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 **(12.31) www.pajhwok

 Afghans in Russia allegedly plotted coup


 **(12.31) N. Beams

 As 2013 draws to a close, capitalist breakdown


 **(12.31) www.presstv

 Chomsky: World racing towards nuclear war


 **(12.31) P. Martin

 CIA-backed militias linked to Benghazi,..


 **(12.31) www.outlook..

 Criminals in Presidential Candidates!


 **(12.31) W. Simon... 

 Diplomacy fails S. Sudan slides towards


**(12.30) www.khaama

 4 border police forces killed or injured..


 **(12.30) A. Hassan

 Political assassination fuels fear of more..


 **(12.30) www.presstv

 Russia train station bombing kills 15,injure..


 **(12.30) P. Sands

 Syrian rebels get arms and advice through..


 **(12.30) C. Green

 The Killings Fields of Gaza


 **(12.30) M. D. Nazemroaya 

 The Russian Bear steps in as the American


**(12.29) K. Randall &

 A cruel Christmas gift: Jobless benefits cut


 **(12.29) K. Carson

 " Crony Capitalism " and " Corporatism "


 **(12.29) C. Todhunter

 Edward Snowden: Power, Privacy and the


 **(12.29) www.tolonews

 India Mulls Sending Military Advisors to Afg.


 **(12.29) P. Symonds

 Japanese PM revives militarist traditions


 **(12.29) www.presstv 

 US colonized war-torn Afghanistan


**(12.28) Prof.P. D. Scott

 The Real Grand Chessboard and the ...


 **(12.28) www.khaama

 Three NATO soldiers killed in Kabul suicide


 **(12.28) www.middle

 Morsi to stand trail for" espionage" aiding..


 **(12.28) www.e.pravda

 Soviet Union to be recreated by 2025


 **(12.28) R. Acuna

 The Age of the Billionaires


 **(12.28) www.khaama 

 Kabul police inform of shocking rise in criminal


**(12.27)R. Baroud

 Assessing the Conflict in Syria and Egypt ..


 **(12.27) B. V. Auken

 CIA in Colombia assassination program


 **(12.27) www.khaama

 Explosion in Logar leaves 6 dead, 13 injure


 **(12.27) I. Shahak

 " Greater Israel" : The Zionist plan for the ..


 **(12.27) Xinhua

 Taliban Key commander, killed in S. Afg.


 **(12.27) www.presstv 

 Egypt interim govt. declares Brotherhood...


**(12.26) P. Escobar

 All in play in the New Great Game


 **(12.26) R. Mabardi

 How Saudi Arabia turned in to number one..


 **(12.26) C. Anderson

 Nightmare on Wall Street: Capitalism and...


 **(12.26) J. Dufour

 The Worldwide Network of US Military Bases


 **(12.26) www.khaama

 Two Taliban missiles struck US embassy ...


 **(12.26) P. Mair

 Women and reporters remain under threat..


**(12.25) www.spiegel..

 Clemency " A Master Stroke of Secret Dipl...


 **(12.25) www.outlook..

 Elections, Money and Corruption


 **(12.25) M, Mandle

 Look back with angst


 **(12.25) Ch. Sullivan

 Obama and the Legacy of American Capitalism


 **(12.25) M. Golovnine

 Pakistani army launches offensive near Afghan..


 **(12.25) www.presstv

 Syria facing major extremist offensive: ..


 **(12.25) J. Fleming

 The Meanest of Mankind:


**(12.24) A. Halemm

 Afghan drug addict desires rehabilitation...


 **(12.24) G. R. News

 B. Obama: A Black Wolf in Corporate...


 **(12.24) J. Shilton

 Mass opposition blocks Portuguese pension


 **(12.24) www.khaama

 NATO soldier shot dead in e. Afghanistan


 **(12.24) R. Scheer

 Obama Is Trying to Fix Inequality by Hiring


 **(12.24) A. F.-Carter

 The importance of Asia


**(12.23) Prof. J. Petras

 Changing Contours of US Imperial Intervention


 **(12.23) www.pajhwok

 Fahim's guards beat Senate official


 **(12.23) www.outlook.

 Rise in Violence against Women


 **(12.23) www.huffington..

 The Third Anniversary of the Arab Spring:


 **(12.23)K. Randall

 US Congress passes $ 663 billion military


**(12.23) L. Hongxia 

 Yearender: Snowden's revolt jolts Western alliance


**(12.22) M. Whitney

The Incredible, Shrinking Presidency of B.Obama


 **(12.22) B. V. Aukin

 Latest Snowden revelations expose Obama's lies


 **(12.22) S. Milne

Mission accomplished? Afghanistan is a calamity


 **(12.22) www.aopnews..

 Policewoman, Pregnant Teacher Kidnapped and Killed


 **(12.22) R. Weitz

 Russia and Iran: A Balancing Act


 **(12.22) T. Engelhardt

 Washington's Wedding Album from Hell


**(12.21) J. M. Cole

 Can a China - Russia Axis Bankrupt the US?


**(12.21) J. G. Hornberger

 The Sordid Roots of the National Security


 **(12.21) www.presstv

 US court revives 9/11 case against S. Arabia


 **(12.21) J. Glaser

 US Meddling Is Making China More Aggressive


 **(12.21) Dr. P. C. Roberts

 Washington Has Discredited America..


 **(12.21) www.khaama

 Women dead bodies found in s. Afghanistan


**(12.20) www.wasjington..

 AP Poll: 57 Percent of US Says Going to..


 **(12.20) Ch. Neef &

 How Putin Outfoxed the West


 **(12.20) M. Abedin

 Iran-US enmity to continue despite deal


 **(12.20) R. K. Moore

 New World Order-The Endgame Has Begun


 **(12.20) P. Escobar

 Slouching Toward Confrontation in the ...


 **(12.20)Press TV 

 US base attacked in Afghanistan


**(12.19) A. Fangmann

 Behind the Obama-Raul Castro handshake..


 **(12.19) J. Ditz

 Russia to Spend Billions on New ICBMs


 **(12.19) www.khaama

 Six US troops die in aircraft crash in s. Afg.


 **(12.19) A. Azikiwe

 The Post-colonial Imperial Agenda:


 **(12.19) A. Arfaoui

 The West continues to put pressure on Ukraine


 **(12.19) www.presstv 

 US academic boycott of Israel game changer:


**(12.18) N. Pollack

 Obama's National Security State


 **(12.18) C. Friedersdorfdec

 If a Drone Strike Hit an American Wedding..


 **(12.18) P. C. Roberts

 Washington Drives the World Toward War


 **(12.18) J. Ditz

 Afghan Soldier Kills Two Comrades in Herat


 **(12.18) T. A. Guzman

 US Hegemony and Puerto Rico's Economic..


 **(12.18) www.khaama

 Afghan army hands over check posts to Taliban..


**(12.17) www.khaama

 Talks " ongoing " to finalize the Afghan-US..


 **(12.17) T. Engelhardt

 America's Child Soldiers


 **(12.17) www.presstv

 Australia combat troops leave Afghanistan


 **(12.17) A. W. Orlando

 Staying in Afghanistan Is a Recipe for More..


 **(12.17) L. Lulko

 How can Russia ensure military parity?


 **(12.17) www.news.. 

 Former Pakistani president charged with..


**(12.16) W. Pfaff

 How History Will Remember Obama...


 **(12.16) B. Meier

 A Disappearing Spy and a Scandal of the CIA


 **(12.16) J. Zogby

 What Iranians Think?


 **(12.16) Dr. I. Salami

 Qatar Trains Death Warriors for Syria War


**(12.15) www.prestv

 Iran arrests man spying for UK MI6


 **(12.15) www.presstv

US airstrikes kill 20 in Afghanistan in 48 hours


 **(12.15) U. Pascali

 The Anglo-American Axis: Losing Ukraine,..


 **(12.15) www.khaama

 Afghanistan, India agree to enhance defense..


 **(12.15) M. Mandl

 Russia Strengthens Ties with Vietnam


 **(12.15) P. Giraldi 

 Why Remain in Afghanistan?


**(12.14) V. Isachenkov

 Russia may answer conventional attack


 **(12.14) www.presstv

US drone hits wedding party convoy in S. Yemen


 **(12.14) G. Research

 Thirty Years Ago: The US Invasion of Grenada


 **(12.14) N. Malic

 The Long Retreat


 **(12.14) www.khaama

 Karzai says will not be intimidated to sign


 **(12.14) T. Watkins 

 N. Korea says leader's uncle was executed


**(12.13) www.presstv

 Analyst: US seeks to control region from Afg.


 **(12.13) N. Malishevski

 The Eastern European Islands of the Global


 **(12.13) www.khaama

 Explosion kill NATO soldier in s. Afghanistan


 **(12.13) C. Giunta

 Blood Coltan: Remote-Controlled warfare


 **(12.13) F. Bezhan

 Exploring Afghanistan's " Iran option "


 **(12.13) A. P. Napolitano

 A Conspiracy So Vast


 **(12.13) P. Symonds 

 Australia's integration in to US war plans


**(12.12) www.presstv

 US in economic collapse as China, Russia..


 **(12.12) www.khaama

 Karzai accuses Washington of behaving like a


 **(12.12) J. St. Clair

 Where the Torture Never Stops


 **(12.12) Press TV

 Three killed in US-led airstrike in Afghanistan


 **(12.12) T. Cartalucci

 NATO's War on Syria Just Got Dirtier


 **(12.12) A. Smith 

 Why did the U. S. and the Iran Make a Deal?


**(12.11) C. Hallington

 Pandora and the Drone


 **(12.11) www.khaama

 Pakistan continue cross-border shelling in...


 **(12.11) www.khaama

 Missile attack leaves6 members of a family dead


 **(12.11) T. B-Hinchey

 Syria: Government gains across the board


 **(12.11) P. Escobar

 So many secrets in the East China Sea


 **(12.11) P. Cookburn

 The Deadly Pawns of Saudi Arabia


 **(12.11) J. Cook 

 Seymour Hersh: US Security State Deceived


**(12.10) www. pajhwok

 Iran daily deporting thousands of Afghans..


 **(12.10) www.middle

 Blast in Libya cemetery: Even dead aren't..


 **(12.10) P. Robert

 Class and the Politics of the Black community


 **(12.10) S. M. Hersh

 Whose Sarin?


 **(12.10) E. Margolis

 The Phony Pullout from Afghanistan


 **(12.10) J. Ditz 

 Al- Qaeda Surging Across Iraq


**(12.09) D. Lerman

 Hagel Bypasses Karzai in Afghanistan Visit


 **(12.09) www.presstv

 Chomsky: US, Israel two " rouge " actors..


 **(12.09) www.khaama

 Afghanistan slow to implement law protecting..


 **(12.09) H. Welzer

 Capitalism's March toward Global Collapse


 **(12.09) www.khaama

 Two Afghan soldiers killed or injured in...


 **(12.09) V. Pelaez 

 The prison Industry in the US: Big Business


**(12.08) F. Arbuthnet

 Nelson Mandela: Obama, Clinton, Cameron..


 **(12.08) Ch. Davis

 Life After a Drone Strike


 **(12.08) J. Ditz

 Hagel: Attacking Iran Still an Option


 **(12.08) B. V. Auken

 Why imperialism mourns Mandela


 **(12.08) A. Kane

 The unspoken alliance:


 **(12.08) www.khaama 

 US defense secretary makes surprise visit...


**(12.07) www.huffington

 Pension Theft: Class War Goes to the Next Stage


 **(12.07) Sh. Richman

 In Afghanistan, They Died For No Good Cause


 **(12.07) D. Smith

 Nelson Mandela, S. Africa's first black president


 **(12.07) www.khaama

 Taliban attack leaves 4 Afghan police dead..


 **(12.07) www.usatoday

 Propaganda fails in Afghanistan report...


 **(12.07) P. Beinart

 Don't Sanitize Nelson Mandela


**(12.06) A. Howeidy

 Does US-Friendly Iran change everything?


 **(12.06) www.khaama

 Deadly blast hit coalition forces convoy in..


 **(12.06) T. Jafri

 Angola: A Conspiracy to ban Islam?


 **(12.06) J. Glaser

 The " Zero Option " Is The Best Option in Afg.


 **(12.06) J. Ditz

 Secular Syria Rebels Mull Rejoining Govt. to ..


 **(12.06) P. Martin

 US Steps up War of Words with Afghan Puppet


 **(12.06) M. P. Victor

 Media War against Venezuela Continues


**(12.05) V. Kotsev

 Fierce battles cast hopeful shadow in Syria


 **(12.05) www.khaama

 Afghan defense minister could sign US security


 **(12.05) K. Jones

 Behind the US negotiations with Iran


 **(12.05) N. Nikandov

 The Monroe Doctrine is History, But the Empire


 **(121.05) www.khaama

 District police chief among 9 killed or injured


 **(12.05)R. Atkinson 

 How Do the Rich Live?


**(12.04) K. B. Vlahos

 Hamid Karzai: No Ordinary Puppet


 **(12.04) www.pajhwok

 Afghanistan among world's most corrupt states


 **(12.04) A. Damen

 Drop in holiday sales reflects US social crisis


 **(12.04) www.presstv

 " US-Afghan security pact detrimental for..


 **(12.04) www.khaama

 2 civilians killed, 10 injured in Helmand ...


 **(12.04) J. G. Hornberger 

 Killing Unnamed Children in Afghanistan


**(12.03) J. LaForge

 Best Military in the World, Really?


 **(12.03) www.khaama

 4 police killed, 17 injured in Wardak suicide ..


 **(12.03) K. Ouartey

 Economics by Other Means:..


 **(12.03) www.times..

 With new air defence zone, China tests US...


 **(12.03) www.rt.com

 " Saudis, Israelis developing " super Stuxnet"


 **(12.03) www.presstv 

 China plan to quit dollar infuriates US:


**(12.02) G. Dyer

 Playing Chicken in the East China Sea


 **(12.02) www.thenation..

 Child Labor in the USA


 **(12.02) www.khaama

 Child among five killed in Helmand roadside..


 **(12.02)K. Jones

US in Secret talks with Hezbollah


 **(12.02) W. Hui

 Syria and the coming of a new world order


 **(12.02) www.middle..

 Sectarian war flares in n. Lebanon


**(12.01) www.khaama

 Suicide blast in Helmand kill or injure 3 ...


 **(12.01) www.khaama

 Pakistani military open artillery fire in Kunar


 **(12.01) S. Maximov

 Europe under Washington's Order


 **(12.01) T. Bowman

 When Most U. S. Forces Leave Afghanistan


 **(12.01) www.khaama

 US drone crash in Nangarhar


 **(12.01) S. Jenkins 

 The bloody disaster of Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan


**(11.30) N. Pollack

 Diplomacy via B52s


 **(11.30) www.khaama

 Child killed in suicide attack on US troops convoy


 **(11.30) E. King

 Snowden spyware revelations:


 **(11.30) J. Ditz

 US Drone Kills Two Women, Child in Attack ..


 **(11.30) Ph. D. P. Baofu

 The Story of Malala, and its Misuse for the..


 **(11.30) D. Tripathi 

 Obama's Middle East Grand Strategy


**(11.29) www.khaama

 Mojaddedi leaves Afghanistan over Karzai's.


 **(11.29) S. Inskeep

 Ex-White House Official Podesta Calls Karzai..


 **(11.29) M. Dinucci

 The Art of War: ...


 **(11.29) www.khaama

 Top US commander on Afghanistan's future


 **(11.29) R. Baroud

 The Plot Thickens: Gaza Is Flooded With..


 **(11.29) A. Damon

 Thanksgiving in America


**(11.28) The Saker

 US diplomatic iceberg spotted near China


 **(11.28) www.khaama

 French aid organization workers shot dead


 **(11.28) M. Mandle

 Did NATO intervene in Libya just to get rid..


 **(11.28) www.middle..

 Damascus message comes through loud ..


 **(11.28) J. Ditz

 NATO Trucks Stuck in Pakistan as Protests..


 **(11.28) G. Jackson

 Iran deal " will lead to surge of oil to Asia"


 **(11.28) K. Lumpur 

 Israel Charged with War Crimes and Genocide


**(11.27) J. Passantino

 CIA Used Secret Gitmo Facility to Turn


 **(11.27) D. Swansan

 10 More Years in Afghanistan


 **(11.27) www.presstv

 2 killed in US-led air raid in E. Afghanistan


 **(11.27) J. Chan

 Heightened tensions over China's air defence


 **(11.27) G. Porter

 Tehran accord designed to fail?


 **(11.27) J. Ditz

 Israeli Team Heads to US to " Shape" Final


**(11.26)  www.khaama

Insider attack leave 2 Border police dead in


 **(11.26 ) Zhou Wa

 China maps out its first air defense ID zone


 **(11.26) J. Ditz

 Afghan Jirga Approves US Pact, But Karzai..


 **(11.26) www.dyn

 Analysis: Israel's options limited


 **(11.26) Ch. Marsden

 The rise of Europe's for right


 **(11.26) C. Friedersdorf 

 Face It: American Is Likely to Torture...


**(11.25) S. Assir

 Bad news for Assad: Islamists forge biggest..


 **(11.25) www.military

 Afghan Elders Want US Troops in Afghan..


 **(11.25) D. P. C. Roberts

 The Dying Dollar: The Federal Reserve and


 **(11.25) www.khaama

 Twin blasts rocks Khost city, 14 Killed or ..


 **(11.25( D. P. C. Roberts

 The Kennedy Assassination (Nov.22.1963)..


 **(11.25) J. Ditz

 Iran, P5+1 Reach Deal on Nuclear Program


**(11.24) Sh. Kittleson

 Fears Rise of " Taliban - Style " Justice


 **(11.24) A. Vltchek

 Chilean Socialism 1: Indonesian Fascism 0


 **(11.24) www.khaama

 7 militants blown up by own explosives in..


 **(11.24) www.blogs

 Can Obama ever close Guantanamo?


 **(11.24) W. Maclean &.

 U. S. - Arab strains give Russia day in the sun


 **(11.24) www.khaama 

 Mojaddedi  wants security deal to be signed..


**(11.23) Sender: M. Mandl

 Arab Women's rights


 **(11.23) www.khaama

 Abducted community health worker killed in..


 **(11.23) Sender: M. Mandl

 Riots in Saudi Arabia:


 **(11.23) P. Escobar

 Turkey pushes crossroads politics


 **(11.23) J. St. Clair &

 An Orgy of Thieves


 **(11.23) J. Ditz 

 Karzai Wants Delay on US Pact, White House


**(11.22) L. Lulko

 America's secrets analyzed under microcope


 **(11.22) www.aljazeera

 Afghan draft deal gives US troops immunity


 **(11.22) www.presstv

 7 killed in US airstrikes in e. Afghanistan


 **(11.22) www.khaama

 22 killed or injured in Kandahar


 **(11.22) P. Escobar

 The Wahhabi-Likudnik war of terror


 **(11.22) S. Richman 

 The U. S. Isn't Leaving Afghanistan


**(11.21) J. A. Smith

 Economic Stagnation Haunts America


 **(11.21) J. Ditz

 White House: No Apology for Occupation of Afghanistan


 **(11.21) Ch. Stoecker

 NSA Wanted To Collect Geolocation Date


 **(11.21) J. Ditz

 Afghan Pact Would Keep US Troops Indefinitely


 **(11.21) www.khaama

 District police chief killed in Taliban ambush..


 **(11.21) www.pajhwok 

 Afghan refugees face abuse in Iran


**(11.20) B. Riedel

 Five Years On, Mumbai Terror Masterminds


 **(11.20) A. Azikiwe

 Detroit and the Ravages of American Capitalism


 **(11.20) L. Lulko

 Al-Qaeda finds new home in Kosovo


 **(11.20) J. Russell

 Whose Foreign Policy


 **(11.20) www.khaama

 Nearly 12.000 Afghan Taliban eliminated in 2013


 **(11.20) www.upi

 Kerry: Era of Monroe Doctrine in Latin America


**(11.19) Sender: AKK

 Afghanistan Mittendrin


**(11.19) www.khaama

 Children among four killed in s. Afghanistan


 **(11.19) K. Ryan

 9/11 Cover - Up:..


 **(11.19) www.presstv

 Afghans against security deal with US


 **(11.19) www.news

 Report: Israel, Saudis Plotting Joint Attack..


 **(11.19) J. Shaoul

 Washington's Puppet Regime in Libya.. 


 **(11.19) N. Beams

 Global deflation, slowing growth fuel economic


**(11.18) S. Al-Atrush

 Egypt's Brotherhood abandons Morsi in new


 **(11.18) R. Lucas

 Bashar Assad Gains Ground In Syrian Civil War


 **(11.18) R. Urie

 The Ends of Capitalism


 **(11.18) www.huffing..

 The Russians Are Back in Town


 **(11.18) www.khaama

 Roadside blast kill NATO soldier in s. Afg.


 **(11.18) L. Lulko 

 International bank system needs Afghan drugs


**(11.17) www.dw..

 Republican re-think hawkish foreign policy


 **(11.17) M. Mandl

 Project Censored


 **(11.17) A. Levine

 Israel, Iran and the Bomb


 **(11.17) J. Stein

 The Biggest Little CIA Shop You've Never


 **(11.17) U. Avnery

 The Assassination of Arafat


 **(11.17) www.khaama 

 Suicide blast kills at Least 10 people in Kabul


**(11.16) news ..

 Analysts: Pakistani Taliban in Disarray Since..


 **(11.16) Xinhua

 1 Killed, 2 injured in s. Afghan blast


 **(11.16) S. Steinberg

 Europe tilts back towards recession


 **(11.16) J. Kozy

 Violence: The American Way of Life


 **(11.16) www.news

Obama Warns Against Attacking .


 **(11.16) M. Flowers & 

 Armed Drones Becoming the Norm?


**(11.15) www.khaama

 Explosion kills NATO soldier in s. Afghanistan


 **(11.15) Sh. Cooke

 Corporate Profits Soar. The Super Wealthy..


 **(11.15) E. S. Herman

 " Responsibility to Protect" (R2P): A Instrument


 **(11.15) P. C. Roberts

 What is the real agenda of American police..


 **(11.15) Dr. G. G. Kohls

 The JFK Assassination: Beware of the Coverup..


 **(11.15) www.pajhwok 

 Khalili urges Shias to donate blood on Ashura


**(11.14) www.khaama

 Opium production in Afghanistan at record high


 **(11.14) P. Symonds

 Obama's " Pivot to Asia ": Australia Central..


 **(11.14) www.presstv

 4 Afghans killed in US air raid in Wardak


 **(11.14) R. Kuttner

 Time to Thank Edward Snowden


 **(11.14) www.Boardman

 The U. S. Is a State Sponsor of Terrorism


 **(11.14) E. N. Reprint 

 Saudi Anger Masks Concern about Loss of...


**(11.13) R. Moreau

 Afghanistan's Million Dollar Minister


 **(11.13) www.khaama

 Afghan intelligence abandon probe in to civilians death


 **(11.13) Prof. J. Petras

 Israeli Bombers over Syria:Al Qaeda's Air Force


 **(11.13) K. Randall

 Obamacare lies exposed


 **(11.13) P. Escobar

 Why France is playing " Stupid " on Iran


 **(11.13) A Kulikov

 Can Russia collapse and fall under Western control?


 **(11.13) www.outlook

  Illegal Mineral Extraction by ALP Commander


**(11.12) www.khaana

 Political group oppose with the Afghan-US ..


 **(11.12) www.khaama

 Top Haqqani Leader Nasiruddin Haqqani shot


 **(11.12) F. Yu

 Egypt in Limbo


 **(11.12) J. Kelsey

 US-China Relations and the Geopolitics ..


 **(11.12) N. Pollack

 Silent Repression in America


 **(11.12) www.forbes

 Report: A Million Veterans Injured In Iraq-..


**(11.11) www.presstv

 Afghans protest against bilateral security..


 **(11.11) JP Sottile

 The CIA's Memory Prison


 **(11.11) www.rt.com

 US built " powerful organs of  state terrorism"


 **(11.11) W. Blum

 The Anti-Empire Report # 122


 **(11.11) www. thefronthier

 Insurgent attacks down, Afghan army casualties


 **(11.11) G. Porter

 Drone Served CIA Revenge, Blocked ..


 **(11.11) T. B-Hinchey 

 The Portuguese and the Crisis:


**(11.10) C. Mieville

 Exit Strategy


 **(11.10) J. Ditz

 Afghan Troops Deaths Soar in Latest Report


 **(11.10) www.presstv

 18 die in US-led airstrike in south Afghanistan


 **(11.10) www.khaama

 Taliban abduct four Afghan intelligence ...


 **(11.10) M. Sahimi

 Saudi Arabia and Israel Try to Derail Nuclear


 **(11.10) J. Shafer 

 Governments worldwide buried in the Snowden


**(11.09) www.khaama

 Explosion kills Afghan intelligence operatves.


 **(11.09) www.khaama

 Explosion kills 8 Afghan civilians in Zabul


 **(11.09) B. V. Auken

 CIA pays AT&T to spy on phone date


 **(11.09) M. Leonard

 The NSA and the weakness of American power


 **(11.09) T. Engelhardt

 The Cost of War American Style


 **(11.09) S. Nasrawi 

 Iraq's fake democracy


**(11.08) T. B. Hinchey

 Forgotten backwaters, Africa and war and


 **(11.08) www.khaama

 HRW urges US to investigate alleged Afghan


 **(11.08) www.presstv

 US to spend billions of Dollars on nuke upgrade


 **(11.08) D. Kenner

 Saudi Arabia's Shadow War


 **(11.08) M. Aikins

 Special Forces Guilty of War Crimes?


 **(11.08) www.presstv 

 Tests show Arafat was murdered with polonium


**(11.07) J. Kishore

Obama administration pledges to continue illegal


 **(11.07) St. Gowans

 Friends of Syria or Friends of Imperialism?


 **(11.07) T. Engelhardt

 American Death Spiral in the M. East


 **(11.07) A. A. Bahrami

 The Aftermaths of Mehsud Killing


 **(11.07) www.khaama

 Suicide blast kill British soldier in Helmand


 **(11.07) www.khaama 

 Over $5million stolen from Afghan finance ministray


**(11.06) www.khaama

 Afghan highway police accused of extortion ..


 **(11.06) Prof. L. Davidson

 Blaming the Poor for Poverty


 **(011.06) S. Boseley

 CIA made doctors torture suspected terrorist


 **(11.06) www.khaama

Nahzati-i-Islami Uzbakistan terrorists arrested in Kabul


 **(11.06) Prof. M. Chossudovsky

 Regional War Scenario. NATO-US-Turkey ...


 **(11.06) A. Ahmed 

 That Other Big Afghan Crisis, the Growing..


**(11.05) www.presstv

 Four Afghans killed in US-led nighttime operation


 **(11.05) E. Snowden

 A Manifesto for the Truth


 **(11.05) www.wsws

 Inequality and the political vacuum in the US


 **(11.05) T. Dongdong

 Commentary: U. S. unchecked spying bound


 **(11.05) www.presstv

 New book: Obama said he is really good at.


 **(11.05) www.khaama 

 NATO soldier and Afghan police officers die..


**(11.04) St. Zunes

 Congress vs. Obama on Iran


 **(11.04) www.presstv

 Afghans rally against US night raids, drone ...


 **(11.04) www.khaama

 Mosque explosion kill or injured 4 Afghan police


 **(11.04) Prof. Majeed A. Rahman

 The Geopolitics of Water in the Nile River


 **(11.04) Sh. uz Zaman

 South Asia's nuclear gamble


 **(11.04) www.time.. 

 Germany, France and Spain Carrying out Mass Spying?


**(11.03) www.khaama

 Russia to deliver 30 helicopters to Afghan forces


 **(11.03) T. Cartalucci

 NATO and CIA Support Al Qaeda Terrorists in Syria


 **(11.03) S. Steinberg

 European unemployment hits new high


 **(11.03) www.news

 US Drone Strike Kills 25, Including Pakistani Taliban Leader


 **(11.03) P. Pillar

 The Two Amigos and the Middle East


 **(11.03) E. Robinson 

 The out - of - control NSA


**(11.02) J. Glaser

 In 2013, You Paid $574 To the NSA


 **(11.02) www.pajhwok

 Insurgents storm  Kamdesh district


 **(11.02) R. Parry

 Neocons Push Israeli-Saudi Alliance


 **(11.02) D. Shamas

 Where's the Outrage When the FBI Target Muslims?


 **(11.02) www.presstv

 Food stamp cuts affect millions of Americans


 **(11.02) A. Goodman 

 The Rising Resistance to Obama's Drone War


**(11.01) Xinhua

 Attack on Afghan female police leaves son dead,


 **(11.01) B. P. O'Reilly

 China to reap harvest of NSA scandals


 **(11.01) P. Cockburn

 Parallel Disintegrations


 **(11.01) Prof. J. Petras

 Spying on Everyone: US Lacks Trust of Major..


 **(11.01) B. V. Auken

 Two years since the end of the US-NATO war..


 **(11.01) Ch. Alessi 

 Ukraine's Geopolitical Future Hangs on Deal


**(10.31)Portal des DLR

 Zweites Sonnensystem entdeckt


 **(10.31) Press TV

 Bomb blast injures 2 Afghan intelligence agents


 **(10.31) www.thefronthier..

 Every week in " fighting season " leaves 80 Afghan police killed


 **(10.31) www.khaama

 Obama's Facebook and Twitter links hacked


 **(10.31) T. Engehardt

 The Fantasy of Clean War


 **(10.31) B. Kampmark

 The War to End Nothing


 **(10.31) V. Gulevich

 Washington Promotes Islamism and Political..


**(10.30) www.khaama

 Coordinated blasts hit oil tankers in Parwan..


 **(10.30) B. White

 Geopolitics and the Wahhabist Regime in Saudi Arabia:


 **(10.30) www.khaama

 Taliban attacks killed nearly 3000 people ...


 **(10.30) www.juancole..

 The American Quagmire in Afghanistan ...


 **(10.30) R. Nader

 The Corporate State of Surveillance..


 **(10.30) M. Rosenberg 

 U. S. Disrupts Afghans Tack on Militants


**(10.29) J. Doolittle

 America's Most Beloved War Criminals


 **(10.29) www.kaama

 Explosion in Ghazni leaves at least 18 civilians


 **(10.29) R. Devereaux

 Family of grandmother killed in US drone..


 **(10.29) S. McConnell

 Israel and the Saudi, United in Jealousy


 **(10.29) J. A. Smith

 The Inner Crisis of American Society:


 **(10.29) www.presstv 

 US airstrike kills 3 in e. Afghanistan


**(10.28) L. Panitch

 Crisis of American Capitalism:


 **(10.28) www.huffington

 60 Saudi Women Protest Driving Ban Without


 **(10.28) U. Rippert

 German government talks: A grand coalition ..


 **(10.28) S. Idiz

 What is Saudi Arabia trying to do?


 **(10.28) www.theguardian..

 Thousands gather in Washington for anti-NSA..


 **(10.28) www.khaama 

 Explosion in Kabul city kill or injure 6 people


**(10.27) V. Kotsev

 Rebels offer Assad a comeback


 **(10.27) www.khaama

 Explosion and gun battle reported near Ghazni.


 **(10.27) J. Ditz

 Afghan Contractors: Anatomy of a Failure


 **(10.27) J. Sandolan

 US stage show of naval force in the s. China Sea


 **(10.27) Ph. Giraldi

 Spy vs Spy: Iran, Turkey, and Israel Edition


 **(10.27) W. C. Lewis 

 US Imperialism and America's War Machine:


**(10.26) www.khaama

 9 injured in Afghan missile attack in Waziristan


 **(10.26) M. Plitnick

Israelis, Saudis Just Getting Started in Opposing US


 **(10.26) K. Pollitt

 Poverty in 2013: When Even Diapers Are a ..


 **(10.26) M. Stoller

 The Elites' Strange Plot to Take Over the World


 **(10.26) H. Farrell &

 The End of Hypocrisy: American Foreign Policy


 **(10.26) www.presstv

 US senator threatens Afghans over deal


**(10.25) www.khaama

 4 Afghan local police (ALP) officers killed in ..


 **(10.25) A. P. Napolitano

 A Government of Secrecy and Fear


 **(10.25) www.thefronthier

 Despite billions in aid, Afghans can't find work


 **(10.25) D. Lindorff

 Obama's Drone Killing Campaigns


 **(10.25) A. Damon

 Top ten American CEOs take home over &100 million Each


 **(10.25) www.tehrantime

 U. S. to sell bunker busters, cruise missiles..


**(10.24) www.thefronthier

 16 ANA troops Killed & wounded in Rebel..


 **(10.24) www.thefronthier

 Afghan couple found beheaded


 **(10.24) M. Mazzetti

 " Back in the business of Killing " 


 **(10.24) www.english.people

 China winning its spurs in international arms...


 **(10.24) N. Sadiq

 Saudi Arabia: The real terror tyrant


 **(10.24) E. Brown

 Who Owns The Federal Reserve?


**(10.23) www.presstv

 Amnesty: US should face war crimes for drone


 **(10.23) www.khaama

 Insider attack leaves 3 Afghan police dead in Kandahar


 **(10.23) P. Escobar

 The self-beheading House of Saud


 **(10.23) Prof. M. Chossudovsky

 " The War is Worth Waging" : Afghanistan..


 **(10.23) www. khaleej..

 US hit by new spying row amid anger in France


 **(10.23) H. Lisnoff 

 Victims of War


**(10.22) www.khaama

 Afghanistan rejects of 2500 Pakistani prisoners


 **(10.22) S. Ambellas

 Case Study: US Military Killed 130.000 people


 **(10.22) J. Ditz

 Growing Rift Between US and Israel Over Iran


 **(10.22) www.presstv

 US drone hits Kunar, four Afghans die


 **(10.22) Prof. J. Petras

 US-Venezuela Relations: A Case Study of Imperialism...


 **(10.22) S. Lendman 

 America's Economic Dark Side.


**(10.21) P. Cockburn

 Counting the Human Cost of War


 **(10.21) Ghanizada

 Afghan special forces commander join Taliban..


 **(10.21) www.theguardian..

 Afghanistan Loya Jirga will determine whether


 **(10.21) B. Klapper

 US quietly releasing $ 1.6 B. in Pakistan assistance


 **(10.21) S. Jacobs

 Sankara: daring to invent Africa's future


 **(10.21) www.english.. 

 Latin American and Caribbean countries...


**(10.20) P. Martens

 New York is Drowning in Bribes and ..


 **(10.20) www.khaama

 Heavy explosion and gun battle rock capital Kabul


 **(10.20) www. english..

 London and Washington and Terrorism


 **(10.20) www.presstv

 US drone attacks kill 12 in e. Afghanistan


 **(10.20) T. A. Guzman

 Saudi Arabia and U. A. E. Preparing for War..


 **(10.20) G. Battiston 

 Afghan Families Want Accountability, Not Apologies


**(10.19) www.khaama

 Germany closes its embassy in Kabul...


 **(10.19) www.khaama

 Islamist group Mahaz Fedayi claims it killed..


 **(10.19) www.presstv

 Militants kill top Syrian Intel. Officer:..


 **(10.19) J. Corbett & ..

 NATO's Terror Campaign in Central Asia


 **(10.19) J. Cole

 The American Genocide Against Iraq:


 **(10.19) www.Global.. 

 Twelve Years of Occupation and War Crimes


**(10.18) www.presstv

 30 million living in Slavery worldwide:


 **(10.18) www.khaama

 Australian forces killed Afghan boy and his ..


 **(10.18) J. Ditz

 Inspectors Destroy Syrian Chemical Weapon..


 **(10.18) J. Lobe

 Israel and the Gulf Increasingly Nervous...


 **(10.18) Dr. P. C. Roberts

 Stand Up Americans: " Take Back our Civil ..


 **(10.18) J. Ditz

 US Setting Up Bases in Italy for Africa Raids


**(10.17) D. Swanson

 If Hitler Didn't Exist ...


 **(10.17) J. Ditz

 Iran Nuclear Talks Open With "Very Detailed"


 **(10.17) R. Mashru

 Rethinking India-Pakistan Relations



 US-Afghan deal edges closer despite ...


 **(10.17) H. J. Bentham

 US spy regime cheating public


 **(10.17) H. Shalizi

 Votes sell for about $ 5 in Afghanistan as...


**(10.16) A. Damon

 Behind the UA government shutdown


 **(10.16) G. Ford

 Detroit is the Nexus of New American Apartheid


 **(10.16) Ch. Alessi

 How Afghanistan Changed the German Military


 **(10.16) www.khaama

 Mosque explosion kills Logar governor...


 **(10.16) P. Escobar

 The birth of the " de-Americanized " world


 **(10.16) www.prestv

 US-led soldier killed in Afghanistan


**(10.15) A. Lantier

 Report finds US-backed Syrian opposition responsible


 **(10.15) www.khaama

 Missiles attack on US-run Bagram airfield kill dozens


 **(10.15) Prof. J. Petras

 Obama's Double Discourse: Talking Peace While..


 **(10.15) www.presstv

 US forces kill two children in n. Afghanistan


 **(10.15) N. Nasser

 Israeli factor in Syrian conflict unveiled


 **(10.15) Ch. Dreier

 Social conflicts intensifying in Greece


**(10.14) S. Vasilenkov

 Japan will not get Kurils from Russia,...


 **(10.14) Russia Today

 Foreigners Train Syrian Rebels in Afghanistan to Use Chemical..


 **(10.14) B. Dreyfuss

 China Gains, US Loses in Asia Power Play


 **(10.14) www.presstv

 World Bank: US days away from " disastrous enent "


 **(10.14) www.khaama

 Rocket attack kill or injure 17 people in Nuristan


 **(10.14) www.thefrontier.. 

 Two Afghan police killed in suicide bombing:


**(10.13) S. Kimbler

 The Cuban Five were fighting terrorism..


 **(10.13) www.khaama

 John Kerry visits Afghanistan for urgent talks


 **(10.13) B. Dreyfuss & ..

 America's Afghan Victims


 **(10.13) P. Bosshard

 Why the World Bank Continues to Found..


 **(10.13) J. Ditz

 US Troops Capture Pakistani Taliban Leader,..


 **(10.13) J. Ditz 

 US, Growing Impatient, Likely to Miss Deadline...


**(10.12) T. Wagner

 Scharf geschossen


 **(10.12) www.khaama

 US residents arrested for aiding terrorist groups in Afg.


 **(10.12) J. Rasmus

 The Economic Consequences of US Debt Default


 **(10.12) P. Escobar

 Fear and loathing in House of Saud


 **(10.12) www.pajhwok

 Pul-i-Alam blast leaves 1 dead, 5 injured


 **(10.12) E.Gracheva:

 NATO should be held Responsible for all the Chaos


 **(10.12) G. Carpenter 

 War with Syria: Not Out of the Woods Yet


**(10.11) www.khaama

 26 Taliban Killed, 34 injured in Daykundi clashes..


 **(10.11) J. Aheram

 Afghanistan war must end immediately


 **(10.11) N. Bearns

 IMF report points to deepening recessionary trends..


 **(10.11) www.trust.org

 Insight- Saudis brace for " nightmare" of U. S. - Iran


 **(10.11) J. Ditz

 Iraqi Shi'ite Militia Helps Overrun Damascus...


 **(10.11) St. Lendman 

 US Globalized Torture Black Sites


**(10.10) M. Whitney

 Happy Anniversary Afghanistan


 **(10.10) www.pajhwok

 HRW wants war criminals out of presidential race


 **(10.10) J. Ditz

 N. Korea Warns US of " Disastrous Consequences"


 **(10.10) www.english..

 Russia and USA: Cold War already on?


 **(10.10) www.khaama

 Suicide attack leaves 3 Police officers dead...


 **(10.10) J. Kezy 

 " Talking Trash" : war, Economic Crisis and ..


**(10.09) www.presstv

 3 civilians killed in US-led strike in Afghanistan


 **(10.09) Ch. Ray

 Giap: the General Who Defeated the US in Vietnam


 **(10.09) J. Ditz

 Karzai Rejects US Security Pact, Says NATO Causing..


 **(10.09) C. Hecking

 Only the Rich Are Welcome


 **(10.09) www.khaama

 Prisoners still tortured in Afghan jails:..


 **(10.09) B. V. Auken

 The US raid on Libya and the fraud of the war...


**(10.08) www.khaama

 Afghan Taliban financially support Pakistan Taliban


 **(10.08) N. Chomsky

 Noam Chomsky: The Obama Doctrine


 **(10.08) J. Ditz

 Over 8.000 Killed in Iraq so Far in 2013


 **(10.08) J. Ditz

 Syrian Chemical Disarmament Begins


 **(10.08) J. Ditz

 US, Afghan Officials at Odds Over Post-2014 Pact


 **(10.08) www.spiegel.de

  " West Is More Confident in Al-Qaeda than Me"


**(10.07) G. Ford

 The Shutdown Game


 **(10.07) www.presstv

 4 US soldiers killed in Afghanistan


 **(10.07) www.aljazeera..

 Afghan civilians reportedly killed in NATO airstrike


 **(10.07) www.reuters

 Obama Says Iran a year or more from nuclear..


 **(10.07) M K Bhadrakumar

 Moscow seeks full-spectrum US engagement


 **(10.07) www.khaama 

 Senior security official killed in Nuristan


**(10.06) J. Corbett

 Syria is Not a Civil War, It Is a Foreign Intervention


 **(10.06) www.presstv

 10 killed in separate US airstrikes in Afghanistan


 **(10.06) A. Vatanka

 Could Revolutionary Guards sabotage Iran-US thaw?


 **(10.06) Y. Skidaniv

 Kissinger: USA needs the whole world, not just Syria


 **(10.06) www.khaama

 Explosion in Faryab province leaves 11 killed ...


 **(10.06) M. Whitney 

 The True State of the Economy


**(10.05) www.khaama

 Afghanistan defeats Kenya, qualifies for 2015 Cricket..


 **(10.05) P. Quinn

 Afghan Military Faces Surge in Roadside Bombs


 **(10.05) www.presstv

 Assad warns Turkey over Takfiris


 **(10.05) R. Abbott

 Iraqis Accuse US Defense Contractor CACI of...


 **(10.05) N. Pollack

 Obama's Incubatory Tyranny


 **(10.05) J. A. Smith 

 US, Syria, Iran: What Just Happened?


**(10.04) www.presstv

 Afghan government slams US for sending arms to Taliban


 **(10.04) www.spiegel.de

 " America Is Already Politically Bankrupt"


 **(10.04) G. Gentile

 America's nation - building at gunpoint


 **(10.04) J. Ditz

 Israel Forming New Gulf Alliance to Attack Iran


 **(10.04) N. Malishevski

 Lithuanian Mercenaries Dispatched to Syria


 **(10.04) J. Smith

 UN: More civilian casualties in Afghanistan ..


**(10.03) Sender: AKK



 **(10.03) S. M. Walt

 America's Empty Gestures toward Iran


 **(10.03) www.khaama

 Female Afghan lawmaker was kidnapped by her brother


 **(10.03) M. Dinucci

 Israel's Secret Nuclear, Biological and Chemical ..


 **(10.03) J. Ditz

 Monitor: 115.000 Killed in Syria's Civil War


 **(10.03) T. Engelhardt

 The Forgotten War


 **(10.03) A. Demon

 US government shutdown hits social services


 **(10.02) J. Ditz

 Downplaying Diplomacy, Obama Threatens to Attack Iran


 **(10.02) www.khaama

 Kunar intelligence attorney killed in roadside bomb..


 **(10.02) www.khaama

 Senior US generals fired for 2012 Taliban Attack on...


 **(10.02) D. Lindorff

 The Police State of America


 **(10.02) J. Korge

 The Women Rebels of Congo


 **(10.02) B. Grey 

 US shutdown targets workers and poor people


**(10.01) www.khaama

 Afghan security transition chief resigns to run for..


 **(10.01) B. Hoson

 Demonizing Russia and Hiding US Duplicity


 **(10.01) B. Bordelon

 Millions in advanced US weaponry stolen by Libyan..


 **(10.01) www.pajhwok

 Prayers for martyrs being offered today


 **(10.01) www.presstv

 Susan Rice: Regime change US objective in Syria


 **(10.01) W. C. Lewis 

 Worldwide Militarization and the Weapons Industry











 زبان های اروپائی:

پورتال "افغانستان آزاد ــ آزاد افغانستان" غرض نشو و نمای فكری و ذهنی جوانان افغان  و سهم گیری فعال شان در حیات سیاسی و اجتماعی كشور، گزارش های مختلفی را به ارتباط افغانستان كه در مطبوعات انعكاس می یابد، رؤیت میدهد.  این روش باعث خواهد شد كه از جانبی جوانان و سایر هموطنان ما كه نظر به جبر زمان از لسان مادری خود دور نگهداشته شده اند، قادر گردند كه جریانات كشور را به همان زبانی كه مسلط اند، تجزیه و تحلیل نموده و بر   دانش و معلومات خود در مورد كشور مادری شان بیافزایند و از جانب دیگر آن عـده از افغان هائی که روی همان جبر زمان به زبان مادری شان نمی توانند مطالب سود مند شان را به هم وطنان تقدیم دارند، این فرصت را به دست آرند تا به همان زبانی که می توانند مقاصد شان را بیان داشته زمینه های ارتباط بین خود و نسل های اولی را مستحکم تر سازند.  پورتال "افغانستان آزاد ــ آزاد افغانستان" از  جوانان آزاد اندیش و با درد دعوت میكند كه پورتال را در همه   سطوح یاری رسانند.

** آرشیف زبانهای اروپائی2012

** آرشیف زبانهای اروپائی2011

** آرشیف زبانهای اروپائی2010

** آرشیف زبانهای اروپائی 2008-2009    

**(09.30) www.pajhwok

 37 dead, 80 injured in Peshawar explosions


 **(09.30) www.presstv

 Afghans rally to demand withdrawal of US-led forces


 **(09.30) M. Whitney

 American Workers: Hanging on by the Skin of ..


 **(09.30) www.khaama

 International donors: may cut aid to Afghanistan


 **(09.30) M. Karoui

 Tunisia Reveals How the US-Supported Insurgents


 **(09.30) www.english.pr 

 War Crimes: Penal senctions against Tony Blair


**(09.29)A. A. Bahrami

 China's Role in Poet-NATO Afghanistan


 **(09.29) www.khaama

 Explosion kill 3 civilians, injure 9 in Ghazni


 **(09.29) M. Villagra

 From Syria to Iran: The Dynamics of Global Power


 **(09.29) J. Ditz

 Obama, Rouhani Talk on Phone, Deal Possible


 **(09.29) www.khaama

 Provincial council candidate shot dead in Logar


 **(09.29) www.presstv 

 US-led drone strkes kill 12 in Afghanistan


**(09.28) M. Pheko

 Are America and NATO replacing the UN?


 **(09.28) www.khaama

 Car Suicide bombing rocks Lashkargah city in Helmand


 **(09.28) J. Ditz

 Deal Reached on UN's Syria Disarmament Resolution


 **(09.28) www.presstv

 Gallup: American's trust in government generally down


 **(09.28) P. Escobar

 How the US is enabling Syriastan


 **(09.28) www.pajhwok

 Peshawar bus blast claims 18 lives, injures 43


**(09.27) D. Snowden

 45 Top Lies From Obama's UN Speech


 **(09.27) www.khaama

 Another NATO soldier shot dead in Afghanistan


 **(09.27) S. Perera

 IMF imposes stringent austerity measures on Pakistan


 **(09.27) J. Glaser

 Is Al-Shabab Trying to Pull the US Into A Military..


 **(09.27) www.khaama

 Taliban abduct four Afghan Army soldiers in Kunduz


 **(09.27) Ch. Neef 

 " The West Must Give Us Our Weapons Back "


**(09.26) www.presstv

 Al-Shabab claims almost 140 killed at Kenya's..


 **(09.26) Prof. M. Chossudovsky

 America's War against the People of Korea:


 **(09.26) P. Klochendler

 Israel Silent on Chemical Weapons


 **(09.26) www.pajhwok

 Sharif, Rouhani support Afghan-ked reconciliation


 **(09.26)J. Reimondo

 The Handshake That Never Happened


 **(09.26) Sh. Richman 

 The Kenyan Massacre's Routs in America's ...


**(09.25) www.military..

 $ 3B. price tag to bring gear home from Afghanistan


 **(09.25) J. Ditz

 Egypt Junta Bans Muslim Brotherhood


 **(09.25) F. Arbuthnot

 For Britain's Ministry of Defence, Afghan Lives Are Cheap


 **(09.25) M K Bhadrakumar

 Moscow issues Eurasian ultimatum


 **(09.25) www.khaama

 Suicide bombers sexually abused in training camps:


 **(09.25) www.spiegel.de 

 What Merkel's Victory Means for Berlin's Allies


**(09.24) www.khaama

 Attack on Afghan police leaves 16 dead in Kandahar


 **(09.24) J. Ditz

 Kenya Attack Points to Shabaab Hardliners..


 **(09.24) www.khaama

 No Political office for Taliban in new Afghan Peace...


 **(09.24) N. Pollack

 Obama, Putin, and World Politics


 **(09.24) J. Donati

 Small firms seek to move in on Afghanistan's vast.. 


 **(09.24) J. Ditz

 Suicide bombings Pound Peshawar Church, Killing 81..


**(09.23) www.foxnews

 Afghan troops deaths hit record amid US exit


 **(09.23) R. Urie

 Capitalism and US Oil Geo-Politics


 **(09.23) L. Wittner

 Eliminating Nuclear Weapons Is Just as...


 **(09.23) www.khaama

 Pakistan suicide bombers attacked US consulate in Herat


 **(09.23) M. Malik & .

 The Military Turns Really Ugly in Egypt


 **(09.23) www.english.prav.. 

 What stops America from bombing Syria?


**(09.22) Prof. M. Chossudovsky

 China and Russia are Acquiring Gold, Dumping..


 **(09.22) J. Knefel

 Is the FBI's Domestic Spying Out of Control?


 **(09.22) www.khaama

 Suicide blast rocks Balkh province, 8 civilians injured


 **(09.22) J. Ditz

 Syria Delivers List of Chemical Arsenal to Watchdog


 **(09.22) www.presstv

 Three US-led troopers killed in green-on-blue attack


 **(09.22) www.presstv

 US assassination drone strikes kill 11 Afghans in 24 hours


 **(09.22) E. Pilkington 

 US nearly detonated atomic bomb over North...


**(09.21) Sender: AKK

 Integration durch Qualfikation


**(09.21) M. Welch

 Executive Branch " Dictatorship "


 **(09.21) R. Gutman

 U. S.-backed Syrian rebels being shoved aside...


 **(09.21) D. North

 US imperialism and the proxy war in Syria


 **(09.21) J. Ditz

 US Plans Nuke Missile Tests During Next Week's


 **(09.21) S. Shah

 US wars in Afghanistan, Iraq to cost $ 6 trillion


 **(09.21) www.theguardian 

 White House hints Obama may meet with Iranian


**(09.20) G. Ford

 Black America More Pro-War Than Ever..


 **(09.20) St. Gowans

 Counter- Questions on Syria:


 **(09.20) www.khaama

 Former Afghan senator join Taliban group in n. Afghanistan


 **(09.20) R. Baroud

 Syria's New Game: The Russian Factor


 **(09.20) www.khaama

 Taliban kill 16 Afghan police, abduct 24 others ...


 **(09.20) J. Ditz 

 West Backs Down: UN Resolution Won't Authorize..


**(09.19) J. Weil

 10 Reasons Why America Opposed, and Averted,...


 **(09.19) presstv

 Damascus hands Moscow Proof that militants...


 **(09.19) www.khaama

 Kunduz election commission chief shot dead...


 **(09.19) B. Rafie

 Taliban An Evolving Insurgency


 **(09.19) J. Kishore

 The " lost generation " and the Failure...


 **(09.19) presstv

 US drone attacks kill five in e. Afghanistan


**(09.18) www.presstv

 5 killed in US-led airstrikes in Afghanistan


 **(09.18) www.khaama

 Deadly blast leaves 40 killed or injured in w. Afghanistan


 **(09.18) J. Ditz

 Syrian Rebel War Crimes Fueling Faction Split


 **(09.18) www.alternet

 The Other American Gulag:


 **(09.18) G. Zonick

 Navy Yard Shooting: A Jarring Reminder of...


 **(09.18) J. Ditz

 Turkey Urges US to Keep Preparing to Attack Syrian


**(09.17) www.presstv

 Despite diplomacy on Syria, Obama says US..


 **(09.17) R. Downs

 How Much Will The Defense Industry Make..


 **(09.17) www.khaama

 Pakistani military fire over 40 missiles in Kunar


 **(09.17) G. Research

 Turkey Establishes Kurdish Jihadist Brigade to


 **(09.17) Spengler

 US Plays Monopoly, Russia plays chess


 **(09.17) A. Baraka 

 Moral Hypocrisy and U. S. Exceptionalism


**(09.16) Sender: AKK

 Einladung " The Refugees "


 **(09.16) N. Alexeeva

 Syrian Special Forces ready to Attack USA?


 **(09.16) R. Urie

 Syria and the US Imperial Project


 **(09.16) www.khaama

 Afghanistan Coal mine collapse leaves 27 dead, 20 injured..


 **(09.16) www.khaama

 Senior female police shot in Helmand


 **(09.16) www.trust.org

 Americans want diplomacy on Syria, are unmoved..


 **(09.16) www.presstv 

 US-led airstrike kills six in Afghanistan


**(09.15) J. Bricmont

 The People Against the 800 Pound Gorilla


 **(09.15) www.presstv

 Taliban attack US airbase in e. Afghanistan


 **(09.15) www.khaama

 Suicide car bombing leaves 4 dead, 6 injured..


 **(09.15) T. B-Hinchey

 Syria: The shocking truth incriminates the USA


 **(09.15) V. Putin

 Syria Crisis: Vladimir Putin's Letter to America


 **(09.15) J. White 

 The social chasm in America


**(09.14) J. Ditz

 Assad: Syria to Give Up Control of Chemical Arms


 **(09.14) Xinhua

 Bulgaria could deploy contingent in Afghanistan after 2014


 **(09.14) A. Luhn

 Russia sends missile cruiser to Mediterranean as Syria


 **(09.14) www.khaama

 Suicide bombers attack US consulate in Herat


 **(09.14) G. Baruchello

 Understanding the Canser Stage of Capitalism


 **(09.14) J. Pilger

 From Hiroshima to Syria, That Enemy Whose Name ..


**(09.13) J. Ditz

 CIA Begins Delivering Arms to Syrian Rebels


 **(09.13) www.khaama

 FIFA vice-president congratulate Afghan football's..


 **(09.13) B. V. Auken

 Obama's speech: No end to war threat against Syria


 **(09.13) E. Kersey

 Saudi Arabia: Death - row Inmates sent to fight Assad


**(09.13) Press TV

 Six killed in US-led airstrike in e. Afghanistan


 **(09.13) P. C. Roberts

Too many years of lies


**(09.12) www.english..

 Syria shows rebirth and legitimization of fascism ...


 **(09.12) J. Ditz

 Obama Speech Still Pushes Idea of Syria War


 **(09.12) J. Ditz

 Syria to Sing Chemical Weapons Treaty, Reveal Arsenal


 **(09.12) www.presstv

 US's evidence on Syria, fabricated:


 **(09.12) www.aopnews

 HRW Asks Iran Not To Expel Afghans


 **(09.12) D. R. Griffin

 9/11 Contradictions: Bush in the Classroom on the..


 **(09.12) www.presstv 

 Six killed in US-led air strike in e. Afghanistan


**(09.11) S. Kangas

 Timeline of CIA Atrocities


 **(09.11) L. J. Bilmes

 The Cost Of Striking Syria: 4 Lessons From Iraq and Afg.


 **(09.11) J. Ditz

 6 Polls Agree: Americans Strongly Oppose Attacking Syria


 **(09.11) G. R. News

 New Poll Finds Most Americans Open to 9/11 Truth


 **(09.11) www.paghwok

 Car bomber Strikes ANA post in Logar, 4 injyred


 **(09.11) J. Ditz 

 Syria Welcomes Call to Destroy Chemical Weapons


**(09.10) T. Cartalucci

 Depravity Redefined: Selling US Slaughter in Syria


 **(09.10) www.khaama

 NATO airstrike kill 9 civilians in e. Afghanistan


 **(09.10) K. Dozier

 Doubts linger over Syria gas attack responsibility


 **(09.10) J. Nichols

 " Nobody Wants This Except the Military...


 **(09.10) A. Makinde

 The Destruction of Syria: Will Military Action put ..


 **(09.10) J. Ditz 

 Officials: US Plans to Escalate Syria Attacks


**(09.09) www.pajhwok

 12 civilians killed in Watapur airstrike


 **(09.09) J. Ditz

 AIPIC, Defense Contractors Promise to Go " All-Out"


 **(09.09) www.wsws..

 International gangsterism and Washington's War


 **(09.09) Khaama Press

 Taliban release abducted female lawmaker in ...


 **(09.09) T. A. Guzman

 The Conflict in Syria and Global Resistance:


 **(09.09) R. Rozoff & ..

 U. S. Attack on Syria will be a Historic Crime


 **(09.09) www.presstv 

 US could find itself at war with Russia over Syria


**(09.08) www.presstv

 Attacking Syria will be dangerous to world:


 **(09.08) www.pajhwok

 Hundreds of Afghan refugees held in Karachi


 **(09.08) www.khaama

 Protest against Iran turn violent in Herat, leaves 2 dead


**(09.08) P. Chernyshev

 Russia is unable to stop USA from Attacking Syria


 **(09.08) M. D. Nazemroaya

 Saudi Arabia's " Chemical Bander " behind the ...


 **(09.08) J. Bovard:

We can't trust White House Syria claims


 **(09.08) www.foxnews..

 World leaders at G20 summit uncertain about who...


**(09.07) www.presstv

 US-led airstrike kills 12 people in s. Afghanistan


 **(09.07) J. Ditz

 Kerry: Arabs Offered to pay for US Invasion of Syria


  **(09.07) J. W. Whitehead

 Ten Reasons Why America Does Not Need to ..


**(09.07) J. Ditz

 Pentagon Ordered to Expand Syria Target List, ..


 **(09.07) C. J. Chivers

 Brutality of Syrian Rebels Posing Dilemma in West


 **(09.07) J. Hirthler

 Hypocrite in Chief


 **(09.07) www.khaama

 NATO soldier killed in Taliban attack in e. Afghanistan


 **(09.07) www.presstv 

 Russia sending large landing ship to Syrian Coast


**(09.06) F. Lamb

 Will 1000 Americans " Human Shield" Stop Another..


 **(09.06) www.presstv

 Chemical weapons sent from Turkey to Syria:..


 **(09.06) B. Grey &.

 Senate Resolution Authorizes War For Regime..


 **(09.06) www.pajhwok

 Shia mosque attacked in Kabul, assailants Killed..


 **(09.06) www.america..

 US still holding detainees at Afghanistan's Bagram..


 **(09.06) P. Wintour & 

 Barak Obama and Vladimir Putin set for collision..


**(09.05) J. Glaser

 Is the Death Count in Syria's Sarin Attack Phony?


 **(09.05) Z. Slayback

 Moral Obscenity


 **(08.05) www.presstv

 Putin warns West against unilateral action on Syria


 **(09.05) J. Ditz

 Obama: CIA-Trained Fighters Sneaking Into Syria


 **(09.05) B. Van Auken

 Obama, Congress and the coming War against Syria


 **(09.05) www.pajhwok

 Al-Qaeda trying to counter drone campaign


 **(09.04) Dip. Ing. N. Maroofi

 Dauerblutbad in Afghanistan


**(09.04) www.outlookafg

 Secret Negotiations with Taliban


 **(09.04) L. Everest

 Obama's Speech on Syria: Lies to Justify an ..


 **(09.04) J. St. Clair

 Germ War: the US Record


 **(09.04) www.presstv

 1792 Afghan police killed since March:


 **(09.04) Sh. Cooke

 How the U. S. Left Is Failing Over Syria


 **(09.04) J. Ditz 

 Kerry Pushes Syria war with Hitler Rhetoric


**(09.03) Y. Bodansky

 Did the White House Help Plan the Syrian Chemical


 **(09.03) www.france24

 FBI increases surveillance of Syrians in US


 **(09.03) www.thefrontier

 Karzai makes changes in Afghan security leadership


 **(09.03) Sh. Cooke

 The Lie of " Limited " War Against Syria


 **(09.03) www.pajhwok

Torkham fighting ends: attackers killed


 **(09.03) www.presstv

 US claims on chemical attack in Syria


**(09.02) www.khaama

 Heavy clashes reported in Zabul Province...


 **(09.02) www.english..

 Invasion of Syria: Countdown begins now


 **(09.02) J. Ditz

 Obama to Seek Congressional Approved for Syria War


 **(09.02) www.khaama

 Roadside blast kills 12 civilians in Helmand


 **(09.02) R. Nogueira

 The Syrian Conflict: The Lies of our Govt.


 **(09.02) B. Van Auken

 US on brink of launching war against Syria


**(09.01) J. Heilbrunn

 Barack W. Bush: Unilateral War in Syria


 **(09.01) www.khaama

 Kandahar suicide attack leaves 5 dead, 17 injured


 **(09.01) www.englisj.pr..

 Obama should be deprived of Nobel Peace Prize, if .. 


 **(09.01) J. Hirthler

 The Banality of Empire


 **(09.01)J. Ditz

 US Attack on Syria Expected This Weekend


 **(09.01) www.presstv

 US-led airstrikes kill 32 in s. Afghanistan


**(08.31) Sender: AKK



 **(08.31) J. Ditz

 Obama Ready to " Go It Alone" on Syria War


 **(08.31) www.khaama

 District chief killed in Kunduz suicide attack


 **(08.31) N. Nasser

 The subterfuge of Syrian Chemical Weapons


 **(08.31) J. Ditz

 Parliament Revolts, Brits to Stay Out of Syria


 **(08.31) A. Crooke

 US attack on Syria would be illegal " act of war "


 **(08.31) Prof. M. Chossudovsky

 Dangerous Crossroads A War on Syria


 **(08.31) www.khaama

 15 Afghan police killed, 10 injured in Taliban attack..


 **(08.31) H. Blix

 Even if Assad used chemical weapons, the west has...


**(08.30) www.presstv

 US, UK, France helped militants use chemical weapons


 **(08.30) P. Escobar

 Obama net for holy Tomahawk war


 **(08.30) www.presstv

 Russia deploying warship, missile cruiser to Mediterranean


 **(08.30) J. Marcas

 Western military options


 **(08.30) T. Erdbrink

 Strike on Syria Would Lead to Retaliation on Israel


 **(08.30) www.pajhwok

 5 dead, 45 wounded on Ghazni PRT attack


 **(08.30) D. North & .

 Why the United States is waging war against Syria


 **(08.30) E. Groll 

 State Dept. Admits It Doesn't know Who Ordered..


**(08.29) Sh. Cooke

 War With Syria and Its Repercussions


 **(08.29) J. Ditz

 Quietly, Israel Drives US Attack on Syria


 **(08.29) www.presstv

 US begins war on Syria as early as Thursday...


 **(08.29) J. Ditz

 Attacking Syria, US Bolsters al-Qaeda- Dominated Rebels


 **(08.29) St. Lendman

 Imperial Madness


 **(08.29) www.khaama

 Suicide blast near NATO and Afghan troops convoy..


 **(08.29) www.khaama 

 Afghan police injures 16 comrades in Kandahar


**(08.28) Sh. Harris &

 Exclusives CIA Files Prove America Helped Saddam..


 **(08.28) L. Poitras &

 How America Spies on Europe and the UN


 **(08.28) www.khaama

 Taliban kill 6 abducted government employees in Herat


 **(08.28) J. Ditz

 Syrian Rebels Demand Israeli Support for US War


 **(08.28) www.presstv

 7 killed in US airstrike in NE Afghanistan


 **(08.28) www.pajhwok 

 6 bullet-riddled bodies found in Paktia


**(08.27) www.ronpoulin..

 US Set to Launch " Iraq, The Sequel", in Syria


 **(08.27) www.presstv

 Failure awaits any US attack on Syria:..


 **(08.27) presstv

 Russia warns US of " extremely danerous" fallout of...


 **(08.27) www.washington...

 Years later, a flattened Afghan Village reflects on ...


 **(08.27) www.khaama

 Suicide bombers attack Afghan army base in Kapisa, ..


 **(08.27) Prof. M. Chossudovsky

 Terrorism with a " Human Face " : ..


**(08.26) www.Presstv

 Iran Warns US against overstepping red line on Syria


**(08.26) by Inder Comar

 Obama DOJ Asks Court to Grant Immunity to.....


**(08.26) By Jason Ditz

 Poised to Attack, Us Mores Naval Forces.....


**(08.26) www.washingtonpost.com

 Syrian government blames rebels for.....


**(08.26) by Jeffrey St. Clair

 The CIA Came at Night


**(08.26) Press TV

 US-led raid leaves 2 cvilians dead in Afghanistan


**(08.25) www.khaama

 Explosion kill 3 NATO soldiers in e. Afghanistan


 **(08.25) www.khaama

 Gunmen kill 5 members of a family in Baghlan..


 **(08.25) T. E. Pierce

 Making the World the " Enemy"


 **(08.25) R. Urie

 Manning, Snowden and the U. S. Coup in Iran


 **(08.25) J. Ditz

 Pentagon Preps Cruise Missiles to Attack Syria


 **(08.25) J. Dean 

 US implicates itself in anti-Syria chemical plot


**(08.24) www.aopnews

 Afghans Testify At Bales Sentencing


 **(08.24) M. Sledge

 Bradley Manning Sentenced to 35 years In Prison...


 **(08.24) www.aljazeera

 France warns Syria of forceful response


 **(08.24) www.outlook

 Growing Environment Problems


 **(08.24) A. Damon

 One quarter of world's youth without jobs or ..


 **(08.24) www.presstv

 US encircling China with military bases


**(08.23) www.presstv

 Afghans protest against US night raids in Baghlan


 **(08.23) W. C. Lewis

 DC, the War Crime Capital


 **(08.23) www.khaama

 Farah intelligence chief survives explosion 


 **(08.23) Dr. P. C. Roberts

 Gangster State US/UK


 **(08.23) www.dw.de

 Support for Muslim Brotherhood Isolates Turkey


 **(08.23) B. Van Auken

 Syria chemical warfare claims aim to provoka...


**(08.22) www.pajhwok

 Afghanistan lash Pakistan in historic soccer duel


 **(08.22) www.aljazeera

 Cairo court sets trial date for ElBaradei


 **(08.22) www.khaama

 NATO soldier die n militants attack in e. Afg.


 **(08.22) D. Lindorff

 Obama's Sinister Crackdown on the Press


 **(08.22) www.khaama

 Suicide attack rocks Logar Province, 13 killed..


 **(08.22) N. Pollack 

 The Globalization of Militarism


**(08.21) J. Ditz

 Afghan Attorney General Fired for Attending Taliban..


 **(08.21) www.guardian..

 CIA admits role in 1853 Iranian coup..


 **(08.21) C. Stea

 Latin America Condemns US Espionage act...


 **(08.21) M. Gasper

 The Political Future of the Muslim Brotherhood


 **(08.21) www.khaama

 Pakistan court charges Pervez Musharaf in Benazir..


 **(08.21) www.english.. 

 USA wants no peace with N. Korea at all ever


**(08.20) Xinhua

 Air Strike kills 16 militants in s. Afghanistan


 **(08.20) J.Ditz

 Egypt's Junta an Economic as Well as Military Power


 **(08.20) N. Beams

 Five years after the financial crash, global economy...


 **(08.20) www.arab...

 Iran faces one-third budget shortfall..


 **(08.20) www.pajhwok

 Pakistan may free more Taliban prisoners


 **(08.20) J. Walker 

 The new paranoia: A government afraid of...


**(08.19) www.khaama

 7 Afghan soldiers, 4 police killed in latest violence


 **(08.19) www.khaama

 American Al-Qaeda militant urge Muslims to Attack US..


 **(08.19) L. Morris

 As Islamist rebels rise in Syria, Liberal activists..


 **(08.19) R. Urie

 Barak Obama and the New-Liberal Coup


 **(08.19) I. Black & ..

 Egypt: mosque is stormed as generals plan to ..


 **(08.19) A. Moeller

 Stasis You Can Believe In


**(08.18) G. Gentile

 America's nation-building at gunpoint


 **(08.18) www.khaama

 Explosion kill or injure 8 including children in Helmand


 **(08.18) J. Ditz

 Over 100 Killed Across Egypt, Three Day Toll Around 750


 **(08.18) G. Guma

 Pervasive Surveillance, Total Exposure and the...


 **(08.18) M. R. Shah

 Problems to Investment in Afghanistan


 **(08.18) J. Ditz 

 Pro-Junta Stance Irreparably Harmed US Credibility


**(08.17) www.pajhwok

 200 shops gutted as Balkh fire continues


 **(08.17) www.khaama

 Afghan opposition meets in Germany as presidential


 **(08.17) J. Ditz

 Egypt Junta Defends Massacre as Toll Rises to 638


 **(08.17) J. Ditz

 Obama Cancel Drill, But Signals Continued Support


 **(08.17) Prof. J. Petras

  The Obama Regime's Fabricated " Terror Conspiracy "


 **(08.17) D. North

 The Revolutions of 1848 and the historical Foundations


**(08.16) www.khaama

 Afghan soldier who attacked Australian troops has ...


 **(08.16)J. Ditz

 Global Outrage in Wake of Egypt Massacres


 **(08.16) S. Lendman

 America: Addicted to War


 **(08.16) www.daily..

 18 " dead" in Indian submarine explosion


 **(08.16) J. Stern

 Egyptian junta imposes martial law amid..


 **(08.16) www.pajhwok 

 Karzai to support sayyaf presidential candidate


**(08.15) www.khaama

 Taliban demand release of prisoners to free abducted MP..


 **(08.15) J. Grisham

 After Guantanamo, Another Injustice


 **(08.15) www.khaama

 Explosion rocks Takhar Province, 16 killed


 **(08.15) Prof. J. Petras

 The Bi-polar World of Rich Bankers, ...


 **(08.15) M. Habib

 In Afghan schools, black is the new black


 **(08.15) R. Hager

 Obama Versus Snowden


**(08.14) J. Ditz

 As Iraqi al-Qaeda Surges Into Syria, the War..


 **(08.14) T. Carter &.

 Obama's white paper on NSA spying


 **(08.14) www.dw.de

 US Could Exploit Trade Deal to Expand Spying


 **(08.14) R. E. Hunter

 The US-Russian Cold Shoulder War


 **(08.14) www.khaama

 Taliban kill 8 Abducted civilians in Ghazni


**(08.14) H. Druzin

 Hackistan: Afghan cyber guerillas step up attacks


**(08.13) www.khaama

 Afghanistan agrees to hold talks with Taliban in Turkey


 **(08.13) M. A. Goodman

 America's Strange " Russian Problem "


 **(08.13) Y. Saleh

 Egypt army chief shows political agility in crises


 **(08.13) P. Schwarz

 German election: The Left Party pledges its ...


 **(08.13) www.khaama

 Militants kill 3 US troops in Paktia


 **(08.13) O. Nouripour

 Syrian War Offers Bargaining Chip in Iran Conflict


**(08.12) www.khaama

 Afghan contractor accused of stealing $77m. in U. S. ..


 **(08.12) Z. Eisenstein

 Burgas and empire, again


 **(08.12) S. Lendman

 Engineering Potential Disaster in Syria


 **(08.12) www.presstv

 Israeli commander: Hezbollah more ready than


 **(08.12) www.wsws

 Obama's press conference: The smiling face of a police


 **(08.12) F. al-Muslim 

 The innocents caught under the drones: ...


**(08.11) www.khaama

 100 teachers and education officials killed in Afghanistan


 **(08.11) M. Abi-Habib

 Anti-U. S. Hostility Ramps Up in Egypt


  **(08.11) P. Greaves

 CIA Gun-running, Qatar- Libya- Syria...


 **(08.11) www.khaama

 Explosion kills 5 members of a family in Farah


 **(08.11) J. St. Clair

 The Origins of the Neoliberal War on the Poor


 **(08.11) P. Escobar

 Vlad the Hammer vs Obama the Wimp


**(08.10) www.khaama

 3 Chinese citizens killed, 2 missing in capital Kabul


 **(08.10) M. Sh. Mahbob

 Death toll in Ghanikhel graveyard blast..


 **(08.10) A. Gregory

 Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the U. S. and the U. S. ...


 **(08.10) www.presstv

 Indian police clash with protesters in Kashmir..


 **(08.10) A. Sweilam

 Officials: Israeli drone strike kills 5 in Egypt


 **(08.10) Sh. Richman

 The U. S. Empire Provokes Terrorism


**(08.09) Xinhua

 U. S. soldier admits to mass shooting at military


 **(08.09) www.theguardian

 Obama cancels meeting with Putin over Snowden


 **(08.09) A. Dilks

 Syria: US Supported Rebels Carry Out Another


 **(08.09) P. C. Roberts

 The New Economy is the No Jobs Economy


 **(08.09) www.presstv

 Three killed, 9 others injured in blasts in e. Afg. 


 **(08.09) R. Akermann

 Homeless Tour Gives Glimpse of  Berlin's ...


**(08.08) R. Baroud

 Arab elites push back political Islam


 **(08.08) www.pajhwok

 MP injured, daughter killed in Ghazni attack


 **(08.08) www.times..

 Japan navy unveils big warship on Hiroshima atomic


 **(08.08) www.outlook..

 Talibans Office Location is Not Important, Their... 


 **(08.08) N. Beams

 US Growth and Jobs Figures Point to Continuing


 **(08.08) T. Amara

 Tens of thousands rally to oust Tunisian govt...


**(08.07) www.presstv

 Pakistani troopers kill 5 India soldiers:


 **(08.07) F. Leverett &

 Rohani's Inauguration, Iran's Political System


 **(08.07) www.khaama

 Taliban chief Mullah Mohd. Omar dismiss Afghan ..


 **(08.07) www.khaama

 Explosion rocks Jalalabad city in e. Afghanistan..


 **(08.07) J. Ditz

 Taliban, Karzai Govt. in secret Talks


 **(08.07)S. Oeterson

 How much influence will Iran have in post-US.. 


**(08.06) www.presstv

 Iran, Afghanistan sign strategic agreement


 **(08.06) R. Shirzad

 Attack on Indian mission in Afghanistan raises...


 **(08.06) www.pajhwok

 Taliban's political office may be shifted  from Qater


 **(08.06) P. Symonds

 U. S. General Reveals Plans for Air Force Expansion


 **(08.06) J. Ditz

 Three Syrias: Civil War Leading to a Breakup?


 **(08.06) www.khaama

 Heavy explosion rocks Kandahar city, 31 killed...


**(08.05) Ghanizada

 India blame outside forces for attack on Jalalabad


 **(08.05) J. Cook

 Once More into the Dead End of the Palestine-Israel


 **(08.05) M. Griffis

 Iraqi General Survivor in Attack That leave 85 Dead


 **(08.05) Khaama Press

 Over 40 die in Sorobi flash floods in Kabul..


 **(08.05) www.en.ria.ru

 Russian Warships to Arrive in Cuba on Official


 **(08.05) P. Symonds

 The revival of Japanese militarism


**(08.04) J. Ditz

 22 Afghan Police, 76 Taliban Killed in Major...


 **(08.04) www.khaama

 Attack on Indian Consulate in Jalalabad leaves..


 **(08.04) E. Al-Amin

 An Impending Bloodbath in Egypt: ...


 **(08.04) A. Damon

 Dismal jobs report exposes claims of US recovery


 **(08.04) J. Ditz

 Bloody Fighting as Syrian Islamists, Kurds Turn ...


 **(08.04) F. Arbuthnot 

 Tony Blair: Libya, Lockerbie, Arms and ...


**(08.03) F. Castro Ruz &

 Conversation with Fidel Castro: Hiroshima and..


 **(08.03) J. Ditz

 Furious US Officials Slam Russia's Asylum ...


 **(08.03) M K Bhadrakumar

 A Spy who tried to scale Kremlin wall..


 **(08.03) www.khaama

 Rape, brutal murder of teenager boy spark boy..


 **(08.03) W. Blum

 The Imperial Mafia


 **(08.03) www.khaama

 Taliban bomb kill 7 members of family in ...


**(08.02) www.presstv

 US-led airstrikes kill 45 in Afghanistan


 **(08.02) F. Arbuthnot

 Britain: No Hiding Place for War Criminals


 **(08.02) V. Kotsev

 Syrian war reaches explosive stage


 **(08.02) www.khaama

 Airstrike leaves 4 Afghan police dead in Afghanistan


 **(08.02) J. Price

 Coalition admits its left unexploded munitions


 **(08.02) D. Bandow

 With Its Foreign Policy, The Obama Administration


**(08.01) www.khaama

 Afghan civilian casualties up 23 percent. UN says


 **(08.01) www.ca.news

 Egypt's military chief attracts personality cult...


 **(08.01) www.counterpunch

 Economic Recovery by Statistical Manipulation


 **(08.01) presstv

 Gunmen kill two in w. Afghanistan


 **(08.01) t. Meronek

 The Invisible Punishment of Prisoners With..


 **(08.01) J. Ditz 

 Obama Made Secret Promises to Israel, Palestinians ..


**(07.31) J. Ditz

Scores Killed in bombing as Afghan Military...


 **(07.31) M. Griffis

 Shi'ites Focus of Attacks That Leave 90 Dead..


 **(07.31) www.khaama

 Taliban attack prison in Pakistan free 243 prisoners


 **(07.31) E. Follath

 Political Stability Eludes Polarized Egypt


 **(07.31) M. Whitney

 Why Did Washington Hate Hugo Chaves?


 **(07.31) I. Safi 

 Refuges are Humans. Growing Refugee Numbers..


**(07.30) J. Ditz

 Syria Rebels Attracting Young Foreign Islamists


 **(07.30) www.global..

 Saudi Arabia, Corrupt and Fraudulent Regime:


 **(07.30) J. Ditz

 Egypt Junta Threatens More Crackdowns as ...


 **(07.30) www.pajhwok

 9 civilians, ALP members killed in Zabul bombing..


 **(07.30) Press TV

 Karzai seeks to thaw frosty ties with Pakistan


 **(07.30) E. London 

 Obama's bogus crusade for the " middle class "


**(07.29) www.khaama

 7 children killed or injured in Farah Explosion


 **(07.29) www.pajhwok

 Angry protestors close voter registration center


 **(07.29) St. Lendman

 America and Germany: Longstanding Espionage..


 **(07.29) www.hurriyat

 Saudi prince defect from royal family


 **(07.29) presstv

 EU plans independent intelligence agency


 **(07.29) F. Bezhan 

 The rise of al-Qaeda 2.0


**(07.28) S. Walker

 60th Anniversary of the start of the Cuban Revolution


 **(07.28) E. Lust

 Egypt's swinging center


 **(07.28) www.khaama

 67 percent Americans say Afghan war isn't worth...


 **(07.28) St Lendman

 Russia and China Prepare for Global War


 **(07.28) www.khaama

 NATO airstrike leaves 45 Taliban dead in Helmand


 **(07.28) J. Pilger 

 The Age of Regression


**(07.27) Spiegelonline

 Showdown in Kairo


 **(07.27) B. V. Auken

 The militarization of America


 **(07.27) www.pajhwok

 Taliban seize a dozen policemen in Zabul


 **(07.27) K. Vlahos

 Antiwar.com  under Surveillance


 **(07.27) www.khaama

 Afghanistan Justice Program found to have..


 **(07.27) J. Ditz

 Syria's Sectarian Divide Goes Regional


 **(07.27) www.presstv

 Taliban say destroyed 15 NATO tankers


**(07.26) J. Ditz

 Confrontation Looms as Egypt's Pro, Anti Coup ...


 **(07.26) J. Ditz

 House Passes $ 595 Billion Military Spending Bill..


 **(07.26) A. Lantier

 US Military Plans Direct Intervention in Syria


 **(07.26) www.pajhwok

 16 dead, wounded in separate blasts


 **(07.26) www.khaama

 Young Poet Exiled From Her Village


 **(07.26) J. Knefel 

 Bagram: The Other Guantanamo


**(07.25) www.pajhwok

 Absenteeism in government offices troubles ...


 **(07.25) M. Mahmood &

 Al-Qaida raids on Iraqi Prisons raise fears..


 **(07.25) V. Prashad

 Blood and Oil


 **(07.25) J. W. Whitehead

 Kafka's America Secret Courts, Secret Laws,.. 


 **(07.25) J. Ditz

 Russia Hits US over Extradition Double Standard


 **(07.25) J. Ditz

 Three US Soldiers among 8 Killed by Afghan Suicide


**(07.24) P. Martin

 Obama, race and class


 **(07.24) www.presstv

 7 NATO supply trucks destroyed in ambush in Afg.


 **(07.24) M. D. Naemroaya

 From Turkey with Love:..


 **(07.24) Press TV

 Roadside bomb blast kills four troops in s. Afg.


 **(07.24) Ch. Woods

 Leaked report shows high civilian death toll...


 **(07.24) N. Solomon 

 Obama's Escalating War on Freedom of the Press


**(07.23) B. Schneier

 Mission Creep: When Everything Is Terrorism


 **(07.23) www.dailytimes

 We have contacts with Taliban but don't control them:


 **(07.23) J. Ditz

 Egypt's " Liberal" Pro-Coup Factions Want Islamists..


 **(07.23) B. Dangl

 US Spying and Resistance in Latin America


 **(07.23) Th. Hedges

 Everyone is Corrupt, I have Come to Learn


 **(07.23) www.khaama 

 Afghan lawmaker declare Jihad (holy war) against TV


**(07.22) www.spiegel..

 German Intelligence Used NSA Spy Program


 **(07.22) www.khaama

 Spera district chief brother and 5 other killed ..


 **(07.22) N. Kaufmann

 Russian Aggression and Ukrainian Accession:


 **(07.22) R. J. Burrowes

 The destruction of Barack Obama


 **(07.22) www.outlookafg..

 The Fail of Rashidan District


 **(07.22) E. Al-Amin 

 The Grand Scam: Spinning Egypt's Military Coup


**(07.21) www.khaama

19 people including children killed or injured in Helmand


 **(07.21) www.khaama

 Protest against US security pact turn violent in W. Afg.


 **(07.21) M. Griffis

 Iraq Mosque Mayhem Pushes Toll to 57 Killed, 106...


 **(07.21) S. Lendman

 US Courts Approve Indefinite Detention and Torture


 **(07.21) J. Ditz

 The Obama Administration's Hostility to..


 **(07.21) J. Glaser

 Why Kerry Will Fail in Israel-Palestine


**(07.20) www.khaama

 3 kids, 2 women killed following explosion in Paktika 


 **(07.20) T. Burghardt

 Money Laundering and the Global Drug Trade.


 **(07.20) K. Fahim &..

 Weeks After an Ouster, Egypt's Military and ..


 **(07.20) J. Ditz

 US Mulls Attacking Syria


 **(07.20) T. Engelhardt

 How to be a rogue superpower


 **(07.20) www.khaama

 Spanta accuse Pakistan for Afghan leaders assassination


**(07.19) E. Lo

 NSA Spying Leaves Washington Lonelier Than..


 **(07.19) www.spiegel

 Putin Turning Russia " Into a Police State"


 **(07.19) R. Long

 The Consequences of Living with Afghanistan's..


 **(07.19) www.khaama

 8 civilians working in NATO camp killed by gunmen..


 **(07.19) R. Baroud

 The United State's Futile Search for " World..


 **(07.19) B. Hubbard 

 Momentum Shifts in Syria, Bolstering Assad's..


**(07.18) www.pajhwok

 Senator accused of stealing wheat aid


 **(07.18) www.khaama

 Brother of Sapanta , Karzai's N. S. A shot dead .


 **(07.18) www.khaama

 Afghan interpreter blames Americans for civilians torture


 **(07.18) K. A. Gray

 What It Feels Like to be Black in America


 **(07.18) www.enlish.pr.

 Syria: War crimes by terrorist FSA


 **(07.18) E. J. Sanchez

 Washington's Long History in Syria


**(07.17) J. Ditz

 Report: Israel Used Turkish Base to Attack Syria


 **(07.17) Ch. Brauchli

 Secrets Exposed: How the NSA Rubber-Stamps...


 **(07.17) T. E. Paupp

 The Supreme Court, Zimmerman And American..


 **(07.17) www.khaama

 Sexual abuse of children rampant in Afghanistan


 **(07.17) G. E. El-Din

 Consigned to the past


 **(07.17) www.pajhwok

 2 dead, 3 injured in Jalalabad explosion 


**(07.16) A. Barnard

 Syria Weighs Its Tactics as Pillars of Its Economy


 **(07.16) J. Ditz

 Afghan Insider Attack Soldier Escapes with Guard


 **(07.16) J. Ditz

 Netanyahu Threatens to Attack Iran " Before It's..


 **(07.16) G. Ford

 The U. S. War against the World ...


 **(07.16) I. Cobin

 Obama's secret kill list - the disposition matrix


 **(07.16) www.khaama

 Pakistan attempts to infiltrate among Afghan ...


**(07.15) A. Cockburn &..

 The American Way of Torture


 **(07.15) Xinhua

 India steps up training of Afghan military personnel..


 **(07.15) www.presstv

 Israel missile test may be tacit warning to Russia


 **(07.15) M. K. Bhadrakumar

 Egypt's Sphinx casts eyes on Syria


 **(07.15) J. Lobe

 Obama's Many Middle East Miseries Multiply


 **(07.15) S. Lamrani

 25 truths about the Evo Morales / E. Snowden..


 **(07.15) www.khaama

 50 British troops committed suicide in Afghanistan 


**(07.14) www.khaama

 12 Pakistani Taliban militants killed in Kandahar


 **(07.14) www.aopnews..

 Despite Stumbles, Observers Say Momentum...


 **(07.14) R. Urie

 Democracy and Empire


 **(07.14) www.english..

 Mystery of Marlyn Monroe's death unveiled?


 **(07.14) P. R. Pillar

 Falling Off a Cliff in Egypt


 **(07.14) www.presstv

 US airstrike leaves 10 dead in e. Afghanistan


 **(07.14) J. Ditz 

 US Officials: Israel behind Recent Syria Attack


**(07.13) www.khaama

 Suicide blast injure two civilians in Kabul city


 **(07.13) www.guardian

 How Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted


 **(07.13) A. Cookburn

 The American Way of Torture


 **(07.13) T. Engelhardt

 Creating a Military-Industrial-Immigration


 **(07.13) www.pajhwok

 ISAF helicopter crashes in Baghlan operation


 **(07.13) www.khaama 

 Afghanistan, next frontier of conflict for Pakistan ..


**(07.12) www.khaama

 No breakthrough in Afghan peace talks until 2015:


 **(07.12) B. V. Auken

 NSA casts massive surveillance net net over L. A.


 **(07.12) G. Ford

 The U. S. War against the World


 **(07.12) www.pajhwok

 Civilians among 6 killed in roadside blasts


 **(07.12) J. Glaser

 The " Zero Option " in Afghanistan


 **(07.12) P. Casey 

 Making Tyranny " Legal "


**(07.11) www.khaama

 22 civilians killed or injured in Herat


 **(07.11) J. Ditz

 Egypt's Junta Support Collapses Amid Growing...


 **(07.11) B. Fernandez

 Death by "security": Israel's services in L. A.


 **(07.11) J. Ditz

 Russia: Syrian Rebels Used Sarin in Aleppo Attack


 **(07.11) www.khaama

 Afghan soldier open fire on Slovak troops,...


 **(07.11) S. F. McMahon

 Class Warfare in Egypt


**(07.10) E. Draitser

 The Struggle for Influence in Syria


 **(07.10) www.pajhwok

 3 US soldiers injured in insider assault


 **(07.10) J. Ditz

 53 Killed as Soldiers Fire on Praying Morsi..


 **(07.10) L. Wittner

 US Still Preparing for Nuclear War..


 **(07.10) www.khaama

 Former district chief killed in Uruzgan...


 **(07.10) T. Craig 

 Pakistan faults self in bin Laden hunt


**(07.09) www.presstv

 Syrian army makes progress against Takfiris ...


 **(07.09) www.presstv

 Muslim Brotherhood calls for " uprising"


 **(07.09) www.khaama

 Afghan-American interpreter arrested in civilians ...


 **(07.09) www.khaama

 Indian officials in Kabul to discuss enhanced military..


 **(07.09) T. Engelhardt

 The Classic Military Runaround


 **(07.09) Sh. Cooke  

 How Egypt Killed Political Islam


**(07.08) www.khaama

 14 Afghan soldiers killed following IED and militants


 **(07.08) www.aljazeera

 EIbaradi not confirmed as Egypt MP


 **(07.08) S. Lendman

 CIA Operatives and the Targeted Assassination


 **(07.08) B. Grey

 Modest US job growth masks impact of mass


 **(07.08) Ph. Giraldi

 How America Eavesdrops on Allies


 **(07.08) www.khaama

 Jawzjan: Top Taliban leaders Killed in Afghan


 **(07.07) D. Bandow

 Egypt and American Hubris


 **(07.07) www.khaama

 India rejects Afghanistan for weapon supply


 **(07.07) www.ca.news..

 Gulf drive against Hezbollah may hit ordinary..


 **(07.07) www.khaama

 Taliban and Afghan police suffer heavy casualties..


 **(07.07) P. Martin

 Obama glorifies militarism on the Fourth of July


 **(07.07) J. Ditz 

 Venezuela Offers Asylum to Snowden, Nicaragua..


**(07.06) www.khaama

 NATO soldier killed in w. Afghanistan 


 **(07.06) www.khaama

 Suicide attack in Kandahar kill or injure 10 people


 **(07.06) T. Gaist

 US government scanning, storing billions of..


 **(07.06) L. Schall

 Economic Espionage as an Instrument of ...


 **(07.06) www.presstv

 We do not need US Embassy: Morales


 **(07.06) J. Ditz

 Egypt's Coup provokes Split Reaction among..


**(07.05) www.dailytime

 Afghanistan Pakistan at loggerheads over peace efforts


 **(07.02) www.aopnews

 Human Rights Appointments Draw Fire in Afghanistan


 **(07.05) J. Ditz

 Coup in Egypt: Military Detains President Morsi


 **(07.05) www.aljazeera

 President Mosri overthrown in Egypt


 **(07.05) Dr. D. Halpin

 Treason and the Supreme War Crime committed


 **(07.05) J. Glaser 

 Why Obama Supports Tyranny Over Democracy


**(07.04) Sh. Cooke

 The Obama Failure in Real Time


 **(07.04) T. Engelhardt

 The Dictionary of the Global War on You (GWOY)


 **(07.04) Ch. Donath

 It's not just Morsi, it's the entire political class


 **(07.04) www.presstv

 Russia, China will hold joint naval drills in Sea of...


 **(07.04) J. Ditz

 12 Killed in Attack on NATO Supplier in Kabul


 **(07.04) www.outlook..

 After Taking Over Security Tasks, ANSF...


 **(07.04) Th. Messan 

 A firefighter reflects on flames, family, and..


**(07.03) www.khaama

 Nearly 300 Afghan police forces killed last month:


 **(07.03) www.presstv

 Attack on NATO compound in Kabul kills 6


 **(07.03) E. Ross

 Failed states are a western myth


 **(07.03) J. Ditz

 Syria Rebels to Shi'ite Villages: Surrender or Be..


 **(07.03) www.khaama

 Heavy explosion and gun battle rock Kabul city


 **(07.03) D. Steinvorth 

 Morsi at Precipice after Disastrous Year


**(07.02) J. Ditz

 Kerry Trip Ends in Failure, Israel to Expand..


 **(07.02) J. Stern

 Mass protests erupt against US-backed Mursi..


 **(07.02) T. V. Brook

 Pentagon propaganda efforts continue..


 **(07.02) www.presstv

 Taliban militants say attacked US military convoy ...


 **(07.02) www.khaama

 Explosion kill Afghan security official in Baghlan..


 **(07.02) Prof. M. Chossudovsky

 Towards a World War 3Scenario's?


 **(07.02) W. Blum

 Edward Snowden


**(07.01) www.khaama

 50 Taliban militants killed, 70 injured in Nangarhar


 **(07.01) A. Garina

 Europe to introduce second euro?


 **(07.01) T. McNamara

 An Epidemic of Military Suicides


 **(07.01) www.pajhwok

 Qatar office fuels divisions among Taliban


 **(07.01) Press TV

 Taliban claim killing 6 US-led forces


 **(07.01) O. Dorell 

 US Ospreys and air tankers put Iran in Israel's...


**(06.30) P. Lee

 America's Edward Snowden problem


 **(06.30) www.khaama

 Suicide attack in Farah leaves 8 civilians killed...


 **(06.30) J. Ditz

 Over 300 Killed in a Violent Week of Iraq Attacks


 **(06.30) R. Keohler

 The Naked empire


 **(06.30) E. Al-amin

 The Harrowing Tale of Ahmad Abu Ali


 **(06.30) www.khaama 

 Violent protests reported in Takhar province of ..


**(06.29) J. Ditz

 US to Have Arms in Syrian Rebel Hands within ...


 **(06.29) P. R. Pillar

 The Next Intifada


 **(06.29) J. Walker

 If This a New Cold War, Who's the Enemy...


 **(06.29) J. Ditz

 Commandant: Marines Won't Leave A Single Thing..


 **(06.29) www.pajhwok

 Karzai claims foiling anti-Afghan plot


 **(06.29) A. Leoine 

 Obama's Grave Threat to Democratic Governance


**(06.28) www.presstv

 Ex-Terrorist: Al-Nusra leader in Syria is a CIA


 **(06.28) Prof. M. Chossudovsky

 Spoils of War: Afghanistan's Multibillion Dollar


 **(06.28) Xinhua

 Gas attack hits Afghan girl school in e. town


 **(06.28) www.outlook..

 Corruption in Afghanistan


 **(06.28) J. Chan

 US-China tensions flare over Snowden's revelations


 **(06.28) G. Peoples 

 The New Wild West


**(06.27) Presstv

Four Polish soldiers killed, two injured in Afghanistan..


 **(06.27) www.khaama

 Report: Afghanistan leading producer and cultivator of..


 **(06.27) C. Friedersdorf

 Is " The Five Eyes Alliance" Conspiring to Spy...


 **(06.27) www.presstv

" Abandoned" American war veteran kills himself


 **(06.27) P. Escobar

 Our man in Quito


 **(06.27) www.news.antiwar 

 Russia, China Dismiss Obama Outrage at Snowden's


**(06.26) J. Ditz

 Mass Defections: Afghan Diplomats Just Not...


 **(06.26) J. Ditz

 White House Rails at China, Russia over Snowden's..


 **(06.26) L. Bershidsky

 U. S. Surveillance Is Not Aimed at Terrorists


 **(06.26) F. Arbuthnot

 Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now Syria: Cheerleading..


 **(06.26) www.khaama

 4 suicide bombers, 3 security guards killed in Kabul...


 **(06.26) www.khaama 

 Explosion kill 9 Afghan civilians in Kandahar...


**(06.25) www.people.p.

 Public Remains Opposed Arming Syrian Rebels


 **(06.25) Xinhua

 7 Afghan policemen, foreign solder killed in bombing


 **(06.25) Press tv

 Afghanistan asks Pakistan to free Taliban prisoners..


 **(06.25) Rep. R. Paul

 What We Have Learned From Afghanistan


 **(06.25) J. Ditz

 Israeli Official: Syria Regime Change Needed to Harm Iran


 **(06.25) L. Murphy &..  

 Roll Back the surveillance state


**(06.24) www.huffington

 Brazil's Long-simmering Undercurrent


 **(06.24) www.global

 CIA Secretly providing Training for Syrian rebels


 **(06.24) www.english

 Bulgaria standing on the edge of revolutions?


 **(06.24) www.aljazera

 Pakistani Taliban claims attack on foreigners


 **(06.24) www.khaama

 Taliban consider to cancel peace talks with US ...


 **(06.24) www.guardian

 US and Britain team up on mass surveillance


**(06.23) E. MacAskill &..

 Mastering the internet: how GCHQ set out to spy..


 **(06.23) www.khaama

Taliban vows to continue fight despite peace


 **(06.23) J. Ditz

 Snowden Charged With " Espionage" for Leaks ..


 **(06.23) www.presstv

 US terror drone strike kills three in n, Afghanistan


 **(06.23) G. Jacobs

 Trust us: A brief history of government spying


 **(06.23) T. B.-Hinchey

 Western hypocrisy: double standards, Propaganda..


**(06.22) D. Rushe

 Skype's secret Project Chess reportedly helped NSA


 **(06.22) www.presstv

 Brazil protesters storm foreign ministry


 **(06.22) F. J. Daniel &..

  Insight: Pakistan influence on Taliban commanders


 **(06.22) J. Pilger

 PRISM and the Rise of a new Fascism


 **(06.22) pajhwok

 Prisoner swap on agenda for talks with Taliban


 **(06.22) www. khaama

Afghanistan, Pakistani envoys clash in UN Security...


**(06.21) Sh. Cooke

 Syria Is Becoming Obama's Iraq


 **(06.21) Sender: M. M.

 Kill Anything That Moves


 **(06.21) M. Assenova

 Nazarbayev, Karimov seek water solution


 **(06.21) B. Bidder

 Moscow Fears Loss of World Power Status


 **(06.21) www.khaama

 US airstrike kill nine Taliban militants in Logar


 **(06.21) www.khaama

 Taliban's Islamic Emirate flag removed from..


 **(06.21) www.dailytimes

 Pakistan pushed Afghan insurgents to the table:


**(06.20) T. Ali

  Flames of Resistance and Hope in Turkey


 **(06.20)  J. Ditz

 In Drills, US and Jordan Prepare the Attack..


 **(06.20) N. Turse

 The Terror Diaspora


 **(06.20) www.Pajhwok

 Taliban open Qatar office; US to talk directly


 **(06.20) www.khaama

 Afghan local police officer kills his 5 comrades..


 **(06.20) www.presstv 

 4 US soldiers killed in Afghanistan


**(06.19) W. J. Antle

 Fighting Terrorism by Arming Terrorists


 **(06.19) Scott Wilson

 Obama and Putin fail to resolve differences


 **(06.19) www.pajhwok

 NATO airstrike kills teenagers in Logar 


 **(06.19) www.khaama

 Afghan MP Haji M. Mohaqiq escapes suicide attack


 **(06.19) D. Bandow

 The Biggest Fool of All


 **(06.19) www.presstv

 " Taliban say they downed US-led chopper"


**(06.18) www.khaama

 Gen. Dostum gunmen attack Jawzjan governor's ..


 **(06.18) J. Ditz

 Israel Issues Warning After Iran Elections


 **(06.18) J. Ditz

 Failed Crackdowns: Istanbul Sees Biggest Riots


 **(06.18) www.khaama

 Over 1000 Taliban militants planning attack on..


 **(06.18) T. Engelhardt

 The Making of a global Security State


 **(06.18) R. Urie 

 Surveillance and the Corporate State


**(06.17) www.pajhwok

 6 civilians dead in Uruzgan bombing


 **(06.17) www.cbcnews

 Hasan Rowhani, moderate cleric, pulls off Iranian


 **(06.17) R. Engel

 CIA didn't always know who is was killing


 **(06.17) www.khaama

 Iran to deploy 4000 troops in Syria to support


 **(06.17) www.presstv

 Russia slams US talks of imposing no-fly zone


 **(06.17) T. Engelhardt

 The Obama Regime: What the NSA Revelations


**(06.16) G. Miller &...

 CIA preparing to deliver rebels arms through


 **(06.16) www.thenews

 Is Afghanistan destined to be run by a drug mafia?


 **(06.16) D. Bandow

 Intervention Temptation


 **(06.16) www.khaama

 Taliban to carry  more attacks on foreigners in Afg.


 **(06.16) Prof. M. Chossudovsky

 The Forbidden Truth: .... Obama is a Liar a Terrorist


 **(06.16) T. B.-Hinchey

 The idiotic foreign policy of the USA


 **(06.15) M K Bhadrakumar

 Obama's Monica moment


 **(06.15) www.presstv

 Taliban claim to shoot down US helicopter in Afg.


 **(06.15) www.khaama

 3 Afghan solders, 2 civilians killed in w. Afg.


 **(06.15) S. Landman

 Turkey: Epicenter of Police State Violence


 **(06.15) P. D. Scott

 The NATO Afghanistan War and US-Russian Relations


 **(06.15) www.spiegele

 " Putin Is Afraid of the Public "


 **(06.15) www.wsws 

 Turkey, Syria and the hypocrisy of US imperialism


**(06.14) www.khaama

 6 Afghan police killed in a suspected insider attack


 **(06.14) Sh. Frenkel

 Diplomats predict Assad will soon launch campaign


 **(06.14) www.khaama

 Children casualties up by 27 percent in Afghanistan


 **(06.14) J. Ditz

 Erdogan: "Final Warning" to Istanbul Protesters


 **(06.14) M. Habib

 Iran Flexes muscle with Taliban meeting


 **(06.14) D. Sirota  

 Put the NSA on trial


**(06.13) www.khaama

 Motorcycle bomb kills 3, wounds 9 in Helmand


 **(06.13) www.presstv

 Another night of  mayhem at Istanbul's Taksim..


 **(06.13) J. Ditz

 Car Bombing Kills 17 at Afghan Court


 **(06.13) www.khaama

 NATO supply convoy attacked in Ghazni Pro. 8 Killed


 **(06.13) www.english

 Chinese, Russian Special Forces start joint training


 **(06.13) S. Vasilenkov 

 Dominique Strauss - Kahn: Rapist or raped?


**(06.12) www.aopnews

 Suicide Attackers Target Afghan Provincial..


 **(06.12) D. Steinvorth

 Youth Insurgency Challenges Erdogan


 **(06.12) W. Madsen

 War and Water: Hydropolitics Propel..


 **(06.12) D. Ellsberg

 Edward Snowden: saving us from the United ..


 **(06.12) www.presstv

 Russia says it will consider extending asylum to..


 **(06.12) www.khaama

 Huge fire sweeps through market in kabul


 **(06.12) prof. M. Chossudovsky

 New World Order Secrecy: Who will be..


**(06.11) J. Ditz

 Officials: Obama Close to Arming Syrian Rebels


**(06.11) www.pajhwok

 Airport attack ends with killing of 7 bombers


 **(06.11) C. Friedersdorf

 All the Infrastructure a Tyrant Would Need ,.


 **(06.11) Sprngler

 Russia's new Middle Eastern role


 **(06.11) P. May

 Conservative - Neoliberal Alliance and Popular


 **(06.11) www.khaame

 Explosion kill NATO soldier in e. Afghanistan


**(06.10) www.khaama

 Boat carrying Afghan refugees sinks off in Tyrkey


 **(06.10) N. Pollack

 Obama's Crown Jewels


 **(06.10) www.english

 Japan's self-defense forces get samurai spirit


 **(06.10) J. Ditz

 Surveillance State: NSA's PRISM Spying on...


 **(06.10) www.trust

 Three Americans killed after argument with..


**(06.10) S. Cagaptay 

 Turkey's foreign policy gambit


**(06.09) R. Engel

 Former drone operator says he's haunted by ..


 **(06.09) J. Bookman

 NSA spying on Americans is an Outrage


 **(06.09) M. Haseeb

 NATO soldier killed in militants attack in w. Afg.


 **(06.09) N. Tattersall

 Thousands of Turks defy Erdogan's call for..


 **(06.09) B. Dangl

 The Truman Administration's Response to the Bol.


 **(06.09) W. Blum 

 What our president tell our young people


**(06.08) I. Arkhipov

 Putin Endorses Permanent Russian Navy Presence..


 **(06.08) M. Bell

 Empire, Capitalism, and Human Trafficking in ...


 **(06.08) www.pajhwok

 US concerned at Iran arms supplies to Taliban


 **(06.08) J. Ditz

 Afghan Survivors Outraged at US Massacre Soldier..


 **(06.08) www.wsws

 Obama administration collecting phone records of ..


 **(06.08) J. Ditz

 Afghan Suicide Bombing Kills Seven Georgia Troops..


**(06.07) Sender: S. Zamaani



 **(06.07) M. von Rohr

 The Economic and Political Decline of France


 **(06.07) www.presstv

 US terror drone kills three Afghan children in Kunar


 **(06.07) J. Ditz

 US Commander: Afghan Troops Suffer Heavy Losses


 **(06.07) J. Ditz

 Syrian Troops Seize Qusayr From Rebels ...


 **(06.07) www. aljazeera

 What inspires Turkey's protest movement?


 **(06.07) Prof. M. Chossudovsky 

 Hillary Clinton: " We Created Al Qaeda"


**(06.06) J. Ditz

 Afghan Protesters Demand US Arrest Troops over..


 **(06.06) C. Currier

 Four Years Ago Obama Promised to Investigate...


 **(06.06) E. Draitser

 Zimbabwe: The Revolution Continues


 **(06.06) www.khaama

 Twin explosions kill 6 civilians in s. Afghanistan


 **(06.06) D. Valentine

 The CIA: Keepers of the Hit Lists War Crimes


 **(06.06) M K Bhadrakumar

 Et tu, Gul? Then fall, Erdogan


**(06.05) J. Ditz

 Pentagon Mulls Afghan Surge After 2014


 **(06.05) N. Barrickman

 Wealth from Economic " Recovery" has gone to ..


 **(06.05) Ph. Greaves

 The Middle East According to Tony Blair


 **(06.05) www.khaama

 Afghan colonel arrested over prisoners torture in Wardak


 **(06.05) www.pajhwok

 Farah blast kills man along with 3 Children


 **(06.05) D. Bandow 

 Did John McCain Provide Material Support for..


**(06.04) E. Margolis

 Those Old Colonial Lusts


 **(06.04) I. Fryklund

 Foreign Aid Is Afghanistan's Resource Curse


 **(06.04) www.khaama

 Suicide attack rocks Paktia province in e. Afghanistan


 **(06.04) Dr.D. R. Green

 It takes a village to raze an insurgency


 **(06.04) Ch. Marsden

 The Woolwich killing and the responsibility..


 **(06.04) Spengler

 The economics of the " Turkish Spring "


**(06.03) M. LeVin

 Obama's haunting and the curse of governance


 **(06.03) Prof. M. Chossudovsky

 Russia's S-300 Surface to Air Missile..


 **(06.03) www.daily..

 Top Muslim preacher urges Sunnis to join Syria War


 **(06.03) www.khaama

 Two NATO soldiers killed in E. Afghanistan


 **(06.03) www.pajhwok

 Women battle apathy in fight for justice


 **(06.03) R. Urie 

 Capitalism and Economic Imperialism


**(06.02) Sender: M. M.

 Obama Laesst Wieder Toetn


 **(06.02) www.english..

 Basic instinct eats U. S. Army from within


 **(06.02) A. Worthington

 Close Guantanamo, Free the Afghans


 **(06.02) www.presstv

 No-fly zone over Syria an act of War that would..


 **(06.02) Ch. Celik

 Hezbollah by its nature doing what is "necessary"


 **(06.02) M. Haseeb

 Taliban delegation visits Tehran to meet Iranian


 **(06.02) ... G. Ford 

 Perpetual War - and Obama's Perpetual Game


**(0.6.01) www.khaama

 Explosion kill NATO soldier in E. Afghanistan


 **(06.01) www.presstv

 FBI agents killed my son to keep him silent


 **(06.01) C. Kuruvilla

 Guantanamo guard converts to Islam, demands


 **(06.01) www.khaama

 45 Taliban killed or injured during clashes with villagers


 **(06.01) P. Escobar

 Pipelineistan and the New Silk Road(s)


 **(06.01) T. Engelhardt 

 Are Washington, Moscow and Beijing Creating..


**(05.31) P. Henningsen

 The Bilderberg, Google and the G8:


 **(05.31) C. Hallinan

 Afghanistan: Is It Really the End Game?


 **(05.31) J. Ditz

 Britain Admits to 90 Secret Prisoners in Afghanistan


 **(05.31) www.pajhwok

 US soldier to admit Kandahar massacre


 **(05.31) www.khaama

 Explosion kill NATO soldier in E. Afghanistan


 **(05.31) www.presstv 

 Syria already in possession Russia's S-300


**(05.30) www.rt.com

 The entire globe is a battlefield for Pentagon


 **(05.30) Th. Erdbriak

 Anti-West Hard-Liner Gains in Iranian Race


 **(05.30) J. Ditz

 Israeli DM Threatens to Attack Russian Ships


 **(05.30) www.pajhwok

 7 Suicide bombers Killed in Panjsher


 **(05.30) www.khaama

 Explosion injure school students in Ghazni


 **(05.30) T. Engelhardt

 The Eternal War?


**(05.29) D. Bromwich

 Stay Out of Syria!


 **(05.29) www.khaama

 Taliban bomb target AWCC director in Parwan, 8Killed ..


 **(05.29) A. Azikiwe

 Sweden Rebellions Reveal Deepening Racial


 **(05.29) J. Ditz

 Bombs Rock Baghdad Shi'ite Neighborhoods ..


 **(05.29) www.pajhwok

 Policemen among 26 killed in fresh violence


 **(05.29) M. Whitney 

 Japan's Economy Tumbles


**(05.28) Y. Naseh

 EVAW law should be approved without ...


 **(05.28) www.khaama

 Heavy clashes reported in Ghazni city of Afghanistan


 **(05.28) J. Ditz

 Gen. Allen: No Question US Troops Will Remain..


 **(05.28) www.presstv

 Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah clinically dead


 **(05.28) www.aljazeera

 The US and the Euro-crisis: Lessons from a...


 **(05.28) M. Benjamin 

 Why I Spoke Out at Obama's Foreign Policy


**(05.27) www.khaama

 Over 500 militants, 100 soldiers killed in Afghan Op.


 **(05.27) www.english.pr.

 Rafael Correa: Latin America in no longer...


 **(05.27) P. Sands

 Syrian Rebel groups plan to attack Hizbollah


 **(05.27) H. Zhang

 Western hypocrisy over Chinese nukes


 **(05.27) Dr. P. C. Roberts

 Why Disinformation Works...


 **(05.27) P. Constable 

 Proposed law to protect Afghan women faces...


**(05.26) www.pajhwok

 16 Taliban Killed in Ghazni clash


 **(05.26) G. N. Bardos

 A Foreign Policy of Mission Creep


 **(05.26) J. Ditz

 Assad Govt. Agrees to Peace Talks, Doubts...


 **(05.26) www.presstv

 Clashes in Kabul Kill at least 44: Taliban


 **(05.26) A. Rodriguez

 In Afghanistan, businesswomen must seek a delicate


 **(05.26) www.english.p.. 

 Russia to cut the budget of CIA


**(05.25) J. Gkaser

 Obama's Dodges Hard Truths about War on Terror


 **(05.25) J. St. Clair

 The Silent Death of the American Left


 **(05.25) www.presstv

 Syria army can conduct successful operations


 **(05.25) J. Ditz

 Mali Rebels Bomb French Uranium Mine in Niger


 **(05.25) www.khaama

 ISAF confirm death of senior Haqqani leaders in Paktia


 **(05.25) www.pajhwok 

 Most townships built illegally across Afghanistan


**(05.24) A. Krell

 Billionaires Unchained: America is a Democracy


 **(05.24) K.Vick

 Iran's Supreme Leader Tightens Grip After


 **(05.24) www.presstv

 Israel prepared to launch war on Syria


 **(05.24) J. Ditz

 Karzai Gives India "Wish List" of Military Gear


 **(05.24) www.khaama

 Suicide blast in Ghazni province, 7 killed 13 injured


 **(05.24) A. Napolitano

 Tyranny around the Corner


**(05.23) Antiwar.com

 Antiwar.com Sues FBI after Secret Surveillance


 **(05.23) A. Lantier

 Israel, US threatens war with Syria as sectarian


 **(05.23) P. escobar

 And the winner in - Khamenei


 **(05.23) www.khaama

 Explosion rocks Ghazni city in eastern Afghanistan


 **(05.23) J. Glaser

 CIA to Continue Waging Drone War in Pakistan


 **(05.23) J. Ditz 

 Afghan Officials: Body of US Torture Video


**(05.22) www.khaama.com

 Pakistani and Chechen rebels attack.....


 **(05.22) By Conor Friedersdorf

 The Flaw in Many Humanitarian........


 **(05.22) www.presstv.ir

 Syrian army destroys Israeli.......


 **(05.22) www.pajjhwok.com

 75 Faryab schoolgirls ill after........


 **(05.22) www.khaama.com

 Heavy explosion in Herat kill........


 **(05.22) By Wayne Madsen

 CIE Troublemaking in Caucasus


 **(05.21) www.pajhwok.com

 Baghlan council chief among 13 killed


 **(05.21) By Katharine Houreld

 Pakistan Army Will be watching Sharif's.....


 **(05.21) By Jim W. Dean

 Russian Med fleet returns - an....


 **(05.21) www.khaama.com

 10 Afghan local police officers killed.....


 **(05.21) www.english pravda.ru

 Russia rejects creation of no - fly......


 **(05.21) By Jack A. Simth

 Afghanistan War May End By 2024.....Maybe 


**(05.20) A. Ahmed

 Afghanistan Hit by wave of violence


 **(05.20) J. Chan

 China challenges Japanese sovereignty over Okinawa


 **(05.20) www.presstv

 Russia discloses identity of top CIA spy in Moscow


 **(05.20) www.khaama

 Senior Pakistani politician Zahra Shahid Hussion shot dead


 **(05.20) R. Burrowes

 Understanding Obama and other people who kill


 **(05.20) www.khaama 

 Women's rights act face intense opposition in Afghan...


**(05.19) www.pajhwok

 District police chief gunned down in Farah


 **(05.19) J. Ditz

 Envoy: Russia May Deploy Troops to Tajik-Afghan Border


 **(05.19) www.english..

 Europe: Economy falling, nine countries are in recession


 **(05.19) J. Ditz

 Over 160 Killed in Three Days of Iraqi Sectarian


 **(05.19) Ph. Greaves

 The CIA, Qatar, and the Creation of Syria's


 **(05.19) www.presstv 

 Twin explosions kill nine in s. Afghanistan


**(05.18) By Sajjad Ashraf

 Daunting challenges await Sharif


 **(05.18) www.khaama.com

 Russia delivers 12 Mi - 17 helicopter to afghanistan


 **(05.18) By Damel Larison

 There is no good reason for the U.S. to......


 **(05.18) By Lal Aqa Sherin

 Unraveling the Propaganda of Impending Civil.....


 **(05.18) By Kathy Gannon

 Afghans tell of US soldier's killing.......


 **(05.18) www.englich.pravda.ru

 US spy scandal: A typical example of......


 **(05.17) www.khaama.com

 Afghanistan mines revenue worth AFN 285.....


 **(05.17) By Giorgio Cafiero and Shawn VL

 In Tehran, All Eyes on North Korea


 **(05.17) By Jacob Chamberlain

 Obama "Is a war Criminal"


 **(05.17) www.khaama.com

 Suicide altack near NATO Troop's convoy


 **(05.17) By Jason Ditz

 UN General Assembly Backs Regime.....


 **(05.17) Tom Engelhardt

 Who's Profiting From America's Empire..... 


**(05.16) By Jason Ditz

 Pakistan's Age-Old Battle: Sharif vs.The Army


 **(05.16) www.presstv.ir/detail

 US building military base in Afghanistan


 **(05.16) By Thomas

 New revelations of torture and murder of Afghanistan


 **(05.16) By Jahn Glaser

 Is Israel Hastening the Fall of Assad ?


 **(05.16) By Nick Turse

 Nuclear Terror in the Middle East


 **(05.16) www.pajhwok.com

 Policeman killed, 10 injured in Jalalabad....


 **(05.15) By Jason Ditz

 NATO: Three Georgian Troops Killed in afgh.


 **(05.15) www.pajhwok.com

 150 schoolgirls poisoned in Mazar-i-Sharif


 **(05.15) By Anthony Mustacich

 Imperialism, The Cold war, and the .....


 **(05.15) www.khaama.com

 Heavt explosion rocks Helmand province of Afgh.


 **(05.15) www.presstv.ir/detail

 Syria rebel cuts aut soldier's .......


 **(05.15) By Ray McGovern

 The Deepening Shame of Guantanama


 **(05.15) www.wsws.org/en/articles

 The criminalization of political ...... 


**(05.14) www.presstv

 Syria militants continue to suffer losses


 **(05.14) K. Jones

 Pakistani voters trounce parties that waged..


 **(05.14) P. Greaves

 Buying Time in Syria


 **(05.14) J. Ditz

 American Accused of Torturing, Disappearing Afghan..


 **(05.14) www.khaama

 Deadly blast rocks Kandahar, 10 Killed and 12 injured


 **(05.14) www.khaama 

 Finance minister disclose names of corrupt Afghan..


**(05.13) www.khaama

 Explosion kills district attorney chief in Helmand


 **(05.13) A. Marquardt

 Hezbollah and Al Qaeda Fighters Edging Closer


 **(05.13) www.khaama

 Nawaz Sharif declares victory in Pakistan's landmark


 **(05.13) wsws

 The political fraud of the Pakistani elections


 **(05.13) S. Zunes

 The U. S. and Chemical Weapons:


 **(05.13) Ch. Ernesto  

 Will the U. S. Violate Its Own Laws by Arming..


**(05.12) www.pajhwok

 Anti-Pakistan protests staged in Faryab , Ghazni


 **(05.12) Ph Giraldi

 CIA Pays the Potentate


 **(05.12) J. Ditz

 Pakistan's Election: Three Way Race Could Come


 **(05.12) A. Levine:

 Political Stagflation


 **(05.12) www.english..

 Russia braces up for another wave of economic crisis


 **(05.12) www.khaama

 Senior Intelligence official killed in E. Afghanistan


**(05.11) J. Glaser

 US Interventionism in Asia Antagonizes China...


 **(05.11) www.khaama

 Taliban suffer heavy casualties in E. Afghanistan


 **(05.11) www.presstv

 US seeks permanent occupation of Afghanistan


 **(05.11) www.thefrontier

 Taliban flex muscle in Karachi ahead of May 11 poll


 **(05.11) www.khaama

US funds worth $ 50 million stolen from Afghan...


 **(05.11) J. Ditz 

 Karzai: US Can Keep Nine Bases in Afghanistan


**(05.10) www pajhwok.com

 US seeks 9 military bases in Afghanistan 


 **(05.10) www. globalresearch

 May 1945:"Operation Sunmrise", Nazi Germany


 **(05.10) www.khaama.com

 Protest turns into violence in Kandahar....


 **(05.10) www.khaama.com

 Taliban ambush leaves 5 Afghan.....


 **(05.10) www.dissenter firedoglake.com

 The United States is Fighting......


 **(05.10) www. atimes. com

 Karzai's CIA Bundles


**(05.09) W. blog

 Collapse of an Empires:


 **(05.09) www.arabnews

 Pakistan warns Afghanistan to show restraint on border


 **(05.09) www.khaama

 Explosion kills or injure 8 civilians in Helmand


 **(05.09) M. Shank &.

 Authorization for Use of Military Force:


 **(05.09) www.aljazeera

 Iraq, Syria and the death of the modern M. East


 **(05.09) www.pajhwok 

 Protestors torch Zardari's effigy, Pak flag


**(05.08) www.presstv

 4 Afghan policemen killed in bomb blast


 **(05.08) www.pajhwok  

 Anti-Pakistan protests continue


 **(05.08) www.khaama

 Afghan finance minister accuse lawmakers for illegal..


 **(05.08) J. Raimondo

 The Israeli-Jihadist Alliance


 **(05.08) U. Ripper

 Europe on the eve of mass working class..


 **(05.08) Sh. Richman

 New Report Blows the Lid Off America's Recent


**(05.07) www.presstv

 Tel Aviv will suffer again over attack on Syria


 **(05.07) S. Lendman

 America and Israel: Imperial Partners in War..


 **(05.07) P. Martin

 Crisis deepens for US occupation in Afghanistan


 **(05.07) J. Ditz

 Will Israel's Attack Drive US Into Syria?


 **(05.07) J. Ditz

 Karzai: Afghans Will Never Recognize Pakistan Border


 **(05.07) www.khaama 

 Pak-Afghan border clashes resumed in Goshta


**(05.06) www.khaama

 Afghan soldier kill 2 NATO troops in w. Afghanistan


 **(05.06) www.english

 China threatens to end the military rule of the ..


 **(05.06) Ph. Giraldi

 Drones for " Regime Protection "


 **(05.06) www.presstv

 Israel attacked Syria with US green light:


 **(05.06) www.khaama

 Karzai wants CIA to continue funding Afghan ..


 **(05.06) A. Damon 

 The Social crisis in America


**(05.05) A. P.

 NATO: 5 American killed in s. Afghanistan


 **(05.05) www.english

 China to play more important role in M. East


 **(05.05) D. Kovalik

 Hugo Chavez and the Revolutionary Imagination


 **(05.05) J. Ditz

 Obama's New AfPak Envoy an Outspoken Hawk


 **(05.05) A. Haleem

 Reported channeling of CIA money to Afghanistan


 **(05.05)D. Bandow

 Syria: The Only Red Line Should Be to Stay Out


 **(05.05) J. Ditz

 Musharraf Prosecutor Slain in Islamabad


**(05.04) J. Ditz

 Hagel: US Considering Arming Syria Rebels


 **(05.04) J. Ditz

 Officials: Taliban Capture 33 Police in N. Afghanistan


 **(05.04) www.wsws

 The Failure of capitalism


 **(05.04) Sh. Abbasov

 Azerbaijan's Israel diplomacy tests Iran


 **(05.04) J. St. Clair

 The Game of Drones


 **(05.04) www.khaama

  Explosion kill 8 Afghan local police officers in Logar


**(05.03) www.pajhwok

 Thousands rally against Pakistan in Jalalabad


 **(05.03) www.pajhwok

 Afghan Pakistani forces clash in Goshta


 **(05.03) J. Ditz

 Boots on the Ground: First US Troops Arrive..


 **(05.03) M. Weisbrot

U. S. Seeks to Get Rid of Left Governments..


 **(05.03) P. R. Pillar

 Syria and WMD Inconsistency in the M. East


 **(05.03) F. Leverett 

 The Iranian nuclear issue and the future of ..


**(05.02) J. Ditz

 Poll: Americans Opposed to Attack Syria or N. Korea


 **(05.02) www.pajhwok

6 of a family killed, wounded in Uruzgan blast


 **(05.02) J. Ditz

 Hezbollah Leader Hints at Intervention in Syria


 **(05.02) Th. Knapp

 Chemical Weapons Hypocrisy: WMD  for We..


 **(05.02) C. Chelala

 Military Spending vs. People's Health


 **(05.02) presstv

 ED kills three US-led troopers in s. Afghanistan


**(05.01) J. Glaser

The Lingering Repercussions of NATO's Stupid..


 **(05.01) Prof. M. Chossudovsky

 Kissing a " State Sponsor of Terrorism " ..


 **(05.01) www.pajhwok

 4 die as Torkham border gate stays shut


 **(05.01) M. Walker

 Washington's nuclear hypocrisy


 **(05.01) www.khaama

 Suicide blast kill Afghan diplomats in Peshawar


 **(05.01) www.washingtonp

 Civilian cargo aircraft crashes at Bagram.









**(04.30) M.Stivers

 Noam Chomsky: Obama's Attack on Civil ..


 **(04.30) Th. G.-Neff

 I could justify fighting in Afghanistan


 **(04.30) www.pajhwok

 CIA paid Karzai office millions in ghost money


 **(04.30) J. Ditz

 Syria's Neighbors Fear US War Would Mean..


 **(04.30) H. Naylor

 Military action over Syria's suspected use..


 **(04.30) S. F. Haider

 Election violence rolls on, unabated..


**(04.29) www.khaama

 Chopper Crash Kills 4 ISAF Soldiers in s. Afg.


 **(04.29) A. Schreck

 Group tied to old guard could gain in Iraq


 **(04.29) www.english.

 Israel injecting dangerous viruses in to ...


 **(04.29) S. Ackerman

 Obama Unveils New "Red Line" for Syria..


 **(04.29) www.pajhwok

 Senior police officer killed in Taliban assault


 **(04.29) J. LaForge 

 The Weapons Oligarchy


**(04.28) J. Knefel

 Authoritarianism Has Quietly Enveloped


 **(04.28) www.khaama

 Public uprising against Pakistani and Afghan..


 **(04.28) www.khaama

 Taliban announce "Khalid bin Walid" summer


 **(04.28) V. Prashad

 The Terror of Capitalism


 **(04.28) www.english

 US and Qater agree to support terrorism


 **(04.28) B. V. Auken 

 Washington fabricates chemical weapons


**(04.27) www.pajhwok

 45 dead in Kandahar bus-tanker collision


 **(04.27) Ph. Giraldi

 A Necessary Reckoning with Torture


 **(04.27) www.khaama

 6 Afghan police officers shot dead by their ...


 **(04.27) J. Glaser

 Why Obama's Chemical Weapons "Rid Line".


 **(04.27) A. Lantier

 Unemployment hits record highs in Spain,.


 **(04.27) J. Ditz

 Attacks Grow in Iraq, Over 200 Killed ....


**(04.26) www.khaama

 Female Afghan police officers face sexual..


 **(04.26) E. Hightower

 New report finds increase in social...


 **(04.26) K. Sieff

 In model Afghan city, kidnappings surge


 **(04.26) S. A. Mcelwee

 The US perpetrates a Boston Bombing..


 **(04.26) www.khaama

 Afghanistan Jails US Government Employee


 **(04.26) J. Evans 

 Bush's Legacy Ought to be on Trial


**(04.25) www.khaama

 Explosion kills 4 Afghan kids in Kandahar


 **(04.25) www.presstv

 Afghan civilian casualties up by 30 % in 2013


 **(04.25) www.khaama

 5.7 magnitude quake struck Northeastern Afg.


 **(04.25) R. Fowler

 The Boston Bombing was American


 **(04.25) B. Terrell

 Drones, Sanctions and the Prison Industrial


 **(04.25) www.presstv

 500 Europeans fight along with militants ...


**(04.24) www.khaama

 Taliban abduct 9 Afghan deminers in Kandahar


 **(04.24) R. Wirght

 Drone Strikes and the Boston Marathon ..


 **(04.24) J. Ditz

 200 US Troops in Jordan Could Become 20.000


 **(04.24) D. Glazebrook

 The War on Libya: A Grand Display of NATO


 **(04.24) www.pajhwok

 Taliban kill district attorney along with wife



 Afghans protest US-led detentions


**(04.23) www.thefrontier

 Afghan insurgent attacks soared in 2013


 **(04.23) presstv

 My sons were framed by FBI:..


 **(04.23) K. Nimmo

 Boston Bombers: Role of CIA in Chechen Terror


 **(04.23) S. Landau

 Obama's Syrian Horror


 **(04.23) www.khaama

 Turkish chopper emergency landing in Logar ..


 **(04.23) J. Ditz 

 Boston Bombing - Good for Israel?


**(04.22) Sh. Richman

 Government Should Stop Its Own Violence


 **(04.22) www.presstv

 Israel seeks Turkish airbase for attack on Iran


 **(04.22) www.khaama

 Suspected insider leaves 6 Afghan police dead


 **(04.22) www.khaama

 Over 60 school girls poisoned in Takhar


 **(04.22) www.guardian

 US prepares $130 m. military aid package..


 **(04.22) R. Urie 

 The High Crime of Torture


**(04.21) news.yahoo

 Aunt of suspected bombers says they're ..


 **(04.21) M. Kimberley

 How Obama Sold the Presidency to Wall Street


 **(04.21) A. Garina

 Chinese miracle about to burst like a bubble?


 **(04.21) J. Ditz

 Spain Agrees to House US "Strike Force" for


 **(04.21) www.khaama

 Protest against NATO troops in Kapisa


 **(04.21) www.khaama 

 Suicide bomber attack Afghan, NATO troops


**(04.20) www.presstv

 15 US-led forces, 10 Afghan troops killed in ..


 **(04.20) M. Ertel

 Greek Far Right Gains Ground


 **(04.20) J. Corbett

 The Boston Bombings in Context:


 **(04.20) www.pajhwok

 13 Ghazni uprising members killed in Taliban


 **(04.20) R. Nordland

 After Airstrike, Afghan Point to CIA and ...


 **(04.20) R. Mohkhiber

 Corporate Violence in West Texas


 **(04.20) www.khaama

 Pakistan Former President Parvez Musharaf.. 


**(04.19) www.aljazeera

 Deadly explosion hits Texas fertilizer plant


 **(04.19) J. Kozy

 "Legalized Injustice " : The US Judicial System


 **(04.19) J. Norris

 US legacy of rogues in Afghanistan


 **(04.19) T. Cartalucci

 Boston in claws of US-friendly terrorists


 **(04.19) J. Ditz

 Taliban Attacks Kill at Least 24 in Afghanistan


 **(04.19) J. Ditz

 US Sends More Troops to Jordan for Syria War


 **(04.19) www.pajhwok 

 17 Takhar schoolgirls ill after suspected gas..


**(04.18) www.pajhwok

 7 civilians dead in Shindand blast


 **(04.18) www.khaama

 Taliban beheaded 4 Afghan security forces in ..


 **(04.18) J. Glaser

 New Report on Torture, Extraordinary ... 


 **(04.18) E. Hightower

 New report documents US war crimes over..


 **(04.18) J. G. Hornberger

 Blowback at Boston?


 **(04.18) J. Glaser

 US Officials Lack Any leads on Boston Bomb..


**(04.17) www.aljazeera

 Pakistan court bars Musharaf from election


 **(04.17) www.presstv

 Afghan MP condemns US-led airstrikes


 **(04.17) M. Fathers

 Catastrophe at Kabul


 **(04.17) P. Symonds

 Australian think tank outlines US plans..


 **(04.17) P. Wood &

 China's choppers fly under the radar


 **(04.17) The A. P.

 Bomb kills 7 family members in Afghanistan


**(04.16) www.pajhwok

 Soviet - era mass graves found in Samangan


 **(04.16) R. Cornwell

 Guantanamo Bay - President Obama's Shame


 **(04.16) www.presstv

 Afghans hold anti-US demo in Jalalabad


 **(04.16) www.spiegel..

 Chill Settles over German-Russian Relations


 **(04.16) www.khaama

 Explosion kill 7 Afghan civilians, injures 4...


 **(04.16) V. Kotsev 

 " Chemical warfare" plunges Syria to new lows


**(04.15) www.washingtonp..

 Afghan president blames Taliban and US...


 **(04.15) www.khaama

 Insider attack in Jawzjan leaves 1 police dead..


 **(04.15) T. B. Hinchey

 From the Cold War to Korea ...Western lies


 **(04.15) www.global..

 Obama to Supply $ 10 Million Military aid...


 **(04.15) A. Lantier

 Kerry issues war threat over Korea


 **(04.15) B. Fox 

 Prisoners, Guards Clash Over Guantanamo..


**(04.14) www.presstv

 Turkmenistan attacks Azerbaijan offshore oil


 **(04.14) www.pajhwok

 58 Afghans missing as boat sinks in Indonesia


 **(04.14) www.khaama

 Airport attacked in e. Afghanistan, ...


 **(04.14) C. Friedersdorf

 New Evidence That Team Obama ...


 **(04.14) M. Hunter

 Obama's Korean Peninsula " Game" Strategy


 **(04.14) J. Ditz

 Taliban Wipes out Top Afghan Army Unite, ..


 **(04.14) S. Stewart & .. 

 The Acute Jihadist Threat in Europe


**(04.13) A. Ahmad

 Waziristan: The most dangerous place in the ..


 **(04.13) R. Nader

 Two Obama's, Two Classes of Children


 **(04.13) J. Ditz

 Audit: Pentagon Gave Afghan Contracts to .. 


 **(04.13) www.khaama

 Musharaf admits secret Pak-US deal on drone..


 **(04.13) D. Hatuqa

 Obama's Empty Words


 **(04.13) P. Escobar

 The Islamic Emirate of Syriastan


**(04.12) www.pajhwok

 District police chief among 3 Killed in Uruzgan


 **(04.12) www.nytimes

 Man With Ties to Karzai Dies in a Military ..


 **(04.12) J. Ditz

 Egypt's Army Took Part in Torture, Killing...


 **(04.12) Prof. J. Petras

 The Economic and Social Crisis:


 **(04.12) www.khaama

 25 killed/injured in NATO airstrike in Kunar


 **(04.12) M. Zenko

 An Inconvenient Truth


**(04.11) A. Yusufzai

 Daring woman enters Pakistani contest


 **(04.11) www.global

 M. Thatcher's Belligerent Role in International


 **(04.11) www.khaama

 Roadside blasts kill or injure 10 civilians


 **(04.11) www.aljazeera

 Iraqi al-Qaeda and Syrian group " merge"


 **(04.11) S. Smith

 North Korea's Justifiable Anger 


 **(04.11) www.khaama

 Afghan Soldier Opens Fire on Lithuanian ..


**(04.10) J. Glaser

 US Policy in Iran: " Calculated and Gradual..


 **(04.10) www.khaama

 NATO helicopter crash in Nangerhar..


 **(04.10) www.alternet

 America's Hired Death Sqauds and and Torture


 **(04.10) J. W. Dean

 What is the real American game in Syria?


 **(04.10) www.aopnew

 Roadside Bomb Kills 9 in Afghanistan


 **(04.10) R. Parry

 Hollywood's Dangerous Afghan Illusion


**(04.09) D. J. Bernstein

 Behind the N. Korean Crisis


 **(04.09) www.khaama

 Explosion in Wardak kills 9 civilians and ...


 **(04.09) www.khaama

 Missile attack on gathering attended by Karzai


 **(04.09) A. Young

 Cheney's Halliburton Made $ 39.5 Billion ...


 **(04.09) J. Ditz

 US to Adopt Risky Tit-for-Tat Retaliation ...


 **(04.09) U. A Venry 

 Obama's Empathy Deficit in Palestine


**(04.08) The A. P.

 6 Americans, doctor killed in Afghan attacks


 **(04.08) www.pajhwok

 Bamyan doctors on hunger strike


 **(04.08) M. Mazzetti

 A Secret Deal on Drones, Sealed in Blood


 **(04.08) www.khaama

 Paktia provincial council chief murdered...


 **(04.08) www.guardian

 Syria says Jordan " play with fire" ..


 **(04.08) www.khaama

 US military adviser, 11 Taliban militants killed


 **(04.08) www.wsws

 Obama attacks Medicare and Social Security


**(04.07) www.aopnews

 Bomb Attached To Donkey Kills Afghan ...


 **(04.07) M. D. Nazemroya

 Russian War Games send a Strong Message..


 **(04.07) www.golbal..

China will not be passive in sea disputes


 **(04.07) T. Kelly

 The Criminal Iraq War


 **(04.07) www.daily..

 Supreme Court to hear Musharaf treason ...


 **(04.07) www.pajhwok 

 Zabul governor survives suicide attack


**(04.06) J. Levesque

 From Afghanistan to Syria: ..


 **(04.06) www.khaama

 Several vehicles damaged in blaze near US...


 **(04.06) D. Hiro

 The Great Afghan Corruption Scam


 **(04.06) www.outlook

 Qualification of Mullah Omer for Next Presi....


 **(04.06) www.khaama

 US F-16 jet crash in e. Afghanistan, pilot ..


 **(04.06) J. Ditz 

 US Deploys " Chemical Battalion" to S. Korea


**(04.05) www.black..

 U. S. "Human Rights" Wars:


 **(04.05) www.thefrontier..

 Taliban Kill 44 in attack on Afghan court:


 **(04.05) R. Baroud

  How Turkey's regional ambitions crumbled


 **(04.05) J. Ditz

 North Korea: Nuclear Strikes on US Authorized


 **(04.05) www.en.intern..

 Notes on the early class struggle in America - 1


 **(04.05) www.khaama

 NATO airstrike kill four police, two civilians ..


**(04.04) J. G. Hornberger

 A Laughable Excuse For Invading Iraq


 **(04.04) T. Engelhardt

 How the Pentagon Corrupted Afghanistan


 **(04.04) www.khaama

 Explosion and gun battle in Farah leaves 7killed


 **(04.04) www.khaama

 Kabul city to witness increased attacks this year


 **(04.04) J. Ditz

 Syrian Rebels Near Chemical Weapons Cache


 **(04.04) www.hindustan..

 Five NATO trucks set ablaze in Pakistan


**(04.03) S. Cattori & .

 NATO Triggers Destruction, Insecurity and..


 **(04.03) www.khaama

 Wardoj offensive ended in Badakhshan,80 ..


 **(04.03) J. Glaser

 Camp Nama: New Details of the US-Run ...


 **(04.03) B. V. Auken

 Costs of Iraq, Afghanistan wars could rise ..


 **(04.03) R. Falk

 Mr. Obama, on what planet do you live?


 **(04.03) www.pajhwok 
 Poverty boosts insurgency in Kajaki: ..

**(04.02) www. presstv

 CIA-Mossad agents assassinate thousands of ..


 **(04.02) www.presstv

 MI6 Killed late Congolese PM Lummemba


 **(04.02) www.pajhwok

 Disabled protest in front of Karzai office


 **(04.02)H. M. Leverett &..

 Obama and America's " Imperial Temptation " 


 **(04.02) www.khaama

 Afghan police commander shot dead in ...


 **(04.02) www.khaama

 Attack on major water dam foiled in Herat


**(04.01) www.aopnews

 NATO Air Strike Kills Two Afghan Children


 **(04.01) Dr. K. Barrett

 9/11 Illegitimacy of US government


 **(04.01) www.pajhwok

 Detainee torture persists in Kandahar jails


 **(04.01) Xinhua

 No pro-conditions for Afghan peace, says ...


 **(04.01) M K Bhadrakumar

 US, China and playful AfPak frogs


 **(04.01) A. Shirokorad

 Was Stalin worse or better than Truman and..


**(03.31) www.khaama

 Afghan civilian suffer casualties in NATO ...


 **(03.31) N. Parry

 Obama's Nuke Double Standards


 **(03.31) www.khaama

 Pul-e-Khomri city mayor arrested over ...


 **(03.31) K. Sieff

 Strong American  role still  exists at Afghan ..


 **(03.31) www.presstv

 Russia, China warn US against military drills..


 **(03.31) O. Kroth

 The Russian- S. African Strategic Partnership


**(03.30) www.presstv

 Young Afghan stabs US soldiers to death .. 


 **(03.30) J. Glaser

 Terrorized by Drones, Afghan Civilians...


 **(03.30) www.khaama

 Hiroshima atomic bomb victim toll at 557478..


 **(03.30) T. Engelhardt

 American Anniversaries from Hell


 **(03.30) J. Ditz

 N. Korea: Rockets on "Standby" as US ...


 **(03.30) www. wsws

 The European Union's looting of Cyprus


 **(03.30) S. Cockerhan

 Iraqi oil: Once seen as US boon, now it's...


**(03.29) M. S. Rozeff

 76 Senate Warmongers


 **(03.29) A. E. Shamoo

 Obama at the Edge of a Cliff in M. East


 **(03.29) www.pajhwok

 Taliban - designated district chief among 7 killed


 **(03.29) www.khaama

 Russia seeks role in Afghanistan stability after


 **(03.29) J. Ditz

 Officials: Recent Arms Influx Preparing ...


 **(03.29) J. Ditz

 Police: Four Children Killed in Afghan N. Raid


 **(03.29) R. Ananda

 More than 50% of US Government Spending


**(03.28) G. Kemp &

 The High Cost of War with Iran


 **(03.28) N. Hopkins

 Afghanistan car bomb attack injures 10 British


 **(03.28) www.khaama

 Clashes in Badakhshan leaves 2 police, 10 ..


 **(03.28) www.khaama

 Afghan man sells new-born twin babies ..


 **(03.28) www.aljazeera

 North Korea warns of " simmering nuclear war"


 **(03.28) J. Gordon

 America's Other Dark Legacy in Iraq


**(03.27) www.aljazeera

 President Obama: The drone don't work, they..


 **(03.27) www.pajhwok

 8 bombers, 5 police killed in Jalalabad attack


 **(03.27) J. Ditz

 CIA Oversees "Sharp" Increase in Arm be ..


 **(03.27) J. Ditz

 Gen. Allen: Leaving Afghanistan Was Never..


 **(03.27) R. Silverstein

 Netanyahu's Secret War Plan: Leaked...


 **(03.27) R. Parry 

 Have We Ever Gotten to Bottom of Exactly..


**(03.26) J. Stern

 US steps up war against Syria after Obama's..


 **(03.26) R. R. Paul

 Neo-Con War Addiction Threatens Our ...


 **(03.26) www.hurriat..

 Afghanistan's Karzai heads to Qatar to Discuss


 **(03.26) J. Ditz

 Syrian Rebel Coalition Crumbling: ..


 **(03.26) www.english..

 FUKUS (France-UK-US): Neo Imperialistic ..


 **(03.26) www.khaama

 Taliban abduct 10 Afghan soldiers, 1 doctor ...


**(03.25) www.presstv

 Russia - China proximity augurs bad for USA


 **(03.25) A. Entous &..

 CIA Expands Role in Syria Fight


 **(03.25) www.english..

 Hunger to devastate Earth in 21st century?


 **(03.25) www.khaama

 Explosion kills 4 Afghan children in Kandahar


 **(03.25) H. Mann

 Obama's choice: Real diplomacy (or war) ...


 **(03.25) S. Gowans 

 US Imperial Sanctions, the Siege and ...


**(03.24) www.english..

 Crisis in Cyprus shows collapse of the West


 **(03.24) www.khaama

 Insider attack leaves 5 Afghan police dead..


 **(03.24) www.presstv

 Turkey says apology brought Israel to " line..


 **(03.24) J. Glaser

 Global Opinion of Obama Drops Due to ...


 **(03.24) R. Nader

 The Sociocide of Iraq by Bush/Cheney


 **(03.24) PressTV 

 US-led soldier killed in blast in e. Afghanistan


**(03.23) www.khaama

 Heavy clashes in Wardoj district leaves 43 ...


 **(03.23) Sh. Richman

 The Disasters that US Intervention created..


 **(03.23) W. Wagner

 India's Economic Miracle Bypasses Poor


 **(03.23) J. Ditz

 Key Senators Push Obama to Attack Syria


 **(03.23) www.pajhwok

 Kabul-Mazar road blockade lifted


 **(03.23) S. Flounders 

 The Iraq War: Ten Years of US Crimes...


**(03.22) R. Jensen

 An Illegal Anniversary


 **(03.22) J. Ditz

 Obama, Netanyahu Talk Up Israel "Right" to.


 **(03.22) P. Escobar

 Search and Destroy: The rape of Iraq.


 **(03.22) www.khaama

 Explosion kills district governor in Takhar


 **(03.22) J. Lincoln

 Towards the Globalization of CIA Torture


 **(03.22) www.fayobserver 

 Third US soldier charged with trying to...


**(03.21) J. Ditz

 Nearly 100 Killed in Iraq Anniversary Blasts


 **(03.21) www.presstv

 N. Korea threatens US over nuclear-capable..


 **(03.21) Xinhua

 Roadside bomb kills 2. wounds 3


 **(03.21) www.outlook

 Iran's Nuclear Program, A Pawn in A US-.. 


 **(03.21) N. Turse

 Tomgram: N. Turse, The Hidden History of ..


 **(03.21) R. Tayler

 10th Anniversary of Iraq War: ..


 **(03.21) www.khaama

 Afghanistan calls NATO's war as "Aimless...


**(03.20) www.outlook

 US will Not Leave Afghanistan: Karzai


 **(03.20) J. Glaser

 9/11 and Iraq: The War's Greatest Lie


 **(03.20) R. Parry

 Pope Francis, CIA and " Death Squads"


 **(03.20) www.pajhwok

 Arabs among 14 fighters killed in Farah


 **(03.20) M. Sahimi

 Tenth Anniversary of Iraq Invasion: ...


 **(03.20) www.presstv 

 NATO calls karzai claim of secret US- Taliban


**(03.19) www.aopnews

 US Special Forces likely to remain in Wardak


 **(03.19) J. Glaser

 A Month of Mournful Anniversaries


 **(03.19) www.global.

 Gulf War Documents: Meeting between Saddam


 **(03.19) S. Shah

 In historic first, Pakistan's civilian government


 **(03.19) Spengler

 Speaking truth to impotence in the M. East


 **(03.19) www. pajhwok 

 UK may offer asylum to 650 Afghan translators


**(03.18) R. Khalaf

 Iraq: 10 years later


 **(03.18) www.khaama

 Hundreds of Afghans protest against US ..


 **(03.18) www.aljazeera

 In pictures: Syria's landmarks erased by War


 **(03.18) www.tolonews

 Afghan Clerics Call on US to Obey Karzai


 **(03.18) www.khaama

 NATO helicopter crash in Khandahar ..


 **(03.18) H. Stuart

 Chavez Poisoned? Venezuela to Investigate..


 **(03.18) P. Symonds 

 US to boost anti-ballistic missile systems..


**(03.17) J. Chan

 China's new leadership signals more assertive


 **(03.17) Y. Fernandez

 France will soon repent for backing al-Qaeda


 **(03.17) www.pajhwok

 Protestors want US forces out of Wardak


 **(03.17) www.english

 Saudi Arabia needs more executioners


 **(03.17) www.khaama

 US refuse to transfer high-risk prisoners to ..


 **(03.17) D. Visalli  

 Afghanistan, Ecology and the end of war


**(03.16) R. J. Hedarian

 Pak- Iran Pipeline Carries Energy and ...


 **(03.16) J. Ditz

 War Crimes: Syrian Rebels Regularly Execute


 **(03.16) J. Ditz

 British DM Report: Afghanistan an "Un...


 **(03.16) www.pajhwok

 Kunduz suicide attack: 8 suspects held


 **(03.16) K. Nimmo<