


 **(10.06) www.pravda

 S-300 in Syria: Russia will not wait for..


 **(10.06) B. Yinanc 

 The EU's role in averting the coup in...


**(10.05) Prof. J. Petras

 Barbarism in Words and Deeds:


 **(10.05) P. C. Roberts

 Can Russia Learns From Brazil's Fate?


 **(10.05) www.pajhwok

 Growing insecurity: MPs stress new war ..


 **(10.05) R. McGovern

 Russia-Baiting and Risks of Nuclear War


 **(10.05) S. Richman

 Shimon Peres and the 9/11 Attacks


 **(10.05) I. H.-Zadeh

 The Class Dynamics in the Rise of D. Trump


**(10.04) M. K. Bhadrakumar

 China is winner in India's surgical Strikes


 **(10.04) N. Rogozhina

 M. Eastern Children Are the Main Victims


 **(10.04) www.khaama

 Nangarhar governor Salim Kunduzi resigns


 **(10.04) www.hurriyet..

 Turkey criticizes US over "inconsistency...


 **(10.04) Prof. M. Chossudovsky

 US Military Aid to Al-Qaeda:


 **(10.04) www.atimes.. 

 US, S. Korea will "pay the price" for ..


**(10.03) M. Dobbin

 A Globalization Wake-Up Call


 **(10.03) A.-M. Said

 Caliphate ideology


 **(10.03) www.khaama

 Commandos likely killed in Afghan Air...


 **(10.03) N. Beams

 Deutsche Bank and the global financial..


 **(10.03) J. Ditz

 Report: Russia Sending More Warplanes ...


 **(10.03) A. Vltchek 

 Syria's Heroic Fight Against W. Imperialism


**(10.02) P. Escobar

 Afghanistan; It's the Heroin, Stupid


 **(10.02) A. Vltchek

 Failures of the Western Left


 **(10.02) R. Thakur

 India and Pakistan: The Dangerous Drift


 **(10.02) P. Korzun

 Russia Asked to Intervene in Libya:


 **(10.02) K. Osborn

 U. S. Air Force and Navy May Challenge


 **(10.02) N. Turne

 U. S. Military Is Building a $100 Million


**(10.01) R. K. Simha

 How a soviet pilot's defection showed West


 **(10.01) S. Miglani

 India launches strikes on suspected militants


 **(10.01) A. Akulov

 NATO Rejects Russia's Proposal to Enhance


 **(10.01) www.thediplomat

 Russia's New Approach to Pakistan


 **(10.01) K. B. Vlahos

 The Return of Torture?


 **(10.01) www.khaama 

 US drone strike killed 15 civilians in East


**(09.30) A. Qurbany

 All fight for Kirkus have and will be about


 **(09.30) R. Baroud

 Ban Ki-Moon's Legacy in Palestine:


 **(09.30) E. Marglis

 Beware the Kashmir Volcano


 **(09.30) www.khaama

 Taliban recruiting children as soldiers in.


 **(09.30) S. MacMillan

 The Anglo-American War Machine


 **(09.30) A. Gorka 

 US Election: Neither Free nor Fair


**(09.29) M. Eskaf

 Analysis: Iran water crisis, Water ...


 **(09.29) www.khaama

 Hekmatyar committed a major crime by..


 **(09.29) P. Karzun

 Military Aid As a Tool to Achieve U. S. ..


 **(09.29) www.pravda..

 Russia to get hypersonic weapon in ...


 **(09.29) P. Street

 The Roots are in the System:..


 **(09.29) S. Oakford 

 Yemen Has Become the Graveyard of the


**(09.28) G. Porter

 How the Pentagon Sank the US-Russian...


 **(09.28) www.khaama

 Kabul Garrison bans Enlightenment Movement


 **(09.28) P. Anastasov

 Libyan Oil-the Bargaining Chip in the ..


 **(09.28) G. Kanwal

 Pakistan's Tactical Nuclear Warheads and


 **(09.28) www.english

 Palestinians condemn Trump vow on ...


 **(09.28) R. Crawford 

 The Political Rhetoric of Perpetual War


**(09.27) thenational..

 Israeli underground wall along Gaza..


 **(09.27) www.daily..

 Modi vows campaign to "isolate" Pak.


 **(09.27) www.outlook

 Preserving Cultural Heritage


 **(09.27) www.reuters

 Russian and Syrian jets bomb Aleppo...


 **(09.27) V. Ozer

 the impossible clash between US and Ru.


 **(09.27) F. W. Engdahl 

 Washington Tries to Break BRICS


**(09.26) www.middlee..

 Assad regime: War against "terrorism" will


 **(09.26) www.khaama

 Gulbuddin Hekmatyar may nominate for..


 **(09.26) K. Brinkbaumer

 Lies and Lapses on the US Campaign Trail


 **(09.26) www.voenews

 Russian Commandos Join Pakistan in Rare


 **(09.26) G. Porter

 The War Against the Assad Regime Is Not..


 **(09.26) T. Engelhardt 

 War, Peace, and Absurdity


**(09.25) TNI Staff

 China's J-20 Stealth Fighter vs. America's..


 **(09.25) N. M. M.

 Ex Gitmo Teenage Captive Ordeal


 **(09.25) www.tolonews

 Highway Remains Closed As Clashes ..


 **(09.25) S. Richman

 Obama Rewards Israel's Bad Behavior


 **(09.25) www.atimes

 Pakistan may face EU sanctions over rights


 **(09.25) V. Emanuele 

 The Riots Will Continue


**(09.24) BILA

 American views on Turkey


 **(09.24) T. Simons

 Clinton, Trump and the Theater of Cruelty


 **(09.24) P. Martin

 The police murder in Charlotte, N. Carolina


 **(09.24) www.khaama

 US and India focus on coordination of ..


 **(09.24)A. Crooke

 Washington's Hawks Push New Cold War


 **(09.24) G. Duff

 Who Runs America's Military, Surely Not..


**(09.23) A. Soldatov

 Putin Has Finally Reincarnated the KGB


 **(09.23) G. Fedorov

 Russia testing fifth-generation fighter ..


 **(09.23) www.bing..

 Syrian crisis reveals how the UN failed


 **(09.23) P. Iskenderov

 Threats to Kick Hungary Out of EU ...


 **(09.23) J. Cook

 US Aid Deal Gives Green Light to Israel..


 **(09.23) R. Beckhusen 

 Why India Wants France's Dassault Rafale


**(09.22) D. Larison

 A Costly Mistake in Syria


 **(09.22) www.khaama

 Afghanistan launches probe into alleged US


 **(09.22) P. Martin

 Massive police -military mobilization after..


 **(09.22) D.Kovalik

 Our Terrorists in Colombia:..


 **(09.22) E. Zuesse

 Saudis Dominate Among Suicide-Bombers


 **(09.22) K. Asmolov

 The situation on the Korean Peninsula


**(09.21) T. Cartalucci

 America in Asia: Arrogant, Unapologetic..


 **(09.21) www.in.reyters

 India blames Pakistan as Kashmir attack.


 **(09.21) J. Ditz

 ISIS Overruns Syrian Army Base After US..


 **(09.21) A. Panda

 Japan Set to Intensify S. China Sea...


 **(09.21) www.khaama

 Pakistani terrorists killed, 2 suicide vests..


 **(09.21) E. Galeano

 The empire of consumption


 **(09.21) P. Cockburn  

 What Next in Syria?


**(09.20) www.outlook

 Brussels Summit on Afghanistan and H. R.


 **(09.20) C. Stangler

 French Worker Step Up Labor Strikes:


 **(09.20) P. Anastasov

 Saudi Arabia and Iran: a New Burst of ..


 **(09.20) www.middlee..

 Syria: U. S. -led airstrikes kill dozens of ..


 **(09.20) L. Lalami

 The Only Way for Muslim Americans to Be..


 **(09.20) www.spiegel 

 "Trump Is a Problem for the Whole World"


**(09.19) Y. Litvin

 America in Disarray: When Cheap ...


 **(09.19) S. Akbarzadeh

 Is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about to make a


 **(09.19) www.khaama

 Pakistan says disappointed with President Ghani's..


 **(09.19) V. Katasonov

 The Federal Reserve and Its Murky Role


 **(09.19) I. Shamir

 The Geneva Syria "Ceasefire" Agreement


 **(09.19) P. Schwarz   

 The International significance of the Berlin..


**(09.18) A. Levine

 America's New Demons and the Second ..


 **(09.18) D. Stryker

 Cold War - 2: What's at Stake?


 **(09.18) Prof. J. Petras

 Inter-Capitalist Rivalries and Political Reb..


 **(09.18) S. Moubayed

 Iran's Ebbing Influence in Syria


 **(09.18) I. Reed

 Under President Trump, Will Be Forced...


 **(09.18) www.pravda 

 US is a source of instability in Afghanistan


**(09.17) www.pajhwok

 Afghanistan needs international community support...


 **(09.17) A. Loewenstein

 Five decades later, Israel's brutal occupation is ..


 **(09.17) D. Majumdar

 Is Russia Preparing for War? 


 **(09.17) R. Baroud

 The Native American and the Palestinian:..


 **(09.17) J. Ditz

 US Signs Record $38 Billion Military Aid...


 **(09.17) E. Zuesse

 Why Both Clinton and Trump Are



**(09.16) P. Escobar

 China Ups the Game in the S. China Sea


 **(09.16) N. Pollack

 Fascism Trumps Democracy: America, A..


 **(09.16) J. Pomfret &

 HK pro-independence activists could ...


 **(09.16) www.pajhwok

 India pledges $ 1 billion for Afghanistan..


 **(09.16) J. Marshall

 Pushing NATO to Russia's Southern Flank


 **(09.16) RSN Singh

 Raheel Sharif A Disaster for Pakistan


**(09.15) www.khaama

 22 missing Indians joined ISIS loyalists..


 **(09.15) www.hurriyet

 Erdogan says there is still a "long way to go"


 **(09.15) A. Lantier

 Germany, France propose EU  military ...


 **(09.15) www.yahoo

 The Latest: Syria Army Claims Shooting Down 2 Israeli..


 **(09.15) www.journal

 The Libyan Dilemma


 **(09.15) www.pravda 

 The Pussyfication of Western Democracies


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 A Ray Of Sunlight


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 9/11 and the Treason of Empire


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 12.354 Kg of explosives exported for Kabul


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 Fighting rages on in Syria in wake of US-Russia


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 Netanyahu's Land-Grab Strategy


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 Welcome to Your Delusional Democracy


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 Will Russia and Turkey Change the Energy Map..


**(09.13) R. Urie

 And the Ship Goes Down


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 Balance sheet in Syria


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 Nangarhar police Chief Gen. Zarawar Zahid killed


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 Truth About 9/11


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 24 Hours in Yemen: UN, US, UK. Devastation


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 Why are women still waiting to Achieve  full


**(09.12) www.khaama

 13 soldiers martyred, 94 militants killed  ..


 **(09.12) T. G. Carpenter

 America's Hypocrisy on Foreign "Provocation"


 **(09.12) www.bing..

 Imperfect deal in Syria is still worth supporting


 **(09.12) J. M. Melinnis

 Iran's Military Might Be Getting Ready


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 Russia flaunts military might in Crimea ...


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 Stop the Fed Before it Kills Again


**(09.11) T. Snider

 Broken Promises That Still Shape the World


**(09.11)  A. Akulov 

 Philippines: Towards China And Away...


 **(09.11) J. Ditz

 Taliban Storms Afghan Provincial Capital,


 **(09.11) www.pravda

 USA and S. Korea deliberately work to ...


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 Why America and China Today Are Like..


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 Why the Syrian People Won't Accept a Deal


**(09.10) T. Khan

 Gulf states accuse Iran of trying to politicise


 **(09.10) R. Baroud

 Is Israel Pushing for a Palestinian Civil War?


 **(09.10) A. Beatty &

 Obama warns China over S. China Sea..


 **(09.10) K. Press

 Rise in Afghan army casualties as MoD ...


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 The American Way: Indefinite Detention


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 The Rise of the Populists


**(09.09) P. Butler

 Arab Spring: The Fall of All Freedom


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 As the Taliban advances in Helmand, Afghan soldiers..


 **(09.09) B. Khan

 Has Israel Effectively Colonized the US:


 **(09.09) D. Majmudar

 How Russia and China Could Strike the.


 **(09.09) J. Ditz

 Obama Won't Promise Not To Launch


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  Pakistan: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Slow Burn


**(09.08) www.khaama

 Abdullah talks about unity govt. duration..


 **(09.08) M. Statement

 Empowerment and Enlightenment


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 The Empire versus Little America


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 The Other War Crime in the Balkans


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 The US Election: an Exercise in Mendacity


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 What We Know About China's New Bomber


**(09.07) www.khaama

 30 Killed , over 90 wounded in twin explosions in Kabul


 **(09.07) V. Popov

 Alienation Between the West and the Muslim


 **(09.07) P. Cockburn

 Kurds to Fight to Death to Stop Turkey...


 **(09.07) D. Sharkov

 Putin Claims Successor Must Be "Young


 **(09.07) P. Martin

 The most unpopular candidates in American


 **(09.07) J. Ditz 

 US, Russia Again Fail to Reach Syria Deal


**(09.06) www.outlook..

 Afghanistan Never Begs Peace from Taliban


 **(09.06) K. Yao

 G 20: Xi says rising protectionism threatens


 **(09.06) V. Prashaed

 Powder Keg: the Rage in Urban America


 **(09.06) E. Zuesse

 The FBI's Fake "Investigation" of Hillary's..


 **(09.06) B. V. Auken

 The ouster of Brazil's  Workers Party govt.


 **(09.06) S. Roblin

 The Tu-95 Bear: Russia Has Its Very Own..


**(09.05) www.dw..

 After Karimov's departure, Uzbekitan's future unsure


 **(09.05) R. Parry

 America's Journalistic Hypocrites


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 China Is Building a New Long-Range Bomber


 **(09.05) www.pajhwok

 Fall of Hesarak may impinge on Kabul, Nangarhar


 **(09.05) www.yahoo

 Russia will deploy a division of troops about


 **(09.05) J. W. Carder 

 US Hawks Use UN Report to Call for ...


**(09.04) www.pajhwok

 17 including 4 bombers dead, 52 wounded..


 **(09.04) D. Rosen

 Love and Terror: Sex as a Weapon


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 Terrorist Retreat? Syrian Army Overruns ...


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 The Other Speech: Hillary the Hawk Spreads


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Turkey's Coup: Winners and Losers


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 Washington Plays Nuclear Chicken New With China


**(09.03) www.pajhwok

 Logar landmine blast claims lives of 5 NDS operatives


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 The Obstacle to Peace


 **(09.03) W. Engdhal

 Top USA National Security Officials Admit..


 **(09.03) J. Thomas

 US Cultural Colonization in Asia Pacific


 **(09.03) S. Rafi

 War in Syria takes an ethnic turn


 **(09.03) A. Moss 

 What's Really Behind the Election


**(09.02) S. Harris &

 American Mom Held by A. Militants Pleads


 **(09.02) P. Escobar

 Brazil's Dilme Roussoff, a Woman of Honor.


 **(09.02) N. Litovkim

 New Russian cruise missiles to hit targets for


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 Obama''s Imperial Mideast Policy Unravels


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 The New Cold War Between the US and China


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 Understanding Syria's Many Conflict


**(09.01) J. Ditz

 Turkey Extends Anti-Kurd Airstrikes Into N. Iraq.


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 China's Evolving Military Strategy and the Reorganization


 **(09.01) www.khaama

 Explosion killed 6 members of a single family in South..


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 Sorrow and Grace in Palestine


 **(09.01) Y. Torbati &

 U. S., India sign military logistics agreement 


 **(09.01) J. Lott

 Why the Military-Industrial Complex Loves Hillary











 زبان های اروپائی:

پورتال "افغانستان آزاد ــ آزاد افغانستان" غرض نشو و نمای فكری و ذهنی جوانان افغان  و سهم گیری فعال شان در حیات سیاسی و اجتماعی كشور، گزارش های مختلفی را به ارتباط افغانستان كه در مطبوعات انعكاس می یابد، رؤیت میدهد.  این روش باعث خواهد شد كه از جانبی جوانان و سایر هموطنان ما كه نظر به جبر زمان از لسان مادری خود دور نگهداشته شده اند، قادر گردند كه جریانات كشور را به همان زبانی كه مسلط اند، تجزیه و تحلیل نموده و بر   دانش و معلومات خود در مورد كشور مادری شان بیافزایند و از جانب دیگر آن عـده از افغان هائی که روی همان جبر زمان به زبان مادری شان نمی توانند مطالب سود مند شان را به هم وطنان تقدیم دارند، این فرصت را به دست آرند تا به همان زبانی که می توانند مقاصد شان را بیان داشته زمینه های ارتباط بین خود و نسل های اولی را مستحکم تر سازند.  پورتال "افغانستان آزاد ــ آزاد افغانستان" از  جوانان آزاد اندیش و با درد دعوت میكند كه پورتال را در همه   سطوح یاری رسانند.



** آرشیف زبانهای اروپائی2015

** آرشیف زبانهای اروپائی2014

** آرشیف زبانهای اروپائی2013

** آرشیف زبانهای اروپائی2012

** آرشیف زبانهای اروپائی2011

** آرشیف زبانهای اروپائی2010

** آرشیف زبانهای اروپائی 2008-2009     


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 Assessing the Russian Military as an Instrument off..


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 Clinton's Crazy Conspiracy Theory


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 Pakistan waging dirty war on its Balochs


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 Crisis and Opportunity


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 Turkey's Foray Into Syria Is a Gamble in a Very


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 Turkey expands invasion of Syria


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 Western Propaganda- So Simple But So Effective!


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 Zawahiri: Iraqi Sunnis Should Prepare for "Long Guerrilla..


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 Explosion target Afghan Lawmaker in Balkh, 4 killed,...


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 Lawmakers and Greens are trying to get Europeans to...


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 NED , the Legal Window of the CIA


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 Saudi Arabia Kills Civilians, the U. S. Looks the Other..


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 Greek Debt and New Financial Imperialism


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 Islam and slavery


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 The Untouchables


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 US soldiers killed  in an explosion in Helmand province


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 US-S. Korean war games inflame Asia tensions


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 War: The I.S. and Western Politicians Against..


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 India preparing the 4th Mi-25 gunship for delivery to


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 Russia's Eurasian identity as part of its strategy


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 Suicide bombing kills 51 at wedding in Turkey


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 The Contradictions of  Donald Trump


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 US Fails to Recognize New Reality in M. East


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 A Battle to the Death in Syria


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 Afghanistan 13 soldiers loses in past 24 hours as...


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 Attack at Turkey Wedding Kills 50, Wounds 84


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 Iran's "Shia Liberation Army" id par for the course


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 Russian Military Options in Syria and the Ukraine


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 Turkey: CIA Obviously Knows Gulan Was Behind Coup


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 How Parasitic Finance Capital Has Turned Iran's.. 


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 Multipolar World Order: Economics Vs Politics


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 Turkey restructures intelligence after coup


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 Washington Hawks Prey on Syrian Killing Fields


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 Where do US nuclear weapons travel from Turkey?


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 Dangerous Seas: China and the USA


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 Hillary and the War Party


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 Japan plans missile deployment in E. China Sea


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 The Upcoming Nicaraguan Election Will Be a Test


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 Turkey and Iran Reach Agreement on Conditions ...


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 China launches world first quantum satellite


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 How Russia Is Bolstering Missile Defense in its far East


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 The 2016 elections and the crisis of American democracy


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 H. Clinton - History Repeats Itself


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 Modernized Russian bombers will be able to fly in ...


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 Washington's Sunni Myth and the Civil War in Syria


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 British Special Forces operating inside Syria


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 The former child bride who is using her story..


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 The Revolutionary Life of Fidel Castro


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 Afghan Taliban Have the Capital of Helmand  Province..


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 Fidel Castro: 90 Revolutionary Years


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 Inciting Wars the American Way


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 The Real issues in the 2016 US election


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 13rd International Symposium against Isolation


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 Biden: Ukraine Must Avoid Escalating Tensions With Russia


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 Is Russia's Lethal Su-35 Fighter Better than the


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 Japan to develop missiles at tensions with China rise..


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 New Crimean War in the making: Russia Readies to


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 The Dilemma of Pakistan's Foreign Policy


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 11 Afghan soldiers, 92 militants killed in past 24 hours


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 Anti-Americanism surges in Turkey after coup


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 Is the Islamic State Finally Collapsing?


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 Russia Deploys S-400 Air Defense System to Crimea


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 The provocation in Crimea and the threat of world war


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 The Rise of a Turkish- Russian alliance?


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 Afghan political crisis intensifies as two-year anniversary


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 How the Obama  Administration Encouraged the Rise ...


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 RAND's "Unthinkable" war with China


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 Russia's Big Gamble for the Black Sea


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 Ukraine Puts Army on combat Alert Along Crimea Border


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 What Is the Real Purpose of the US Bombing in Syria?


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 Divide and Rule: How Factionalism in Palestine..


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 Explosion Herat leaves 4 dead, 9 others wounded


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 Saudi Losses in Yemen War Exposed by US Tank Deal


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 The slump in US productivity: Another symptom of ...


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 Will Russia Reject Neoliberalism?


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 Will Turkey exit NATO to enter into alliance with Russia?


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 Afghan officials raise alarm as Taliban gain in Helmand


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 Atlantic Council proposes to develop Poland as a ...


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 Hillary Clinton and the Big (Neoliberal) Lie..


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 Tu-214R Deployed to Syria: Displaying Enhanced..


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 Ukraine is on the verge of full-scale war


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 "U. S. A." Chant: Hegemonic Unity in Global Domination


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 China's Unique Space Ambitions


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 Exciting countdown for Turkey and Russia


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 The Winds of Change in Egypt, Again:..


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 Trump and the Bomb


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 US and Australian academics abducted at gunpoint


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 Washington escalates covert backing for Al Qaeda


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 Another Sarajevo?


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 Europe Must Not Be Blackmailed by Turkey


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 ISIS Captures US Weapons, Equipment in Afghanistan


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 Rio 2016: The "Olympic ideal" and the reality of capitalism


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 Russia, Syria and the US: Hillary's Foreign Policy


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 Trump and Authoritarianism


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 5 Chinese Weapons of War America Wishes..


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 Could Hillary Lose?


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 EU's nightmare - Turkey's alliance with Russia


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 Prophecy and the Jihad in the Indian Subcontinent..


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 The Fight against Neoliberalism: Brazil in the....


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 Zero Sun Foreign Policy: the UN Option


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 America's war for the Greater M. East


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 Needing an Exit from Afghan Quagmire


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 Reaming Charges: the Great Trump Conspiracy?


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 What happens to the Turkish army?


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Why America Loses Wars


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 Why the CIA is for Hillary Clinton


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 Losing to Russia in Syria, Washington Bombs Libya


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 Lurching Toward World War 3


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 The Goldwater Girl and the Wall Street Girl


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 Violence against Women Increases in 2016: AIHRC


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 What Makes Russia's New Tu-160M2 Blackjack


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 Which way will Turkey's Erdogan go?


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 Arab Summit Fails to give hope


 **(08.06) J. Hasik

 Could France, Germany and Poland Build a New Lethal..


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 Pakistani helicopter crash-lands in Logar, 6 on board ..


 **(08.06) Dr. S. Kapila

 Pakistan In Indian Diplomatic Crass Hairs..


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 State of Fear: Trump v. Clinton


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 Turkey Says Obama Lies- US Was Behind Failed Coup


**(08.05) L. Chadwick

 Afghan Forces Use Child Soldiers, and the U. S. ...


 **(08.05) O. B. Belli &

 Erdogan's Hunt Against the Gulen Movement


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 Hillary Clinton to Review US Syria Policy


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 More airstrikes in new US war in Libya


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 Syrian regime forces roll back rebel gains in Aleppo


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 US Military Pivots to Africa and the New Is Grim


**(08.04) G. Sussman

 American Elections: Weapons of Mass Distraction


 **(08.04) www.yahoo

 China must prepare for "people's war at Sea":


 **(08.04) www.pajhwok

 Faryab education director having fake degree arrested


 **(08.04) www.thedaily..

 How Israel Plays Syria's Civil War


 **(08.04) P. Cockburn

 Once the Great Hope of the M. East, Turkey Is Weak


 **(08.04) www.pravda 

 Putin switches Russia's geopolitics to Balkan


**(08.03) E. Margolis

 America's Longest War Gets Longer


 **(08.03) P. Martin

 Clinton compaign appeals to Republicans and the military 


 **(08.03) S. R. Sheikh

 Clouds of Uncertainty Continue to London..


 **(08.03) J. V. Walsh

 Comrade Vlademir and Comrade Donald


 **(08.03) P. Korzun

 Russia, Syria Launch Larger-Scale Humanitarian..


 **(08.03) www.yahoo..

 Taliban truck bomb rocks hotel for foreigners in Kabul


**(08.02) www.khaama

 Ex- Afghan MP shot dead by unkown gunmen in Kabul city


 **(08.02) P. Escobar

 Is war Inevitable in the South China Sea?


 **(08.02) S. Roblin

 Russia Hopes Its New Super Combat Vehicle Will Rule


 **(08.02) V. Prashad

 The Iraq War: a Story of Deceit


 **(08.02) R. Spencer

 The Most dangerous anti-American force isn't ISIS..


 **(08.02) B. Grey

 US warplanes kill at least 28 more civilians in n. Syria


**(08.01) www.khaama

 Afghan commandos deployed to Helmand to push Taliban


 **(08.01) R. Savio

 How Did We Arrive at This Chaos?


 **(08.01) A. Vltcheck

 Like Trump, Hitler Also Liked His "Small People"


 **(08.01) M. Kidder

 My Fellow Americans: We Are Fools


 **(08.01) A. Vltchek

 S. China Sea: Watch Out, Dragon Could Bite!


 **(08.01) J. V. Michallef

 Sunni Jihadism and the Persian Bomb


**(07.31) I. Hossein-Zadeh

 Evolution of Capitalism, Escalation of Imperialism


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 Explosion in Kabul city leaves 2 dead, 2 others wounded


 **(07.31) P. C. Roberts

 Is Europe doomed by vassalage to Washington


 **(07.31) B. V. Auken

 Obama's legacy: Identity politics in the service of war


 **(07.31) Gary Leupp

 The Coming Crisis in U. S.-Turkey Relations


 **(07.31)  Dr. S. T. Massey 

 The Globalization of Poverty: The Abundance..


**(07.30) www.khaama

 5 US soldiers wounded in fight against ISIS in East...


 **(07.30) P. Cockburn

 Erdogan Moves Against the Gulen Movement


 **(07.30) D. Walsh

 Hillary Clinton's dishonest, empty acceptance speech


 **(07.30) J. St. Clair

 Night of the Hollow Men:..


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 The M2U: New Russian Air Defense System ...


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 The New Age of Terrorism


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Turkey: 1.5% of the Military Participated in Failed Coup


 **(07.29) www.khaama

 7 Afghan soldiers martyred in the past 24 hours, ...


 **(07.29) P. Giraldi

 Erdogan Takes Control


 **(07.29) L. Lulko

 Russia and Turkey: Marriage of convenience


 **(07.29) J. Eskow

 The Loneliness of the American Leftist


 **(07.29) R. Moser

 The Party's Over


 **(07.29) T. Engelhardt 

 The World After Me: Eternal "Wartime" in America


**(07.28) C. Todhunter

 Britain's Scramble for Africa: The New Colonialism


 **(07.28) U. Jamal

 Is Pakistan Heading Toward a Coup?


 **(07.28) www.aopnews

Is suffers major blow in Afghanistan as 122 of its fighters..


 **(07.28) R. W. Behan

  The Banana Republic of America: Democracy Be ..


 **(07.28) A. Areshev

 The Coup Attempt in Turkey: .


 **(07.28) www.pravda

 The West has raped, killed and destroyed the whole world


 **(07.28) www.pravda

 Ukraine ready for ultra-right military coup


**(07.27) J. Marshall

 Afghanistan: President Obama's Vietnam


 **(07.27) G. E. Valori

 Consideration On Current Strategy of French Govt.


 **(07.27) B. Grey

Democratic convention opens: An agenda of militarism...


 **(07.27) W. K. Black

 Doubling Down on Wall Street: Hillary and T. Kaine


 **(07.27) P. Cockburn

 Erdogan Is Strengthened by the Failed Coup. But ..


 **(07.27) T. G. Carpenter

 The NATO Alliance Is Terminally Ill


**(07.26) A. Akulov

 US Election Campaign: Shaping Policy on Russia.


 **(07.26) L. Nersisyan

 A Frozen War in Russia's Backyard Heats Up


 **(07.26) N. Desk

 China Expects J-20 Stealth Fighter  to be Combat


 **(07.26) Prof. J. Petras

 Erdogan's Coup: Purging Domestic Critics


 **(07.26) www.khaama

 Rocket lands in Makroryan area of Kabul 


 **(07.26) T. Hall

 The pro-capitalist program of the US Green Party


**(07.25) J. Ditz

 Attack on Afghan Shi'ite Protest Kills 80, Wounds 231


 **(07.25) F. Pieraccini

 Failed Turkish Coup: Sabotage, Incompetence or ..


 **(07.25) E. Draitser

 Hillary and Tim Kaine: a Match Made on Wall Street


 **(07.25) V. Grossman

 Horror News. This Time From Munich.


 **(07.25) R. Farley

 Russia's F-15 Killer: Why America (and the World)


 **(07.25) M. Fetouri  

 Will Gadhafi's son be Libya's next leader?


**(07.24) F. Notash

 Accusation against Erdoghan


 **(07.24) Ph.D. P. Baofu

 A Legency of the "White Man's  Rule," and a Lesson...


 **(07.24) B. Kristain

 America Keeps Lethal Nukes All Over Europe for No..


 **(07.24) www.khaama

 Demonstration due for Kabul over TUTAP project


 **(07.24) B. V. Auken

 The Turkish Coup, US militarism and the collapse..


 **(07.24) J. Ditz

 Turkish Parliament Grants Erdogan Sweeping New Powers


**(07.23) F. W. Engdahl

 Behind the CIA Desperate Turkey Coup Attempt.


 **(07.23) T. Connars

 China's "dragon head" the Europe crumbling


 **(07.23) J. Ditz

 Erdogan: Foreign Plotters Likely Behind Failed Turkey..


 **(07.23) A. Lantier

 France's permanent state of emergency


 **(07.23) J. Ditz

 Taliban Expands Hold in N. Afghanistan Amid Heavy..


 **(07.23) J. Hirthler 

 The Corporate Liberal in America


**(07.22) www.pajhwok

 4 butchers arrested for "selling" donkey meat in Balkh


 **(07.22) M. Whitney

 The Coup in Turkey has Thrown a Wrench in Uncle


 **(07.22) Farah Notash

 The midnight coup


 **(07.22) J. Kishore &..

 The Republicans plumb the depths


 **(07.22) A. Vltchek

  Tough Russian Anti-Capitalist Literature


 **(07.22) P. Vorobyov

 Ukraine as a Threat to European Security


 **(07.22) J. Ditz

 US Airstrikes Kill Up to 200 Civilians in N. Syria


**(07.21) J. Ditz

British PM Willing to Nuke Hundreds of Thousands: 


 **(07.21) C. Whalen

 Could Chine's Bank Take Down the Global Economy?


 **(07.21) www.pajhwok

 Illegal Afghans get one-week deadline to leave Jumrod


 **(07.21) P. Martin

 Republican convention opens: An obscene spectacle


 **(07.21) P. Marliere

 The Political Disintegration of France:


 **(07.21) L. Wittner

 The Superpowers Are Violent Powers


**(07.20) A. Panda

 A Brief History of the Coup de Etat in the Asia-Pacific


 **(07.20) www.khaama

 Afghan Taliban issues statement for the Central Asian...


 **(07.20) J. Ditz

 Erdogan: Dead Penalty, Detentions to Cleanse  Turkey


 **(07.20) T. Engelhardt

 How Extrajudicial Executions Became "War" Policy..


 **(07.20) J. Batongbacal

 Philippines vs China in the S. China Sea:


 **(07.20) B. Grey 

 The promotion of racial politics and the US elections


**(07.19) www.hurriyet..

 6000 detained from Turkish army, judiciary in probe


 **(07.19) www.khaama

 Afghan Kid,4, dies after hit by train on the way to Europe


 **(07.19) M. Yetkin

 Anatomy of a failed coup attempt


 **(07.19) U. Botobekov

 Is Central Asia Ready to Face ISIS?


 **(07.19) B. R. Deepak

 S. China Sea Arbitration: Evolving geopolitical


 **(07.19) S. Martinot 

 The "Fundamentalism" in police Operations


**(07.18) R. Fisk

 Erdogan Had It Coming: the Turkish Coup Failed...


 **(07.18) www.khaama

 Major operation to kick of against ISIS in East Afg.


 **(07.18) F. Ganderbali

 Pak-Army's Grand Deception on Terrorism


 **(07.18) S. Chavanec

 The Attack in Nice: How Western Imperialism Breeds..


 **(07.18) B. V. Auken

 US releases Saudi documents: 9/11 coverup exposed.


 **(07.18) R. Sterling 

 Western Propaganda for a New Cold War


**(07.17) R. Gutman &..

 After a night of clashes, Turkish president asserts that..


 **(07.17) www.reuters

 France investigating whether truck attacker acted..


 **(07.17) P. Foster &.

 How Turkey's military launched coup against President..


 **(07.17) Y. Engler

 How the UN and Canada collided to kill Lumumba


 **(07.17) E. Massey

 The War We Forgot to End: Why Are We Still in Afg.


 **(07.17) B. Land

 What the Hell is France to Do?


 **(07.17) G. Carpenter 

 Why the S. China Sea Verdict Is Likely to Backfire


**(07.16) L. Lulko

 Billions of Chinese ready for the war in S. China Sea


 **(07.16) C. Todhunter

 Britain's Scramble for Africa: The New Colonialism


 **(07.16) www.khaama

 No plans to revive peace talks with Taliban...


 **(07.16) Yo-Jung Chan

 South China Sea: "The French Are Coming"


 **(07.16) W. T. Whitney

 Venezuela in Crisis: Too Much US intervention, ..


 **(07.16) Dr. P. C. Roberts 

 "Washington, the War Criminal Capital of the World..


**(07.15) M. E. Yepe

 Brexit Takes Root in the Caribbean


 **(07.15) www.news..

 China Focus: China issues white paper on settling


 **(07.15) P. C. Roberts

 Geshtapo America


 **(07.15) P. Mogul

 Hague rules that China has "no legal basis" to claim


 **(07.15) www.khaama

 Pak-Afghan bordering regions still safe haven for terror


 **(07.15) J. Raimondo 

 The Myth of the "War on Terrorism"


**(07.14) www.pravda

 "China Will react if provoked again: you risk the war"


 **(07.14) R. Oaul

 Fool's Errand: NATO Pledges Four More Years of war ..


 **(07.14) I. Finn

 Militarized police forces throughout the US carry..


 **(07.14) www.daily..

 Pakistan should expel militants fighting against Afg.


 **(07.14) A. Lukin

 The EU Looks Like the Dying Soviet Empire.


 **(07.14) R. Nader 

 Vanishing the People's Wealth to Make the Bosses...


**(07.13) U. Avnery

 Hatred Just Grows and Grows


 **(07.13) H. Hassan

 How Asad has outfoxed his foes time and again


 **(07.13) www.pajhwok

 Hundreds of foreign , local militants mass in Logar's..


 **(07.13) N. Coea

 Indonesia Prepares for Another Round of Executions


 **(07.13) www.wsws..

 Race, class and Police murder in America


 **(07.13) E. Margolis

 Send Our War Criminals to Hague Court


 **(07.12) W. Madsen

 A Global Exit: Secessions and Breakups Occurring..


 **(07.12) www.reuters..

 Bin Laden's son threatens revange for father's...


 **(07.12) J. St. Clair

 How the Iraq War Was Sold


 **(07.12) www.khaama

 Islamabad: Afghan leaders blame Pakistan for all...


 **(07.12) T. B.-Hinchey

 NATO: A criminal and a liar


 **(07.12) D. K. Simes 

 Russia and America: Destined for Conflict?


**(07.11) T. Peters

 Deepening social inequality in New Zealand


 **(07.11) G. Chengu

 From Churchill to Blair: How British Leaders have ..


 **(07.11) www.khaama

 NATO leaders took 3 Key  decisions about Afghanistan...


 **(07.11) H. Ellyatt

 Russia hits back at "anti-Russian" NATO "hysteria"


 **(07.11) P. Symonds

 US planners prepare air war on China


 **(07.11) A. Vltchek 

 Venezuela and When People Are Forced to Eat Shit!


**(07.10) www.khaama

 Australia pledges extra $300 million to help develop...


 **(07.10) J. Raimondo

 Chilcot and the End of the Anglosphere


 **(07.10) J. Sickles

 Dallas sniper shooting: 5 police officers slain, suspect...


 **(07.10) M. Mandle

 Merkel Urged to Temper NATO's Belligerence


 **(07.10) K. B. Vlahos

 Military-Industrial Election


 **(07.10) C. Hallinan

 The Brexit and Spain: Europe on the Edge?


 **(07.10) J. Bender 

 The One map shows the mounting tensions between ..


**(07.09) J. Hale

 Confessions of a War Propagandist


 **(07.09) G. Leupp

 Imagining a Different Europe: Brexit and Future of NATO


 **(07.09) www.khaama

 Suicide attack leaves 4 people dead in N. of Afghanistan


 **(07.09) N. Sadiq

 The Military-Industrial Complex of Pakistan


 **(07.09) N. Nikandrov

 The Nicaragua Canal, Russian Tanks, and US Spies


 **(07.09) P. Szoldra 

 The US could have destroyed Iran's entire infrastructure


**(07.08) P. Korzun

 Brexit Set to Spread Across Europe


 **(07.08) N. A. Khan

 Kashmir: Creation of a Viable Political Structure


 **(07.08) A. Morland

 Liberte, egalite, impunite


 **(07.08) J. Ditz

 Obama Suspends Afghanistan Troop Cutbacks


 **(07.08) S. Tankel

 Pakistani Militants and the State


 **(07.08) www.pravda..

 Russia-Turkey: Who is winning?


**(07.07) J. Stern

 Brexit and the returns of European militarism


 **(07.07) C. Chelala

 D. Trump Torturer in Chief


 **(07.07) www.presstv

 Full support for Afghanistan, Iran's core policy


 **(07.07) J. Stein

 It's Time for a Second American Revolution


 **(07.07) C. Spinney

 Lost in the Military-Industrial Complex


 **(07.07) J. Ditz  

 US-Backed Syrian Rebels Accused of Torture Summary..


**(07.06) M. Schofield

 CIA knew it had the wrong man, but kept him...


 **(07.06) P. Cockburn

 Europe Has Underestimated the Destructive Force.. 


 **(07.06) J. Ditz

 Looting and Arson Reported as Shi'ite Militias..


 **(07.06) www.nextbig..

 Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons


 **(07.06) www.khaama

 Senator McCain as Pakistan to take practical steps..


 **(07.06) J. Raimondo

 The Revolt Against Globalism


**(07.05) M. Pheko

 40 Years after: Understanding the Soweto Uprising


 **(07.05) www.khaama

 Afghanistan receives military equipment from China


 **(07.05) M. Kimberley

 Beneficial Chaos: Good News About Brexit


 **(07.05) P. Martin

 Economic inequality soars in US


 **(07.05) B. V. Auken

 The Istanbul airp0rt bombing:..


 **(07.05) E. Dante

 Who is Behind the Cholera Epidemic in Haiti?


**(07.04) www.pravda..

 Another conflict brewing in the Gulf..


 **(07.04) A. Vltchek

 Brexit- Let the UK Screw Itself


 **(07.04) www.kentucky..

 Hostage crisis leaves 28 dead in Bangladesh


 **(07.04) www.khaama

 Militants kill 7 of a family including 3 women


 **(07.04) B. V. Auken

 Obama's drone order: Institutionalizing a state..


 **(07.04) J. Ditz 

 White House: Substantial Increase in Military Aid


**(07.03) I. H.-Zadeh

 Marx on Financial Bubbles: ..


 **(07.03) www.yahoo..

 Putin: Moscow would shift troops if Finland joined NATO


 **(07.03) www.reuters..

 Slovakia says western members can't dictate EU:


 **(07.03) J. Ditz

 Taliban Kill 34, Mostly Soldiers, in Suicide Attacks..


 **(07.030 D. Bremwich

 The Roots of Hillary's Infatuation with War


 **(07.03) W. Hart

 US military bases and empire building


**(07.02) F. Cunningham

 Britain and EU Set for Ugly Divorce


 **(07.02) www.military..

 Kabul to Investigate Child Sex Slavery Fueling Insider..


 **(07.02) J. R. Schindler

 Moscow Rules of Espionage Go Global..


 **(07.02) P. Korzun

 Shanghai Cooperation Organization:


 **(07.02) D. Minin

 Signing a Deal with Moscow? Obama Wants to Wrap..


 **(07.02) J. Oberg

   Why is NATO So Irrational Today?


**(07.01) www.outlook..

 A Glance At Challenges of Afghan Women


 **(07.01) S. Richman

 Brexit: What Kind of Dependence Now?


 **(07.01) www.pravda..

 CIA and FBI desperately try to steal the show from Russian..


 **(07.01) www.cnn..

 Istanbul terror attack: 41 killed; airport resumes....


 **(07.01) T. Gaist

 Obama's war in Iraq and the third battle of Fallujah


 **(07.01) O. Kassem 

 The End of the Atlantic Project: Slamming the ...


**(06.30) M. E. Yepe

 Capitalism is the Opposite of Democracy


 **(06.30) www.khaama

 District chief judge shot dead by gunmen in Kabul City


 **(06.30) J. Eland

 How About an Amerexit from NATO and Other..


 **(06.30) G. Wilpert &..

 How Western Military Interventions Shaped the ..


 **(06.30) J. Bradley

 Omar Mateen's Motive


 **(06.30) J. Burton 

 US Supreme Court strikes down Texas anti-abortion law



 Beijing And Moscow Fed Up With Washington,..


 **(06.29) J. Raimondo

 Brexit: A Glorious Victory


 **(06.29) www.washington..

 Former Afghan warlord scuttles peace deal with Kabul


 **(06.29) B. Kampmark

 Headaches of Empire: Brexit's Effect on the US


 **(06.29) V. Isachenkov &..

 Turkish president apologizes for downing of Russian  jet


 **(06.29) The Saker

 US Options in the Ukraine: Trigger a Religious War?


**(06.28) A. Lantier

 Brexit vote intensifies conflicts within Europe European.. 


 **(06.28) A. Cone

 China, Russia pledge business partnership worth $ 50 Bi.


 **(06.28) R. Jordan

 Ex-PM Mulroney urges Canada to prepare for war


 **(06.28) www.khaama

 Haqqani network Ramadan attack plots foiled in Khost..


 **(06.28) C. Burke

 Report: Russia Building Spy Base in Nicaragua


 **(06.28) R. J. Heydarian

 The S. China Sea Moment of Truth Is Almost Here


**(06.27) www.spiegel.de.

 Europe is Dead


 **(06.27) www.global..

 Israeli Rabbi Asks Settlers to Poison Palestinian Water..


 **(06.27) M. Heinrich

 New Century, Old Rivalries: Russian Military Mod...


 **(06.27) A. Akulov

 New Russia's MiG-35 to Conduct Test Flights


 **(06.27) A. B. Khalil

 The Rise of China-Afghanistan Security Relations


 **(06.27) W. J. Astore 

 We bomb, We murder, We Terrorize: The US Air Force


**(06.26) www.seatt..

 After Obama decision, first US airstrikes hit Afghan Taliban


 **(06.26) www.pravda..

 Brexit: The collapse of Europe


 **(06.26) P. Escobar

 Goodbye to All That: Why the UK Left the EU.


 **(06.26) F. Shah

 Kashmir Is Slipping Away From India


 **(06.26) P. Bentley

 Mercenary Logic: 12 Dead in Kabul


 **(06.26) A. Vltchek 

 What Japanese Media Doesn't Want yoe to Say!


**(06.25) J. Wiegratz

 How Neoliberalism's Moral Order Feeds Fraud and ..


**(06.25) J. W Carden

 Neocons Scheme for More "Regime Change"


 **(06.25) J. Ditz

 Putin Pushes Combat Readiness, Citing NATO "Aggression"


 **(06.25) J. Ditz

 Referendum: Britain Votes to Leave European Union


 **(06.25) A. Rattans

 The Coming End of the EU-USA Military Industrial..


 **(06.25) P. Martin

 US wages and jobs decline , inequality rises


 **(06.25) www.pravda.. 

 War between Russia and USA may break out in Syria


**(06.24) www.pravda.

 After Syria, Russia to provide military help to Lebanon?


 **(06.24) T. Engelhardt

 Air Supremacy Isn't What It Used to Be.


 **(06.24) J. Ditz

 Boeing Signs Historic $ 25 Billions Dead With Iran


 **(06.24) J. Ditz

 Israeli Intel Chief: We Don't Want ISIS Defeated..


 **(06.24) www.washington..

 Pakistan's "University of Jihad" is getting millions..


 **(06.24) J. Brichmont 

 The European Dead End


**(06.23) P. Escobar

 Beijing Goes Mobile in the S. China Sea:


 **(06.23) G. Leupp

 Bernie's Capitulation and Hillary's Syrian War...


 **(06.23) D. Bandow

 Declaring War on "Islamist Extremism"  Is Nonsense


 **(06.23) B. Ehrenreich

 How Israel Is Inciting Palestinian Violence 


 **(06.23) J. Ditz

 Pakistan, Afghanistan Fail to Reach Border Deal After...


 **(06.23) www.yahoo..

 Thousands in Okinawa Demand U. S. Military ...


**(06.22) www.popula..

 China's New Y-20 Is the Largest Military Aircraft..


 **(06.22) M. S. Noorzoy

 Greeting of Peace And a Measure of the Costs of War!


 **(06.22) M. H. de Toro

 Intolerance and "The Trump Effect"


 **(06.22) D. L. Davis

 Obama Must Ignore the Call to Increase Troops in Afg..


 **(06.22) J. Cogon

 Reports of sectarian massacres as Falluhah falls to..


 **(06.22) D. L. Davis

 Taliban suicide bombing kills 14 Nepalese guards..


 **(06.22) A. Bledsoe

 The Racist and Sexist Nature of Brazil's New Govt.


**(06.21) A. Korybko

 China, Russia and the Multipolar World


 **(06.21) www.middle..

 Egypt court hands Morsi another life sentence


 **(06.21) Prof. M. Chossudovsky

 Neoliberalism and the Globalization of War


 **(06.210 M. S. Noorzay

  President Barack Obama and the Vice President J. Biden


 **(06.21) www.aljazeera

 The end of Pakistan's double-games in Afghanistan


 **(06.21) J. Laforge

 Undeterred: Amid Terror Attacks in Europe, US..


 **(06.21) W. Porter

 World's Largest Arms Dealers Lecture Americans ...



**(06.20) www.national..

 China vs Philippines in S. China Sea?


 **(06.20) D. Sanchez

 Hate, Terror, and Collectivism Culminate in Orlando


 **(06.20) R. Urie

 Hillary Clinton and American Empire


 **(06.20) G. Leupp

 On "Islamic" and "Islamist Terrorism"


 **(06.20) J. Ditz

 Pentagon Report: Afghan Civilian Casualties at "R. Highs"


 **(06.20) D. Majumdar 

 Russia's New PAK-FA Stealth Fighter Might Have...


**(06.19)I. H.-Zadeh

 Distorting Fascism to Sanitize Capitalism


 **(06.19) J. G. Hornberger

 Interventionism, Not Islam, Is the Problem..


 **(06.19) T. Gaist

 NATO commits to Afghan war though 2020


 **(06.19) J. Ditz

 State Dept. Officials Demand US Attack Assad  Instead..


 **(06.19) J. Ditz

 Taliban Holds More of Afghanistan Now Than Any Times..


 **(06.19) A. Cockburn

 The Pentagons Real $trategy keeping the Money..


**(06.18) J. Ditz

 NATO Chief: Alliance May Respond to Cyber Attacks..


 **(06.18) S. Husseini

 Noor Zahi Salman: Everything You're Hearing .... a Lie


 **(06.18) www.busine...

 Russia wants to make its most sophisticated air ...


 **(06.18) E. Zuesse

 The Movement Toward Nuclear War-1


 **(06.18) D. Neresov

 USA vs Iran: Who has a snake in the boson?


 **(06.18) A. Vatanka  

 USA vs Pakistan vs Iran" The Three Way Battle for Afg...


**(06.17) P. Bennis

 Before Orlando, Omar Mateen Worked for Human Rights..


 **(06.17) www.yahoo...

 Chinese spy ship entered Japan waters:


 **(06.17) S. Perere

 Pakistan "reassessing" relations with US Following Modi..


 **(06.17) The Saker

 The Orlando Massacre: This, Lies, the Exploitation


 **(06.17) K. Mizokomi

 U. S. official: Russia Could Defeat NATO in ..


 **(06.17) www.pravda.. 

 What kind of Russia does the West want?


**(06.16) www.aljazeera

 Afghanistan-Pakistan border clashes kill two soldiers


 **(06.16) www.pravda

 If Russia places its arms near USA, there will be no WW3


 **(06.16) K. Osborn

 Russia's New Tanks, Lethal Stealth Fighters (and More)..


 **(06.16) M. K. Bhadrakumar

 Russian-Iranian alliance in Syria at crossroads


 **(06.16) B. V. Auken

 The Orlando massacre and the 2016 US election


 **(06.16) Debney 

 Why is Hate Crime Terrorism?


**(06.15) A. Vltchek

 Appeal to China and Russia: Please Do Not Let..


 **(06.15) E. Sperber

 A Tale of Two Terrorists


 **(06.15) H. Shalizi

 Facing fewer checkpoints, Taliban make Afghan road


 **(06.15) D. Nersesov

 Indian Ocean: New arena for major international..


 **(06.15) J. Dana

 Tal Aviv's mayor and the mechanics of occupation


 **(06.15) G. Doctorow

 The US-Russia Info-War: What's Real?


**(06.14) Aryian Farhat

 We struggled for hope..


 **(06.14) Sender: A. Kultur.. 

 Afghanistan, ein Sicheres Herkunftsland?


 **(06.14) N. Beams

 Bond yields fall as fears rise over global economic..


 **(06.14) T. Hussein

 Obama's pivot east fuels an Asian Cold War


 **(06.14) www.yahoo.

 Orlando Gunman Pledged Allegiance to ISIS in ...


 **(06.14) www.pravda

 Russia slaps Israel in the face


 **(06.14) J. Raimondo

 The Orlando Horror


 **(06.14) T. Stern

 The return of German militarism to E. Europe


**(06.13) D. Cheng

 China's Message to Asia (And America): We Own the Air..


 **(06.13) www.khaama

 Gen. Sharif asks US to target Pakistan Taliban chief in Afg.


 **(06.13) S. Chapman

 Obama Prolongs Unwinnable Wars


 **(06.13) M. Mandl

 The Psychological war and ideological struggle


 **(06.13) N. Alexandrov

 U. S. Elites: the Original Gangsters


 **(06.13) www.theguardia.. 

 US had extensive contact with Ayatollah Khomeini


**(06.12) www.huffington..

 Naive Game of "Whack-a-Mole" with Taliban Leaders


 **(06.12) J. Ditz

 New US Commander Plans to Expand Airstrike in Afg.


 **(06.12) F. Notash

 Refugees: the Australian model


 **(06.12) L. Nersisyan

 Russia vs America: A Nuclear Bomber Showdown


 **(06.12) T. El-Ghobashy

 U. S. sends message to Russia moves aircraft carrier...


 **(06.12) www.news

 Wary of China, India to Sell Advanced Cruise Missiles


**(06.11) S. Bateman

 America, China, India and Japan: Headed Towards a...


 **(06.11) J. Cogan

 Falluja: A Symbol of US war crimes


 **(06.11) T. Gaist

 Former US generals, diplomats clamor for renewal.. 


 **(06.11) T. Rall

 How the Media Manipulated the Democratic Primary


 **(06.11) www.pravda

 ISIS: A global risk


 **(06.11) N. Nekendrov

 The US Is Preparing to Oust President Evo Morales


**(06.10) J. Raimondo

 Rehearsing for World War 3


 **(06.10) A. Vltchek

 S. Korean Man Questions Anti-Communist Dogma


**(06.10)  J. Ditz

 Susan Rice Assures Israel of "Largest Military Aid..


 **(06.10) www.khaama

 Taliban militants execute at least 12 hostages in Ghazni


 **(06.10) D. Larison

 The Latest Attempt to Whitewash the Saudi-Led..


 **(06.10) www.yahoo. 

 U. S. spy Plane Intercepted by China's Jet Over Asian


**(06.09) www.wsws

 100 years age: Arab Revolt against Ottoman Empire


 **(06.09) E. Zuesse

 D. Trump Says the U. S. Should Have Stolen Iraqis,..


 **(06.09) Lt Gen P. Katoch

 Fretting over Chabahar:


 **(06.09) D. Sharkov

 Russia Fears NATO "Global Strike" From E. Europe


 **(06.09) S. Peries &..

 The Wages of Neoliberalism: Poverty, Exile and Early


 **(06.09) K. Atallah

 Uncovering the Tacit Cooperation between Israel..   


**(06.08) www.yahoo..

 Afghanistan's lapis lazuli seen as "conflict mineral"


 **(06.08) J. Olarieta

 Algeria an the Edge of a "Soft Coup"


 **(06.08) M. Peck

 China's Mighty Missile Arsenal:


 **(06.08) T. Snider

 Is the US Behind the Brazilian Coup?


 **(06.08) A. McDowall

 Saudi Arabia expands its anti-Iran strategy...


 **(06.08) M. Khan &.. 

 With new tactics , Taliban gain ground in S. Afghanistan


**(06.07) www.khaama

 13 soldiers martyred, 108 militants killed in latest


 **(06.07) W. Madsen

 CIA: The Corrupt and Ignorant Agency


 **(06.07) P. Giraldi

 Obama Legitimizes the Drone Wars


 **(06.07) L. Nersisyan

 Russia vs. America: A Nuclear Bomber Showdown


 **(06.07) E. Blacke

 US economy adds fewest jobs in five years


 **(06.07) J. Yun

 U. S. expands secret wars in Africa


 **(06.06) M. Mandl

 Imperialism's Junior Partners


 **(06.06) www.bing..

 M. Ali's cultural legacy will be long


 **(06.06) T. Gaist

 The assassination of Mullah Akhtar Mansour: ..


 **(06.06) M. Jamison

 The Republicans: Party of Psychos


 **(06.06) J. Ditz

 Russia FM: US asks Russia Not to Attack al-Qaeda


 **(06.06) L. Tong

 Vietnam's Evolving Role in US Asia Strategy


**(06.05) D. Larson

 America's Habit of Fighting Unnecessary Wars


 **(06.05) J. Moore

 Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei Can't Trust..


 **(06.05) www.outlook

 Kidnapping of Innocent Civilians Continues


 **(06.05) V. Mishra

 Revealed: India's Ambitious New Naval Strategy


 **(06.05) T. Rall

 Trump or Clinton, Screwed Either Way


 **(06.05) D. Nersesov

 Women of Saudi Arabia to break the bubble of..


 **(06.04) B. Dangl

 After Empowering the 1% and Impoverishing Millions,.. 


 **(06.04) K. Mizokami

 Asia's Military Spending Will Match U. S. Spending


 **(06.04) P. Cockburn

 ISIS Faces Likely Defeat in Battle Across Iraq..


 **(06.04) R. T. Borrowes

 Islamophobia: Why Are So Many, So Frightened


 **(06.04) www.khaama

 Peace talks not expected with Taliban's new leader


 **(06.04) D. Majmudar

 Russia Is Set to Build 12 New Monster Warship


**(06.03) K. Kelly

 Building Trust in Afghanistan


 **(06.03) J. Wight

 Imperial Exceptionalism: a Cause Worthy of Defeat


 **(06.03) S. Srivastava

 India and Iran: Changing the Great Game


 **(06.03) J. Raimondo

 The Ongoing Rape of Japan


**(06.03) K. Mizokami

 This is the real reason China is deploying nuclear..


 **(06.03) A. Akulov 

 Weapons Tested in Syria: Russia's Pantsir S2 Mobile..


**(06.02) M. A. Cruz-Diaz

 Imperial Blues: On Whitewashing Dictatorship in 21st..


 **(06.02) E. Sueses

 Is Obama's Entire Foreign Policy Going Down ...2


 **(06.02) C. Spinney

 New Nukes for a New Cold War


 **(06.02) D. Sharkov

 Russia Warns NATO It Will Neutralize Any...


 **(06.02) J. Ditz

 Taliban Kills 57 Police as Afghan Province Nears Collapse


 **(06.02) B. V. Auken

 Who is responsible for the massacre in the Mediterranean 


**(06.01) abcnews..

 In Asia Pacific, a Tense Game of Political...


 **(06.01) E. Zueses

 Is Obama's Entire Foreign Policy Going in ...1


 **(06.01) P. C. Roberts

 Memorial Day and the Glorification of last Wars


 **(06.01) N. Hentoff &..

 Revoke Obama's Nobel Peace Prize


 **(06.01) www.pravda..

 The CIA continues trafficking drugs from Afghanistan


 **(06.01) P. Symonds 

 The danger of nuclear war between the US and China


**(05.31) www.forbes..

 China To Send Nuke Armed Submarines To Pacific..


 **(05.31) Sender: M. Mandl

 Malcolm X at 91: A Foremost revolutionary Pan-Africa...


 **(05.31) J. Ditz

 Obama Has Slowed Reduction in US Nuclear Arsenal


 **(05.31) S. B. Willson

 Remembering All the Deaths From All of Our Wars


 **(05.31) N. Beams

 Warnings of slump in US economy


 **(05.31) www.pravda  

 Wife Beating: The divide line between cultural and ...


**(05.30) www.khaama

 6 Afghan army soldiers martyred in the post 24 hours:


 **(05.30) A. Durrani &.

 Pakistan-US relationship: A double Game?


 **(05.30) www.pravda

 Pledge of the New Republican Party


 **(05.30) J. Ditz

 Putin Warns of Response to Poland, Romania Hosting..


 **(05.30) G. Wilson

 Quite Possibly the Dumbest Military Concept Ever:


 **(05.30) J. Pilger  

 Silencing America as It Prepares for War


**(05.29) J. Ditz

 Breakaway Taliban Faction Rejects New Leader Akhondzada


 **(05.29) R. D. Blackwill

 China's Strategy for Asia:..


 **(05.29) N. Beams

 Deepening national antagonisms dominate G7 ..


 **(05.29) G. Souvlis

 How the West Came to Rule:


 **(05.29) www.pravda

 Russia needs new Warsaw Pact contain Washington's..


 **(05.29) J. W. Hornung 

 Why Has Japan Been Cozying Up to V. Putin?


**(05.28) A. Azikiwi

 America's Wars of Aggression against Africa under


 **(05.28) J. Ditz

 Fearing Kurds, Many Roqqa Arabs Side With ISIS


 **(05.28) P. C. Roberts

 The Looting Stage of Capitalism


 **(05.28) A. Kuznetsov

 The Significance of the Battle for Aleppo


 **(05.28) B. V. Auken

 Thousands of civilians in danger as US-backed


 **(05.28) www.khaama

 Top ISIS commander likely killed in Afghan Air Force


**(05.27) P. Giraldi

 How the World Ends


 **(05.27) M. Mandl

 NATO arrests Mateusz Piskorski. the Polish Leader..


 **(05.27) E. Draitser

 Obama in Hiroshima: A Case Study in Hypocrisy


 **(05.27) R. Faiez

 Taliban bomber hits court minibus in Kabul..


 **(05.27) A. Q. Dip

 "The Fidel that I know" 


 **(05.27) D. Majumdar

 Why NATO Should Fear Russia's Mysterious Terminator


**(05.26) J. Ditz

 Afghans Brace for Surge in Violence After US Kills T. L.


 **(05.26) www.theweek..

 China's military is building a mysterious space..


 **(05.26) www.pravda

 Russia unexpectedly loses India and Vietnam


 **(05.26) S. Peries &..

 The Financial Invasion of Greece


 **(05.26) www.upi..

 Troubled waters: Conflict in S. China Sea..


 **(05.26) T. Gaist

 US assassination of Taliban leader signals escalation ..


 **(05.25) P. Escobar

 China Aims for A "Win-Win" with Islam


 **(05.25) www.khaama

 Taliban's Quetta Council members not to remain safe.


 **(05.25) A. Damon &

 The capitalist crisis and the defense of democratic ...


 **(05.25) L. Wittner

 The Return of Democratic Socialism


 **(05.25) L. Davidson

 The Unraveling of Zionism?


 **(05.25) M. S. Rozeff

 What Difference Does it Make to Kill Akhtar Mansour..


**(05.24)S. Nasrawi

 Can the World fix Iraq?


 **(05.24) A. Piascik

 Crimes against Humanity:


 **(05.24) M. El-Ganzuri

 Egypt's desired renaissance


 **(05.24) K. Bokhari

 In Libya and the Lessons of Afghanistan


 **(05.24) www.khaama

 Taliban Chive Mullah Mansoor had Pakistani passport?


 **(05.24) J. A. Smith

 Terrorism - Causes and Consequences


 **(05.23) B. Grey

 A resurgence of class struggle


 **(05.23) R. Urie

 H. Clinton and Political Violence


 **(05.23) M. Mandl

 Kurdistan Diaries: "We Want Peace, But We Will...


 **(05.23) www.pravda

 Latin America: No Light at the end of the Tunnel


 **(05.23) J. Ditz

 NATO Extends Afghanistan Mission Beyond 2016


 **(05.23) B. White

 The Palestinian Nakba goes for beyond one Day in 1948


 **(05.22) L. O'Donnell

 Afghan guard kills Nepalese Colleague at Kabul UN..


 **(05.22) J. Ditz

 NATO Plans More Anti-Russia Moves After Finalizing


 **(05.22) J. Hirthler

 The West's Needless Aggression


 **(05.22) www.global..

 US War Crimes against Women:


 **(05.22) T. Thrall

 Why H. Clinton Will Be a Foreign-Policy Nightmare


 **(05.22) E. Zuesse

 Wikileaks: Brazil's New Unelected President a US In..


**(05.21) A. V. Pestano

 Assad's forces take significant territory from rebels


 **(05.21) A. Lantier

 French government backs  neo-fascist protest against ..


 **(05.21) P. Escobar

 Is China a House of Cards?


 **(05.21) B. Cloughley

 Surging Towards Yet Another War


 **(05.21) www.pravda

 The fate of all Europe in Turkey's hands


 **(05.21) www.khaama  

 Top Afghan army general A. Basir Sharwand martyred..


**(05.20) Sender: M. Mandle

 Afeni Shakur Lived A Life of Resistance


 **(05.20) J. Walsh

 China Closes the Innovation Gap: Surges to World's 


 **(05.20) www.busines

 Here's why Russia's humongous new missile is


 **(05.20) A. Wright

 Refugees from "Endless" War


 **(05.20) J. Ditz

 Sadr Deploys Forces as Baghdad Bombs Kill 77


 **(05.20) P. Sperry

 We wasted $113 B. in Afghanistan, no wonder...


**(05.19) www.khaama

 Afghanistan approves, in principle, strategy to fight..


 **(05.19) N. Nikandrov

 Brazil: US Special Services Behind the Turmoil


 **(05.19) www.pravda..

 Can Russia destroy US missile defenses in Europe?


 **(05.19) P. Street

 Hillary and the Corporate Elite


 **(05.19) A. Vltchek

 Why I Am a Communist!


 **(05.19) F.-S.Gady 

 Will China Sell New Long-Range Surface - to- Air-..


**(05.18) www.yahoo..

 CIA spy tip-off led to arrest of Mandela:..


 **(05.18) C. Rockhill

 Corporate Idiocracy and the Manufacturing of ..


 **(05.18) D. R.Sendik

 Needed: More Snowdens - Ex-Intel analyst...


 **(05.18) M. Eskaf

 Panama Papers: Saudi Arabia King sponsored


 **(05.18) A. Akulov

 S-500: Russia's New Generation Game Changing


 **(05.18) www.pravda

   USA's "Arab Spring" never ends. Next stop - Venezuela


**(05.17) C. Neef

 An Outsider Takes on Political Corruption in Ukraine


 **(05.17) J. Zogby

 Arab Christians endure a series of difficult problem


 **(05.17) M. Perry

 The U.S. Army's War Over Russia


 **(05.17) www.outlook..

 TUTAP Controversy Heightens


 **(05.17) www.pravda

 Twin Towers: The full truth


 **(05.17) T. Gaist

 US Special Forces have been operating secretly in Libya


**(05.16) J. Ditz

 Al-Qaeda Killed 19 Alawite Civilians..


 **(05.16) P. Strect

 Apologize foe Nagasaki?


 **(05.16) www.global

 Non-Muslims Carried Out More than 90% of All..


 **(05.16) H. Pant

 Russia's Economy in 2016


 **(05.16) D. McAdams

 Washington Coup in Brazil?


 **(05.16) A. Tanzeem 

 Why Pakistan Won't Go After Afghan Taliban


**(05.15) J. Ditz

 Afghan Spy Agency Claims to Be Infiltrating Taliban


 **(05.15) www.yahoo..

 Chinese Military Modernization Enters "New Phase"


 **(05.15) P. Escobar

 Dilma Out: Brazilian Plutocracy Sets 54 Million Vote..


 **(05.15) L. Bohne

 The Great Leap Backward: America's Illegal Wars


 **(05.15) T. Gaist

 US-NATO officials unveil Romanian-based missile..


 **(05.15) www.pravda.. 

 What is the most corrupt country on the world?


**(05.14) B. V. Auken

 Brazil Senate vote ousts Workers Party President


 **(05.14) www.outlook

 China has Reiterated its Support for Afghanistan


 **(05.14) www.reuters..

 Georgia begins U. S. -led military exercise


 **(05.14) J. Ditz

 ISIS Car Bombings Kill at Least 96 in Baghdad


 **(05.14) L. Steigerwald

 Taking Responsibility for War


 **(05.14) M. Benjamin 

 Ten Ways Israel Is Just Like Saudi Arabia


**(05.13) A. Crooke

 America's Two - Faced Policy on Iran


 **(05.13) H. Malikyar

 Ashraf Ghani: A return of traditional Afghan governance


 **(05.13) G. Dyer

 Iraq on the brink of collapse


 **(05.13)G. Katsiaficas

  Thank You Barak Obama for Showing Us That...


 **(05.13) J. Gogan

 War danger grows following new US provocation..


 **(05.13) T. Engelhardt

 What Principles Rule the World?


**(05.12) R. Unz

 Admitting the Iraq War Disaster


 **(05.12) J. Ditz

 Hezbollah, Allies Win Decisive Victory In E. Lebanon..


 **(05.12) N. Chomsky

 Masters of Mankind : the Costs of Violence..


 **(05.12) D. L. Davis

 Pakistan ant the Taliban Team Up against Afghanistan


 **(05.12) E. Draitser

 Syria, ISIS and the US-UK Propaganda War


 **(05.12) www.pravda.. 

 Ukrainian scenario now ready for Kazakhstan


**(05.11) K. Gannon

 Afghanistan Faces Tough Battle as Haqqanis Unify T.


 **(05.11) T. Engelhardt

 American Power Under Challenge


 **(05.11) A. Vltchek

 Cuba Will Not Fall!


 **(05.11) M. Averko

 Ongoing Russian-Ukrainian Intricacies-2


 **(05.11) P. Martin

 Republican split deepens over Trump nomination


 **(05.11) P. Korzum 

 Turkey to Undermine Russia-US Peace Effort in Syria


**(05.10) E. Zuesse

 America's Biggest of All Big Lies-2


 **(05.10) R. Koehler

 Cowardice and Exoneration in Kunduz


 **(05.10) U. Rippert

 Growing anxiety in in Europe over D. Trump


 **(05.10) E. Scimia

 Japan's East China Sea Military Buildup Continues


 **(05.10) M. Averko

 Ongoing Russian-Ukrainian Intricacies - 1


 **(05.10) J. Ditz

 Pentagon Confirms US Ground Troops in Yemen


**(05.09) E. Zuesse

 America's Biggest of All Big Lies - 1


 **(05.09) P. Iskenderov

 France and Austria: a Vote Against Euro-Atlanticism


 **(05.09) R. Kr Sinha

 Pakistan: Democracy failing to army, terror and "madarsas"


 **(05.09) C. Raiz

 The New Wave of Repression in Puerto Rico


 **(05.09) H. Goodfriend

 The Wall street Journal is Playing Dirty in ..


 **(05.09) P. Reeves 

 Why Afghanistan Is Once Again On the Brink


**(05.08) J. Frank

 Afghanistan: Bombing the Land of the Snow Leopard


 **(05.08) U. Rippert

 May Day 2016: Once again, German militarism is..


 **(05.08)M. Kimberley

 Obama's Last Gasp Imperialism


 **(05.08) www.yahoo

 Russia Announces New Military Divisions to Counter..


 **(05.08) F. Pleitgen

 Russia Flexes its military might in Syria


 **(05.08) J. Ditz 

 Turkey Won't Held Election as President Consolidates


**(05.07) www.original..

 Escalating US Air Strikes Kill Hundreds of Civilians..


 **(05.07) A. Vahdat

 Iranian Commander Threatens to Close Strait of ...


 **(05.07) D, Majumdar

 Russia's New Mobile Air Defense System Has One...


 **(05.07) www.outlook..

 The Plights of Afghan Working Class


 **(05.07) P. Martin

 Trump's victory: A Dangerous turning point


 **(05.07) D. L. Glotzer 

 Welcome to Fortified Europe:


**(05.06) www.khaama

 16 Killed in two separate explosions in Badghis...


 **(05.06) P .Buchanan

  Next Cold War May Start With US , Not Russia


 **(05.06) D. Majumdar

 Russia's Deadly S-500 Air-Defense System:


 **(05.06) S. Ahmad

 The Pakistan Army's Curious Panjabs Operation


 **(05.06) P. C. Roberts

 TIPP: Advancing American Imperialism


 **(05.06) B. V. Auken

 US Navy Seal Killed in Iraq combat


**(05.05) www.pajhwok

 Peace talks with Hekmatyar-led HIA in final stage


 **(05.05) E. Margolis

 Remember the Golan Heights?


 **(05.05) A. Damon

 The 9/11 cover-up continues


 **(05.05) P. Escobar

 The Calm Before the Coming Global Storm


 **(05.05) C. Churchill

 The Failures of Capitalism, Donald Trump and Right


 **(05.05) www.huffington

 U. S. Tells Pakistan It will Have To Fund F-16sItself


**(05.04) M. Griffis

 4.609 Killed in Iraq During April


 **(05.04) www.khaama

 Afghan Translator commits suicide after British authorities


 **(05.04) R. Paul

 Drafting Women  Means Equality in Slavery


 **(05.04) T. Gaist

 Iraqi regime shaken by storming of Baghdad's Green Zone


 **(05.04) M. Hudson

 Wall Street Has Taken Over the Economy and..


 **(05.04) S. Miglani & 

 Wary of China's Indian Ocean activities, ...


**(05.03) N. Gardels

 Chernobyl Remains a Warning Against a New Nuclear


 **(05.03) V. Prashad &

 Death, carnage and chaos: How NATO became


 **(05.03) H. Hassan &

 In Dysfunctional Iraq, calls for change gather pace


 **(05.03) R. Smith

 Japan Builds a Stealth Jet


 **(05.03) www.khaama

 Taliban mulling peace talks as Afghan govt. opts ...


 **(05.03) J. Raimondo

 The EU-A CIA Covert Operation


**(05.02) The IPFG

 On May Day about Iranian Workers!


**(05.02) C. Vandreier

 German Army assumes leadership of military buildup..


 **(05.02) J. Ditz

 Pentagon 16 Face "Administrative Discipline" Over Kunduz


 **(05.02) www.pravda

 Syria: a military analysis


 **(05.02) www.en.people..

 US warned over missile system


 **(05.02) B. Cloughlay

 Washington Likes Wars. So Where Next?


 **(05.02) A. Levine

 What is the Democratic  Party Good For?


**(05.01) www.khaama

 Afghanistan and Russia to create military-technical..


 **(05.01) D. Cenciotti

 A Russian Mig-31 intercepted US P-8 cooperation


 **(05.01) A. Damon

 Obama touts an economic "legacy" of inequality and..


 **(05.01) V. Prashad

 Political Violence in Hondura


 **(05.01) M. Dobbin

 The Canadian/Saudi Arabia Arms Deal:


 **(05.01) D. N. Dang 

 The S. China Sea: Vietnam's limited Diplomatic  Options






**(04.30) K. Osborn

 F-35 Stealth Fighter Prepares for the Unthinkable


 **(04.30) www.khaama

 Herat Appellate Court Chief shot dead by unknown..


 **(04.30) D. Majumdar

 Here Comes the New Su-25: Russia's "Flying Tank"..


 **(04.30) R. Green

 How Big Money in Politics Fuels Inequality and War


 **(04.30) B. Lord

 Inequality Will Increase Until There's a Revolution


 **(04.30) www.pravda.. 

 Nuland defines a "red line" for Ukraine


**(04.29) P. Schwarz

 Far-right victory in Austrian presidential elections:


 **(04.29) P. Escobar

 Hillary: Wall Street's Golden Girl


 **(04.29) J. Ditz

 Iraqi Parliament Chaos as Thousands Protest Outside


 **(04.29) www.khaama

 Paktika police chief dismissed 2 hours after appointed


 **(04.29) P. Lee

 US Pivot to Asia Poised to Enter Nuclear Phase


 **(04.29) J. Ditz 

 US Sends Advanced Warplanes to Russian Frontier


**(04.28) M. Rosenberg

 Afghanistan's Vice President Is Barred From Entering US


 **(04.28) B. V. Auken

 Obama's war summit in Europe


 **(04.28) M. E. Yep

 The Return of the Coup in Latin America


 **(04.28) E. E. Golinger &..

 The Strange Death of Hugo Chavez:


 **(04.28) P. C. Roberts

 Washington Launches Its Attack Against BRICS


 **(04.28) P. C. Roberts 

 World War 3 Has Begun


**(04.27) B. Hinkle

 Another Lesson from the Iraq War


 **(04.27) A. M. Latifi

 No more peace talks with Taliban, Afghanistan's .. 


 **(04.27) P. Cockburn

 Saudi Arabia May be in for a Nasty Shock


 **(04.27) A. August

 Some Thoughts on Cuban Resistance to US ...


 **(04.27) P. Lee

 US Pivot to Asia Poised to Enter Nuclear Phase


 **(04.27) M. Weisbrot

 Washington's Dog-Whistle Diplomacy Support


**(04.26) www.khaama

 Ghani warns Pakistan asks to act against Taliban..


 **(04.26) K. Randall

 Sharp rise in US suicide rate


 **(04.26) T. Cartalucci

 Syrian Elections Confirm West's Worst Fears


 **(04.26) M. S. Akbar

 The Pakistani Army's Coup Against Itself


 **(04.26) S. Front

 Turkey Takes Steps to Destabilize Caucasus and ...


 **(04.26) J. Kishore 

 War, the Democratic Party and the 2016 Elections


**(04.25) www.pravda..

 Armenian genocide: Two sides of the same coin


 **(04.25) L. Davidson

 Inside the Mind of Netanyahu


 **(04.25) J. Ditz

 NATO Seeks Bigger Black Sea Fleet to Target Russian


 **(04.25) H. G. Campbell

 New Push for Military Intervention in Libya:


 **(04.25) www.khaama

 Over 100 school girls poisoned in w. Afghanistan


 **(04.25) www.thnational..  

 Standing with Egypt just makes sense


**(04.24) J. Ditz

 Conflicting Reports as Russian Jet Intercepts Israeli..


 **(04.24) R. Hardigan

 Ethnic cleansing in Palestine:..


 **(04.24)P. Dolack

 Military Spending is the Capitalist World's Fuel


 **(04.24) A. Lantiers

 NATO-Russia meetings resume amid fear of military..


 **(04.24) www.outlook

 Ruthless Kabul Attack


 **(04.24) J. Ditz

 US General Pushes for Permanent Armored Brigade..


**(04.23) P. Cockburn

 Baghdad After the Fall of Saddam Hussein


 **(04.23) T. B.-Hinchey

 Banana Republic! Attempted Coup in Brazil:


 **(04.23) www.khaama

 Deadly Kabul attacker likely released from Bagram..


 **(04.23) K. Mizokami

 India Buys French Fighter Jets..


 **(04.23) J. Ditz

 Obama Faces Chilly Reception on Arrival in Saudi Arabia


 **(04.23) J. G. Hornberger 

 The CIA, Terrorism, and the Cold War:


**(04.22) P. Escobar

 Hybrid War Hyenas Tear Brazil Apart


 **(04.22) J. Ditz

 Pentagon's New Rules Allow Them to Kill More Civilians


 **(04.22) P. Schwarz

 Refugee deaths in the Mediterranean:..


 **(04.22) www.khaama

 Russian envoy: ISIS in Afghanistan eyes expansion to ..


 **(04.22) J. LaForge

 Voices of Reason vs. the Doomsday Lobby


 **(04.22) B. Cloughley

  Washington's Confrontation with Russia


**(04.21) www.reuters..

 Chinese military aircraft makes first public landing..


 **(04.21) A. Gupta

 Democracy Sleepwalking


 **(04.21) T. B.-Hinchey

 Fascism returns to Latin America ..


 **(04.21) www.spiegel..

 Demirtas: "Erdogan Wants a Caliphate"


 **(04.21) A. Kuznetsov

 Libya: The Battle for Oil Amidst Chaos and Terror


 **(04.21) J. Ditz

 Taliban Attacks Afghan Capital, Killing Dozens


**(04.20) E. Draitser

 BRICS Under Attack: The Empire Strikes Back in Brazil


 **(04.20) S. Peries &..

 Panama and the Criminalization of the Global Finance..


 **(04.20) S. E. Rasmussen

 Rise in Afghan civilian casualties at hands of ...


 **(04.20) W. Myers

 The Inevitability of Nuclear War? 


 **(04.20) E. Margolis

 The Phony War in Syria


 **(04.20) J. Shilton

 US-Russia tensions flare in Baltic Sea


**(04.19)J. Ditz

 Afghan Military Claims Many ISIS Killed in Airstrikes


 **(04.19) D. Johnstone

 A Note on H. Clinton, the Queen of Chaos


 **(04.19) M. Sixtus

 China in Africa: Are Beijing's Confucius Centers


 **(04.19) M. Rafizadeh

 Iran's Islamic Persian Imperialism Manifesting


 **(04.19) D. Axe

 Look Out, America : A Russian Su-27 Barrel-Rolled..


 **(04.19) K. Kuntz &

 Sex Slave Legacy


**(04.18) www.pajhwok

 500 judges either sacked or transferred, says govt.


 **(04.18) P. J. Buchanan

 America's Imperial Overstretch


 **(04.18) J. Gamp

 Could the US's new hypersonic missile spark WW3?


 **(04.18) www.pravda..

 Egypt and Saudi Arabia create new pole of influence


 **(04.18) P. Cockburn

 In Yemen, Our Intervention Has Given al-Qaeda..


 **(04.18) P. Symonds  

 US defence secretary sends menacing message to Ch.


**(04.17) M. K. Bhadrakumar

 A new normal US-Saudi ties will have to wait..


 **(04.17) D. Chesley

 Global Power Shift


 **(04.17) F. Chawdhury

 Libya war: Empire's worst mistake


 **(04.17) A. Vlchek

 "Poor" G7 Just Cannot Disarm Yet!


 **(04.17) www.reuters

 Taliban kill top police official in Afghanistan ambush


 **(04.17) W. Potter & 

 US elections 2016: "The System is rigged, the ..


**(04.16) www.khaama

 30 ALP forces have reportedly join Taliban ...


 **(04.16) www.bing..

 Egypt's president defends giving Red Sea island to S. A.


 **(04.16) www.business..

 Here's who would win in a war between N. And S. Korea


 **(04.16) T. Shorrock

 How H. Clinton Militarized US Policy in Honduras


 **(04.16) K. Ratnayake

 India-US military cooperation "robust and deepening"


 **(04.16) R. Baroud

 The Logic of Murder in Israel:


**(04.15) www.khaama

 Furor as Afghan MP assaults on Minister's face during


 **(04.15) www.rudaw

 Iran: "The removal of Assad is a red line for us"


 **(04.15) A. C. W. Freeman

 The End of the American Empire


 **(04.15) www.us-mg6

 The Untouchables. Why it's Getting Harder to Stop


 **(04.15) J. Ditz

 US Plans Massive Syria Weapons Influx if Ceasefire


**(04.15) www.pravda 

 US troops in Europe to outnumber all European troops


**(04.14) www.global..

 Al Qaeda and ISIS Equipped with Surface -to-Air Missile


 **(04.14) T. Craig

 As Taliban prepared for spring fight, Afghan forces..


 **(04.14) R. Paul

 As Ukraine Collapses, Europeans Tire of US Interventions


 **(04.14) N. Shabibi &..

 Britain's Covert War in Yemen:..


 **(04.14) A. Damon

 Kerry in Hiroshima


 **(04.14) A. Vltchek 

 Lebanon - Now It Is Being Forced to Collapse


**(04.13) D. P.-Liu

 Brutal, ugly and illegal: 9 things you need to know..


 **(04.13) J. White

 Life expectancy gab between US rich and poor..


 **(04.13) www.finance..

 Russia begins Shipping Advanced Missile to Iran


 **(04.13) www.reuters.

 U. S. embassy warns of possible attack on hotel in Kabul


 **(04.13) T. Engelhardt

What a Waste, the US Military


 **(04.13) P. C. Roberts 

 Where are Marx an Lenin When We Need Them?


**(04.12) D. Glazebrook

 Britain is the Heart and Soul of Global Tax ...


 **(04.12) www.pravda

 British MPs demand Cameron's resign ...


 **(04.12) M. Averko

 Poland Saving the World from Russia...


 **(04.12) J. Ditz

 Taliban Rocket Strikes in Afghan Capital ...


 **(04.12) U. Avnery

 The Case of Soldier A


 **(04.12) P. Martin 

 US deploys B-52s for bombing in Syria, Iraq


**(04.11) B. Cloughley

 Double Standards and Downright Hypocrisy...